Energy Slingers

March 19, 2015: Cars on fires, lots of smoke and some heroes

Brooklyn - New York City



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There's a great deal of smoke right now. And fire. This is because there's a brawl going on in Brooklyn between… er. Who knows who it is. No one knows. They're complete unknowns. The fighting's been enough to set several cars on fire and get some cops trapped between 'em. Lots of energy flying back and forth.

"This is Rescue One we are inbound bearing Zero Niner Zero, prepping to drop off the medic." This isn't a helicopter headed in to the hot zone though. It looks like a shuttle out of Star Trek.

"This is Wolf Cub. Preparing to go in."

Lunair's been having a bit of a sense of self crisis of late. She's not really too sure. But what she does know is she's in Brooklyn and someone's burninating the pe- ople. It's funny that the harder she tried to be normal, the more fight she found. She's decided to stop thinking about it for now.

Fortunately, one thing Lunair does seem to be good at is getting into places she shouldn't. It's one of her things, really. Not one she talks about much, but between massive social penalties and not knowing her pwoers really well, who's to say? She'll use some portals to get a closer look. Hooray portal gun!

Please don't sue us.

Another trip to New York for the Mistress of Magic and her journey this time puts the fight right in front of her. Wearing black leather pants, hot pink singlet, black denim jacket and high heel knee high boots (complete with buckles) topped off with the diamond crusted collar and the emerald pendulum at the her left hip, Zee pauses at the edge of the fighting assessing what's going on.

The arrival of the rather sleek looking air vehicle, gets an impressed look, before she turns her attention back to the fight…

~~ retaW nI ehT riA, tuP ehT seriF tuO ~~

Zee focusses the energy of her spell on the burning cars nearest her… clearing a way for her into the midst of the fight, if needed.

A rope drops from Rescue one and Nicholas Gleason drops down. He's in the classic black Rescue jumpsuit, kevlar and has a shield. Not a Captain America shield mind you this thing looks like a riot shield sized for him. Energy blasts from the two metas duking it out impact off it as he goes to cover and then… wait… Portals? Who could that be?

Fires are going out too. Nicholas grins. He's not alone.

"Two energy flingers are having a grudge match!" HE calls out, hoping whomever it is can hear him. "Keep 'em off me while I get the cops out!" If they can shut them down, so much the better.

Well, Lunair uses the Portal video game portal gun, so it is a bit unusual. She hops in one and peers out. She'll do her best to find one of the energy flingers and … let's see, what could Lunair do— oh hey, there's Zee. Focus!

Lunair is going to find one, and drop a portal, then pop up like the world's angriest whack a mole. In Soviet Russia, mole whacks /you/. Actually, in this case, she's just going to consider the combtant before her. Really think about it. Turn it over. Contemplate it. The meaning of dignity, to do no harm, to resist the urge to just waste the schmoes with explosives. And then it hits her.

Deep down inside, maybe that energy flinger just wants to be a beautiful, beautiful princess. And so, the Princess Ray comes to being. That's right. That person is going to be convinced they are a princess. The best princess.

Zee does hear Nicholas and smiles grimly as she starts moving into the frey. Seeing Lunair, the young magician waves quickly before looking for the energy flingers. Sighting one, the Mistress of Magic, focusses her energy… if she realised Lunair was using a Princess Gun, then she have chosen something different.

~~ riA gaG dnA dniB ehT ygrenE regnilF ~~

The two energy blasters get suddenly tied up with ropes of air. Which is a new and unusual for Nicholas. He literally slings one of the injured cops over his shoulder as the armored flying ambulance pulls in to pick up the patients. And the cops move in to take custody of the malcontents. One of whom seems to be a pretty pretty princess.

The pretties princess! Lunair blinks, as the dude is bound. Well, that'll do. She watches the cops do their thing, dismissing her gun quickly. NO MUTANTS HERE. Especially none with guns. Nope. No siree. None. At. All.

She waves to Nicholas. "Need a hand? Hi Zee!" She can at least help a little, even if she's going to avoid questioning like Charlie Sheen avoids sobriety.

"Hi Armory" Zee's looking over her handy, and then the pretty princess. "Was that your work?" she nods to the bound Princess before turning her attention to Nicholas "Hello there, Nicholas. Fancy meeting you here. Nice ride."

Nicholas smiles. "Glad you like her. Hello Armory." He copies the code name Lunair used. "Hello Zee. New from Stark. Just testing them out." He loads the patient on and then motions. "Come on. I need to work but you can have a look around if you like."

Lunair waves. "That's pretty neat. Um, I should probably go. The princess thing totally was me and uh." She's so not a registered mutant. Awkward. "It was good to see you. I - have - a small - p-problem - around -" Medical equipment. Hello, phobia. "… not a fan of needles." Yes, there we go. "S-sorry, goodtoseeyoubye!" FLEE.

Of course Zee is interested… she'd told Nicholas as much the other day. She's about to accept the invitation as Armory bugs out. "Oh… ok. It will be kind of fun… " Too late, the other woman is fleeing. Turning to Nicholas, Zee smiles "Sure, I'll look around."

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