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March 19, 2015: Zee catches up with Fenris




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After Jes' admission that she's somehow bonded with Zee and Fenris, Zee has sent a message to the 'Park Warden' asking to meet with date and time, at a coffee shop in midtown Gotham.

The young magi is already there, wearing black leather pants, black denim jacket, burnt orange tank top, high heeled knee high black boots with lots of buckles, the collar at her throat and the pendulum hanging at her left hip.

Sipping her coffee, Zee observes those coming in and out, with a slightly amused grin.

Fenris arrives, presumably by magic but he has been at this long enough to not simply portal in front of people most of the time. The god-wolf scents about and then makes for where Zee is, observing her amused reaction to those around her. "Mmmm. You texted, I believe."

No secret… Zee finds Fenris a little intimidating but she totally admires him… in a funny sort of way. "I did, thank you for joining me, Fenris. I wanted to discuss Jes' bonding." Zee picks up the coffee cup in front of her and takes a sip "She's told me it's ok. I'm assuming she's already messaged you."

Fenris nods. "Ah yes her… instinctive response. Im aware of it. I presume you have become so recently?" The god-wolf sits down and orders a hot tea. "What about it?"

Zee looks at Fenris and raises her nose in the air slightly before sighing "I… " a slight shake of her head "I'm new to this… I thought at first…" Zee colours slightly, that Jes was *interested* in Zee "but I think I know different now. And" sigh, a soft exhalation "I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing by her.

Fenris smiles gently. It's not an expression seen often on the fierce and serious god-wolf. "You can hardly do anything else. To the best of my understanding there is no undoing what's done. So long as you don't abuse her, I've no concerns. Nor should you, I think."

"I don't want to undo it, Fenris" Zee sighs. "She's so much calmer today than she has been" since the trip to Limbo really, well Jes' trip to Limbo, not Zee's latest endeavour. "Fenris…" Zee blows out a deep breath "Should I have concerns about you?" Way to go Zee!

"Depends on what you're worried about." The Old Wolf grins now, accepting his drink and sipping at it. "There are a lot of things I might potentially do that are quite bad. I am after all something of a monster."

Zee colours slightly and looks down at the table "Jes would do anything, and I mean anything, for either of us." Zee's colour rises further "At first I thought she was attracted to me and it wasn't until she raised that I could address it. " Zee wasn't, well not in that way, Zee's interested in a certain Gotham Druid. The colour rising, Zee glances at the Wolf-God "Do you believe she is attracted to you in that way?"

Fenris chuckles. "If so she would not be the first to be so. It may be difficult to believe Zee, but in two thousand years that's happened a few times."

Zee looks at Fenris, blushing badly "I can understand why, Fenris." Yes, Zee does but you know, God-Wolf! "I just want to make sure Jes, is ok through all all of this." The blush deepens and Zee looks at the table "Just don't hurt her, please, Fenris."

Fenris sips his drink again and smiles. "She is a Coyote. I do not believe she would allow me to do so even if I had a mind to. I'm not given to small abuses, Zee. If I've a mind to hurt people, believe me, you'll know." Likely, the world will know.

Zee's still blushing but Fenris has answered her question so she nods "Now that I've embarrassed myself" Zee knew this would be a difficult discussion "Thank you Fenris, I worry about Jes… and I'm so new to whole bonding thing…"

"Well, odd as this sounds to be applying to a person, have you ever had a dog that followed just one person around? Think of it like that." Beat. "Except a person, obviously." Fenris definition of person may be a bit stretched.

"Oh, I get that bit." Zee nods a little "As I said, I just want to make sure I, we, don't hurt her with it… " That fact that it's a person seems to be of little import. Drinking down the last of her coffee, Zee regards Fenris "Thank you for agreeing to meet me. Before I go, did you have any questions of me?"

"Yes, actually." Fenris smiles. "How are you adjusting to having the Pendulum. I recruited some more help and I'll be seeing about arranging a meeting soon. Though the last three can be a bit on the reclusive side. Stil…" He cants his head slightly.

Zee touches the pendulum at her hip "It's there Fenris, it calls to me when it's needed. I'm finding it aids my own innate abilities." Zee's eyes crinkle "It's a big trust you have placed in us and I will not disappoint you, by messing things up or misusing it."

"I know you won't." The God-Wolf sounds confident in that. "Have a care in the near future though. There's dark magic afoot. I'm actually on my way to look into it. I'll call you if I find anything. Or the Pendulum itself will direct you." He rises. "Be safe until then."

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