Bye Bye Stompy

March 19th, 2015: Members of the JL:A go to Africa on a humanitarian visit.


Wilderness Preserve



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Somewhere in Africa

It's a bright sunny day with clear skies overhead as the Javelin (The type of Jet the JL:A uses) approaches a small village with a long dirt road that likely would double as the landing strip.

It's clear the villages here are expecting you and several hundred people are waving brightly colored flags from the ground and having what appears to be a small celebration.

There is a large forested area several kilometers from the village that you can see from the air with various animals hanging out in different locations, likely the animal preserve that Kara had mentioned earlier.

Kara had also mentioned earlier to several of her friends that she had volunteered the Justice League: Avengers including the recruits to volunteer at an animal preserve in Africa and they were welcome to come.

Smiling at the others she exclaims cheerfully, "Yay! We're here, you're all going to get to meet Stompy. Just um, avoid his stompiness, kay?"

Well, even if she's more curious than a really justicey person (She's got some interesting… friends), Rain does like animals. Maybe it's because she turns into one sometimes. And it's a chance to see a new place. She's likely coming along with Spearhead/Mikial. With an invitation from Kara, it's hard to say no. Captain is even here, this time he's in a safari shirt and digger hat. Stylin' orange tabby.

"… I'm guessing he's really stompy?" Rain looks uncertain. "Does he like a particular food or is he going to be awake? Well, I - guess that's what meeting him is fire."

Not a bad way to get flight time in for Clint Barton, pilot, archer and all around JL:Aish guy. 'Flight time' is used with a pound of salt, however; most of the flight was autopilot except for the take-off and landing, and the systems still feel the need to take over when it doesn't think that the pilot is doing it 'good enough'. That did manage to elicit more than a few 'grumbles' at the aircraft.

Still, easy landing thanks to VTOL, and once the engines are turned off, Clint comes back to the main cargo hold, a hand on the side of the cockpit door. "Everyone up to date on their shots? Malaria? Ebola? Sleeping sickness?" He pause a moment, his expression thoughtful, "Man, I could probably use 'sleeping sickness' just to catch up on my own sleep."

A trip to an African Game Preserve sounds less like work and more like an adventure to Mockingbird. Bobbi agreed to help out as a sign of good will to Clint, to make up for her initial reaction to being asked to join the JL:A. She is in her official costume she's designated from JLA work, less subtle than her SHIELD gear. Her hair is up in a high tail and she's wearing the glasses that can be switched to nightvision. "This isn't going to involve scooping elephant poop, right?" she asks as she secures her battle staves in their harness.

Kate is still somewhat bemused by the idea that they're going to Africa to do PR at an animal preserve for the two-headed elephant Kara rescued. "I have absolutely no idea what this is going to involve," she admits to Bobbi, shaking her head slightly as she moves toward the ramp. She's gone with comfortable safari gear, shorts, hiking boots, tank top and a button down left open over the rest of it. And a hat. She learned her lesson about sunburn in Hawaii.

When Mimic was at the Hall of Justice the other day, someone mentioned 'mutant elephant'. That's guaranteed to get anyone's attention but it especially catches his. If for no other reason, sheer curiosity led to him to ask more about it and so he's here with the members of the JL:A. He could have gotten there quicker but this way allows them to get to know each other a bit. "Is there a problem with poachers? I'll be happy to help hunt them down."

Kara is gathering up a set of crates and boxes in the cargo hold to be taken outside, some of it for the village and the rest for the preserve before answering Bobbi, "Actually, I'm pretty sure it will. It's not like they have an abundance of supervillains out here." When Calvin mentions poachers, she doesn't really seem to get it. It was her first time hearing the word in any context.

When the Javelin lands, a large group of villagers are already crowding around anxiously to see who is going to exit the jet. At the head of the procession, a taller man with white hair and a beard is waiting to greet you all; likely the village elder or leader.

Many of the villagers are holding low-quality computer print outs of JL:A members including images from the recent press conference when all of the actual members were together.

How much they knew on their own and how much they had been told by Kara was unknown, however they all seemed to be big fans and were excited to see superheroes visit their little corner of the world.

While people in less remote areas were used to seeing superheroes first-hand as well as villains, to the people of this small village; this was something they considered to be a once in a life time opportunity and a great boon.

The Village Elder waves to Hawkeye (Clint) first before offering a low bow, having been briefed he was a leader of the group. He proclaims in very well pronounced English, "Welcome to our humble village Justice League Avengers and allies."

His head is inclined respectfully and he moves towards the group of you with his arms outstretched in friendship to give each of you a hug, "I am Odabe."

He looks around the group, trying to hide his disappointment, "Did The Captain of America not come? I saw him once, during the great wars. It was a highlight of my life." Clearly, this man was old.

A group of village children are laughing and giggling as they rush up, handing everyone an assortment of handmade jewellery and charms such as necklaces and bracelets.

Well, Rain is practically an unknown and witches tend to get set on fire, drowned or cut up (seriously, freaking angry quaker oats cosplaying witch hunters), so she's just going to remain quiet on what she does or leave it nice and vague like 'turns into an animal' or something. Rain seems curious about the others around her, violet eyes reflecting a quiet alertness. She's likely quiet because how often does she get to ride in that kind of jet and tag along? She is polite though, despite the shyness. "I think I could help with poachers or mending people and animals. I'm good at finding things." Divination is totally cheating. But hey. #magichax #hacktheworld

Rain lowers her head politely. "Thank you. It is our pleasure to meet you." Rain shyly returns Odabe's hug. And awww, she even thanks one of the kids, giving them her watch. Well…

When Clint exits the Javelin, brows rise at the greeting; it's not yet something he's used to. He's really not. The gathering puts something of a swagger into his step, and he extends his hand to clasp the Elder's in returned greeting. "Thanks for the welcome, Odabe."

Shaking his head ruefully, Clint chuffs a soft chuckle, "I'm afraid not, but he sends his warmest wishes." Okay, even if he didn't, the archer is pretty sure Steve would. If he knew about it, that is.

"Oh hey.." and Clint laughs soon after at the offerance of a necklace. When in Rome? "Thanks.. really. Thanks." One of the kids he catches lurking in the back, still holding his offering is espied. Digging into his pocket, Clint lofts a bit of chocolate in the air towards the kid. "Go long!" Bright eyes widen and the trinket is dropped in favor of catching the brief sweetness. It's unwrapped in a hurry and plopped into his mouth just as before any of the other kids can figure out exactly what just happened.

Their secret.

Bobbi transforms in an instant from cautious special agent, to smiling superhero when the children crowd in. Clint likely knows it's mostly for show, and that underneath the gleaming white teeth and crouching to accept a lovely beaded bracelet from a little boy, Mockingbird is likely searching for any threats as well as exit routes and cover if something should go sideways. She straightens and asides, "If there is pooper scooper duty I volunteer Clint."

Zatanna's running late. Her last encounter with Limbo and then Jes has has meant she slept a little longer than she meant to. Already dressed in her Stage Costume (with diamond encrusted collar at her throat and the Emerald Pendulum hanging at her left hip), it's PR after all, she focusses on Kara and speaks

~~ tropeleT eM oT araK ~~

The young magician appears with a soft 'pop' sound just the side of the others, who are already mobbed by the children. "Sorry I'm late… " a wave to the group as she removes her hat and starts pulling small bags of glucose jellybeans to the hand to the children.

Kate spends enough time at the shelter to be comfortable with kids, crouching down as the group comes closer and grinning at all of them. "Hey," she laughs, finding herself beset with beads and the like. "Well, thank you. Hawkeye," she grins as one of the kids shows a picture. "He is, too." She points toward Clint. "We shoot arrows. I'll bet you guys are pretty good at that, too, right?" Never mind if they don't speak English, she's got plenty of hand motions to go along with it.

Mimic waits for the actual team members to exit before following. The greeting is for them, not him. Still, there's plenty of kids and a few make their way around to him. He acceps the jewelry with a smile and thanks them but his attention is relaly on the westerners and how they react.

Mikial is here, too, Rain had mentioned this to him, and he decided it'd be a great way to get out, meet some people, and chill, besides, it'd be nice to be out of the country without having orders from a military orginization, for once. He is wearing his usuall casual clothes. "Stompy, huh? Sounds like a fun elephant!" Mikial turns to the man who asks about shots, "Yup, got 'em all, Military made sure to make me a pin cushion not too long ago."
"Need another hand with the cargo?" Mikial asks, moving to help in moving the cargo out. He returns the custom of the man by hugging him back, "Mikial Dimitri, a pleasure to meet you Mr. Obade"
He is surprized, however, by the gift giving, "I'm sorry, I didn't bring any gifts for you guys! Oh! Wait!" Mikial digs something off his neck; a Hawa'iian fishhook, hand carved out of bone. he tosswes it into the fray, smileing as one of them holds it up, grinning.

Kara is doing greetings with the village children and villagers, not as shiny and new to the rest of them as the others are. She shakes her head to Mikial's offer and quietly unloads the boxes and crates since she had the speed and strength do so with ease. She waves to Zee when she arrives, smiling, "Just in time."

The kids being shown the pictures are laughing and a few of them start to make bow and arrow motions to Kate and Hawkeye before making writing motions with their hands; they wanted autographs!

Some of the kids are also trying to grab at Captain, pulling his tail and trying to cuddle him; they've never seen such a tiny kitty in person!

Odabe looks over some of the others assembled before saying, "There are a few jeeps waiting to take you to the preserve." He points to a pair of jeeps waiting with a few people in khakis standing beside them, looking very different from the people of the village.

He leans in close to Clint and says, "I had hoped to ask The Captain of America for this favor but perhaps you could aid us."

Odabe does not seem keen to speak of this though, he's very reluctant, "A local warlord sends his bandits every month to raid our village. Four of us are expected to deliver our month's harvest to him within the hour." He seems to hope Clint will understand but explains, "If you and two others came with me, perhaps you could stop them from returning again?"

Rain and Captain follow more, letting the other, more famous folks do most of the talking. At all of the attention, Captain is overwhelmed, but he feels like a feline Lady Gaga. He winces, trying not to look annoyed at the tail pulling and letting himself get pet and cuddled. Think of your fans. Think of the giant African cichlids. Mmm, fish. Rain moves over to Mikial and smiles. "Yeah, I wonder how stompy exactly," She considers. It takes just one good stomp to get Rain into a fine, pastelike consistency.

She watches Mikial and the kids with a smile. And poor Captain. Yes. "Thank you," Rain nods to Odabe, though she is distracted while Odabe talks to Clint. Suddenly, a Wild Z appears! She waves. "Hi there! And ehm, I think it's fashionably late?" She will move with the others, as Rain isn't much of a face person. But she does linger near Mikial and Captain.

Zatanna's arrival gains a rapid glance in her direction from Clint; he didn't expect… who is she? Oooooh… and he glances at Kate briefly, his hands motioning, «No magic.» In Africa, the people either revere shamans or they tear them limb from limb, as evidenced in the papers recently. No happy medium at the moment.

Taking a glance around, he nods in the direction of the others before he takes a couple of steps away with Odabe, his voice lowering. "Yeah, we can help," is offered in a sotto voice. "Warlords are bad news and we'd be happy to do what we could." Kate in a tree and maybe… Zee for illusionary duty? "Tell me when and where."

With all the candy flying about, leave it to the scientist to spoil everything by handing out packages with toothbrushes and toothpaste in them. She's also made sure the boxes being delivered contain a supply of life straws, so the kids can safely drink possibly contaminated water. "I brought a testing kit with me," she says quietly to the rest of the group, "to see what condition their drinking water is in. But it sounds like there are more urgent matters to attend to." She frowns at the mention of the warlord.

Zee is happily handing out those small bags of glucose jelly beans "You can say it's fashionably late, I suppose, Rain." She laughs as she approaches the children, completely at ease. "Water testing is a good idea… " Zee smiles to Bobbi "I'm Zatanna, Zee, I don't believe we've met." She knows everyone but Bobbi and Hawkeye (snr), but Hawkeye she knows something of.

"More urgent matters?" The conversation between Odabe and Hawkeye have been quiet enough that she hasn't heard from where she was located. She'll happily help out, if they want her too… and with more than just illusion.

Kate quirks a brow over at Clint's sign language. « Not much I can do about magic, » she signs back to him, straightening up as she overhears the talk. Mockingbird's contributions get a faint smile as she scribbles a couple of autographs. When she pen has been handed over, she starts signing again. « Think long term, Clint. Unless we lock these people up, they'll just be back next month. Same as at the shelter. »

Mimic looks over at Hawkeye when he hears Odabe's request. The man might have been speaking quietly but quietly is a relative term and he didn't take into account enhanced senses. "Pardon me for overhearing." he says, equally and relatively quietly as he steps over. "Aren't you worried that as soon as we leave he'll take retribution on you? Or are you asking that he… be removed from power?" The pause is barely there as he hunted for a more diplomatic term than kill him.

Mikial Smiles at the others, they are so popularwith the kids! Seeing all the children reminds him of his son. Mikial Smiles at the kids, and wipes away a tear of memories, fighting back as well as he could the onslaught of questions his mind asks… Why had his son been killed? Did his brother take part in the murder of Mikial's family?
Mikial's breath is shaky. He tries to compose himself as much as he can. Mikail isn't close enough to hear the private convorsation between Odabe and the leader of the group that had brought him. though he does see them, and wonders what's going on…
Mikial spots Zee and walks over, "Hey Zee…" Then he hears something about urgent matters, his smile fades, "Something wrong?" he hadn't been f0rmally introduced to anyone other than Zee, Rain, and Kara, having to split right as things calm down was making it hard to meet people, just covering fire isn't really enough…

Odabe gives weary glances towards several members of the group before telling Clint, "We will meet the bandits in an hour at the crossroads with our tribute. I admit, I am not as knowledgeable in these matters as all of you."

Odabe nods his head to Mimic, "Several of our young men tried to fight back last month, they were killed. I was able to arrange the meeting point away from the village to try and avoid further bloodshed among my people. As long as this Warlord lives, we will never be safe."

A weeping mother rushes forward and throws herself at Clint's feet, crying out, "My boy! They took my boy last time!" She's gripping his leg tightly, "Please, you must find him for me!"

Odabe frowns and then explains, "Her son was special." He points to Clint, "Pale like you." Perhaps an albino.

A young boy approaches Mikial and hands him a rather foul smelling charm, "You take. Goblins not get you."

Rain looks quietly concerned. She's not in on this, not really. She just figured - but then, is the world ever that simple? If she can hear snippets, there is quiet concern on her face. But Rain looks to Mikial, her expression oncerned. She gently moves to set a hand on his shoulder when he looks a bit shaky, smiling as he goes to talk to Zee. "Yeah," Why not try to put a positive spin on it? "Well… I did bring some of those water tablets you use for camping, and there's always boiling." Or magic. But no magic here. Captain lets himself play with the kids for now.

If Mimic had come to Clint, the Senior Field Agent turned superhero could have told him the same thing- there will always be retributions. It's just the way it is. Too little rice, too much rice. Not enough of one thing or another, or the refusal to give over a daughter as bride? It's always something. "Mimic…" Clint says softly, "I got this."

"Is there anyone of your village that follows him now?" There's always a way to take people like this out and have their own turn on him.

Clint nods ever so slightly with a glance Kate's direction, his hands low, moving, «Yeah, I know. Teaching them how to fish, here.»

The weeping mother that throws herself at him brings Clint's attention fully around, and he crouches such that he's down low as well, holding his hand out to her. "Hey, we'll find your son, okay?"

Now, Clint slowly rises, encouraging the woman to rise with him before he turns to the rest of the team. "Quick meeting. Fifteen minutes, then we're out." Need to get into places before the first whispers of the jungle hint at the warlord's approach.

Bobbi offers a hand to Zatanna, "Mockingbird," she says by way of introduction. The handshake is careful, and cautious, as the woman is still working on keeping her new strength in check. She looks over to the others and signs back to Clint, Careful, things like this create international incidents. There are politics in play. Ever cautious, every aware of the red tape that the world is wound up in.

"Pleased to meet you, Mockingbird" Zee takes the hand, her grip firm and sure. "Hey, Spearhead." Clints words have Zee looking over, "Sure… " she'll hold her questions till she hears more.

Kate nods slightly to Clint, grin flashing as she leans down to pick up a little girl and spin her around before setting her back down. Warlords are serious business, but no need to remind these kids of that. No doubt they're more aware than anyone else.

And Odabe confirms Mimic's suspicions. At least the old man isn't stupid or naive; he knows exactly what he's asking. Glancing at Clint, he nods and takes a step back both literally and figuratively. His gaze shifts to the woman and his eyes darken at the news her son, most likely a mutant, was kidnapped. Yes, they'll help. Or he will on his own if need be. But he's glad to hear Clint's promise.

Mikial nodds, waiting for a chance to speak, "Odabe, do you have any weapons, I left mine at home, prehaps a gun and knife?"
Mikial kneels down to the child, lowering his head, "Thank you, I was afraid the goblins would get me, you're a hero." Mikial lifts his head, and smiles at the child. He puts the charm on. "I'll do what I can, but if we go with a diplomatic approach, I'll be little good other than back up, or just someone looking mean holding a gun…" Mikial offers Clint and Odabe, "By the way Sir, I'm Mikail…" He puts his right hand out towards Clint.

Odabe shakes his head and replies, "None that we know of. We've all lost family to the bandits and warlords over the years." The mother wipes at her tears and nods to Clint before moving over to Odabe who says, "I'll leave you to discuss your plans. We have a feast in your honor planned for later tonight."

Before Odabe departs he points Clint towards an old broken down looking Truck and says, "That is what we are to use to deliver our harvest to the warlord's bandits."

Kara was too busy flying crates of supplies over to the reserve to really know what was going on, even with her superhearing.

Rain is patient! She will quietly introduce herself to the others, once they start getting close enough together. "I go by Rain," She offers quietly. That seems to be Mockingbird, and … and … "And the cat is Captain." It seems the cat can talk, but isn't. He knows better. It would spook people. Captain is doing his patriotic duty by letting himself get pet, poked and prodded. Oof. Rain smiles at the exchange between Mikial and the child. Aww.

Clint reaches out to pat the man on the shoulder before he turns around to face the group he's with, blue eyed gaze landing on Mimic for a second before he signs towards Bobbi. «Wouldn't miss this for the world.» Oh, he knows all about international incidents!

There are a couple whose skills he knows as well as his own, and a few unknowns and a couple of questionable. It's actually the questionable that he is working hardest to fit, and there may very well be a spot.

Right hand is grasped, and Clint nods at Mikial. "Hawkeye." He gestures with his left hand towards Kate, and deadpans, "So's she."

Now with the intro done, the archer offers up a whistle and he nods towards the open cargo door of the Javelin. "Time to talk, so gather 'round. We need to make this quick. Kate?" He spins around and gestures towards the beatup, broken down looking truck. "Tracker?" They'll follow up later.

Mockingbird hates to be the party pooper, but someone has to be the voice of reason. "Even if we take out this warlord, another one will just absorb his territory into their own. And they will likely raze this village to show they are in control when it happens. So unless you have a long term plan to protect these people, or somehow make them disappear from the awareness of the rest of the region's warlords, taking out the guy plaguing this place isn't going to end well for anyone."

Bobbi plants her hands on her hips and frowns. "Superstition is still incredibly strong, even among the warlords though. So they could, possibly, be scared off. Like if they believed a powerful witch was protecting this place, and would curse anyone who brought harm to the people of the village through violence or theft, it might spook them." She grimaces. "I say might, because we don't have any details on of the warlords in this area."

Zee 'gathers round' and listens quietly. Bobbi's comments have her considering things carefully. "It might spook them, Mockingbird, but only for a while. They'll try the boundaries eventually and find out the 'witch' isn't here though." It's generally how bullies work. Or come back with more friends.

Looking to Rain, Zee grins a little "Between the two of us, we can put on a pretty good display though. Combined with all your" Zee gestures to the group "other talents, it could be effective." Growing thoughtful, Zee smiles falters "But this is just one village…, even if we're successful here, what about all the others?"

"In your pocket," Kate replies to Clint at the request for a tracker, smirking faintly. Oh yes, she absolutely slips trackers into Clint's things. Just in case he gets kidnapped. Again. At Bobbi's suggestion, she points to the other woman. "It'd be a start, at least," she agrees. "Even if it just buys enough time to fortify the place, or train people to help hold them off once we're done."

Mimic nods at what Mockingbird says but doesn't say anything as he looks to Hawkeye. Zatanna also has a point. "While we can't be certain or protecting the village, we can make it clear that if anything happens to it - and we /will/ check randomly - he will pay personally. I could terrify him enough that he'll have no doubt of that." Zatanna surely could as well. As for the others… He learned long ago you can't save the world. Just cerain parts of it.

Mikial listens quietly to Mockingbird's plan, His own plan, for himself, if this ends up being a combat plan, is to dig a hole, behind where the warlords will be, hide in it, covering it with a sheet of plywood or something, having someone cover it with the local sand, then, when things go down, he'll ambush them from the back, take one of their weapons, and go from there…That is, if thats the way they go… Mikial voices this to Clint, if they decide on a plan this fits into, if not, he goes with what is planed for him to do.

The tracking device is placed in the truck and Odabe seems to catch wind of Clint's plan, for now; you would all let nature take its course and the bandits could have their loot for the time being, soon enough it would be traced back to the source.

Not long after this happens, Kara returns, having finished loading up all of the crates to the reserve and she smiles at everyone, "Hey, why are you all looking so serious?!"

She points at the Jeeps waiting, "Stompy broke like six fences, we're gonna need to fix them. You all ready to go?"

The villagers have all grown rather solemn by this time as well as Odabe and some villagers drive off in it.

Rain looks to Zee and nods. She'll repeat her name for folks, since Rain is really good at being quiet and stealthy in plain view. At the comment of just one village, Rain offers, "Even a small bit of joy and relief is still a bit of joy and relief. Otherwise, why do anything at all?" She considers. "I guess that sounds kind of cheesy," Rain considers. "Nevermind, I'll be quiet now." And she does just that.

"We could probably set contingency spells for awhile, too. If someone crosses x point, y happens." She goes quiet again. Captain doesn't talk much, since there's still kids and villagers. "I think I got all of your names…?" She asks. And then Kara returns. "S-sure."

"Fences. I thought I was done with fences," is muttered. Clint exhales and with another breath, shoulders rise and he straightens, "Okay. If we have no nails, we'll lash 'em." Yes, as a matter of fact, he did work as a ranch hand for a brief stint; riding the fenceline was all part of the job.

"Mount up, boys and girls. We'll make this look good, and fast." As Clint begins to make his way towards the waiting jeeps, he slaps his neck hard and pulls his hand away to look at the offending creature. "I like contingency plans. Sort of like a minefield. We'll brainstorm as to what would be good and what you can do on the way out to the elephant stomping grounds."

Mockingbird smiles at Kara, then she murmurs, "You go ahead, I have some water tests to run, and see what I can do to make sure their supply stays sanitary. Then I'm going to teach a class on using the life straws I brought." With that, the biologist heads off to tend to the hydration needs of the village.

Zee will 'mount up' and nods to the others "Wards, Rain. We can ward the outskirts of the village to trigger if they try again. But it means we'll need to check in every so often and recharge them." She looks grim "I'd much prefer to deal with the source." Nodding to Mimic, Zee's seen that look before, she silently agrees… regular visits will be in order. "Have to say, Kara, mending fences isn't my forte, but I'll give it a go.."

"I distinctly remember vetoing the farm idea," Kate says ruefully as talk turns to mending fences, but she falls in with the rest, climbing into a jeep. "What kind of fence actually holds an elephant?"

Mimic takes a spot in the Jeep, choosing to stand and hold onto the bar for balance. "Lots of mice standing in a line?" It's a joke but his heart clearly isn't in it.

Mikial Looks at Kara, "Oh, boy, guess Stompy stomped them?" Mikial says, Making his way to the jeep, "Well, if all else fails, I can come and provide some marksman training, tactics, and provide some services of my own… ANyways, Let's dig a grove for this fence, gimme a shovel and I'll help." Mikial says, taking his shirt off and tossing it into the jeep, then hoisting himself onto it. sitting on the edge of the tailgate, feet hanging down.

The guides seem overjoyed to have some real help and Cameron and Morien make their way to the rest of the group finally from the Javelin (Jet) or maybe they were just there all along with everyone else.

It's a scenic little drive through the bumpy path and you pass enclosures with various animals, a guide explaining, "Most of these are rescues. We get our funding from a few sources but it's never enough."

Not long after arriving, the guides begin talking on the radio and explain, "We have a meeting to go to, new manager and all. We'll catch up with you all later for autographs and stuff! Supergirl already promised."

Kara smiles at the others and begins leading the way through a large path, "Stompy is this way."

In the distance you could hear a massive unearthly sound of an elephant trumpeting; followed by the ground shaking a bit. That must have been Stompy.

"An elephence, of course," Rain replies to Kate. Though, there's an undercurrent of unease and worry. These people are so nice. It seems so unfair, even if Rain knows it is the nature of things in many places. She nods at Z. "We'll think of something." Illusions, maybe? Rain is riding along. She can work some tools - she is an engineer, but carpentry and fence building is a bit out of her field. She can at least be shown and help out.

For now? The curse chat turns to fences and elephants. "Is he friendly?" Rain asks Kara. Captain stays quiet, curling up a bit. He even has his little digger hat still. Rain smiles at Mikial. Wait, he took his shirt off. "You have sunscreen?" She asks him. She has to put it on or she'll be a Rain-crisp. She looks to the animals, too.

Kate snorts at Calvin's joke, though there's a flicker of a smile as well, to be joined by a roll of her eyes as Rain adds to the humor. "Super-comics, all of you," she drawls, leaning into the side of the jeep as she watches the countryside roll by. As they get closer to the noise and the earth-shaking that is Stompy, she arches a brow over at Kara. "Tell me again where you came across a stray elephant?"

"In Brigadoon, the town disappeared in the mists of the highlands, appearing only once every century." Mimic says. "Not that I'm suggesting you take them all out of time but maybe you can do something similar with the mists surrounding the village. Anyone carrying a gun would get lost in them and and wander till they came out of them where they started." As the elephant is mentioned, he asks "What is its mutant power?"

Mikial turns to Rain, shakeing his head, "No, I'll be good…" Mikial watches as they move past the animals, ah, the intreudes of new places, seeing animals in a more native setting, even if their sstill kept in.

"Hmm, Elephant wrangling, huh? Whats the plan?" Mikial looks to Kara. Mikial will be good at helping with digging and brute force work, he may not have augmented or super strength, but he has been put through his paces in life, this kind of work will come naturally to him. But for right now, he's guessing theres a couple ton elephant that needs to be escorted back home, he follows the group, which, if he's not mistaken, has gone out on foot now.

Cameron's delay was actually quite understandable. She was bringing in necessary supplies to help upgrade the local infirmary. Getting those unpacked and set up so the local physicians and medics had more to work with was a key priority and factor of her coming on this mission.

The orange-haired hero listens quietly as discussion is had, leaning back and not making much of a stir. Fortunately, having exceptional durability is key in preventing sunburn.. though it also makes tanning a bit difficult, too.

When it comes around to her time to provide information she gives a bit of a slouch and a nod. "Columbia. Front-liner medical support. Better with heavy trauma than minor injuries. Can fly, too, if that's needed. Not your PR person."

Well, at least with her terse tone there's that lovely economy of words, right?

She'll listen intently and take some notes in her notebook as folks introduce themselves. Anyone that looks at her notes will see that they only have 'code' names or 'handles' along with specialties and capabilities. While Cameron has a public identity, she respects those who don't.

"Dad loves that movie! Brigadoon, that is."


Since Umoja International has various holdings all over Africa, and the company is always looking to get more of a foot hole in the emerging markets on the continent, Ozymandias was spending some time away from the group on his private secured coms discussing the current situation here, and setting up meetings with people.

Ozymandias emerges from the Javelin and looks around for a few moments, "After the mission is over, I will not be returning via Javelin. I will see the team back at the Justice building, So what is going on?"

Kara replies to Kate, "Uh, some temporal disturbance at a park with Cap and Booster." She scratches the back of her head, "I don't think he has powers though, aside from having two heads and being super stompy."

You can see a great deal of large trees twisted together to form an enclosure, likely Kara's work. Down below there are several metal fences to small for the elephant to escape through smashed down, clearly this is what the zookeepers meant.

Stompy is lying down and smashing his two front hooves against the ground, he looks kind of angry.

Kara gestures, "So that's Stompy. I don't advise going to pet him, I'm not sure it's worth trying to put fences up. It seemed more to keep anything out but I doubt anything is crazy enough to go in there with him."

She frowns when Ozymandias transmits and replies, "Oh, just meeting Stompy and getting ready to do some volunteer work. Shame you're too busy to join us."

It was a pretty bad joke, but Rain is thinking and looks quietly distant. Her dark purple eyes consider the horizon before them. She looks to Mikial, and smiles. Rain offers to Ozymandias, at first in a normal tone, "We're helping rebuild a fence and meeting um, Stompy. He's a touch… feisty." In a lower, softer tone, Rain explains the situation with the local warlord. There may be plans afoot, but not right now.

The orange tabby in her lap looks up. "Man, I can finally talk," The baritone voiced cat finally sighs. He watches the others. Rain nods at Mikia. She quirks a smile at Mimic's question.

Zee looks at the elephant and then back to Kara, a small amused smile on her face. Columbia gets a small wave from the raven haired magi, as does Ozymandias. "Is that what we're fixing up, Kara" Zee indicates the section of fencing.

Mimics suggestion gets an interested look "I'm not sure my power works that way, but I might like to try it. That's a … novel … solution."

Kate eyes the elephant for a long moment, rubbing a hand at the back of her neck. "He's, uh. He seems pretty…" What's the nice way to say this? "Is the preserve protecting him, or is it protecting the rest of the world from him?"

"Why is he kept isolated?" Mimic asks. "Did you try introducing him to other herds and see if they'd accept him? Elephants are social animals if those nature documentaries I watched are telling the truth. That might be why he's acting up."

"Hmm, so, he's like this often?' Mikial ponders, "This could be a problem… anything hurting him? maybe this is a case of thorn in the foot?" Mikail sounds hopefull. "Well, if you need me to, I can try and help move him somewhere, guide him as best as I can, try and herd him… I just advise keeping quick on your feet, and don't startle him, thats about all I can say, other than common sense…" Mikial has some expirence with stuff like livestock, he guesses it may be something similar, but… it /was/ an elephant, after all…. "Anything you know of that Stompy here really likes, Kara? Apples, citrus, anything?" Mikail keeps his voice calm, not to spook the giant into a one behemoth stampeede… As the other two arrive, he remembers his manners, "Um, I'm Mikial, Mikail Dimitri, A pleasure to meet you…" He also introduces himself to anyone he had forgot to do so.

Cameron will give some nods and a wave back to Zee as well as Rain. The statuesque woman considers the Stompy, considers the enclosure, and notes the discussion tone of Mikial. She cracks her neck slightly and slowly approaches the elephantine wonder, not faltering in her pace but also not charging. Give the big guy a chance to realize I'm here, realize I'm not going to hurt him… easy does it.

Out of the group assembled she's probably one of the few that could take a shot from an angry beast like Stompy can apparently become.

Steady. Slow. Don't spook him.

"I can help you on the mission. I just will not be returning on this mission." Ozymandias listens to Rain's comments and clenches and unclenches his fist, 'Well, regardless what you guys decide to do with the warlord, I am going to contact the African Union about this place to help safeguard it.

Ozymandias watches them handle Stompy before dipping his head to Rain, Mikial, and Zatanna.

Kara nods to Mimic and Kate, "Yeah, he pretty much wants to stomp and crush anyone and anything. He came through some kind of temporal disturbance and SHIELD took the rest of the animals but I saved Stompy before they could get him." Whether or not Kara is aware how dangerous Stompy might be is up for debate.

Two bags of peanuts are tossed in by Kara and each head of Stompy (he's two headed) begins to eat their whole bag of peanuts before quieting down and falling asleep, "It's not his fault he's dangerous. Maybe one day he can be cured or something. For now, it's safer for him and everyone if he stays here."

A smile is given to Ozymandias, "Might be best to just let the JL:A take care of it so they can focus their efforts elsewhere. We may not be able to save every village but at least we can make some difference."

Rain listens, nodding and smiling at Cameron. "I see." She looks to Ozymandias, dipping her head back in turn. She seems sympathetic, although it may be more personal for him. Her ancestors hail from Europe. They really got around Europe. Really. Rain does kind of aaww at the peanuts tossed to Stompy. "If I can help a little, let me know. Else I go back to dealing with random supernal critters in the cities," She offers.

"I am Rain. Pleased to meet you." Rain will help join in the herding. "I can bring us some… they like pears, apples, amarula…" Rain ticks off. "Let me know if we need more fruit." She will help keep Stompy happy.

Mikial was ready to tuck and roll from angry elephants in an attempt to calm/corral the animal, then, enter peanuts, and sleeping elephant, "…That works, too…" Mikial leans against the truck, "So, we make a fence, or just let him roam…" his question isn't aimed at anyone in particular, and he gazes around, "Well, he's pretty cool, you don't see too many two headed elephants nowadays, do you?" Mikial jokes, dipping his head in turn to Ozy.

"Well, I think that African Union can still watch over this place after we leave. There are also other local governments that are little bit farther that could give this village a hand after we leave; regardless, of what people see in the television and movies Africa is a lot more capable and modern than most people realize." Ozymandias walks over to start repairing the fence, "I can work on this fence. I have set up a few in my time. I should have it done before the morning.

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