March 18, 2015: Aspect has bad news for Shield

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The message from Jericho was, as May is probably getting well used to, typically short and terse. 'Urgent news, arcane nature. HYDRA related. Usual place.' That's all. The hacker himself is looking sliiiiiightly the worse for wear and had to take an opportunity to change into something that would garner less… questions. He's had to answer enough awkward things for May for a little bit. Ordinarily for these meetings he's relaxed. Sipping coffee. Not so this time. Tense. Worried. Not quite pacing, but he's definitely got that far away look while he waits in that cafe. The one that says he's hacking to distract himself.

Sara has been a busy little agent lately, sticking her nose into all sorts of places it probably doesn't exactly belong yet. But then, keeping her nose where it belongs has never been her strong point. So when Jericho tends a text, she slips out to see what's going on most recently. "I'm really, really starting to dislike HYDRA," she says as she approaches.

Melinda May arrives separately from Pezzini and with Simmons, having been busy elsewhere when the message came in. She arrives as quickly as possible, and maybe a little too quickly than should be reasonable if she travelled by either car or public transportation. Having one of the biochem's arms in a nearly vicelike grip and the other hand occupied holding a chain with a compass-shaped carnelian and a dragon on each end, she recovers from the disorientation quickly enough and starts to drag Jemma along. Walking helps shake it off. Honest.

Simmons, having managed to get her labcoat and safety goggles off before May arrived, is holding her field bag in one hand. Stumbling slightly as May starts walking, she blinks "That was a little unusual, Agent May."

"Welcome to the club." Jericho murmurs, looking up as firs Sara, then May and Simmons arrives. "I went to Central America with some friends to investigate how the hell HYDRA figured out how to do magic." The unusual mode of arrival for May and Simmons goes unremarked. For the present. "It's bad news. They've made some literal deals with demons and what they got was knowledge and part of a power source for what they called a 'Dimensional Transposition'. In layman's terms, they plan to take a chunk of our reality and swap it for something else. I don't know how, where or why yet. Or when, though it can't be too far off."

"That's inconvenient," Sara replies, settling into a seat and crossing her arms over her chest. "I like this reality where it is. Although I hear Detroit might as well be a suburb of hell these days." She looks up as May and Simmons enter, nodding to the pair. "Any idea what sort of motives we're looking at? Something they want that they can't work with unless it's in another dimension?"

"I know," is all May offers to Simmons before they arrive at Trent's location and he breaks the bad news to them. She frowns in that way that somehow doesn't involve her face, wanting to curse in some choice language and keeping herself from doing so. She looks at Pezzini at her question. "Simple. They can remove almost all of SHIELD in one fell swoop with that." And then she looks at Simmons. "How close is Fitz's portal buster technology to being ready for large scale use?" She knows that the young woman hasn't been workign on it herself, but they share lab space so she might have heard.

May actually gets a flat look from Simmons at that question. "I really have no idea, Agent May." Maintaining as flat look as possible "He's been very tight lipped about it. He asked me to trust him…" Fitz knows something that he can't share with Simmons and she hasn't been able to tie him down on it yet.

Nodding to Sara and Jericho, Simmons smiles slightly "Agent Pezinni, Jericho. I'd say nice to see you again, but with that news, perhaps not."

"I don't know yet if it's a question of bringing something here or sending something away. I do know that given the amount of resources invested in this whole operation that we've seen - multiple research facilities, dozens of magi, complicated arcane setups - that whatever their target is, it's going to be big. I'd be surprised at this point if it were any smaller than a whole city." He sighs. "I wish I could tell you more than that. If SHIELD had a way to moniter for arcane disturbances, that'd be one thing but…" Well he's got nothing on this one, and SHIELD seemed stretched to just build the anti-portal gun. They really need some Magi on staff. Though he hears Sara joined up and that's a big step in the right direction.

"Nice to see you too again, Simmons." He'd ask how her other project is, but he's kind of… focused, at the moment.

Sara arches a brow at May. "No way am I buying that. It's an international intelligence consortium. Even if they took the whole Triskelion off the grid, they wouldn't bring down the operation. Put a serious crimp in things, maybe, but it's like saying crashing a plane into the pentagon's going to take down the military. Not happening." Jericho's words get a longer look, though. "A whole city, on the other hand, could be a mess in a different way." Frowning, she leans back in her chair. "UN seems like a more effective target. If there were something going on that would have heads of state around. Hell of an assassination method."

No kidding. May takes a quick moment to wrap a chain around her neck and hide the two objects on the ends under the neckline of her shirt. "How do you want to start dealing with this, Trent? Is there any way to track where else HYDRA might be setting up a translocation event?"

"Not without some way to monitor fluctuations in magical energies. Or scry them. Or… something." Jericho makes a face. He's not a magic expert. "I'm hoping to find out more by tracing this deal on both ends. In Limbo and out here. If we can figure out who traded what for what, that might tell us quite a bit. Other than that… keep them off balance. It may disrupt their time table. But without more specific knowledge…" He shrugs and looks helplessly at May and Sara. "I wish I had better answers for you."

"Who and what are the keys," Sara agrees with a nod. "How helps. I'm guessing something like that takes more than just words and manpower. It's got to need some sort of power source. A relic. Ley lines. Astrological event. These things always run on some sort of gas."

"Ley lines." May looks at Jericho sharply. "I remember one of the Stark employees in Metropolis saying something in passing about ley lines." Of course, it doesn't hurt at all that she's now wearing a doodad specifically designed to interact with the things.

Jericho nods. "Yeah. Seems to always be the case with magic. There's always a cost. I doubt blood sacrifice would work for something on that scale, so yeah, Sara you've got the right of it. The recording of the demon we saw mentioned a power source." May gets a nod here. "Yeah. Jim Reha. Did mention something was odd with the Metropolis Power Grid and I can confirm that. Odd how I don't know but…" He shakes his head.

"We need answers that I dont' have. And I'll look for them. I'd welcome help but I wanted you to be aware of what was going on in the meantime."

Sara pauses. "The power grid that Howard Stark helped cobble back together after the terrorist attack?" she asks, looking between May and Jericho. "Yeah, I can't imagine how that could have been compromised." That might be more sarcastic than not. Just possibly.

Melinda May nods and looks at Sara. "Yes, that one. Are you able to pick up on things like ley lines?" She looks at Jericho again. "Is there a way to reach this Jim Reha you mentioned?"

"He's an employee of Stark Industries, so I'd try there." Jericho pauses. "If he hasn't gone into hiding."

Sara's tone gets a small chuckle. "About a hundred different ways I know. They've got so much reach, HYDRA, that it's hard to know where they have and haven't compromised. However if it helps, I'm led to understand that the old Metro Power Grid is a rather special design. Efficient. Hasn't really been altered or upgraded in decades…" He takes a deep breath and blows it out in a long sigh. "Other than 'answers' is there anything I can help you two find? Anything that'd particularly help? You guys are the spy and the arcane knight. I'm just a hacker who hangs out in Limbo."

Sara twists a wry smile toward May, digging into her pocket to pull out a silvery crystal on a pendant. "Am now, apparently. I haven't had a chance to take this out for a spin yet. Fancy a trip to the Metropolis power station?" She nods to Jericho, tucking the pendant away again. "Who, what, or why," she summarizes for the hacker. "Motive's going to tell us what we really need, but we need more information if we're going to get ahead of it."

Melinda May looks at the silvery crystal for a moment then at Sara completely deadpan as she pulls the carnelian and dragon back out from under the neckline of her shirt. The chain has been hooked through the dragon in a way to secure the chain like a necklace around her neck. Then she turns to look at Simmons. "Get over to Stark Industries, see if you can get in contact with Jim Reha." Honestly, it can be tonight or tomorrow, May won't get too picky about that.

Simmons, who has so far been quiet having nothing pertinent to add, nods at May. "Stark Industries, Jim Reha. Got it Agent May. Looking between the two pieces of jewellery the women are display, she frowns slightly, "Power grid, Metropolis, translocation. I take it, you would like to meet with him?" Jemmas already got her phone out, looking for the best way to contact the man.

"You'll like him, Simmons." Jericho grins, perhaps a bit impishly. "He's interesting." As in highly unusual. Jerichos' eyebrows go up as well at the almost matched jewelery. "I'm starting to feel underdressed." He sotto's to the Biochem. This from the guy who has a sword that unfolds and scars that turn into bracers.

"Sounds like you guys have what you need. I'll be in touch." He eyes those pendulums once more and grins as he gets up, murmuring almost to himself - though definitely loud enough to hear - "Why do I feel like I'll be seeing you both again, a lot…"

He waves to the three women. "Take care." And then makes his exit.

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