Get a Life!

March 20th, 2015: Supergirl meets Aquaman after saving a cat. The King of Atlantis offers the young heroine an apology, help and some advice; including getting a life outside of being a hero and finding a boyfriend! WHAT?!


Downtown Metropolis, on a building.



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Kara had just finished rescuing a cat caught up in a tree over at Park Ridge, a group of firefighters who had just arrived on the scene thanking her before she takes a selfie with the group of her new costume.

With no more work to be done, the Firefighters depart and Kara looks around with a bored expression on her face, "I should totally relocate to Gotham. They always have stuff to do."

"You wouldn't be welcome there." says a voice from behind her, "They're not big on your type of heroism, the people are… broken. One day though, hopefully, they'll heal enough to accept those like you." The man who speaks is wearing simple later winter/early spring wear for Metro, which is to say jeans and boots and a decent coat with a scarf and a hat pulled down over his ears. He's blond, his beard trimmed up nicely, tall and well built. At first it's easy to over look him, he appears to be not unlike a handful or more other bearded hipsters, but there's something vaugely familiar about him. Arthur offers her a small smile, "Wondered if you might have a moment to talk?"

Kara looks over at the man, not really recognizing him at all. She wasn't the sort to turn someone away though if they were friendly, "Sure, do I know you?" She rested her hands on her hips as she stared towards the man.

Aquaman eyes her for a moment and grins, "It's nice to know that a change of clothes is still every bit as effective as a pair of glasses." he quips lightly, "Your cousin and I are friends," he not so helpfully clarifies, "perhaps we should talk somewhere else?" he points out then looks upwards at the skyline as he reaches out to her, offering a hand for her to grab.

The man definitely seemed a little more familiar and then he mentions Superman; Kal and Kara nods taking his hand. Now she knew who he was, only one person had ever claimed to know her cousin as a friend, of course she was almost dead but she remembered, "Oh, I do know you. Hi." She doesn't exactly smile but she wasn't frowning.

Aquaman smiles a bit at that, "Yeah, always takes a moment. You step out of the uniform and no one sees you for you anymore. Always amazed me." his hand is still held out to her, "So, we going to talk some place that's not on the street? Where ever someone dressed like you goes a crowd is sure to follow and right now I'm toxic, no one wants to be seen with me, least of all you I imagine." his eyes flick up to a sky scraper a block or two away, at the top of it is a great bronze globe, "That was always his favorite spot to chat. Up up and away?" he suggests kindly.

For some reason Kara had thought Aquaman was going to do some awesome teleportation thing or fly them somewhere else. Instead he was trying to get HER to fly them up there, "Sure, just a sec."

Kara grabs Aquaman and moments later they're standing at the top of a very tall building. She peeks over the ledge before asking, "So if a baby was in trouble and I had to fly away right now, would you be stuck here until I got back?" There's a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Aquaman is, frankly, /very/ heavy… not that it's enough to strain her, but it's not unlike lifting a car by the bumper with one hand, even someone with her prodigious strength tends to notice it. It's also not unlike the time she hit Orm and he absorbed the blow. He grins as they land, his hat having fluttered off on the flight and leaving him with the crown it was covering. He turns to look out over the city, "Nope." he says, tapping a toe on the roof beneath him, "This is a building filled with reporters any one of which would give a body part of my chosing for a shot at an interview," he nods to the side, "the door to the building is right there. I could just walk down. Or jump. But then that would cause some serious pot hole issues and I think I'm responcible for enough of Metropolis' current construction boom, the less I add to the pile the better." the reminder causes his smile to falter a bit and the light hearted peace that was there fades quickly. "Speaking of, how are you doing? Any lingering effects I should be worried about?"

Kara turns to see the door into the building and nods, she had not noticed it at all, "Just checking, it's happened before!"

Given the costume change, there was at least that lingering effect, "Well, my old costume isn't repairing like it should which sucks and it's not really mendable."

Kara super-twirls, "So I made this one for now. I also lost my powers for a few days but everything is fine now." Then she looks away sad, "Sometimes I have nightmares about that man trying to kill me. Orm."

Aquaman grins at that, "Yeah, once before. We were all up here, we'd just returned from a thing that was happening on a worl-well, somewhere else. We're all tired, worn out, except of course Clark, who outside of a hole that someone had burned into the back side of his uniform with some kind of particle weapon," Aquaman points at his own deriere to demonstrate, "you'd never have known he'd left at all. Diana flies off, Lantern said something about a date and left, and it's me and Batman and Clark and then Clark does that thing with his head, tilted it to the side so I listened and heard an alarm going off somewhere and he just-" he makes a flying motion with his hand. "And me and Batman are standing up here, half our armor melted off, covered in soot and I think bits of monster goo looking at one another. Alone." he sighs, "Of course Batman just eyeballed me," Arthur gives a grrrr face, "and then his fancy jet plane is hovering over head blotting out the sun. It drops a line, he steps on it and gets sucked up inside and has the audacity to toss me a salute from the cockpit before flying away." he shakes his head, "But… but that was the early days. Before everything got complicated and-" he waves the words away. "Things seemed simpler back then I guess." he turns to look back out over the city, "Sorry, I tend to ramble. If you want I can have my people look into your suit. We've had some success as repairing Kryptonian tech that's come into contact with magic in the past, merging the two diciplines is something of an art my people have been practicing since before we sank. Maybe there's something we can do?"

Kara couldn't help but look at Aquaman in awe when he told her the story of him and other heroes that were living legends; the talk of Batman gets particular interest to her. She had been there twice and both times, she was sure that the heroes she helped definitely needed it.

"I wish I had awesome stories like that." She sighs, as only a youth could thinking of the amazing adventures Aquaman had with them, "So how did you leave? Did you talk to some fish or something?" She's giggling, it's clearly a joke since Aquaman is KNOWN for talking to fish.

Kara considers the offer for help on her costume and instead replies, utterly serious, "My badly damaged outfit from Krypton would be really happy if I was an honorary Princess of Atlantis." Her costume would be happy? That sounded.. FISHY!

Aquaman chuckles, "Oh… they're not all like that. Most of them are less happy. When people think of the Justice League, the first one, they think of a bunch of best friends solving crimes like some sort of Scooby Doo with powers. It wasn't like that. You cram a handful of alpha males who can all bench press dump trucks or who have large scale explosives custom made to be areodynamically sound things can get a bit tense. And yes, I'm counting Wonder Woman in the 'alpha male' catagory because most people can't think of that sort of attitude with a different monikor attached. We argued. A lot. Wrecked a couple of-bah. There I go, rambling again." he frowns and then shoots a look Kara's way, a quirked brow.

"Princess huh?" he states deadpan, "You do realize that would come with a large amount of responcibility. We're not like the English Royals you know, you'd be required to attend a great many functions, invest hours of your life in complicated strategic diplomatic discussions and negotiations, you'd be at least partially responcible for more people then currently populate this continent who are surrounded daily by threats from the surface world above, and the great unknowns below all the while trying to manage a balance in your life that allows you to remain sane." he blinks, "Actually, sure, we can do that. I'd love to take a couple days off and leave you to stand in my stead for a bit. I'm thinking the next couple of months are going to /suck/, you can handle them princess Kara of Atlantypton, I'm going to vacation somewhere far away with my wife. Oh yeah," he snaps his fingers as if he forgot, "you're also required to side with Atlantis' people in the future should there be any further conflicts. Forgot that part. So yeah. I'll let the jewlers know they need to make another tiara, about how big around would you say your head is?" he asks curiously, eyeing her skull as if measureing it.

Kara snorted, she actually snorted when Aquaman made his comment about Wonder Woman, "Oh My Zod. I love you. You're the coolest hero or King I've ever met. I wish you would come join the Justice League Avengers, we could use a strong leader like you in the mix. Plus then I could see you and Wonder Woman fight!"

She blinks a few times at the listing of what would be required of her as a Princess of Atlantis.

Kara isn't sure if Aquaman is pulling her leg or not, "I'm actually pretty fast and I have a magical pendant." She holds up the pendant around her neck, "That lets me travel to any leyline and I bet Atlantis has leylines so I could probably get there to any functions I need to be at and.."

She thinks, "After Saturday when the JLA does our big ceremony, you could go on vacation, I just need to let Clint know I'll be gone for a bit. Also there wouldn't be any conflicts, because I'd never let it. Orm would never come back."

Kara prepared herself for the inevitable disappointment that Aquaman was pulling her leg.

Aquaman eyes Kara, "Atlantis' leylines are shielded specifically to avoid any such intrusion," he points out, "we've been hidden from the world for three thousand years, through the Age of Magic and beyond, we've stayed that way because we can." which is to say, Merlin never found Atlantis. "You can't fly that fast underwater," he informs her, "it's not like you think it is." he smirks, "I'm faster then Clark is in the water and it's hardly fast enough to cover my world. Underwater you cannot hear what is happening above, so you would not know what was going on in your city. There is almost no crime in Atlantis, so there is no heroing to be done, only ruleing." his face then changes and becomes serious as he looks at her, "If you think Orm was the problem, you are incorrect. Orm was not why we went to war, he was merely the one with the claim to the throne that would allow it. I am the least popular King in the history of my people, if we were a democracy war would not be inevitable, it would have already occured and the surface worlders would die by the billions. Orm was not homocidally angry with the surface Supergirl, ATLANTIS is. All of it." he takes a deep breath, "I have be-/am/- trying to change that. An entire nation that thirsts for war, a nation with resources you cannot imagine and abilities you have only just begun to suspect but not understand." he lets out a long slow breath. "Like I said. Things used to be so much simpler, now everything is… complicated."

Kara was rapidly looking disappointed, shoulders slumping as Arthur explains the complex situation that is Atlantis. It was education and it taught her more than she knew about the underwater nation but it seemed like Aquaman was well, giving her mostly an explanation of WHY she wasn't going to be a Princess.

"Well, this sucks."

Kara kicks a little piece of debris on the rooftop, the size of a small rock and it goes flying off into the distance. A car alarm goes off somewhere. Oops.

She definitely looked a little sad, a pout on her lips. So close to being a Princess.

Aquaman quirks a brow at her and her pouting, "Really?" he asks with his brows knit, "You're from an alien world where the concept of monarchy if forgien as I understood it. What want would you have for a title?"

Kara raises her eyebrows and replies to Aquaman, "It's fine!" She pauses, "I can't imagine what you know of Krypton though." She was right. Clark Kent aka Kal-El had come here as an infant, there's no way he could have shared actual knowledge of Krypton with anyone, "Anyways, it was just a silly request. Sorry for asking."

Aquaman grins lightly at Kara, "You think someone can build a fortress that size on my ice cap over night and I wouldn't know about it?" he points out before looking out at the city, "Plus we served wtih a couple of Green Lanterns you know." And of course he knew Clark himself. "But you're right, I don't know much, just what I could gleen from the things Clark said from time to time conserning the crown." or namely Arthur's metaphorical wearing of it.

Kara doesn't seem too impressed with the mention of Green Lanterns, the one she had encountered on Earth didn't seem very good at his job; he was the only reason Zod was loose, "Between you and I your highness, the only Green Lantern I've ever met is one of the most unreliable individuals I've ever had the privilege of meeting on this planet. He allowed a dangerous Kryptonian criminal to escape and made a mockery of the JLAs ceremony with his actions and while he may be powerful, I don't think him wise or knowledgeable."

She was showing her more serious side, "To clarify though, Krypton was ruled over by what you might have called on Earth a sort of Scientific Aristocracy. The House of El or any other powerful house on Krypton would be no different from the various dynasties across Earth."

Kara looks over the city skyline before shrugging, "Even on Krypton we have fairy tales, whether they take place in our own history or on far off worlds."

She turns back to look at Aquaman and smiles, "Sorry for rambling a bit. I appreciate the offer for help with my costume, but it will be fine."

Aquaman chuckles softly, "Don't underestimate him. Those I've met are opinionated, rash, often foolish, but they are not stupid and they are some of the toughest sons of guns I've ever met. And I know Batman." he adds the last bit with only a momentary pause, "Green Lanterns are cops Supergirl, best to look at them through that lens instead of the image of heroes." he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a knit cap which he pulls down over his head as if the cold bothered him. "Least I could do." he comments, meaning of course her costume.

Kara listens to the advice given and smiles, "I'll keep that in mind, hopefully he can learn to stop being a cop and start acting like a hero a little more then! Sort of like you and batman and all the others."

"When things have settled down in Atlantis, I'd love to visit if that's possible. It sounds beautiful." She tries her best to give a bit of a bow/curtsey to Aquaman, "Also, make sure Orm isn't around."

Aquaman shoots Kara a look, "I am a King before I am a husband, and a husband before I am a hero. He is likely a few things before he is a hero as well. You should know that most of the people you will deal with in the League are." he turns to look back at the shoreline far off into the distance, "That may be possible, though I wouldn't suggest you wear the S when you come. Down there it's more target then it is shield. And Orm is exiled." something about the last sentence is said flat enough as to come across cold. "Sorry," he says a moment later, "still fresh. Mind dropping me off at the beach?" he queries, "I need to check in on our construction crews."

Kara nods her head, "Sorry, I don't always consider these things, I don't have much of an identity outside of being a hero." Was she disappointed in that? It was hard to tell. She would have to think hard on that now that she was a full member in the JL:A.

Reaching out a hand towards Aquaman she smiled brightly, "Of course, it would be my honor to drop you off." As soon as he's holding on she flies off towards the beach to drop the Atlantean monarch off!

Aquaman takes the offered hand with a firm grip, "Find one Kara," he says as she lifts him into the sky and he dangles with a sort of limp ease that shows how regularly this sort of transport was in his life that he can relax a bit while doing it, "trust me. Being a hero is a fine thing, but there has to be more to life then that otherwise one day you'll find yourself lost entirely in the persona." he smirks, "Might I suggest getting a boyfriend? I fell in love with a woman who'd spent her life training to kill me, maybe you can pummel a bad guy into a first date?" he quips teasingly.

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