Central Park Meeting

March 17, 2015: Zee's walking in Central Park so is Eugene

Central Park - New York City



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Life is never dull for Zatanna Zatara, or at least that's how it seems lately. Mid morning finds the young magician, wandering in Central Park, alone. She's taken to wearing black leather trousers, black denim jacket covering a red tank top along with her high heel knee high boots. At her throat, the diamond encrusted collar and at her hip, the emerald Primal Force pendulum.

Strolling slowly through the park, Zee's unaware of the people who stop and look at her… she is quite recognisable from her stage show.

The morning is a bit past Eugene's bedtime, what with the late night hours he keeps. But there's something about the rise of the sun and the way the city comes to life that he enjoys. It's like after all the dark of the night and the exertions he must make as a man in black, that it's good to have at least a glimpse of what it means to be human.
It's become part of his routine. To finish whatever task was set before him in the evening, to depart the operation zone, and then to make his way back to his apartment in the city. After the stop at the apartment it's into the morning sunlight that emerges not the man/creature known as Contingency C, but the young man known as Flash Thompson.
Wearing a grey sweat shirt that proclaims 'ARMY' and a pair of grey sweat shorts, he makes the jog of several blocks towards the park. When he's out and about as the Agent he gets looks and second glances when people can see him, usually because he's scary looking and holding a gun. But when he's out right now he's getting second glances mainly because of the prosthetic legs he wears.
They're nothing fancy, titanium framed, made for running and used in the olympics. Occasionally the glances he's given are touched with pity, some with an instinctive disgust against deformity. He does what he can to ignore them all as he jogs along the sidewalk of the park, making his way around the duck pond…
Eventually he comes to a stop beside a parkbench near there, unslinging his backpack and setting it down on the benchseat even as he balances a touch awkwardly with one hand on the back of the bench.

Zee notices the man running and watches as he balances against the back of the bench. Those who show disdain for the man are given a ''look''. Making her way to the bench, Zee takes a seat, leans back and crosses her boots at the ankles. "Lovely morning for a run." flashing him a bright smile at the same time.

Of course he recognizes her, he's been 'working' with her? Around her? In her general vicinity? Of late. And when he speaks, lifting his voice, he sounds only a touch like that alien reverberating voice from when the suit is on him.
"A good time of day for it. Not many people out, sun's still young." He looks at her and cocks an eyebrow, as if trying to see if she recognizes him… or will recognize him. With someone like her he probably figures her magic led her to him, or some curiously worded spell. "You're a celebrity aren't you?" He asks, not realizing that that could perhaps be one of the more offensive questions one could ask a famous person, that is if that famous person had a fragile ego.

Zee doesn't use magic unless she has to, magic has a cost to it's use and Zee's learning that fast. But that doesn't stop her cocking her head and looking at the man, sensing something familiar. Her eyes narrowing slightly as she regards him. The question though, is met with a small laugh "I guess you could say that… I don't think of myself that way. I'm Zatanna, or Zee" the smile broadens slightly "Yes it is a good morning for it." A slight tilt of the head "You seem familiar, have we before?"

"Probably. I think I went to one of your shows." He says this with a light smile to his words and barely on his lips. He sits down on the benchseat as well at the other end, the gym bag between them as he lifts one of his legs up and starts to adjust the straps. He's mindful to turn his hips just so, so she won't have to look directly at his loss of limb, as if having gotten used to people not wanting to see it.
"You probably recognize me from the crowd." He tries a small touch of humor as he looks back at her, "Flash, Flash Thompson." He extends his hand.

Zee does have a sense of humour and she laughs lightly at Flash' comments as she takes his hand "Potentially, I might just recognise you from a show. Which one did you go to?" She's aware that her shows aren't necessarily the ones on stage, there's the one she puts on when crime fighting.

She doesn't even seem to have recognised that he's lost a limb, completely at ease sitting in the sun on the bench.

Lowering the titanium frame back to the ground, Flash turns to look at her. "Vegas, once. I believe." Of course he doesn't trot out the same joke he used when he first met her, though there's a part of him that is tempted. "I sat in the third row," He grins wryly as he zips up the gym bag and sets it in his lap, perhaps a touch self-consciously. "Had on a Mets hat, was a bunch of guys and me after we'd completed Basic. Kind of a celebration thing."

"So not too long ago then, I don't do Vegas that often." He's probably lucky he didn't roll that joke out a second time. "I've only done Vegas a few times and the first couple was with my Dad." She regards him curiously "I hope you enjoyed the show." Most people did. A small smile touches her lips "I hate to admit, but I don't think that's it. On stage, the lights are so bright, you really can't see the audience." her voice drops to a stage whisper "But shhhhh don't tell anyone ok?"

"And here I am all disappointed that you can't pick me out of a crowd of hundreds or a thousand or so." He sits up a bit, leaning forward resting his hands on his knees and his gaze meeting hers. He cocks an eyebrow curiously, "But as to that, no idea where we might have met before. Any ideas?" Then he lifts his chin, "Or is it just a line you use when meeting strange guys in the park?" He manages to keep his voice somewhat deadpan but the smile gives the words a hint of humor.

Zee laughs at the deadpan comment. "Sure, if that's what you would like to believe." She doesn't of course, they're the lines normally dropped on her. Peering at him, Zee shakes her head. "Lately, I've been meeting people here in New York, Metropolis and Gotham. It all gets a bit confused at times. Are you from around here?"

The metallic wireframe leg makes a small clink as he sets it back down upon the cement sidewalk, he adjusts some of the straps to make sure the fit is good then looks sideways at her, "Sure, grew up in Queens. Went to Midtown High. Local boy." Flash reaches to the side to grasp the back of the bench and push himself upwards to stand as he can. "Going to Empire State now, so I figure I'm about as local as you can get. Which isn't so bad."
He pauses to grasp the gymbag and slip it over a shoulder, still maintaining his balance with a hand on the back of the bench. "Has its drawbacks and benefits. Know the best places to eat, but then you get the accent and the whole New York attitude." He waggles his hand back and forth slightly as if gauging the weight of each item.

And it's oddities. There's a light step coming up the way. A sandy haired young man with a rather public presence is approaching. A quite literal 'cool guy'. Bobby Drake is dressed lightly for the weather. Mostly because he doesn't get cold. Which, you know, makes sense considering. Seeing Zee ahead, he waves.

Zee stands, fluidly gaining her feet, as Flash does. "So a local. The accent's not too bad, just yet and I'll reserve judgment on the attitude right now" she grins at Flash even as she recognises cool Bobby coming towards them. Raising a hand in greeting "That's my friend, Bobby." Zee's body language indicates Bobby's welcome to join them.

And crazily enough Flash's body language shows the same thing. There's that first glance, then the second of recognition. Then comes the smile, wide and open as his blue eyes light up. He opens his arms palms up as if to complain to the divine how they could curse him with such an event as this.
"Drake? Bobby Drake? The hell man, it's been a dog's age." He steps to the side, adjusting the hang of the pack on his shoulder and shakes his head while looking at the oncoming X-Man. "Look at you, you look great."
He pauses a moment to look back towards Zatanna, his smile laughing silently before he looks back towards Bobby. "How long's it been?"

Bobby grins to the young magician. "Hey Zee. Nice to see you again. Who's your-" Then Flash greets him and he blinks. "Wait… Flash Thompson?" The mutant blinks again. "Wow. What are the odds? How have you been?" The ice nerd steps up and offers his hand out to shake.

"Been doing okay for myself. Landed a job on the premier public mutant group." The only public mutant group at present. "What have yo- wait. What happened to your leg?"

Zee's highly amused "I always think Bobby looks great" she teases lightly in greeting "Hello Bobby. Same here, niche to see you again." Zees normally a hugger but she doesn't know the X-Man well enough to do that just yet. Looking back to Flash "You're laughing at me? I didn't do anything worth laughing at." Bobby's question has Zee falling quiet, waiting for Flash to respond.

Strangely enough Flash seems able to decently balance himself on those two titanium frame legs, enough so that he can grab Bobby's hand and then pull the guy towards him for a half-hug and a /thump-thump/ on the back before he steps back to look at the guy. "In the flesh, most of him." Flash's smile is wry as he looks over Bobby.
"Been doing ok, you doing the superhero thing?" But then the subject shifts to his legs and he looks a touch sheepish. "Yeah, well you know. After first year at ESU I kinda decided to join up. Went overseas. One thing led to another and…" He opens a hand to gesture, "I got these snazzy add ons. Officially Bionic now." He does make light but the smile is a little more embarassed than it perhaps should be.
He steps back, wobbles only slightly as he rests a hand back on the benchseat, "So you guys know each other huh?" He gestures towards Zatanna.

"We've met. Zatanna's on a hero team. I guess I am too, though X-Red is more than just that." It's a business venture and a group of friends all in one. "The Titans and X-Red are pretty friendly, all in all." And Zee is one of the ones that tends to get around. Flash's odd limb gets a nod. Post 9/11 world. He gets it. Boy does he. "Well looks prety decent on you."

Zee's teasing gets a grin from Bobby. "Says someone who gets, what is it, a thousand e-mails a day from adoring fans?"

"We've met and even fought together at least once." Zee smiles "Not a superhero though… just a magician who's learning how to take care of herself." and then some "I'm part of the Titans, as Bobby says. Do a bit of liaison work for them and a bit of stuff for myself." She likes Bobby, as a friend and comrade in arms… he's always treated her right. "Not a thousand, Bobby… well, not every day anyway."

Zee smiles as Flash makes light of the 'add-ons' "Six Million Dollar man, eat your heart out, huh?" A bit before her time, but she's seen the re-runs. Looking towards Bobby, Zee sobers a little "I should probably come and talk to you about a snake infestation problem I'm encountering… just so you're aware. Any particular time good for you?"

"Man, so everyone's cleaning up all super star and here I am just busting my butt to get a phys. ed. degree at ESU." The annoyance is feigned but he smiles happily. "So hey, you seen Parker of late? I tossed him a few lines and emailed him but nada. I'm kinda worried he might still be a bit mad about. You know. Stuff." Stuff like a lifetime of wedgies, noogies, and indian burns perhaps.
"I heard Johnny's makin' it large too with the whole FF thing." He shakes his head and looks at Zatanna, "It's enough ta give a guy a complex." And as he talks so easily and openly with Bobby, his accent becomes a touch more pronounced while he becomes more at ease.
As Zatanna steps in to talk to Bobby about those Hydra peoples, Flash steps back. "I should let you folks get about your heroing. I'll head back." He points towards Bobby, "Hey, Drake. You still got my number? Use it. Alright? Alright." That having been said he starts to jog a bit in place.

Bobby waves. "I think Pete's doing okay, but I've not heard from him in a bit. Was doing photography or something last I heard. You take care Flash. I'll catch up with you later!" And then he's headed off.

"Nice guy. Or was." He tells Zee. "Seems like he still is. Not real surprised he joined the Service. Seemed like the type." Bobby shrugs. "What was it you wanted?"

"You don't have to leave" Zee watches as Flash jogs in place "You guys all went to school together? That's kind of mind blowing." Bobbys question get's a shake of her head "I want nothing, just an update really, in case you weren't up to speed." The issues with Zee and Jesana, re HYDRA, weren't really Titan related.

Even as Zatanna mentions that he doesn't have to depart, Flash is part of the way along the sidewalk, taking the long route back to his apartment. He offers a wave for a moment to the two of them, and then after a few strides disappears under one of those underpasses beneath one of the park's bridges. A few moments later and he's gone.

"Aaaaand there he goes." Bobby murmurs. He remembers Flash being like that a bit. Hence the nickname. "Sorry. So what's up?"

Zee glances around "How much do you know about Snakes?" with a capital S "Seems myself and a couple of friends have made a list." Her because she's an unaligned magical user, the others because they're mutants or shifters.

"More than I want to." Bobby's voice dips lower. "They've targeted friends of mine in the past. I've fought them before but I'm not involved with anything about them at the moment except that they seem to want to snatch one of my team members." Well, Lunair isn't Red, but she's a friend so she counts.

"Speak to Magik, if you can." Zee knows Illyana is X-Red. "And just… be aware, they're gearing up." she shrugs "Tried to take me from a charity performance recently and take me out not long before that." She looks grim "Mixing magic disciplines, it's a dreadful mess." So much of a mess

"We raided an Ironworks in Gotham recently, I'm not clear on what we found… I" Zee bites her bottom lip and looks embarrased "I turned a death curse away and was a bit out of it at the end. But it was some kind of drug manufactory."

"She's may already know but I'll find her." Bobby knows that Illyana has a lot of side projects. "Death curses sound bad. Are you okay?" He seems quite concerned.

Zee laughs "Magik already knows. I've been working with…. " how do you describe Trent? "Jericho and, to some degree, her, to try and help." Zee smiles gratefully at Bobbys concern "I'm alright now, just was totally tapped out." No mention of how long she spent in Limbo again, recovering this time. "I portalled the energy, but I overextended and the curse hurt"

"Alright…" The ice nerd still seems worried but that's just how he is. "I'll keep my ear to the ground. Talk to Magik. We've been working together a bit doing flood relief." Where all the water goes when it goes into one of his portals he's not quite sure. But it goes and that's what's important. "So long as you're okay."

"As well as can be expected, Bobby" Zee smiles softly "It's been a big few weeks for me, and they're going to get bigger." Reaching out, Zee touches his shoulder lightly "Just… call me if you need anything regarding this, ok?"

"I will. And you call me, if you need anything I can get you." His resources can be surprisingly limited, but he'll happily do what he can. More than happilly for friends and allies and Zee's been both.

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