Clubbing The Mutant Takedown

March 17, 2015: Nicholas is the target of another anti-mutant attack, Zee throws a drink in someones face and Rant… says she isn't heroic

Long Island City - New York City

Long Island City is the westernmost neighborhood in Queens. Formerly a lower middle class neighborhood, the area has rapidly gentrified since 2000. It has the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions and studio space anywhere in New York. One outgrowth of this embarrassment of talent has been the proliferation of rather beautiful waterfront parks throughout the neighborhood.



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Long Island City is a lot nicer than it used to be. That's actually generally true of most places in New York these days. Gentrification has been occuring all over and while that does make everything generally more expensive, it means that places are a bit brighter and a bit safer at night.

Being bright and safe ish doesn't mean that bad things aren't happening, though. It just means they happen a bit more quietly. Case in point. There's a group of men hanging out in a parkinglot near one of the local bars. Nice kind of place. The sort where there aren't regular fights. To anyone it might look like just a bunch of office workers out for guys night. They're watching, though. Watching the business across the way for the tall, brown furred man who seems to work there. You know. The guy who looks like a werewolf. He's hard to miss.

Zees been in New York all day, it happens that way sometimes. Not quite ready to head home to Shadowcrest in Gotham, she's currently sitting in one of those bars, a glass of sparkling white in hand.

The raven haired woman is wearing black leather trousers, black denim jacket, a red tank top along with her high heel knee high boots. At her throat, the diamond encrusted collar and at her hip, the emerald Primal Force pendulum.

She's staring vacantly into middle space when a young man in his mid 20's passes her table, and stops to speak with her. As he speaks, although she smiles pleasantly enough, it's fairly obvious that the interruption and his company is unwelcome.

Long Island City is really the only place Melody could buy a value jug of Simply Green; the cleaner that smells like something weird, is green, and can get spaghetti stains out of a carpet in a sinch. Mix it with some water and a little bit of bleach? The toxic smell is almost a faint reminder of hospital rooms, morgues.. take your pick. That stuff works. The industrial strength goodness could probably even be used in baths. She surely uses it for everything. I mean, it's not like she's bathing in the green liquid-like goodness, but she kinda could..

Though she's damn sure her jiggily dangles would totally burn.

Bluetooth tossed in her ear, she's currently chatting away with a cousin from the midwest. "I don't think I'd like coming out there. To be quite honest, it's cold as heck there. You're like, near the north pole." They weren't. "You come over here. See Gotham. You'd like i.. well no, I'm in New York right now." There was a pause as she stops, across the way from the parking lots and the visage of the werewolf and said bar. ".. Well, I can only get Simply Green in New York.." Another pause. "..Hey! Kiss my ass, this stuff is the shit!"

Nicholas has just come off the day shift (it rotates, Rescue, Inc tends to be staffed 24/7) and starts to walk to where his car is parked. Normally that's in the parkinglot of the business he owns but there was some repaving going on today so he parked it up the street. His path will take him past the bar and of course its parking lot.

"Hey, Mutie!" One of the guys in the parkinglot calls out. It's not common to hear that. Or well, not as common as it used to be before X-Red, but it still happens. "How's the kennel back there. Gettin' on your bow-wow?" His buddies laugh. Nicholas ignores it. That's not real creative, so far as he's concerned. The ignoring though just seems to agitate the crowd. "Hey Mutie! I'm talkin' to ya!"

Across the street Melody's path is abruptly obstructed by thee men in clothing that looks oddly formal. Sort of overcoats arranged with piping that looks like a red cross when closed. One of them has a long staff with some kind of bronze icon atop. A winged eye or something. The other two? They're armed.

They don't seem to be after Rant (for once) but they're clearly getting ready to take aim at the werewolf across the street. Zee and Melody can both see them.

The young man in the bar obviously doesn't take the hint and leans on the table closer to Zee, the expression on his face becoming a bit of a leer.

Giving him a flat look, anyone watching will know that what comes next is probably not going to be pleasant… and if they recognise Zee they might wonder if she's going to turn him into a rat, or hamster or a bird or something. Looking at her glass of wine and back up at the man, Zee tosses the contents of said glass in his face. Grabbing her bag from the floor, the raven haired woman stands and walks out the door, leaving behind her a sputtering, drenched, man.

As she leaves the bar, Zee recognises Nicholas and is about to wave as the horrid cat calling begins and she sees the three men across the road. Hastening her pace, Zee can run in those heels, she catches up to Nicholas. "Hello there, Nicholas. Fancy meeting you here." she matches her pace to his and murmurs "You've got company across the road, you might want to get under cover."

Melody -was- in her own world as she walked and talked, that was until the three men cross her path without want or word of it at all. "Woah woah.. hey.." She starts out, even as they keep on going she's staring at their backs. Her eyes narrow a little as she glances across the street, seeing the woman and the.. man? Okay, that was subjective, and she was sure that she had 20/20 vision. "Let me call you back, Lilly." She mutters, pulling the bluetooth out of her ear to chuck off into her pocket, her pace following the three men as she zips up her jacket and dons her hood.

Melody was no hero, really. But that wasn't going to stop her, not one bit.

Nicholas smiles a little to Zee as she joins him. "Hey there Zatanna. Don't mind me I'm just headed back to my car. Wait. Company?" He's about to look when the crowd gets uglier. "OY! Mutie! That your girl there? Guess she's into that furry crap isn't she?" He's levered off the car and is getting closer.

"Oy…" The werewolf sighs in exasperation as he turns to face the man and his friends, about a dozen of them, approaching.

"Awww, she's a sweet looking young lady, isn't she. Maybe she just likes dogs, huh? Go on home, Fido. We can handle things from here, now that there's actual people for her to be around."

The insults are, well, fairly direct and aggressive. All designed to keep Nicholas' focus squarely on the crowd while the men in the long coats approach from behind. They cross the street, Melody in tow and then one of them lifts up a cell phone. He's got some kind of app on it, signalling a remote controlled drone. As he does, the others take the safeties off their rifles.

"Look ,guys, you don't want to do this." Nicholas says with a tired half growl.

"Not these ones, over there." Zee indicates the three men in long coats approaching. Colouring slightly at the suggestive comments from the crowd of men, Zee looks at Nicholas and then back at the group, if it wasn't so serious, she'd slip her arm through his and walk off. Instead, she gives the group a pleasant smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Let me do the honours here, Nicholas. Just… watch those three over there and be ready, o.k?"

Focussing her will, Zee looks at the mob, the smile fading to an intense look and she points…
~~ riA gaG dnA dniB mehT. ~~

Melody seemingly melds in with the men, keeping a close watch upon them. As one brings out the cellular device, her eyes flair up, gaze soon looking upward towards the sky, following the lines in and out the phone, accessing.. transmitting, a drone was in route. We'll see how far it gets..

She couldn't help herself, the way her skin seemingly glows and sparkles in the night, her hands slowly drawing from her pocket as she reaches out the snatch one of the men that lags behind, dragging him back by the cloak and leaping to take the phone from his hand. "Gotcha!" She squeals out, giving the man a hard shove.. too hard naturally, for he's shoved right off of his feet and half into the air.

"Nananana, come get me! Biotches!"

And a middle finger for effort.

The response to Melody is instantaneous and violent. The two men Melody hasnt grabbed turn on her and start shooting. The noise of the gunfire makes Nicholas' ears drop and he starts and winces. Theyre too close to get a good bead on Mel of course but they do seem quite serious about the whole thing. Oh and that drone? It has a tranq.

At the same time the men in front of Zee produce knives and clubs and tasers and go right for Nick, which necessitiates going through Zee. "Outta the way Mutie lover!"

Some spells take longer to take effect and Zee is targetting the whole group, not just one or two this time. Even as the group approaches Nicholas, she stands her ground and channels the spell directly at them.

Around 9 of the group, the air around them seems to come alive, wrapping their mouths in a tight gag and spiralled down around their bodies, effectively binding them.

Of the remaining three, the nearest of the group hits Zee with a club causing her focus to falter… her spell slipping away before catching them. Zee stumbles, wincing in pain… that hit hurt.

Melody was no ballerina; once the guns were produced, she immediately skips back with her hands raised in the air, she shots aimed and drawn as she strafes left and right. Meta-human with speed or no, she has the means to move but ultimately gets grazed right where the ribs connect. And that /hurt/. Seems she and Zee share the same pain, in different ways.

"Muther.." She blurts out, clutching her size as she dives down behind a car, hands and knees hitting the pavement to put distance in between those who shoot. A part of her was still connected to that signal, the drone itself heading right in their direction..

…which was soon given another set of coordinates. Ones that would aim the drone and it's tranq dart right towards the ground.

Nicholas is actually a bit startled by the sudden invisible bindings on the thugs. The shooting is a bit more worrying though, and the one that clubbed Zee finds himself grabbed by the wrist and launched behind him right at the shooters. The two go down in a tangle as the small cell controlled drone crashes right into the ground behind Melody. The one shooter up, and two thugs left suddenly have a connundrum. The odds have event rather quickly and none of their opponents are normal.

"You can't luck out forever, abomination!" The one near Melody shouts as he bolts. The other two aren't so quick. This may be because Nicholas is growling at them.

On the plus side, they're not trying to hit Zee. On the down side… "S-stupid dog. Hey, call us when you want to be with a person lady."

Nicholas throwing the guy by his wrist, causes Zee to jump and wince as she does. Rubbing her upper arm where the club connected, her eyes narrow at the taunt. Taking a deep breath, Zee focusses again looking at the clubs that the two moving away are holding.

~~ sbulC taeB esohT owT suoicsnocnU ~~

The words leave her mouth before she has time to think about them and the potential consequences.

It's not just the two clubs, held by runners, that start after them. Every club that was used in the attack, rise on their accord and beat at the impolite jerks.

The crash of the drone causes Melody to press herself against the car, her arms immediately raised to shield her face to avoid the lick of flames and shrapnel that may fly in her direction. But it was taken care of, either way. She was all the more happier to stop an attack that didn't happen. She was a hero today! Way to stave off depression, Mel!

She stares at the wreckage for a quick moment, then turns with a wince of pain to peek over the side of the car. A loud ping/bang causes her to duck down again, a deep frown drawing to her face as she looks for something.. anything really.. to get the guy to stop shooting.

Screw it.

"Someone help! I've been shot!" She screams out.. then murmurs quietly.. "..but I'm going to heal in a couple of minutes so yay…"

That cry for help, ploy though it, is, generates a second response. Now that Zee has animated all the clubs (which case the two thugs down before they've gone more then twenty feet. It gets ugly pretty shortly) Nicholas picks up a dropped taser and hurls it like a rock. Which is to say, he can throw it pretty damn hard. It bounces off the shooters forehead and the guy collapses like a destrung puppet. Then Nicholas grabs Zee's wrist and runs on over to Melody. "You two okay? We should get off the street, probably." Cops may or may not have been called but there might be more of the idiots around somewhere.

"Owww" Zee screws up her face as Nicholas pulls her along. The pain, and the sudden towing along, causes her spell to fail and the clubs drop to the ground before too much damage is done. "I'm alright." The young magi will look after her arm later "That's quite an arm you've got there, nice shot by the way." The woman crouched by car gets a questioning look "I think you stopped them shooting at him…" Someone did something, that's for sure.

There.. was no more shooting. In fact, she heard a faint smack. That draws her up again to look, and seeing no one in sight, she falls back upon the ground and lets out a little sigh. "Oh thank god."

Nicholas' and Zee's approach, causes her brows to shoot upright, a weird looking smile given to the both of them.. more so Nicholas.. as.. well… he's him. Ho-lee-shiet.

"Ahhh.. yeah, totally fine! Just a flesh wound.." She scrambles to her feet, hand smacking against the car which was used as assistance, her other hand clutching at her side as she stands at a hunch.

She almost looks constipated.. but she should be used to it by now. Whenever Melody hits open air she's getting shot at.

"I didn't stop anything. There was this guy.. I think he went that way.." Melody points up. Total liar, she was. Seems the heroing business wasn't for her either, she didn't know how to take the gratitude.

"Riiiiiiiight." The big, brown werewolf says. "Look. I know who these guys are. Purifiers. Anti-Mutant fanatics. I own the business just up the street. They must have been waiting for me."

He half growls. "I can explain more but we should get off the street in case there are more. I've been seeing and hearing a lot of them lately."

Holding her arm, Zee looks at Melody and smirks a little at her ''explanation'' "Well, if you see him, let him know how grateful I am…" The other womans posture gets a cant of her head "Sure, tis but a flesh wound… and I'm King Arthur."

Nodding as Nicholas speaks, Zee shrugs "OK, off the street… where to? I wouldn't recommend the bar I just came out of… there's a soggy patron inside who might not like me very much at the moment."

Melody was innocent. She really was! She didn't know nothin', didn't see anything.. and well.. she was all for getting off the streets. "I'll let that weird guy know. Did you know he could fly? Bananas right?" Melody grins, though the smile drops as she looks back and forth.. a deep frown drawing upon her features. Playing with strangers at a time like this? Bad. But she was sure.. no. She wasn't sure if these people were alright or not.

Time would tell.

"So no bar, no police station, no hospitals.." No place with security, even. "Your business then?"

"Sure, probably the best idea right now." Nicholas indicates the gated structure not too far. "There's food and drink there too if you guys need anything after that. I'm grateful to you both, by the way. That was a hell of an ambush they had there."

The business turns out to be an air ambulance service called Rescue, Inc. The bottom is currently empty (since the crews are the bunks upstairs. It's late) and as they enter Nick goes to the 'fridge. "Anything to drink, guys?" There are a couple of pictures on the table of futuristic looking flying ambulances.

Following along, Zee takes her time and looks around the space with interest. She's really regretting throwing her glass of wine in the first guys face… "Just water, thanks Nicholas." pausing to look at the pictures on the table. "These are better than the one you had the other day…"

"Uh.." Yeah, Melody wasn't going to keep with the lie that she didn't help. She was just going to hold onto her side, and track a bloody footprint right back towards his door. She was pale enough, but she survives, even as she glances warily among the area, her cheeks slightly puffed out as she gives a shake of her head. "I'm okay." She mutters, one hand reaching up to draw away her hood, which messes up her hair. Hood hair, is what they called it.

The blood… well hard to hide it from someone with Nicholas nose. He glances around before zeroing on Melody. "Um, are you bleeding? I'm a PA, I could have a looks. Or Zee here has magic…" She can heal right? Maybe he shouldn't volunteer her.

Zee's obersvation gets a toothy grin. One that Nick quickly suppresses. People don't like the fangs sometimes. And, my Nicky, what big teeth you have. "Thanks Zatanna. We don't have them yet but Stark should deliver the first one in a day or so." He's pretty excited, really.

The werewolf provides the water his guest asked for. Perrier.

Taking the water, Zee smiles a Nicholas, his grin doesn't seem to phase her at all before turning her attention to Melody. "I'm Zee" She introduces herself, a small frown crossing her brow. "If you're hurt, I can heal… heal myself enough of the time lately." Her style of healing isn't finnesed, like Rains, but it's effective and gets the job done.

The mention of Stark has Zee canting her head "So that's how you know Miss Potts…"

Melody shrugs slightly. "Yeah. I'll heal. It's no big deal." She was still inspecting the place, her eyes doing a sort of twitch left and right.. quick, fast paced, seeking the lines of electricity and wifi just to make sure that the connection was there and steady. Her face wrinkles a little as she sinks her hand beneath her shirt, her body wiggling until she draws her hand free to make a quick toss of the bullet into the garbage can with a loud -ting!-

She turns.. just in time to catch the smile of Nicholas.. which.. unnerved her completely. "Oh.. bleh…." She says aloud, keeping her distance from the two. So the woman was Zatanna. And the.. dog guy knows Stark? Blaaaaah.

"Um. I'm Rant. And I'm sorry but that guy is totally creeping me out." She points towards Nicholas. "Thanks for the hospitality though? And really, I'll stop bleeding in a couple of minutes.." A step back. "I'm not used to seeing dog people. Though I did see a guy with a half burned up face but I don't know why your fur makes it all weird." And then.. "Ooh, nevermind. I know why. I used to have this dog who had the same fur as you. It gave me feelings on the inside. You know, cuddily feelings? I kind of want to hug you and flip you on your back to scratch your belly but I'm going to rightfully assume that you're a person under there and won't take to the assault pretty well like regular dogs do." Then a pause, and a speech again. "Unless you're a regular dog under there who's posing as a human and would like for me to flip you on your back to rub your belly."

She was weird, but that was okay! For those steps she takes moves closer towards Nicholas as her skin begins to light up with red and blue lights. Tiny lights that show something underneath is at play.

"So are you really a dog under there? Cause like, in two seconds you're going to suffer. Cause I'm going to hug you. Cause I hug on impulse. Especially if it's uncomfortable. But I also want to pet you too. Which could be really, really demeaning."

Nicholas quirks an eyebrow. Little kids do tend to glomp him occasionally. Most adults are put off by his appearance though. "I'm, uh… how to explain. This is how I look. There's no 'under there' for me. My mutation permanently altered my body, so… yeah." People do occasionally ask if they can pet him. Or occasionally get really, really creepy. "Hugging wouldn't be so bad." So long as she doesn't follow it up with something weird like 'trying to commune with his spirit animal' like that one lady in the health food store did.

"Mmmmhmm. That's how I know her, Zee. We're in a joint venture. Flying, armored ambulances for hot extractions of trapped heroes and civilians." Dangerous work but he enjoys it. And right now he's just doing it in helicopters.

Zee just sort of… STARES … at Rant. First because of the bullet and then because of the hugging and petting thing. It takes her a few moments to recover her composure and remember her manners. "Nice to … uh… meet you, Rant." Glancing over to Nicholas, Zee really hadn't give his appearance too much thought but then on most occassions they met they were under fire.

As Nicholas agrees to the hugging, Zee moves slightly out of the way and turns her attention back to the drawings "That's a good idea, Nicholas. Much safer. And a joint venture with Stark, that's pretty cool." an impish grin appears and her eyes crinkle a little "You'll have to take me out in the first one, when it arrives."

Hey! Melody liked to hug! It cleared the air and got all of the awkwardness out of the way. With permission? Even better! Cause she practically smothers him! Probably even gets him all bloody in the meanwhile. She even strokes his back a little, but then moves away from the hug to glance behind him, just in case. Tail or no tail?

Once that little moment was out of the way, her hand goes right back underneath her shirt, testing the wound and making sure that it was going to be closed by the time she went home. Muties are pretty darn awesome.

She wasn't going to invite herself out to see whatever it is where they were going, although it was going to be a bit interesting. Some how, she'll find a way to patch in and watch, but for now, she needed to have a seat. She wanders away from them both wordlessly, a slight yawn touching her features as she settles down into the chair, carefully of course. "Nice to meet you too Zee!" She pauses a little, looking down at her shirt. "You want a hug too? I mean later once I get new clothes and everything. I didn't think about that when I hugged Nicholas."

Zee is … amused… and glad she moved out of the way. Sitting herself, she crosses her ankles and watches as Melody hugs Nicolas. And then grimaces a little at the bloody marks left on him.

"I'll pass on the hug thanks, Rant. But maybe later when we know each other better." Tilting her head, Zee regards the other woman "You local to New York? I'm from Gotham, myself."

Ah well! She offered! "Okay. I can deal with that." She mutters, her knee drawn up so that she could lean forward just a little, both elbows planted into her thighs as her hands rest upon her chin. And then, her eyes close.

And then, she's actually snoring.. which wakes her up a little. "Huh? Yeah. Was. I live in Gotham now. At the Tin Roof.." And then.. snoring.. endless snoring..

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