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March 18, 2015: Ulani debriefs her superiors …. (emits by Rowan)

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Ulani's superiors in the diplomatic corps are among those eagerly awaiting her return to the Carribean city of Rhan, one of the larger outposts in the Shining Sea. The topic of discussion is, of course, the mysterious military signal originating from near the surface. Most of rumors and high level talks in the city have revolved around it. News of the Envoy's arrival sets the diplomatic and military circles abuzz and her superiors, including her direct supervisor Jerosh, congregate in a small meeting room in the government complex near the center of the city.

Ulani has indeed arrived in the city, travelling through a hydroport to speed her way back to the city. Rowans news is …. interesting … but she's not sure how her superiors will take it.

Striding to the meeting room, her dark hair flowing down her back, the Envoy waits patiently at the entry to be acknowledged and invited in. Sighting Jerosh, Ulani raises her chin in a small greeting, looking calm but solemn. As with most things, the womans demeanour is reserved if confident.

The hubbub of the room dies slowly as folks settle into seats and conversation ends. All eyes are on Ulani. Once the room is suitably subdued Jerosh steeples his fingers in front of him on the table and nods to the envoy. "Report."

Stepping forward, Ulani folds her hands in front of her. "When I arrived at the source of one of the signals, I was greeted by a Dragon that then took the form of a man" Ulani uses the surfacer term, Dragon, "The man identified himself as Rowan and claimed to be a Blue, more or less." Letting the information settle, she continues "The signal was used to get our attention. Rowan is a warrior and claims to be from another world that is ablaze with war."

Unhooking a small device from one of her bracelets, Ulani sets it on the table and operates it. The recording of her meeting with Rowan is played for those present.

When it completes, the Envoy speaks again "As you can see, he claims the desire to get to know his people and introduce this other ''lost'' Blue to her people." She gives no opinion as she falls silent, waiting for the inevitable questions that will follow.

There's a number of quiet conversations around the table before one of the senior military officials speaks up. "And, based on your interactions, do you believe this… rather incredible claim?"

Ulani looks the officer in the eye, maintaining a serious mien "There are stories from Atlantis, of a dimensionally displaced Blue warrior who is not entirely Blue. This may be him." The woman raises a shoulder in a slight shrug "He is most certainly a water person. Whether he is of the Blue, another world or something else entirely, I could not tell." Clasping her hands behind her back and settling in an 'at ease' position, the Envoy continues to regard the officer.

This prompts another round of discussion. The secrecy of the Blue is a way of life. Contact with the surface world has always been extremely limited. Now here is a man who claims to be one from they know not where. "What is your threat assessment of him, Envoy?" Another question, from another military figure, this one Kiiyu, the head of the local Elite cadre.

"He's a security risk at the moment because we don't have enough information on him." Ulani turns her gaze to Kiiyu. "All we know is that he has at least some of our frequencies and that he knows how to use them." beat "What else does he know about our operations. I would rank that threat alone as Medium to High. BUT… he didn't attack me when I arrived and he did converse." A slight shrugging movement "I would require more data to provide a more detailed analysis."

"Did he provide any clues for how he might have known our frequencies?" Comes a question from the back of the room. The more answers this group gets, the more questions they seem to have. To follow up, Joresh asks another. "What of this 'lost Blue' he spoke of?"

In answer to the first question, Ulani moves the recording to a specific point and starts it playing. A picture of Rowan speaking is displayed

// "War is a great motivator for developments. This technology is old for my people. We had to develop ways of communicating that were faster and not able to be listened in on. I know the codes. I thought you might recognize it." //

"Right there…" Ulani speaks quietly, causing the room to still and listen "He says he knows the codes." Moving the recording forward a little further, she displays the answer to the question she asked of him

"I'd expect you to be cautious." Rowan answers honestly. "However I'd also expect you to want to know how I knew how to spoof your communication grid? and what else I might know how to do."

"He's correct. I want to know." Looking at Joresh, Ulani nods. She'll answer that in a minute.

There's a silence at the table for a time. "Yes… that's the heart of the matter right there." A young diplomat named Eihran speaks up. "How did he spoof our secure communciations grid and what else might he do? If he's telling the truth then what might we learn from him? And if he's lying, do we dare let him remain at large?"

Joresh considers the matter and glances to the senior military officer present. "What do you think?"

"I'd like to know more. I'd like to know if he's really Blue. You said he shape shifted but couldn't command water. That's almost unheard of."

The Blue Envoy has been standing 'at ease' through all of this. Her foster parents, Camari and Gaige, may recognise the slightly sardonic expression on her face, but it's highly unlikely anyone else. "He said Blue, more or less." Ulani is used to sifting words for their true meaning. "Did I say he couldn't command water?" Her green eyes snap to the speaker "What more do know of this Rowan?"

There's a soft sound from the door. A distinguished looking older Blue enters into the room. It's Kraye, the former ambassador to Atlantis. "I may have debriefed the good Tribune when I arrived back in our waters. This Rowan intercepted my journey out." He smiles to Ulani and bows slightly. "My apologies for my tardiness."

"If this is indeed the same Rowan…" The Tribune continues. "Then he's been seen supporting the surfacers against the more recent Atlantean aggression. How are we to know where his loyalties lie?"

Joresh signals for calm. "Enough." He says quietly. "Ulani, what is your overall assessment. Is this worth pursuing diplomatically?"

Ulani fixes the assembly with a flat stare, she does not like being setup. "Ambassador Kraye" she murmurs to the former Atlantis ambassador. Joresh gets her attention and she cants her head "For now… I think we pursue tactically and then decide whether we take it further. I believe he is genuine, but I have little to compare this situation too. I…" she pauses "would like to speak with him further before making an assessment."

Joresh considers. It's his call after all. This isn't a clearly military situation so the Elite don't have priority. "Do so. Establish contact. Learn of this 'Aspen' if you can. Use your best judgement about how to proceed in the absence of other instruction." There's a pause. "And take the opportunity to assess matters in Atlantis, but do not engage them diplomatically. The homeland is handling them as a matter of policy."

Ulani nods to Joresh. "As you wish." Looking around the council to her superior, the Blue Envoy bows her head "May I be dismissed, I have a long journey ahead."

Joresh nods. "Of course. Take a day or so to prepare. Make sure you are ready. This mission may require some contact with the surface. Keep your eyes open and be careful." He glances around. "I think we're done here."

Ulani nods to Joresh and Kraye before turning on her heel and departing. She's not taking a day, she'll head out again as soon as she's fed and rested.

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