Restless Dead

March 17 2015: Jericho, Roy and Kara all run across some rather disturbing magic. Forerunners of pain to come.


The thick, steamy, hot, uncomfortable brazillian rainforest.



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Arcane disturbances are red flags of a sort. The ley line network of the world is sensitive to tampering and any kind of activity can send ripples throughout the whole thing. The stronger the tampering, the more serious the ripples. If they get bad enough, or if you're doing the wrong kind of thing, it becomes damage that has to be repaired. And that's obvious. There are guardians to look after that kind of thing, but they've been stretched kind of thin recently. Fortunately, a couple of them have taken steps to recruit help.

Those guardians can take several forms though. Jericho is not a magic expert. He's a combat expert and a HYDRA expert. He's gotten wind of something odd happening in this general vecinity - that being 'the Brazillian Rainforest, approximately a hundred fifty miles from anywhere worth mentioning - and since his favorite punching bags have been active down this way, he signalled the other Outsiders and teleported down to see what was going on.

He can tell when he first arrives that it's not HYDRA. It feels different. Hard to explain for those who don't literally drink in the magic around them, but it does. Well. He's already here. Might as well check it out and see what it is now that he knows what it isn't. "This is Aspect. I'm on the ground. Anyone else coming to this party?"


Kara had been in Metropolis helping a group of firefighters rescue an escaped parrot when her Sapphire Ley Pendulum alerted her to some kind of disturbance.

"Polly wants a cracker. Raaawk." The parrot was squawking as she returned it to the very concerned owner and she frowned, "Sorry Polly, don't have any!"

Streaky was giving the Parrot a look, licking his lips but Kara had been trying to break him of the habit; just the other day she made him spit out a little bird!

Pointing at Streaky sternly, Kara glares at the little supercat, "Go home and play with Hawkpuppy."

Gripping the sapphire pendant in one hand she focussed for a moment before teleporting to Brazil, appearing in the middle of a bunch of trees surrounded by a large family group of very cute Emperor Tamarin monkeys with their long fuzzy beards who stared at Supergirl curiously, "Hello little guys. You're not the source of the disturbance are you?"


It didn't take too long before Roy Harper managed to meet Jericho where the ley line was. A bit of teleport here, and Roy responds back, "I'm in a clearing. I'll meet you where you are… I think I'm about a quarter mile away at…" Listing off a few coordinates, Roy waits for the coordinate response before starting in to navigate his way.

There's a brief pause, as some sort of monkey gathering can be seen in the clearing, followed by a "Hey, Aspect. You didn't happen to call me down here for some monkey worshipping a blonde princess, did you?"


The Monkies are not the source of the dirstubrance. Its close though. Not too far off the Ley Line. Her super hearing may pick up human voices of two other people who seem to be moving toward it. "Uh, no Arsenal, I didn't. Is… that something you're likely toneed to deal with?" Stranger things have happened.

As Jericho gets closer the sensation of magic gets stronger. Even non attuned people will be able to feel it. Sickly. Wrong.

"Careful, by the way. Someone is or was doing something pretty dark here. Not demonic. but dark."


Kara spots Roy and Jericho, waving to the monkeys as she moves over to greet them. She wasn't exactly the most magically attuned person but she knew something was wrong here and it sent a shiver through her spine.

Gathering her cape around herself like a blanket she asked Jericho as she stepped out of the bushes, "Do we have any idea what we're looking for?"


"Uhh… I don't think…" Roy begins, before Kara waves byebye to the monkeys, and comes over to talk to Jericho. "Looks like she found you… hold up, I'm meeting up…!"

Catching up to Kara, Roy whistles. "Hey… Supergirl. Nice to see you again," Roy greets, lowering his shades so that she can get a better look, before pushing them back up. "Dark… eh? Magic incanation or something…? It feels a bit weird here…"


Jericho blinks. He'd seen the feeds of the JL:A induction. It had been televised after all. But he hadn't figured on meeting the now much talked about alien here in the Brazillian rainforest. "No, besides something weird." Then Roy catches up. "Yeah it does. And nothing of the kind I've felt before. I have a feeling we'll know it when we se-"

There's a clearing that Jericho's been moving toward and now they step into it. There's a very large pit in the center of a very large circle. Ritual work of some kind. The telling part is the stink. It smells of rot and putrefication. There's nothing around to be seen but there are several 'icons' on sticks. Mostly animal skulls with pentagrams painted on them in what might be blood staged around the edges of the pit.

"Oooohkay, well…" Jericho coughs. "Mass grave. Or it was. Looks pretty empty now."


Kara sort of glares at Roy, whether from the whistle or calling her Supergirl. When he lowers his sunglasses, she asks him deadpan serious, "Hey Arsenal. Is there something wrong with your eyes?"

With her enhanced senses the stink of the mass grave hits her hardest and Kara covers her mouth and nose with her cape; the only 'Kryptonian' part of her costume at present.

Pinching her nose with her fingers, she explains as if she's a sudden expert on the occult, "Oh, I saw this in a movie once. If it's zombies you need to aim for the head." She looks between Jericho and Roy, "That works in real life, right?"


"No, there's nothing wrong with my eyes, at all, unless I'm -not- looking at a Supergirl," Roy grimaces, as he looks at the mass grave. "So our whole group of bodies went missing because… we don't -know- that it's zombies. And if it is, I need to call for more acid and fire arrows."

Shaking his head, the young man tugs his shirt, moving more to cover his nose ashe shifts to study the markings, looking for a trail that might indicate where it went…"


For all the stomping and shuffling that seems to have taken place around here the trail is surprisingly subtle. But there it is. Headed away north and not far off. "Got me on that one." Jericho answers Kara. "Most of my experience is with demons. Necromancy's new to me." He assumes it's necromancy anyway. Whole place reeks of something supernatural.

It also just reeks.

"Got anything Roy?" As he asks the hacker pulls out a small communicater and opens it up. "K'tten, do me a favor? I need the thermal scans on this place for the last twelve hours. Send 'em down to me if you could? Thanks."

"So, um, what does bring Supergirl down here? Or do you prefer Kara Jor-El?"


Kara is still squeezing her nose and covering her mouth with her cape, "Just Kara is fine and I heard there might be some kind of trouble.."

Another look to Roy for calling her Supergirl and then she began to think of the technicalities of it all. In theory, she never completed her trials which would have marked her as an adult on Krypton so would she ALWAYS be Supergirl.

Shrugging to herself she starts to try and block out the ambient sounds of the jungle, listening for anything suspicious that might not be a regular sound in the rain forest.


"Right, Kara… hold on."

Studying the trail, Roy frowns. "I think I have something," he answers Jericho, as he moves slowly towards the north. "There's a faint trail, something…" Shading his eyes, Roy glances a bit ahead, before nodding. "Follow me," he adds, as he starts tracking, pausing to add "What did you hear…?" at Supergirl.


There are definitely sounds that don't belong here. But they're muted and diffused as if behind really good insulation. Kara can tell that something is messing with the natural flow of sound, and that it's north by about four or five miles, but not quite what it is.

The hacker nods to the spy and he reaches reaches behind him for a leather case. The device within it folds into a high tech looking carbine and as it does some kind of mercury like metal flows out from under his sleeves to coat his forearms like bracers. He nods to Roy to lead the way and gestures politely to Kara, asking silently if she'll follow. Backup is always good.

"Heard there was trouble?" That's interesting.


Kara raises her eyebrows for a moment before asking the pair of men, "Do either of you have any ways of covering ground quickly? I can fly us there faster than running through the jungle will be."

She pointed north, "A few miles that way I guess."


"Right along the trail, judging from where it's heading…" Roy muses. "But I'd rather stick here and follow the trail. Scout ahead a bit, though… wait. Can you see this trail…?" Roy points out the signs. "Follow it and see if it ends up the same place you're hearing sounds. And then come back and get us if it's the same trail."


Jericho nods. "Go ahead, Roy. You've got me on the Outsiders channel. I'll fly ahead with Kara here. If it turns out to be the same place you find, we'll provide a distraction and you can move in and do that archer thing you're so good at."

There's a harmonic humming sound and Jericho's skin flushes with amber colored circuit traces, glowing beneath his clothes. A moment later a pair of large bat like wings sprouts from his shoulders and he takes off into a hover. "Shall we?" He waits for Kara to lead the way and Roy to slip off into the jungle.


Kara leaps into the air flying out from the tops of the trees so she can try and fly to the source of the problem. However she isn't going to take a direct route.

"I'll go around, fly to the west a little and circle back to the spot. It might take me a few seconds more but it could be useful to approach from three points." She hopes Jericho is cool with it and then she flies off to the west to circle around.


Nodding, Roy gives a distracted wave as he shifts his attention back down to the trail.

He might well be behind the others, but radioing in keeps him in touch. What he finds when he gets there, on the other hand…

"Hey Jericho, I'm looking at…" he radios in, filling in the details as he finds a place to perch and access the situation.


Jericho is not the epitome of subtle up here. Glowing wings and such. But the canopy of the Rainforest is thick and he pulls up to some altitude so that gives him a bit of a chance to not be seen immediately.

Roy has, quite literally, found the walking dead. About a hundred of them (that mass grave was pretty big) all being herded by a dozen or so people carrying some kind of pentagram sigils.

"One of them has to be maintaining the spell." Jericho murmurs. It's a guess, sure, he doesn't know for certain, but he knows enough of magic to know the constant effects require some work, so there must be someone something there responsible for keeping the walking dead walking. Speaking of those, they're surprisingly lifelike. It's only the color of their skin and the general lifelessness of their expressions that gives them away. "Kara, Roy…" He's tursting Kara's superears on this one. "I don't know what anyone would want with a hundred walking corpses but I can't imagine it's good. Whatever play you make, I'll back, but we have to put these down."


Kara has an idea when she sees the people herding the zombies, who don't seem to be harmful at the moment. Flying down into the forest she starts gathering dozens of vines at superspeed that she can use as ropes.

Tapping her JL:A Comunicator she tries to transmit on a band they will hear and says, "I'll tie up the cultists for arrest. The Watchtower… might have prisons. You guys try and find the source of the problem."

"This is Kara to the The Watchtower, requesting a prisoner extraction in Brazil at my location in thirty."


"So it's one of the twelve people holding the sigils, probably…" Roy mutters. "Hold on… if they're working from within a radius, then the one that's probably centermost of all these zombie's got to be maintaining the spell. Can you see who it is from up there…? Unless…" Pause. "Oh right, we do have someone who can gather up all of them at superspeed."


"The problem probably is one of the cultists." Jericho mutters, glancing back and forth. "Wait no. In the center. There's one in the dead center. Roy, if I laser target him for you can you drop an arrow on him?" He'd shoot but then he'll have a lot of magic slinging his way, not to mention runaway zombies. Best if while Kara rounds up the ones on the outside, Roy blasts the one in the middle.

"Whenever you two are ready…" Jericho pulls out a laser designator and 'paints' the target.


Kara takes the designated signal to begin and swoops down at the group of cultists and zombies, marvelling at the realism of the zombies; it's like they were from that boring show; The Talking Dead or some nonsense!

She begins to tie the cultists up in a blur of motion, stuffing bundles of leaves in their mouths and binding them with the vines she had collected.

Now she had to hope Roy didn't miss and the zombies didn't eat her, "Come on Arsenal, any time now.."


Arsenal missing…? Perish the thought. All he needed was a gap, a bit of room to look at…


While Roy wasn't out for a killshot, he -did- at least aim dead center for the sigil… and if it meant basically a kill-shot, then it would have to be at least a fire arrow, if only to wipe out the sigil itself. And if it did, then it would be followed up by an fire extinguisher arrow, just to put out the flames.


It takes Jericho a moment to process exactly why Roy would have arrows for both setting and putting out fires. Just… okay. Today it proved handy. As Kara prevents the other cultists from taking the spell up, Roy literally burns the center of it and the entire construct collapses. Along with all hundred odd walking dead. PS. They still stink.

Jericho lands near the center cultist, still in a panic from having briefly been lit on fire, and kicks him to keep him down. "Well, that was impressive." He notes to both of the others. "I take it you're going to insist on taking them somewhere, Kara?"

Its the kind of thing the JLA is known for though without mages to ward the place he honestly wonders exactly how long they'll stay put.


Kara looked a little embarrassed and was back to covering her mouth and nose with her cape due to zombie stench, "Well, I called The Watchtower, but um, they might be busy." She had no idea, nobody had replied to her, "So you can deal with them if you like, I don't even know if we have anywhere to put them come to think of it."

She would definitely need to find out about that, where were all these bad guys supposed to go when they were captured?


Jericho glances down and takes a deep breath. "Right. I'll handle this then." He doesn't say how. "Thanks for helping, Kara."

The feel of 'magical badness on the loose' has gone out of the Ley Pendulum. Another score for Primal Force it seems.


Kara smiles at Jericho and offers a brief wave of her hand before grabbing hold of her Ley Pendulum and trying to find leylines in the area, "I'll see you later, good luck!"

Supergirl flies off to the area she first arrived in and finds the group of monkeys, she plays with them for a little bit before teleporting back to Metropolis arriving in the park.

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