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March 20, 2015: Illyana and Jericho catchup over Vodka

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They say that there's no rest for the weary. Or the wicked. While Jericho isn't sure which category he falls into, he knows things have been busy enough of late. But right now everything is sort of simmering. Processes are running. Questions have been asked. Artifacts have been examined. Now there's nothing to do but wait until something returns an answer or goes wrong.

Well, not quite nothings. Jericho's got things to do when not chasing hints of dire problems. And it's clear he's recently been doing them as he puts the gardening tools away in the closet and goes to change his shirt and pour himself a glass of vodka. K'nert has claimed a spot up on the top of the 'fridge (where he can watch everything and be at hand if someone gets ice cream) and he's not sure where Illyana is beyond - far, alive and undistressed. The last two are key. It's not like he ever thought she couldn't handle herself, but it's definitely very nice to know.

The hacker eases onto the couch with a tumbler of vodka and takes a moment to collect himself.

Maybe it's the sound of vodka hitting the glass that is the sound heard 'round the world as the flare of one of Illyana's stepping disks signals the blonde's entrance. Jericho has time to sit and ponder, and as he's bringing the tumbler to his lips her hand reaches out to relieve him of it. She takes a sip first, and passes it back before dropping herself gently down into his lap in a comfortable sprawl. No 'please', not even a 'hi', she leans her head against his shoulder and lets out a long, soft sigh.

Jericho glances up as his vodka is appropriated, smiling a small smile. His eyes had lit up when the disk first opened and when its light fades they're still glowing. Once he gets the clear, stinging drink back he takes a sip himself and sets it aside to loosely drape his arms around the blonde. "Hey there." He says quietly. He doesn't ask if all's well or how she is, partly because he knows they'll get to that and partly because he's become fairly decent at reading Illyana. And, also, partly because he just wants to let this be for a moment or three. Not often this happens for either of them. Life's quite busy and often fairly rough as well.

Illyana's smile is like Jericho's. Small, but real. Not the smirk or even the feral grin that most are given. "Hey." She replies in an equally soft tone, just leaning on him for a long, quiet moment.

Eventually she breaks the silence. "I got a visitor in Limbo. Came up to the gates all bold as brass." She remarks with some amusement.

"Oh?" People don't visit Limbo often. Well, people who aren't him. Even the folks who occasionally get pulled in while he's there aren't there that much. He's spent… he's not sure how long. But a lot of time there. Mostly the only other person he sees is Illyana. That said, it's not impossible to get to. Just very difficult and unless you're after something specific, often not worth it.

"Since you say 'visitor' I'm going to guess it was someone who wanted to talk rather than do something foolish." Bold though, is interesting. "Anything I should be aware of?" Either to look out for or to help her. Illyana knows she only has to ask and he'll help. Sometimes she doesn't even have to do that, really, though he prefers to extend her the courtesy of staying out of things she wants to handle herself. She is, after all, a Queen.

"Guy by the name of John Constantine. Friend of Zee's dad, apparently, and so he's got a bit of protective uncle going on or something." Illyana says, stretching her feet out along the couch. She keeps her feet turned so the soles of her boots aren't on the couch though. She's not a savage. "I'll give him one thing. He doesn't intimidate easy."

Jericho reaches over to unzip one of the boots just a little and rub Illyana's leg beneath it gently. "Constantine… we've met. He's the one who had some thoughts about fixing up souls when Nancy and I were considering that and I ran into him when Zee was first starting to appear around me. He got all kinds of excited about Maxwell. And might have wanted to rip him out of me. And 'clean me up.'"

Jericho makes a face. He's not sure what the state of his soul or essence or what have you is, but he does know that he chose much of it and he doesn't regret those choices, nor would he change them if he could.

Illyana gives a soft snort of amusement at the idea of 'cleaning him up'. She lifts her head and leans in to kiss his cheek. "You're perfect the way you are." She points out. And if he changes tomorrow, he'll be perfect again. "Besides, people that like to 'clean up' demonic traces tend to feel partial labotomization is a better state. He seemd OK with me, and willing to take me at my word that I didn't have anything nefarious planned for Zee. I figure he's done some homework on me."

Jericho lets out contented sigh at that kiss and squeezes the blone sorceress a bit tighter. Not everyone gets to see Illyana like this. He counts himself damned fortunate that he does. "That's actually possible now, thanks to Berto." The hacker teases. She'll remember, he's sure, her amsuement at the fact that finding information on her digitally was… rather unproductive when he tried it.

"Though if he had the juice to get to Limbo I imagine he had other ways of doing homework on you. If his interest is Zee we'll probably be seeing more of him." Since Jericho, at least, runs into her quite a bit and Illyana seems to consider the young mage a friend. "But if he seemed okay we'll leave it at that for now. How'd the critters take to it?" As he asks, he actually reaches up to rest a hand on the back of Illyana's head.

"I don't think that the stuff he was researching was anything 'Berto put out." Illyana remarks with a smirk. Mages as a whole tend to be a bit technophobic, clinging to their musty old tomes. "More getting the temperature of how the Hell lords and various other supernatural powers view me. Definitely not a tea sorta fella."

The blonde is fitted into the curve of his body, like he's some sort of blanket she can wrap herself up in and indulge in the warm fuzzies. "He got a lot of attention, but we met away from them. Probably for the best, otherwise there'd have been posturing and whatnot."

"Aaaah…" Jericho is aware, peripherally, that Illyana does run in very, very powerful circles magically speaking. He's never asked for the details and she's never offered but it doesn't surprise him once he thinks about it to know that she's got a reputation among other supernatural Powers. Capital P for a reason. One does not rule a dimension, or even most of one, without skill, guts and serious power.

"Mmmmm. Interesting guy all the same if he can find that kind of information. He must have liked at least some of what he heard though." Or maybe decided that guns-a-blazin' wasn't the best go to move. Jericho gets that. It's rarely his for all that many of his confrontations end in fights. "Posturing might have been bad. What's your play for him, then?"

He seems quite comfortable with her tucked in against him, though they're talking about something that could potentially be quite serious, especially in view of the news about N'astirh. It speaks to something about both of them that this is an indulgence. Certainly there aren't many places or people with whom Jericho can be this relaxed. Well, actually, there aren't any. Closest he comes otherwise is with Partisan and May and even then there has to be a certain guardedness.

"He's got a rep of his own. Especially amongst the, let's say, darker Powers That Be." Illyana remarks. "He's well connected, and good at out-loopholing demons." She mulls over the question. "Sit back and watch, for now. He's not partial to demonkind but seemed alright with me given I'm… different. Considering he's pulled the wool over on Princes of Hell though, I'm going to stay wary. I did give him a heads up about N'astirh, in case he hears anything. I do think he's legit on wanting to keep Earth safe from the mystical nastybads."

"Well that counts for something." Jericho muses. And Illyana's opinion does count for something with him. Especially where matters like these are concerned. "All quiet otherwise then? I don't think I've turned over anything huge myself in the past week or so, our discovery not withstanding."

He lets that sit for a moment, considering while his traces slowly flush red from contact with Illyana. "How are you?" The question is quiet as it is simple.

Illyana takes one of Jericho's hands, linking her fingers with his, fingertips rubbing against his skin as she watches. "Nothing of note. Unfortunately." Illyana's not terribly fond of waiting.

Her attention tilts back upwards at the question and she smiles. "I'm good." Which doesn't mean she isn't worried, or busy, or that they aren't in danger. Just in this moment, right now, everything is good. And that's something to be savored.

It's a rare enough occurance for either of them, let alone both of them. Jericho's eyes dance as he looks back down, first to her hand and then back up to her eyes. He leans over to kiss her forehead. "Yes you are."

Good, that is. In more than one sense of the word. It's why he trusts her. Her nature may be - at least in part - demonic. But Illyana herself? She's not her nature. She tries.

"News'll come soon enough. Or something will kick off." Jericho chuckles wryly. "It always does, it seems, where you and I are concerned. If you're getting bored, I'm sure we can find a way to relieve that, though." He squeezes her hand and his eyes dance.

Illyana tilts her head up so she can nip at his jaw. "Let's go find a concert tonight. Dance. Have some fun." Well, it's fun for her. Being so very much older, Jericho might want earplugs. "Terribad things will be nipping at our heels in no time at all, I'm sure."

"I was just thinking the same thing." Jericho grins, both at the suggestion and the nip. Speaking of things nipping. When was the last time either of them got out for some fun? And the music? Well, better than gunfire for sure. The company's infinitely better too.

"You going to pick the outfits?" He grins. She has before. Does he mind? Not at all.

"Of course I am." Illyana says, pushing herself up and out of his lap. "Your taste in clothes sucks. I can't show you off when you're all baggy clothes and oversized hoodies." She reaches her hands out for his, to help him off the couch.

The flash of Jericho's eyes accompanies a flash of a grin as he takes her hand to get on up. "Guilty on that one." His taste in clothes is bland and he knows it. Comes of trying to hide a lot. And is he still trying to hide?

Not tonight he's not.

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