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March 17, 2015: Partisan texts some photo's to Pepper who immediately goes to the rescue

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It's like, late afternoon when the Partisan sends out a text and a photo. You see when you get like more than half of your soul ripped out of your body, and then replaced by strange foreign parts? Well you have to be careful when selecting garments, it's a dangerous time. This is how you end up buying neon yellow sneakers and zebra yoga pants, and leave thinking that this is somehow a wise decision on your part. Your whole sense of style just goes all to hell, and well nobody still breathing ever accused the Partisan of being dumb. So of course she utilizes the time honored tradition of asking the really important question.

"Is this actually what people wear?"Followed by an image of like pre faded, pre ripped skinny jeans with pink butterflies stitched between the back pockets. Jeans with a god damned tramp stamp, stitched right there. They are, well use your imagination."Holy shit I am going nuts, get your ass over here this place is huge."

Where is the Partisan, well she's in New York near the port. In an ancient three story warehouse that houses orphans, shipping containers full of clothing that very literally missed the boat. Its an enormous random sampling of garments, and it's dirt fucking cheap. You could spend days in here and never see the same thing twice, which is why the Partisan loves this place. She used to just buy her skate shoes and hoodies here, but well she's been feeling the need for a little bit of a change and the original search for T-shirts which did -not- include phrases like "I <3 Chemical weapons" and "I murder Children" has gone somewhat far afield. Where the fuck do you even start?

Pepper was just about to leave the office for the afternoon to meet up with Zatanna when Partisan's text came in. She opens it, winces at the jeans, and sends a hasty message back. "Only if you're eight, or planning to make some extra money street-walking. Send me the address." She then turns the phone for Zee to see the picture as well. "I think we need to go rescue Ludie."

"Ludie?" The name doesn't ring a bell for Zee, but the photo has the 19 year olds eyes widening… she recognises the woman and well… the clothing aren't what she'd recommend.

Zee's wearing black leather trousers, black denim jacket, an apple green tank top along with her high heel knee high boots (black with a few buckles). At her throat, the diamond encrusted collar and at her hip, the emerald Primal Force pendulum.

"I would agree, Miss Potts." Still blinking at the outfit, Zee looks questioningly at Pepper "Do you want to drive, or shall I teleport us?" If Pepper agrees to the teleport, Zee will hold Pepper's shoulder and move them there in a trice.

And Lunair just bought a "Fuckin' Moon power" with a gal wielding an uzi. She really shouldn't hang out around other violent gun nuts. Its not good for her. Or is it? Nevertheless, she has on a long, olive military style coat that hangs to her knees, sturdy boots and is trying something new. Her usual elegant lolita or gothic lolita was … standing out a bit, it seems. And this is a new place to explore! Partisan may frequent it, but to Lunair, it is a glorious land of novelty and curiousity. What even IS that?

She however, is more than a little lost. But what better time to practice one's stealth? Partisan spotted. She creeps into a rack of clothing near Partisan before popping out, "Hiiiiii!" Talk about a Stitch-style greeting. She'll get this social thing down. Eventually. Maybe. Providing she doesn't get punched for popping out of clothing.

There is an address enclosed, as well as another photo. This one of knee high pale green socks with tie dyed kittens romping around, complete with part's hand giving a thumbs up in the foreground. "Want me to hold these for you, they're like less than a dollar. Professional women wear this sort've thing, right?"
Outside of phone land, well Partisan seems more amused than she has right to be without a gun in her hand. Lunair however brings her to a complete pause, before blinking a few times. "Hello?"Peering off to the side to ensure that nearest clothing rack doesn't include anyone else before she continues. Offering a grin entirely too wide to be genuine, before offering over the kitten socks. "Here, totally your style."

Pepper Potts cringes at the second photo sent to her by Partisan, then makes sure she has her shouulder bag after handing her phone to Zatanna for the address. "I think a car would take too long. We have GOT to stop that from happening." Thus, when they arrive at the location via the Zee Express, Pepper blinks a few times to get over the disorientation before leading the way. "I just hope we're not too late."

"Me too, Miss Potts." Zee's eyeing the photo on the phone like it might bite. The young magi follows after Pepper, moving quickly but not seeming to hury. Looking at the back of Pepper's head, Zee's tone, hopefully, appears light "Do you know what's prompted this, wardrobe change?"

Lunair is unaware of any fashion faux pas. "Ohmygosh, kittens." Yay kittens!" She smiles at Partisan, waving. Then a pause. "They are cute." Oh dear. Partisan has probably spotted Lunair's great weakness. She really just accepts and believes people. "How are you?" She asks Partisan. Lunair might be a bit odd, but she does seem to be well meaning.

Part is, well thusfar intact. 'Nam tigerstripe M-65, a ratty looking "WATERBOARDING IS MY FETISH" T-shirt, cargo pants, skate shoes. Even her cart is, well thusfar largely safe from the landmines about the place. Plain black T-shirts, tons of socks, hiking shirts, a simple black pencil skirt. "Oh swell, haven't been shot today anyway."Which rates as a good day, she glances over her shoulder with a roll of the shoulder to give Pepper and Lunair a blink. She just sort've pauses there, slowly canting her head further and further off to one side. "Well, I seem to be like the last woman in New York who can't teleport and shit."

Pepper Potts seems to have this innate ability to zero in on Partisan, because the path she takes to get to her is almost perfectly straight. "No, you're not. I can't teleport. I just know people who can. Now, what'll it take to rescue you from this … place?" She says that last while looking around at all of the mass produced clothing. At least she manages to keep from wrinkling her nose.

Lunair contemplates Partisan's words. She nods. "That's good." She smiles. Pauses. Shakes head. "I can't teleport without a portal gun, so… second to last." Beam. Lunair is an eternal optimist. "Hey, what's waterboarding? Should I google that?" Uh oh. She reads the shirts. What an oddball. She goes quiet though, her expression blank and distant when not actively feeling something or working on it. Just nothing, the mark of someone who missed out on a lot of early socialization.

"Hello, Miss Potts. She showed me kitten socks." Lunair is puppylike at times, just glad. Is that Zee? If Lunair spots her, she'll wave.

Zee's pulled out her own phone and has been tapping at the screen as she strides along behind Pepper, pausing a little way back as she finishes, tucking her phone away.

Stepping from out behind Pepper, to the side really, Zee looks over to Partisan… "Miss Potts knows me." she says very quietly.

Partisan offers Zee a wave and a smile, before glancing back after Pepper with a furrow of the brow. "Pepper, look at this place. I have like sixty pairs of socks here, for six dollars."Says everyone's favorite international terrorist, who's sitting on like yaknow thirty million of cash. "Don't hate on Bert's Bargain Basement Barn(B4), this place owns. Where else am I going to get sixty pairs of perfectly good socks for six dollars, They have giant stuffed owls that sing wicked game in spanish like two rows over. Where the hell else are you going to find that, not in a boutique for certain."No, she's not being serious. She's smiling way too much, wait wait. Holy fuck is the -Partisan- joking around? She can do that?

Jericho steps into the store and glances around. He has it on good authority (read, someone texted him) that Partisan has been possessed or driven insane. To wit, she's smiling and joking around and buying clothes that don't include kevlar skirts (though to be fair, she made it look pretty good). It doesn't take the amber eyed hacker long to locate the little group that's gathered around his best friend. They're not exactly being quiet. He finds the far end of the isle and leans there, arms folded, grinning and taking in the scene.

Pepper Potts completely misses Jericho's arrival, but that's because she's looking at Partisan with one eyebrow gradually making its way toward her hairline. "How about a single cardigan that lasts twenty years because it was made from materials worth investing in and by someone not being paid below living wage?" Wait, Partisan's joking, and Pepper's getting grumpy? Is this some sort of Twisted Tuesday?

Lunair is near Partisan, totally buying everything she says. "Wait, they sing?" Lunair is interested. She seems quietly amused and happy, and while her expressions are blunted at best, hey. It's an improvement from the ole thousand yard stare or confused look. "They DO have socks with kittens on them." Lunair waves the socks, on good authority. She's so into those socks. She waves to Pepper. "I'm trying new fashion." She really is. "I usually use the internet, but this is fun. I'm glad to see you guys." Oh dear. Well, at least Lunair's in a long, military style coat and stuff rather than her usual 'attacked by Hobby Lobby' ruffles.

Zee waves back to Partisan, a small smile playing over her lips. Peppers response isn't particularly helping the glimmer of amusement "Are you trolling, Miss Potts, Ludie?" Zee's remembered to use the right name at least. Nodding to Lunair, Zee smiles again "If you'd like some help, I'd be happy to oblige…" looking around the 'warehouse', Zee does grimace "but not here…" Seeing Jericho, leaning and grinning, Zee smirks back…

Partisan just smiles, sighing dramatically before leaning back against her shopping cart. "I am absolutely trolling Miss Potts, well I am now."Thumbing over her shoulder ever so casually. "The socks are for grenades, and the cheap ones burn best. The cheap shirts, because well Columbia makes perfectly fine shirts and it's not usually my fault that I get shot full of holes and blown up all the time."Offering Pepper a wink and a playful nudge. "Loosen up, or I really will buy you a giant dancing owl that sings Wicked Game in spanish. Honestly how fucking bizarre is that?"Pausing to snag a bundle of socks, only to whip it after Jericho.

Pepper Potts seems to calm somewhat, but she's still a bit confused. Why on earth do grenades need socks? Do their feet get cold? But then Partisan nudges her. "All right, all right. Fine." She turns as Partisan flings a package of socks, and sees they're aimed at Jericho. And she offers him a small wave hello.

"You make your own?" Lunair seems curious. "I once used a bra to launch two at once." She's serious. And learning. Oh dear. Partisan is now a bastion of wisdom. And kinda cool to look up to, right? Right. Lunair smiles, waving to Zee. "I have to change my look for awhile. I dunno." Even Lunair needs real clothes because losing her outfit if she gets KO'd is gonna be ugly. Or at least just really naked.

"Sometimes grandpa would take me to the military surplus store. But fancy stuff is fine. May I go?" Lunair has manners, most of the time. "Hi there!" She waves to Jericho, mindful to be careful with his name.

Jericho catches the socks with a smirk. "If you really wanna hear her squee find the one that sings Afternoon Delight." Partisan doesn't Squee. Jericho's fairly sure she can't. Well, unless someone found a really good gun or a really good airplane. Or motorcycle. She likes those too. And cars.

Okay, maybe there is a small chance that something might make her squee. "Hey Zee, Pepper, Lunair."

"Go with me?" Zee smiles broadly at Lunair "Of course you can… I wouldn't have offered otherwise." Shaking her head at Partisan, the young magician leans against a shelf and listens. She's not into weaponry really, but it's interesting none-the-less… "Hello Jericho, fancy seeing you here." Looking over to Pepper, Zee grins a little impishly "You doing OK there, Miss Potts?"

Partisan has -eight- seperate items she may potentially squee over, but lets not go into detail here folks. "You put a grenade in the sock and tie the end off, then cut a small hole in the end for the fuse to stick through. This lets you throw a grenade much further, and the sock tail stabilizes the grenade in flight. Also when you throw a sock at somone they tend to catch it by reflex, unlike a fragmentation grenade.

Partisan has -eight- seperate items she may potentially squee over, but lets not go into detail here folks. "You put a grenade in the sock and tie the end off, then cut a small hole in the end for the fuse to stick through. This lets you throw a grenade much further, and the sock tail stabilizes the grenade in flight. Also when you throw a sock at somone they tend to catch it by reflex, unlike a fragmentation grenade."Ever practical, Partisan the Martha Stewart of the battlefield clearly. "Anyway, don't stress Pepper. I already did like, actual serious business clothes shopping today. Wanna see what I got?"already digging out her phone, because well of course why not?

Pepper Potts looks at Partisan strangely for a moment, then sighs and shakes her head. "The strange things I learn from you." Zatanna gets mock glare and Lunair gets a smile. Though if Partisan's already done actual clothes shopping, then she and Zatanna will likely have to take Lunair only in hand and rescue her from those ruffles. Seriously. Over the age of six girlygirl ruffles become less and less aesthetically appealing and more … worth of derision. And Lunair doesn't deserve that. She steps a bit closer to Partisan when the phone is brandished, curious to see the photos.

Lunair smiles back to the other two. "That'd be awesome, thanks." Then there's a pause as she listens to the dispenser of wisdom and explosives. "I seeee…" She consiers it. "Neat." Beam. Lunair seems to respect Partisan's prowess, even if she hasn't been able to see it. Lunair seems content to follow them, although it make take a little prying to get her out of elegant and gothic lolita clothing. But hey, she's open minded. And she seems curious. "ooh, sure." Lunair thinks Partisan's fashion sense is totally fierce.

Jericho laughs a bit. "What did you get Part?" He's curious. She's changed up a lot and… well so it's odd. He's used to being able to read Part. When you get to know someone - someone on your squad for example - that kind of thing happens. Can fight almost without talking. Now? Well, it's like meeting that persons cousin almost. Things are the same, and at the same time not.

"Any time." Zee's been tweaking her look, another shopping trip is well in order and taking friends along? What could be better? She'd like to see Partisan's photos but doesn't crowd Pepper… instead waits for the phone to be shown around. "Are you changing things up a bit, Ludie?" Zee casts a glance at Jericho… 'how big is the change…'

Partisan flips through the phone for a moment, skipping past photographs of…well theres one of a machineshop, and another of some random metallic part and yet another of a pistol blank which just has a few of the machining processes done. Then, oh ok there we are. Dark motorcycle jeans, tall brown motorcycle boots and jacket with neat off white stitching. Its nothing incredible really, off the shelf but well the motorcycle it's draped over is brown and black so it all sort've ties together. "I had to order a silk scarf, because well nobody had one in a proper color but thats a pretty minor affair. I'd have ridden here, but well I had to swing by the store."-The- store, as in the store run by a certain Vietnam war buddy of Partisans. The one she spends way too much money at, Jerry knows the place.

Pepper Potts looks at the photo for a moment and nods to herself, then takes a step back so Zee can sneak in a look as well. "That's a good start. But that's all it is. A start." She'll share a significant look with Zee if the magic-wielding woman glances her way. One outfit is not proper shopping in her mind, and it very likely isn't in Zee's mind either.

Lunair looks quietly amused. She looks to Jericho, then settles in to watch Partisan. "Oh neat." She smiles. Lunair admires some of the picture. Besides, it feels important to Partisan. That means a lot, right? Right. Lunair looks between the two. She seems puzzled.

Jericho approaches and quirks an eyebrow, looking over at Zee. Fairly significant. Not a complete reversal, thank goodness. That might explode his head. But Zee gets the idea. It's fairly evident in his looks. Lunair might as well. And then he sees Pepper.

"Why do I see a clothier's visit in Part's future?" Jericho's just become clairvoyant.

Zee… is amused. "It's lovely, Ludie, it really is. But… " and yes, she glances at Pepper "is this the only outfit you bought?" Partisan might pass out if she saw Zee's wardrobe space in Shadowcrest "I think you might need a couple more outfits more. Come shopping with us, it will be a little fun… " and with Pepper and Zee along, who knows what they'll come out with.

Jericho's answering look gets a nod for the young magician, they should have expected something like this… "Yep, Jericho, I don't think Ludie will be able to say no."

"I haven't ridden a bike in like, fourty years or something. I just need some stitch to wear whilst I get used to things, bikes are really different now. I will fall, and I'm going to ruin everything. So I'd rather crash in cheap off the rack shit I can replace, until I start to feel comfortable again. I mean theres like three jackets out there that don't print like crazy, so I didn't exactly have a great depth of options here."Oh jesus christ, you're all fucking doomed here it comes. "I mean after the second world war.."She's telling a story, this could take -days-. "You rode everywhere, because well most of the roads were shit and nobody could find a car anyway. Even if you found a car, you could never find gas for them. So when I was still mopping up war criminals, I just rode everywhere. Then I rode in Africa for sort've the same reason, North Africa anyway. We didn't really have dirtbikes worth talking about back then, so as we went south into the jungles I ditched it. Then I was in 'nam, and then all over South America. I mean when I was a meter maid I rode a scooter, but thats totally different. They were still making PX-50s back then, which is the same shit they made like immediately postwar."Oh, ok cancel the alert it was more or less a short explanation not a full blown story."Part glances between those gathered, offering Lunair a wink and a smile. "Pepper you've seen my overflow wardrobe, I am not shy about shopping."

Pepper Potts ahs and nods to Partisan. "So you were totally pulling my chain with that first photo, weren't you?" She should be miffed at Partisan for that, but finally she's really more amused than anything. "Because, really, they were frightening." She brandishes her phone and pulls the image up on its screen. "I mean, look at this, Jericho."

Storytime! Lunair figures this could be good. But she's a good audience. Which could be bad, it could be good. Man, Parti's been all over. She smiles at the wink and smile. "… the kitten socks are still kinda cool," She offers in response at least. But Lunair is a 'grab what she wants and throw it on, damn the torpedoes!' kinda gal. Lunair seems happy to follow along. The status of her own wardrobe is unknown, beyond really girly and also supplemented by grandpa's runs to the milsurp store. Yup, good times all around.

Jericho shudders just a little. Yes, they were frightening. And that's saying something when it comes to Partisan. "Part does have a lot of clothes. In various colors of camouflage." He teases. "And also, apparently, leather." The hacker chuckles. "Well I see all is under control. I'd ask if you needed backup, Partisan, but I think you're an old pro at shopping and it's not really my thing. Unless it's for things I need to keep fighting. Or blend in."

Zee smiles at Lunair "We'll find some pretty cool kitten socks, don't worry…" and stockings or leggings… really Zee's might have a pair or two, herself.

Smiling at Jericho's response, Zee grins impishly as she looks him over, head to toe "I think… Jericho, you should come with us. Then we can help you dress like a real hipster so you can totally blend in."

Partisan sticks her tongue out "I was more confused honestly, I mean I didn't think anything that bad would exist. I mean this is like, I was active in the eighties you know? Pink zebra stripe skirts and matching leg warmers were absolutely some shit that people wore, but that?"Frowning some as she leans back nudging after Zee "Nonsense, You should have seen the way he dressed the first time we met. I damn near shot him for his crimes against fashion, then there was that period where he rode a harley everywhere. We'll make a day of it, I know of a natural hot spring we can hit if you don't mind a little walking."

Pepper Potts shudders. She visibly shudders. "Please stop reminding me of the Eighties. I've worked hard to erase every bit of that from my memory." She makes sure the kitten socks end up in the shopping cart since Lunair is so enamored of them, then looks around again. "Is there anything else in here you're going to be wanting, Ludie?"

Woo. Victory for Lunair. "… I'm learning so much." Given that she is 19, Lunair did not experience the 80s. It is a wide, wide gap in history and by gum, this is valuable learnin'. You can't pay for this kind of historical perspective! Then she looks to Zee and Jericho. She smiles back to Zee. "Surely." Yup! Lunair is good with that. "And really? Walking is fine." It beats another day cooped up. Or dodging tranq darts. Lunair will settle for quietly tagging along in the background.

"That Spa day, I imagine." The hacker grins and waves. "I'm afraid, Zee, my fashion sense is fairly irrecoverable. But you ladies enjoy. Give me call if you guys need anything up my alley." And with that and wave to Zee, Part, Pep and Lunair he turns to head back to whatever project he has on the burner these days.

The mention of hot springs has Zee's interest. The mention of 80's fashion has her flashing to retro video clips, big hair.. the works…. Zee shudders. "Walking is more than fine, particularly if there are hot springs at the end of it." Zee can't think of much better actually.

Waving as Jericho takes his leave, Zee smirks after him and then leans back against a shelf waiting for Pepper to finish their shopping.

Partisan shrugs "I own a nice piece of property a day trip away, hot spring in a cave in the middle of nowhere. Cute little cabin, hot springs, good views, sporadic cell reception at best. As I am supposedly dead right now, I need a day or two to make another propaganda piece before I melt off the grid again. It's not that far from where we found that silver landmine thing actually"A glance given to Jerry. "So once upon a time somone who had some sort've vague idea about hoodoo was playing around on the property."

Pepper Potts waves after Jericho as he takes his leave, then raises her eyebrows at the description Partisan offers of the hot springs. "Well, I'm off work for the rest of the day, so… sure. Why not?" She looks around the huge space, though she is not going anywhere near those Spanish-singing owls. "Will I have time to stop in at home for my swimsuit, or do they have swimsuits around here?"

"I don't have anywhere to be." She does have to track down a certain Gotham swordmaker, but he can stew in his own juices for a few days, it will do him good… "No need to worry, Miss Potts. If you tell me where they are in your house, I can retrieve them. Or a quick teleport in and out…" Zee's got that bit of it handled at least.

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