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March 20, 2015: Sho and Cane clean out a Snakes Nest in Gotham




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Kane has found him another Snake's nest. They've been trying to get in. Trying to infiltrate the city. They've got a line on some magical supplies from the Ton Ton Macoute. The Fox for one doesn't intend to let them get that foothold and that means stomping on their holes one by one. So he crouches on the rooftops overlooking an illegal genetics lab… and calls a Ninja. If there's anyone who can help him get through the security and make sure they don't come back, it'll be the Tokyo nightmare.

"That one, is it?"He's just, there really. Dressed for the occasion at least, he's in more black than anything tonight and has his sword slung over one shoulder and that short sword set at his hip instead. "Just so we're clear, you want to get in, not just destroy this place?"Resting one hand casully on the hilt of that short sword, and looking just as serene and calm as you might imagine. "You do realize that despite the media portrayal, I am not a thief by any stretch of the imagination."

"I want them to not come back." The Fox replies. "I don't care what it takes to accomplish that but I'm under no illusions of being a one man army. Chase them off. Make it so the place is useless to them. Medical equipment isn't too hard to wreck. I'm a fair hand with a sword." The druid draws a claymore. "Care for a blessing before we go?"

Theres just a look for a moment, as Sho cocks his head to the right. "I -am- the blessing of the Honorable Lord Fujin, I am the will of the god of wind. I need no blessing from a third party, nor do I desire one." He wastes no time in getting to work, walking back a few steps and taking that sheathed sword in one hand. Then he's off, running like (of course) the wind before he clears the edge of that building. Arms outstretched, and well he makes the gap. Twisting wildly before hitting the roof with a slide, and he's immediately to work. Settling on his knees to offer a short recital of a familar spell, before tracing his fingers against the glass in the sign of a Kanji. If is familar enough, he might recognize the smears against that glass. "Explosion".

The crew inside is armed. Of course. Sixteen guards. Pistols and SMGs. Not too bad a hand at them. The fox follows slower, crushing a bone charm as he goes. A quartet of wolves appear at his side as settles near the window. The moment Sho breaches the guards will be on alert. Sho will go one way. He'll turn around and go the other. Clear it from both directions.

Shoholds that sword high for a moment, before slamming it down onto the roof. For a moment theres just a whoosh of magical energy, as the very sort've ambient energy of the place is swept away. Divine power is being used here, and more than likely magic users for blocks can feel it. Then, it happens. The skylight implodes with an immense concussive blast that shatters the glass on the surrounding sky scrapers, and a pillar of neon pink smoke erupts above and below with all the fury and might of a volcano. This is the sort've raw magical horsepower you don't see everyday, hell many won't see it in a lifetime and Tokyo uses it to shatter glass. Divine agent indeed, right? Anywho like a shot he's off, leaping down into the building below with a -crash- like thunder. Downstairs lights flicker and die, lightbulbs explode forcefully, batteries rupture inside their cases and a supernatural depth of darkness expands to shroud the area immediately around Tokyo Nightmare. No fucking wonder this guy gets called a nightmare!

The guards lay blind fire down a corridor. Smoke. They're well trained. The Fox comes in, hits the ground low and lets the dogs go. There's a scream, then another and then another. The wolves rip into the guards. Then the druid is up and charging. He's well trained too. Championship level material. World class in HEMA arts. He's a blur of action, cutting, slicing, driving the pommel in to disable any way necessary.

Tokyo became an overnight international sensation the first time somone filmed him on the streets of Tokyo, and no joke it's easy to see why. Tokyo isn't fast, he's a god damned blur of action. He dashes through one guard's gunfire, reading the muzzle until he's right up there next to the guy. Lifting the carbine with a bare hand as the other drives the hilt of his sword upwards with enough force to crack the man's jaw with a resounding -SNAP-, sending tooth guard alike to the floor before half turning to enguage the next guard. He drags a finger along a trigger run along the hilt of that sword, and fires the sheathe off with a considerable thump. The hilt catches another guard directly in the face before exploding in a neon pink cloud of ground up glass and chilli peppers, the third guard finds not hilt nor sheathe but blade. A blow swept upwards finds him directly beneath his ribs and lands with enough force to lift him off his boots, before with another lightning fast blow Sho sweeps that blade overhead and brings it down against the back of his head with enough -umph- to send pieces of helmet tumbling across the floor.

Bobby Drakeane glances back. He's lost track of Sho, but he's taken five guards so far. He's fairly sure both hallways lead back into the medical center. The druid surges forward. Another gun gets cut. Barrel bent. His blade is glowing blue now. The next stroke slices through the walls and cuts through a man's chest. Not a killing blow but he won't be going anywhere. "SHO! SHUT DOWN THE DOCTORS! THEY MAY HAVE HOSTAGES!!"

It's easy to lose track of Tokyo, and Fox isn't alone there because theres sort've sporadic fire at shadows all over the compound. Tokyo does his work swiftly and silently once he's created sufficient confusion, dropping guards with singular sword blows loud enough to be heard a floor away. Theres a flash of a white trench coat, and Tokyo is all over him. Breaking the poor man's knee, then his elbow, before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and slamming him to the ground with the pop of the poor guy's collar bones. "My companion, seems to think you have hostages."Easing that blade along the man's throat, before leaning in close. It isn't a lie, if he doesnt say it right? "Where, how many and what condition. I have no tolerance for liars, do you understand me?"

"Medical ward… detention cells…" THe man's terrified. And this is because Sho is terrifying. There's another clang-thump on the other end of the hall and more snarling. And screaming. Seems like someones' nearly to the medical center himself. Which is the largest part of the facility. Lots of computers. Lots of tables. Cells in the bback are definitely not standard issue. And they have people. Four mutants.

Tokyo rises, before delivering a swift kick to the man's head. Lifting that sword to rest against his shoulder as he walks, head bobbing to a song in his head. Slowing only to let a guard wander past, before mutely delivering a sword blow to the back of his head. Then he's off, sandals clacking audibly as he wanders down the stairway to the medical ward. Talk about ballsy, amirite? "Good evening one and all."He calls out as he finally slips from the stairway.A guard rushes in close, before Tokyo simply grasps his helmet and delivers a kick to the side of the knee. Swinging the poor fuck's skull back against the doorframe, before letting him slump to the floor. "I heard some folks in here, needed a little help getting home. Just to keep things straight, how about everyone who wants to go home raises their hand eh?"

The man in the fox mask with the quartet of glowing wolves and slightly bloody claymore comes in the other entrence as Tokyo asks. Every hand in the cells in back goes up. The druid smirks. "Well. I do believe we shall have to arrange a cab for them or something." He says eyeing the doctor.

"Gentlemen. I don't think your permits are in order. You're going to be shut down. Permanently."

Sho snags another doctor by the collar, before patting the inside of his thigh with that sword. "The cells, I'd like them opened if you'd be so kind?"And Tokyo just turns the guy loose, before sweeping that blade back and into..wait theres a sheathe didn't he..ok wait ninja magic right? "If any of you fine gentlemen and ladies wish to express your gratitude, theres a shinto shrine a couple blocks from here which would really benefit from a donation or two."

The doctors are committed to their cause, but they're not trained or prepared for two men with swords and ghostly wolves. The cells are opened in short order while the Fox keeps the rest of the medical staff in a corner. The mutants are very, very grateful to be released. "Whatever you'd like, man." One of them says. "Seriously, you just saved our hides."

The Fox grins. "Go on, get going." He nods out the door as they vacate.

"Well Tokyo, what shall we do with these gentlemen?"

"The honorable lord Fujin saved your hides, I am merely his messenger."Tokyo reports, perhaps cryptically. Still there are doctors to attend to, which he does. Neatly binding hands and feet with a single length of rope, before looping the far end around a support pillar. "The window, if you would be so kind?"

"I do believe I will be." The Fox wipes his blade off on his cloak and he cranks the window open. The wolfs are circling and snarling but they won't do anything without their master's command. They wouldn't dare.

Tokyo dumps the first doctor over the side, before letting the rest fall. Leaving them strung out and strung up, but all infact quite alive and intact. "I believe my work here is done, unless you have further need for me?"Glancing back towards Fox, as color slowly rises from that jet black ninja garb. Resolving in the full sort've white and cherry blossom motif Tokyo seems to favor most of the time.

"No. I am going to make their equipement some very expensive paperweights… and then I am going to depart." The druid touches his mask almost like touching the brim of his hat. "You have my thanks, Messinger of Lord Fujin. I would have had a much harder time of this alone."

When Fox turns back, well there is no Tokyo Nightmare. Just a thin whisp of pink smoke where he had stood, and silence. The dude is a NINJA, the fuck did you expect him to do. Really.

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