Primal Force: Cyclops Goes Primal

March 20, 2015: Cyclops and Gambit are introduced to other members of the Primal Force team… Cyclops might go missing

White Plains - New York City



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Fenris promised he'd be in touch with the two X-Men he met in Italy. He's not the only one, of course, but Gambit can worry about Saskia later. It may be a bit of a surprise when the two recieve a polite request to meet in White Plains, roughly halfway between New York and the rest of Westchester. Not quite the big city but clearly someone is making some considerations for not making them travel that far.

No, it's not telepathic communication. Fenris probably has to explain that one a few times.

The God-Wolf has found himself a nice, out of the way park to meet in. It's early enough that folks aren't really about and this isn't the kind of place that sees a lot of traffic until folks get off work anyway. So it's ideal. Especially if folks feel the need to come in costume or disguise or what have you.

For this little trip, Scott Summers has adopted an incognito look. Blue jeans, a hoodie that peeks out from beneath a brown leather duster, sneakers, and a ball cap worn to partly cover up his ruby glasses. It may seem odd, wearing glasses on a cloudy day; maybe he's on acid?

There's two other people Fenris has invited to this little meeting. Cyclops and Gambit may not be entirely sold on the idea of being guardians of the world's magic. In the interests of clarity and making sure people know what they're getting into, he's hoping they can meet two of the people who have signed on. So he's also reached out to May and Zatanna to meet him here.

Remy always has shades on. A leather duster with scarf, button up tea shirt underneath and some torn jeans topped off with nice black boots. He's all kinds of casual and suave looking as always, an unlit cigarette hanging out of his lips. He arrives with Scott of course, they're both part of the same X-Fam after all.

Melinda May is wearing her version of casual: dark jeans, dark shirt, dark leather jacket both to fend off the late winter/early spring chill and to conceal goodness knows how many weapons. When the message came in from Fenris, she made sure she wasn't shirking any of her duties at SHIELD then contacts Zatanna to see if she received the same missive. Because travelling ley lines, while fast, is far less accurate than May preferrs. And, as much as teleporting about is disorienting, it's still faster than driving and quieter than taking a helicopter or a quinjet.

Kara had got the message from Fenris and arrived in her new costume, which was surprisingly easy to turn into casual wear. Using her sapphire pendant to teleport into the park she arrives near Fenris with her cape wrapped around her and a great big smile on her face, "It's nice to see you again. I heard you've been busy lately." She waves politely to the others, "Hi!"

Zee's received the message and has agreed to teleport May to the meet. The two women will appear seemingly out of nowhere somewhere near Fenris and the others with a soft 'pop' sound.

Wearing black leather pants, cherry red crop top, black denim jacket and high heel knee high boots (complete with buckles) topped off with the diamond crusted collar and the emerald pendulum at the her left hip, the Mistress of Magic turns to the Agent with a smile "There you go Agent May, hope that wasn't too bad." before moving towards the group "Hello Fenris, got your message."

To be fully honest, Scott still isn't entirely sold on this whole affair. He would have gone straight to Illyana with the matter, but he felt it prudent to give Fenris the benefit of the doubt. All things for the greater good, right?

"Haven't been up here in a while," he murmurs toward Remy. Yeah, there's a touch of discomfort in his voice.

As the others appear, each one receives a scrutinizing look. Maybe it's a good thing he's wearing ruby shades, after all; it's said his stare packs a punch.

Yeah. Went there.

Agent May is the only one who receives more than a look; she gets a nod. After lifting the bill of his ball cap a bit, Scotf stuffs a hand into his pocket while turning back toward Fenris with a criticizing twist to his mouth.

"Zee, Kara, May." Fenris nods at the three women with a smile before turning to introduce the two approaching men. "May I introduce to you Cyclops and Gambit. They're… possibly interested in helping us all safeguard the world and it's magic. I wanted you all to be present so they could meet some of their potential team members."

"Gentlemen…" Fenris greets them properly. "Thank you for coming. I imagine you have a lot of questions and hopefully the four of us will be able to answer them. These three ladies are part of a group that has agreed to help me keep an eye on things of a supernatural nature. The flows of magic are tied to the wellbeing of this world and like the tides they rise and fall. Presently, they are rising and this always occasions a bit of instability. Recently ill meaning parties have taken advantage of this surfiet of power to enact dangerous schemes. Existentially dangerous. And while there are beingssuch as myself and my allies who attempt to prevent things from getting too out of hand, we're spread thin. Hence my looking for help. As you can see, I don't much care who it is, so long as they're willing to do what's right.." He indicates Zee and Kara here… "And make hard choices." Now he indicates May.

"Here bein'? This side o' New York or… " Remy trails off, hands fishing around in his pockets as he moves only to produce a lighter.
"Well then…" He manages looking at those gathered, "Quite the motley crew…" The Cajun adds, each introduced person getting a studied gaze. Did he say 'Agent'? That always raises the hackles. Just a tad.

Melinda May gives Zatanna a nod, then looks at each other person already gathered. Fenris and Scott get similar nods of recognition and greeting, and Kara and Gambit each get assessing looks that take in their choices of attire, their posture, stuff like that. She's not dismissing either of them yet, as Fenris invited them here. That's an automatic point in their favor. But only one point.

While Kara and Zatanna have sapphire and emerald stones carried or worn on open display, there is not immediate indication that May has a similar stone. But when Remy bristles and her attention is once again focused on the Cajun, there's a small glint of chain at her neck as if she's wearing a necklace. Or has one of those stones-on-a-chain around her neck.

"Nice to meet you Gambit, Cyclops and May." Kara leans against a tree and starts fiddling with her phone a little bit, replying to a text before putting it away. She doesn't seem to be judging the people she doesn't know, instead she holds up the Sapphire pendant on her neck for Cyclops and Gambit to see, "Actually, you get to help solve problems around the world using a Ley Pendulum like this." She also points to Zee's emerald pendant.

Kara will get a quick hug as they approach and Zee's smile at Remy is slow and slightly impish "Speak for yourself, I'm not motley. As Kara says, earth in general." Coming to a halt beside May, the raven haired magi folds her arms loosely across her chest "You two joining us, then?"

"White Plains." Scott's answer is dry, though he does cast a meaningful glance toward Remy. He's never been 'here', in the metaphoric sense, either. Noticing Remy's response to Agent May, he produces a slight smirk. He and Agent May have something of an understanding. He'll have to expound upon that later; this is neither the time nor the place.

The introductions continue, drawing the man's concealed look to Kara and Zatanna. When Kara produces the pendulum, there is a momentary hesitation before Scott reaches into his jacket, withdrawing the item that was given to him for safekeeping. He holds it close to his frame, though opening his fingers reveals the artifact so that the others can see. Cyclops really doesn't know what to do with such a thing.

His attention comes to rest upon Fenris, the exposition paid careful attention to. "Two questions. First, can its location be discovered? Second, can it be used, taken advantage of, by hostile forces? Even from a distance?" These questions are of a cut-to-the-chase variety, and no, there's little in the way of emotion to follow them. The questions are clipped, direct, and aimed smack dab at the God-Wolf.

As far as Zee's question? That remains to be seen.

"Not really a team player most days, just seein' how this all flowin." Gambit responds as well. A precautionary glance given beyond Fenris and those gathered as if he was looking out for someone else, "Though, I can say, I am a fan of certain tings I be seein' already."

That cigarette finally sparks up and a flip of his lighter and it vanishes in to his pocket next to the pendulum within. He's not about sporting it like the rest here, he figures doing something like that just shows acceptance. "Justice League Avenger included too, huh?" The thief looks Supergirl over once again.

In a much lower voice to Scott, "Dey gettin younger and younger or am I just gettin' dirtier and older?"

"In the strictest sense, yes and yes. Though that's largely true of anything." Fenris smiles a little. He has, among other things, two thousand plus years of experience in dealing with anything. "However Ley Pendulums are reactive rather than proactive. They channel and draw existing energies rather than creating energy of their own, and thus they are very difficult to detect except at close up. And even then, you rather have to be looking for it. Zatanna is a mage, for example and even I might be hard pressed to sense her pendulum through her natural arcane signature. As for taking advantage of them, agian, in the strictest sense, if they were found someone could use them to target spells. But since they have no innate connection to the bearers beyond the significance you put upon them, a sympathetic link would be difficult to impossible to establish. Really, if you're concerned about magical attack, there's many other, easier things to be concerned with. Hair. Blood. Bits of clothing. People leave parts of themselves behind all the time. Your own forensic scientists will tell you this."

Fenris glances over at the assembled team and smiles. "The idea is not for you to necessarily operate in a chohesive unit, though I should hope you would be able to if it came to it. Part of the reason I invited you both is because you know one another. You would be able to work together while you feel out the rest of the team. Many problems would only require a few of you anyway." Nor does Fenris plan to direct them like some commander. He's asked who he's asked because they'll find trouble themselves and he'll foten be quite busy.

So. This is a 'get to know who you might possibly have to work with on zero notice' kind of meeting. It's pretty familiar, actually, and May has received less introduction opportunity from SHIELD in the past, so no complaints. Her eyes land on Kara again and study the seemingly youngest person in this group. She seems … awfully flighty to have a responsibility this important. And no, May is not aware of the level of pun she just created in her own mind.

Zee grins at Gambit before shrugging slightly "Me and Jes, we tend to work together. But that's mostly because she's living in my home. But then, she's a fighter and I do magic, it's a good combination." With a chin lift to Kara, Zee's smile widens "Answered a call from pendulum the other day and Kara turned up as well. Guess it depends on what you sense and what you're doing at the time."

Scotts questions get a considering look, and Zee nods to Fenris, "I'm told I'm strong magically and I'd be hard pressed to track any of you through the pendulums." She can of course use her magic to find them other ways "And even if I could, the amount of energy I'd have to use would leave me pretty empty to do anything else. Give me some hair though and I'd find you easy enough."

Well. Cyclops nearly scowls at Gambit. "All of the above," he murmurs under his breath, before putting on his professional face and looking back to the others.

Fenris certainly knows how to give detail, and Cyclops can appreciate that, and the argument he makes regarding forensics does happen to get through his protective shield. One couldn't blame him; he's directly responsible for a large and growing vigilante team of powerful mutants; an often rag-tag team at best. Plus, he's indirectly responsible for the safety of a large school filled with mutant children who've been targeted before. Knowing what these Ley pendulums are all about is helpful. Knowing what kind of risk they could pose gives him the ability to make a strategic judgement about it.

This combined with Zee's answer has Scott looking to Remy next. For a moment, he gives the rogue a chance to speak up with any concerns he might have, before glancing toward Agent May.

"You're comfortable with the level of risk?" he asks her. Again, straight to the point. One wonders whether the man knows how to laugh.

(#spoiler: he does!)

Melinda May looks at Scott evenly and speaks up for the first time since arriving. "I've worked in conditions of far greater risk before. Comfortable is not a consideration I'm usually allowed." And really, she'll consider the people she's tasked to work with the bigger variables in any situation. And the bigger risks.

Watching the two men, Zee frowns a little "If you're worried that you'll attract unwanted attention, put up some wards around your places." A slight smile plays at her lips "I could do it" Looking to Fenris, she raises an eyebrow "Or a number of others, including Rune or Magik" Her hand raises unconsciously to touch the collar "Either of those are likely the best to know what you need."

"I imagine the reason she hasn't is that wards of that manner require a personal investment." And Fenris knows, because he's met the Hellqueen, that Magik only has so much power to invest on this side. "I'd offered, once upon a time, but they declined." The god-wolf shrugs. He gets being untrusting. Mortals can be like that. And so can gods.

And he is after all something of a monster.

"What about you, homme?" Fenris slips into a cajun accent quite easily. "You've been a bit quiet. I recall you being a bit wary of 'juju' when last we spoke."

Melinda May quirks an eyebrow at Fenris when he goes Cajun like a duck to water. It's not that she's surprised by it, but that's as close to amused as she'll allow while 'on duty' in front of people she doesn't know. Zatanna's unconscious gesture toward the sparkly collar at the mention of Magik does not go unnoticed.

"Always afraid of unwanted attention, I like the wanted attention myself."
"Wards? Magic? Houdou? Juju? Usually not anything I like on my person or directed at around with…" Gambit strings together again with a shrug, fingertips withdraw that pendulum and he holds it up, "This the closet thing like dat… so no thanks "

Gambit understands Fenris, Saskia (who isn't here thankfully), even Zatanna it is the other two and well, himself and Cyclops that confuse him. Two X-Men, a Leaguer and a SHIELD Agent. Motley crew was the correct phrase. "This is all very strange but that part of the territory I figure."

The glare from Scott only gets a grin and an exhale of smoke, "I'm still thinkin'." He admits to Fenris, curious is the obvious reason for all things right now. The Cajun accent gets no response from the gumbo, tts not the first he's heard folks fire it back at him and won't be the last.

Zatanna earns Cyclops' attention next. "We have wards," he answers, which, based on his attitude this far, may come as a surprise. Perhaps it was the name-drop? Perhaps it serves to prove just how paranoid the overgrown Boy Scout truly is.

The man looks down at the item, eyeing the emerald that lies at its center. "What I suppose this also means -" He looks up and around at those gathered. "- is if it does cause trouble, I'll have you people to come and help fix it." He could have phrased it as a question, but rather, he phrases it as an answer. An assumed answer, but one he hopes the others will at least acknowledge.

Curling his hand around the pendulum, he tucks it back into the pocket inside his duster. "So, I suppose I should be wearing it 'round my neck, huh?" he asks. A glance is given toward Remy, and finally, Scott grins a bit. "Gonna have a tough time explaining that one to the better half."

Fenris comment gets a shrug and a nod from the young mage. Scotts comment has Zee tapping her hip "I wear mine on my hip. And yes, if you have trouble, I'ld come if called." She would have anyway, it's in her nature. "If you've already got wards, as long as you make sure they stay charged, the pendulum won't cause any problems." Zee takes that news as standard, who wouldn't have wards?

Melinda May shrugs faintly at Scott when he comments about wearing the pendulum around his neck the way she and Kara have chosen to do. This small gesture is enough to reveal the very edges of two sheathed blades at her back, and then her reaching to remove and 'show off' her own orangey carnelian pendulum reveals another blade concealed in her left sleeve and the shape of other, less-readily identifyable items inside the jacket proper. Fenris likely knows that she could have easily kept every last weapon hidden from view, so doing so was very much intentional on her part.

Holding the chain across her palm-up hand, a cast-gold chinese dragon clinks faintly against the egg-sized shard of almost-flat carnelian, shaped a bit like a dragon's scale with a point at the bottom, and a gold compass rose on either side of the stone to support it and connect it to the chain. "I'm still learning to travel with this thing, but if you do need help, I'll do what I can."

One of the benefits of superhearing is you can hear when people are making dirty comments. When Zee hugs her, Kara returns it tightly and gives Gambit a bit of a glare at his comment before standing back a little and listening intently.

Kara gives a look to Scott and replies with a grin, "It's a nice necklace, but everyone kinda does their own thing with it." May's comment gets a laugh and she looks between Zee and Fenris, "Remember my first trip?"

Fenris chuckles. "It's a fashion statement for sure. But as Zatanna says, there are many ways to keep it. Once upon a time I knew a man who laced one of his boots with it." He pauses. "Granted, he was a tad unusual."

"I would come, yes. But then, that is what I do. And I've had a lot of fires to put out lately. I'm hoping that by giving decent people the tools to look after things, there'll be… better coverage, so to speak. Still, if you should come under magical attack you should know that there are those here who will respond." Beat. "Though, if you represent the same place as Gambit, I suspect I'd not be the only one. There was trouble there recently to which others responded."

The God-Wolf glance over to Remy with a smile. "I'll not insist, of course. If you'd prefer not, you've only to return it to me, or any of these others here. However given what I saw in Italy, you'd be well suited. And I'll be honest, a certain amount of magical skepticism is healthy. There are far worse things out there than Saskia, for example. Who, by the way, sends her regards."

May's offer gets a grin. "Any of those here can teach you how to use the pendulums if you choose to hang on to them. Or I can. They are not hard. Though, as Kara mentions, they take a bit of getting used to. Fortunately you're not like to do more while doing so than end up in the wrong continent, and that's a thing easily remedied."

You know, Scott Summers may very well grow to like Melinda May, in spite of their first encounter. The SHIELD agent earns a look, shielded by glasses, but given away by a twitch at the corner of his mouth. Color Cyclops impressed.

"Wait." He looks from May to Fenris. "You can travel with these things?" The question is promptly answered, after which Scott chews on his lip for a second or two. "Couldn't be worse than teleportation." A quick glance to Remy. "Right?"

God knows they've both suffered the stink of Nightcrawler's trips.

A long, deep breath is taken, before Cyclops says, "Well, consider me a part of the team." Gambit can make his own decisions, and Scott's not about to insist one way or the other.

Gambit's cigarette bounces on his lips and he spins that pendulum in a circle. A sleight of hand motion and it vanishes somewhere from palm to only reappear in the opposite, twirling about idly once more. "We got our skills, yeah. " He says to Fenris as the Kara-glare only encourages a low chuckle from the X-Men.

"Teleportation? That always comes in realll handy." Especially for a thief. Hearing Scott give his in Gambit brow quirks at the man then nods to Fenris, "So far the perks ain't too shabby, I'm still thinkin' though. I ain't as easy as Cyclops. Got to get a couple drinks in dis Ragin Cajun before you can take him home."

"Yes, you travel through the ley lines." Zee shrugs "You can also talk to each other. Need help, use your pendulum, we'll all typically hear it." A look to Fenris "He called Jes and I when he needed help."

Nodding to Kara, Zee grins widely "Yes, I remember our first trip. Jes ended up in the fountain, you in another country altogether." Remys' comment gets a grin "I tend say I'm easy, not cheap…" and then Scotts acceptance has the young magician grinning even more broadly.

Reminiscing about the trip to Beijing and the man offering her a dead chicken causes her to smile a bit brighter. The team had definitely had some good times together already, but the expressions Zee and Gambit are using confuse her a little, eliciting a slightly confused response, "Wouldn't it be better to not be easy? Earth is confusing sometimes."

Fenris smiles. "Not cheap, mmm? Well I'm not opposed to you having that while you decide. Perhaps seeing what Cyclops gets into will aid in that. And if it's drinks you're really after… most major cities have a ley line or five running through them. Their locations are not accidents, generally speaking. So really, you do rather have your choice of drinks… and places to drink them. Me, well, the alchohol here is a bit on the weak side. But there's some ratherdelicious ales to be had round about Germany."

"In that case, Cyclops…" Fenris grins. "Welcome to the Primal Force. This is most of our membership at present, though I've no doubt you'll run into the others soon enough. There's been a fair bit of natural and unnatural problems of late and it is sort of… self propagating, sadly."

Melinda May knew about traelling along theley lines because Fenris showed her that feature when he gave her the pendulum. The communicating part she did not know about, however. Of course, she continue to keep from giving away her emotions. All very Vulcan of her.

Remy's cigarette gets put out and flicked only to *pop* out of existence as the mini-kinetic charge goes off. Saves on hunting down a garbage can. "So like uh, fixed destination points for the teleportation? That is what it sounds like. I seen something like that on television once, Twilight Zone? So, maybe I missed it but what exactly does Primal Force do? I like that name by the way, sounds real uh fierce."

"Who said I was 'easy'?" Scott smirks at Gambit. Well, it's really somewhere between a smirk and a scowl. So what if things didn't work out with Betsy?

Scott retrieved the pendulum from his pocket once more. "Major cities, huh?" He thinks about this for a moment, pondering how it works. He'd always wanted to visit Savanna, after all. Looking up to Fenris he asks, "How does it w—"

Suddenly, Cyclops blinks out of existence!

"Ley lines typically connect places of geographical and historical interest…" Zee begins to explain to Remy, as Cyclops disappears. "Could be a monument, mountain line, bodies of water."

The Mistress of Magic rasies a shoulder "I've maps of them back in my library Shadowcrest. If you like, I can get some copies…. unless Fenris has some other idea." Zee grins a little "Jes has been studying them, to work out where she can travel." Nodding slightly to Remy "Pretty neat trick."

Kara's comment gets a bit of a smirk "It's a bit like giving boys your phone number, Kara. I can explain it later…"

Melinda May blinks at Scott's sudden disappearance. "Should I requisition a quinjet to get him back?" Of course, inwardly she is just a little bit miffed. She's spent several days now practicing to travel along the ley lines, and can still only just barely manage it. And ends up feeling queasy every time. "How does the communication work?"

Kara groans when Zee brings up her prior folly and just shakes her head, "The one boy I gave my number to /purposely/, hoping he would call hasn't even bothered." She stares off into the sky for a moment before asking Fenris, "Are there leylines in space to?" May as well ask since they were discussing it!

"Like that." Fenris deadpans as Scott disappears. He gives May a patient little smile. Teleporting on accident is easy. But of course, there's no controlling where you'll end up. And if you're very unlucky, no controlling when you'll end up either. Fortunately there's very little temporal component to ley line teleportation so Scott's probably still in this time. "Someone should go find him." He says amusedly, casting about for Scott's presence. He should be able to open a Way to him and get him back.

Teleporting on purpose. And getting where you mean to go. Now that takes practice.

"No in the way that we understand here on earth. Magic requires substance and life. There are arcane energies in the void but they're… different. Let's leave it at that for now. Zee, I think Scott has wound up somewhere in the South. Would you be so kind as to hone in on him?"

Remy's question gets a grin. "Any point along the Ley Line network. Which is extensive enough that you can get pretty close to about anywhere. Less useful than direct teleportation, but much easier and less dangerous as well. No passing through alternate realms to get where you're going. As for Primal Force, that's simply what this group decided to call itself. It's better, in my opinion, than 'The Order of the Leymen.'" Not in the least of which because most of the members are women at the moment.

"Cyclo…. " Gambit's hand lifts up and he swats at the air where the man just was as though he was about to grab ahold of him but missed. The fact everyone around him is very blaise about it a dark brow raises, "This is normal? You just up and gone like dat… Watchu mean temporal component and still in this time? You can time travel with these? Or you jus' fuckin' wit me?"

Rubbing the back of his neck now Gambit tries to ease up in his concern for Scott, "Ley Line Network… gonna have to look dis up an you right, Leymen is pretty lame sounding." Hearing May bring up the communication the man opts to silence himself for now while he texts Scott. Just to double-check.

"Sure Fenris" Zee smiles a little before placing a hand on her pendulum and, head bowed, focusses on Scott. A few moments pass and she grins up at Fenris "Confederate Memorial in Savanna, Georgia. Want me to go get him?"

Looking to Agent May, Zee's grin gets even wider and touches her pendulum again, focussing on May and Remy

~~ This is how you communicate via the Ley Line network. ~~

She explains further "As Fenris told it to us the closer you are to a ley line, the stronger the communication is." she shrugs a little "I just think about who I want to speak with, then think my message to them."

"Hungover mebbe a bit too much to handle right now." Gambit says, "I'll be in touch, 'parently." He murmurs while the ley pendulum buzzes with life. "Will keep this thing until I decide one way or another."
A smile and the man waves at those present, head then bows as he walks off quickly texting, both thumbs at work now. Scott's alive and he'll have to play twenty questions later when his head isn't pulsing out of his skull.

Melinda May receives Zatanna's message and puts one hand over the carnelian concealed under her shirt's neckline. Remy taking his leave earns him a nod before May's attention returns to Fenris and Kara and Zee. "Is there anything else I should know about this trinket you haven't mentioned yet?"

Kara didn't know a whole lot about it so she shrugs her shoulders at Melinda, pointing to Fenris, "He's definitely the one to ask. I'm still learning to teleport and respond to disturbances." It was still hard for her not to refer to the think of all of this as some very whacky science.

Fenris comes from a place where magic and science are the same thing, so he likely wouldn't be offended to hear it described as such. He doesn't, however, because magic doesn't obey what people tend to understand as 'scientific' rules. So describing it to people of Midguard in those terms tends to be unproductive. "If you could, Zee, or Kara. That would be great."

May's question gets a tap of his nose. "Ah yes, I didn't finishe explaining. They will, as you'll discover, point out anomalies and disturbances to you and they can enhance your natural abilities in times of great need. Significantly. Though that last bit is less something that you do and more something that simply happens when it's needed. Long term bearers have been known to develop other abilities but they're never consistent and sometimes it doesn't happen." See previous notes about magic not liking rules.

Looking to Kara, Zee grins a little "Kara can go, if she'd like" Zee's getting used to using her pendulum. Nodding to May, Zee smiles a little "My pendulum vibrates or sways when there's a magical disturbance. It had Jes and I visiting Jericho yesterday, he had some interesting artefacts." The young magician turns grim "In fact, what we found when talking to him, may be something I'll need Primal Force help with."

Kara nods to Fenris and holds her pendant in her hand, trying to focus on Cyclops location, "I'll go get him. I know a bit about screwing up your first teleportations." She hugs Zee tightly before teleporting away in the blink of an eye to go retrieve Cyclops!

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