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March 21, 2015: Fenris introduces some of the Primal Force team members

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After Sara Pezzini accepted a Ley Pendulum from Fenris the Old Wolf had promised to introduce her to other bearers (of which there is now a growing number) and also show her how the darn thing worked if she hadn't figured it out herself by then. Lesson One was when he called her, and two other members and asked them very politely to come meet him not far from the Brooklyn Zoo. It's an odd sensation, the sound of Fenris voice inside one's head though he tries not to be intrusive about it.

The park near the zoo is good for two reasons. One, it's nice and open and two there's a ley line running through it which makes for easy teleportation and an easily accessable training aid. The God-Wolf is currently sitting on one of the picnic tables. He lives not too far from here - and he can point out his house - another good reason to meet here since he plans to make himself as accessible as possible. It's also a good opportunity to bring everyone up on recent developments. Those developments might have something to do with the odd looking animal like skull sitting next to him on the table like show and tell.

Coyote steps off the leyline and trots over to Fenris. One might be surprised to see a coyote traveling a leyline but she's coyote, and does what she will. Coyote sniffs at his hand and bumps her head against his hip before hopping up onto the table and laying next to him. She's quiet and somber. Not her usual playful self.

Zee arrives, appearing out of nowhere, obviously getting used to the disorienting effects of leyline travel. Why would a HomoMagi be travelling by leyline, and not teleporting? It's good practice for one and secondly it's less magic to expend… and lately, Zee's been needing her magical reserves.

Wearing figure hugging black leather pants, a hot pink singlet, black denim jacket and high heel knee high boots, her outfit is topped off with the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum hanging at her left hip.

Seeing Jesana and Fenris, Zee makes her way over to them, eyeing Jes carefully. "Hey you two…" a small wave "You called, Fenris?"

Sara Pezzini is pretty good at figuring things out for herself. Whether it's because of ten years as a detective or her experience with the Witchblade, it didn't take her long to translate the sensations of the ley pendulum into a general idea of how to use it. Of course, like most things Sara tries for herself, she overdoes it a bit.

She comes in hot, skidding along the sidewalk with the pendant clutched in a gauntleted hand. "Okay, for the record," she says, turning to stalk toward Fenris, "The position of 'creepy voice in my head' has been filled."

Fenris chuckles gives Jesana a scratch between the ears. "We're meeting 'people' you know." And she's not going to be able to talk like this. And if she changes back there might be other issues. Ah well.

Then Zee arrives followed shortly by Sara. Who has apparently mastered teleportation and ley line riding better than many on their first time out. Color the Old Wolf impressed. Then again, Witchblade bearers are quite frequently impressive. "Apologies, Sara." He rumbles. "The pseudo-telepathic voices are kind of… de rigeur. Time was when the voice used to come from the pendulum itself but sometimes having an audible voice is a… problem." Like when one is trying to sneak. Or work in a police precinct. Or work in general.

"Sara I'd like you to meet Zatanna Zatara…" He gestures to the younger mage. "And Jesana Ravae. Both are bearers of Ley Pendulums as you are." And of course Sara knows May has one, though Fenris doesn't know she's made that connection yet.

Jes lifts her head and gives a small tail wag at Zee's appearance. She's being good. She has her leather collar with Zee's tag on and her ley pendulum necklace. She can't speak like this but she can communicate if she needs to. Her eyes finally turn towards the new one and Sara can see a slightly larger than average female coyote with one brown eye and one blue staring at her. The coyote's fur is a mixture of whites greys and black without any of the red people usually associate with coyotes.

Zee smiles as Jes' tail wags "If you want to change back, I can call some clothes for you, Jes." she murmurs as Sara approaches. "Nice to meet you, Sara. Most people call me, Zee … particularly my friends." Settling on the bench near Fenris, Zee absently scritches Jes' ear.

Noticing the skull on the table, Zee raises an eyebrow in question, remaining silent for now.

"Do you not have a cell phone? There are lots of unlimited texting plans these days," Sara grumbles to Fenris, pushing a hand through her hair to shake out the grumpy before she looks back to the others. "Sorry. I get a little bit jumpy about some things. Hi." A smile flashes, though it's a little bit strained. "Zee and Jesana. I'm assuming the coyote is Jesana." She once came home to an injued god-wolf in her living room. This is not a hard thing to accept. "Nice to meet you both."

"I do. And if you like, I'll use it in the future, but I wanted you to be aware of the possibility so that if, say, Zee starts talking in your head, you won't immediately try to kill her." Fenris smiles, waving a little cell phone.

"The coyote is Jesana. Whom is not always a Coyote." Fenris grins. "Both Zee and Jes have worked with me on a few things. Which I need to speak to you all about but first…" He grins. "How was the teleporting. Did you have any trouble with it? We can get in a bit of practice first if you'd like."

Jes had been watching Sara, not liking her tone of voice towards her God, but then Sara's body language changes and she apologizes so Jes relaxes. She sits up with a soft sigh and holds out a paw to Sara after turning to lick Zee's cheek. See? She's being good!

Zee flashes a smile towards Sara, Fenris has mentioned the woman before and she's done a little bit of research on the 'Witchblade', she's curious but now's not the time to speak on it.

"I'll try not to speak in your head, as well but sometimes it will happen… " she adds with a wink, leaning back against the table and crossing her ankles.

Jes' lick on the cheek, gets a slightly fond look from young magi. "I'm good with the teleporting, thanks Fenris."

"I'm not that volatile," Sara smirks at Fenris at the talk of going off and killing people just for hearing their voices. "And I think I've got the gist of the ley line travel thing. Like swimming downstream. Find the river, step in, step out when you get where you're going." The offered paw gets a long look, but she reaches out to take it. Briefly. "So what's up? Reality under threat again?"

"Reality is often under threat. I broke a young man named Keith just a little, once, by explaining just how often." Fenris chuckles. "But this time someone seems to be rather serious about it." He holds up the skull and turns it over. It's clearly the skull of a large hunting cat. Something, perhaps, the size of a tiger. Which is big. Those can get in excess of eight hundred pounds in the wild. When he turns it over, however, there's odd scratching on the inside of it. A closer depiction reveals it to be arcane runes. "This I recovered last night from a botched ley line tapping south of New York. Zee was there, as were a few others. It's wasn't a ritual component. And despite the similarities, this isn't the head of a tiger. It's the head of a Rakshasa. Are you familiar with those?"

Jes looks at Zee. Just had she gotten into last night? Her hackles raise and she growls softly when she looks back at the skull. She has no idea what a Rakshasa is but she knows its nothing good from the way that thing scents.

Zee smirks a little at the mention of Keith, she and Booster had done similar in another discussion about time travel and paradoxes. Giving Jes a little smile, Zee shrugs a little "It was fine, Jes, I even had cover last night." The gash on her cheek from the wraiths claws easily mended by her healing, see… not even a scar.

Looking at the skull, Zee frowns a little as she thinks "If I remember rightly, a demonic, no perhaps evil is a better description, type of magic user, Fenris? The texts I've found in the Shadowcrest library mention them occassionally."

"Indian demons, aren't they?" Sara reaches for the skull, taking it for a closer look if Fenris will hand it over. "Though I wasn't aware they had any connections to big cats. Makes sense it would look like a tiger, though, given the Indian roots. If it's not a component, what was it doing there?"

Sara gets an approving nod and a grin. "Yes, very good Sara. Indian demons with an appetite for flesh and the ability to assume any form at will. So the stories say. And, sadly, the stories are quite correct. Like most other demonic beings they don't live on this plane. Generally they have to be summoned and they can be killed when here. Tiger headed, in some of the tales."

Fenris hand the skull over for her to examine. It's lousy with demonic energy. As might be expected since it's a demon's skull. The writing on the inside is some form of sanskrit. "As for why it was there… there are… principles of immortality that apply in odd fashions. Recover the bones of a powerful demon and if his essence still lingers, you might get it back. You simply need something to contain that essence. The magic of the demon itself will do the rest. I believe they were trying to 'reincarnate' this particular Rakshasa. Which begs the question: Was this the only time this has been attempted recently, and 'who would do such a thing'. While I do not have the answer to the second, I rather suspect the answer to the first is 'no'."

Fenris reaches into his pocket and holds up a badge for the Metropolis Departmetn of Water and Power. "This was found near the site as well. I asked a friend about him. He told me that the police have listed Mister Arthur Wellsey as missing for three months."

Jes tilts her head to one side and listens. There isn't anything she can add to this conversation so far. She looks at the skull and growls softly again. None of this sounds good, but what has lately. At least Zee and Fenris were able to interrupt whoever was trying to use it. The Coyote looks at Fenris. Missing for three months? She flops over onto her side with crossed eyes and her tongue hanging out in a play dead position. Clearly she doubts the man is still alive.

Placing a hand on the back of Jes' neck, Zee sits in silence and listens. Like Jes, she's nothing to add at this point. Jes' playing dead has the young woman nodding in agreement, it would seem that is the logical conclusion.

Sara takes the skull to get a closer look at it, and tendrils immediately begin to climb up her fingertips from her bracelet, the Witchblade reacting to the energies still inside. "People summon demons for stupid reasons, Fenris, I'm sure you know that by now," she shakes her head. "I had one guy who was summoning a demon to kill his ex-wife because she was getting re-married. Though this is a little…regional for your average amateur."

"Yes. Rather." Fenris says dryly, watching in fascination as the bracelet tries to become a guantlet. After a moment he glances back to the other two. "I believe that someone is trying to replace people in the Department of Water and Power. It's possible they already have. That seems to me to be a reasonable thing to summon a shape shifting demon to do. Why resort to a demon as opposed to more mundane methods I'm not sure. However someone should look into it. The Metropolis Power Grid is something… best left untampered with, as I mentioned to Pepper Potts not too long ago. I am going to follow this up on 'the other end' as it were, which is going to require a trip to India and some asking around." He smiles. "It's possible I may need help there too, but I think at this point the threat closer to home is the one that bears more immediate looking into. That is, however, just my advice. I do not pretend to claim any kind of authority or leadership over any of you."

Jes rises on all fours and then wiggles her way under his arm and licks his cheek. He's her God. She'll do whatever he asks, if she gets to take out some morons messing with demons as well, that's just a happy bonus. From the toothy grin she has as she sits again, a very happy bonus.

Raising her eyebrows at the Witchblades response to the skull, Zee watches. Interesting. The mention of the Metropolis Power Grid gains her attention "Is this related to that map you showed Miss Potts and I?" showing the position of the Stark power supplies.

Sara passes the skull back to Fenris, grimacing. "Control," she suggests. "People are people. They've got free will, they've got their own agendas. If you catch a demon properly, and you're stupid enough to think you're clever enough to work around it, they literally can't break your command. They also aren't all that big on the spirit of the law as opposed to the letter, but people who go around summoning demons aren't great at working out consequences."

"Or just don't care about them. It helps if you can offer the demon something it wants to begin with." Fenris isn't sure what the deals were. But he's got a sneaking suspicion that there were deals. Groups well organized enough to put together a ley line tap don't just summon one demon. They just managed to catch the group that messed it up. He takes teh skull back.

"But you may well be right. Control could very well be the reason to use demons. And that does tell us something about whom we are dealing with. If you choose to take this on be very, very careful."

He glances down to Jesana now and scratches her ears before looking back up to Zee. "I do not know for certain Zee but I rather suspect that it is. It cannot be an accident that the power grid was used to charge the Ley Lines with magic by a retrofit that would never have happened were it not for the terrorist attack some months back." Pause. "Also, we should see about getting Jesana an… outfit that changes with her. So she can meet Sara in person." The coyote gets a wry look.

Jes sticks her tongue out and shakes her head! Magic clothes itch. And her control and mood are not the best right now. It's better this way. She can at least appear friendly. Mostly. And if it were an emergency she would shift.

"I guess that's a no then, Jes." Zee snorts softly at her friend and shrugs at Fenris. Jes will be Coyote, Zee's learning about that.

"I might speak further with Miss Potts about the power company, maybe she will see something that we don't." Partisan had told Zee, just the other day, that Pepper had a way of looking at things differently.

Looking at Fenris, Zee frowns some more "This is the second thing I'm dealing with that involves making deals with demons, this week." shaking her head, the frown deepening some more "I need to think about it some more… "

"They've been a growing problem for almost a year now," Sara grimaces to Zee. "Paul and I caught a case then involving some…Hollows, Blood called it. People and demons hollowing out kids and trying to make them into vessels. About six months ago, Blood showed up at my place saying things had gotten worse. I'm starting to think I need to be looking into getting the Spear back to the church," she adds with a look to Fenris. "I can't use it, but someone needs to be."

"I can make some discreet inquiries on your behalf." Fenris offers. Sara is well capable of handling herself but he likes to offer. While not a 'young wolf' as he might view some others he knows, the Bearer of the Balance is someone he feels worthy of both respect and aid at the very least. Friend might be stretching it. He hasn't known her that well. Though she did let him crash in her house so… friend might fit too.

Try not to think too hard on the theological implications of a Norse deity contacting the clergy of another religion. Or having friends there. It'll just make your head hurt.

"Of course Zee, all such things are to be approached with caution. And rakshasas are devious. Take Jesana with you if you decide to go. And Sara or whomever will come with you." The idea behind having a group of guardians is so that there's always someone willing and able without it having to be the same someone all the time.

Jes gets up again and climbs into Zee's lap before plopping down. Demon hunting? No..she's not letting Zee go alone. Not letting her out of her sight unless they are safely back in Shadowcrest. Besides, they make a good team.

Zee wouldn't necessarily go alone. She's not quite that foolhardy. "I was just going to talk to Miss Potts" she murmurs before looking to Sara. "The other one deals with HYDRA making a deal with a demon. I … don't know if they're related. We don't even know what the deal was for… " Jes sitting in her lap gets a soft sigh "I get it, Jes. I'm not going without you."

"I'd be careful about it," Sara cautions Fenris. "They weren't exactly friendly people the last time I ran into them, and I doubt being without their artifact has made them any happier. I'd rather not get into a fight with a bunch of them over it, either. Ideally I'd like to hand it over to someone who isn't going to try to stab me with it and move along."

"Fanatics, mmm?" Fenris considers. "Hrm. Well. I'll make some very discreet inquiries then." Possibly to parts of the Church that aren't commonly acknowledged to exist. Being around for two thousand years is fairly good for the contacts department. "Meanwhile, you should be aware that Melinda May, Misfit, Kara Zor-El and a man named Cyclops have agreed to aid us all in this. Call on them as you will. A man named Gambit is still considering."

"HYDRA… mmmm…" Fenris fixes Zee with a look. "We shall speak later on this. This kind of thing has their hallmarks though."

At the mention of Hydra Jes moves to the bench and lies down dispiritedly. She rests her head on her paws and stares forlornly at the wood. She's listening, her ears are twitching from time to time but she's clearly withdrawn back into herself again.

The talk of the spear and fanatics has Zee interested and she listens politely but there's obviously pieces to the story she's missing.

The look from Fenris gets a small smile "Sure Fenris, we can talk. I have to do some fact checking though." As she talks, she nudges Jes back onto her lap for petting and a hug if the Coyote permits it. "I told you, Jes. We'll get them."

"A HYDRA deal with demons was involved in the last breach on the Triskelion," Sara adds to Zee. "And apparently, the demons weren't exactly happy about how that worked out for them." She snaps her fingers, pointing to Fenris. "Which may explain why they went the rakshasha route. Could be certain circles of Hell just aren't doing business with them anymore. You know. Like you're not getting another card from American Express while your account's unpaid."

Fenris is amused that the workings of arcane politics can be described in terms of mortal consumer finance. "That could well be. They've been active and rather naughty lately. I understand many people are unhappy with them. Though if they're still making deals then clearly someone on the other side still thinks they have something to gain." The God-Wolf muses as he watches Zee and Jes for a long moment. "The attempt on the Ley Line last night is disturbing. Tapping power in that manner is a little bit like trying to tap a water main with a soda straw. It's not real likely to go well and it's incredibly likely to make a mess. If it can be done though, the damage they could do would be limited only by their imaginaton. If that incident was connected to HYDRA then we have a very big problem indeed."

Coyote lets Zee pull her back into her lap and snuggles into the hug. Zee gets a small tail wave and Coyote seems to be more focused again. Her head tilts to one side as she listens to Fenris. As bad as she wants to hunt down every HYDRA and tear them to pieces she hopes they had nothing to do with last night, if it's that bad.

Zee nods to Sara "Same thing I'm working on, Sara. The SHIELD Hellcarrier that was transformed as well… All related." Zee looks grim and she turns to Fenris "Magik thinks there are HYDRA mages messing with the leylines, it's just all a bit too convenient. But it might just be coincidence too. I can think of two other occurences in Gotham alone that messed with leylines." She shrugs a little and hugs Coyote as she does "Might be coincidental…" she kind of hopes it is.

"You know, if we ever het ahold of their recruitment manual, I would love to know how they keep pulling people in," Sara sighs, checking her watch before taking a look around the park. "So hold on. Them summoning a demon around the ley line is majorly dangerous like that, but we get a pretty rock and we just surf along them?"

"Oh that wasn't a simple demon summoning. They were attempting to create a 'tap' where they could sip directly out of the world's power lines." Fenris grins, shaking his head at the stupidity of it all. "It's tricky work. Summoning a demon would have been easier. Getting the juice necessary to get this one back, not so much. They probably didn't want to wait for a conjunction, if I had to guess."

As for the surfing. "Ley Pendulums are… well I call them 'minor' artifacts but - without meaning to seem too… prideful, I suppose - they're not something just anyone can make. I have been studying magic for two thousand years, after all."

Fenris glances over to Zee with a frown. "I don't, I'm afraid, believe in such coincidences… not ususally at any rate."

Coyote ducks her head and licks at her pendulum necklace. She is very proud to have been asked to wear one and has been learning to use it, although perhaps in some unexpected ways. But thats just how she does things.

Still stroking Coyote, Zee nods as Fenris explains. "Like trying to take a sip from a Fire Hyrdant running at full blast." Another analogy. Fenris gets a small smile, "Not prideful at all, Fenris" and then she shrugs "It was wishful thinking. I'll try to talk to Magik again and see if she's had anymore thoughts on it… I can give you some names of demons I think might be involved if that helps."

"Well, in that case, I feel slightly less like I just took my life in my hands getting here," Sara smirks back at Fenris, taking out the pendant on its short chain and giving it a spin. Dangling between her fingers, it looks like it could be nothing more than a keychain, really.

Which is part of the 'charm' of these enchanted dowsing pendulums. There's all kinds of ways to conceal them. Or carry them. "Any information would be helpful Zee. I may see the Darkchilde myself. If this doesn't get too busy." Otherwise, well, as he's mentioned, the woman is a friend and he's quite sure she's hip deep in something. Kind of reminds him of Sara, really.

"Teleportation is not without risks. But I would not have left you without instruction if you were likely to turn yourself into a newt doing it. And I imagine it will be handy when SHIELD proves unable or unwilling to provide other means of transport."

Coyote smiles. She hadn't actually believed she could even use the pendulum at first but now, she loves traveling the ley lines. She's memorized a map of the world and where they lie and has been randomly traveling to different places whenever she has a free moment. She looks at Sara and wags her tail, trying to look reassuring.

Nodding to Fenris, Zee smiles slightly "I'll write up what I know for you, including names." Saras keychain gets an amused smile "Very innovative, Sara." Zee wears her pendulum more openly, but then again, she's a magician and people accept, even expect, those types of quirks from her.

"If it means less jumping out of planes, I'm in favor," Sara says ruefully, shaking her head as she tucks the stone away again. "All the same, I think I'll walk home. Interesting experiment, but it's still a hell of a trip."

Hopefully not literally." Fenris smirks. "But if you wind up there say hello to my Sister and I'll be along to collect you shortly. We're on reasonable terms, she and I. I've been giving her presents." It's best not to ask exactly what.

Jes tilts her head and listens with an expression of curiousity. Sister? Something to ask about later when she's human again. She looks down to eye her pendant thoughtfully. Is it possible to travel somewhere that isn't on earth with it? Maybe something to explore…

If Zee had realised what Jes was thinking, she'd be speaking very seriously with Coyote. Instead, Coyote gets another hug as the other two talk. "Long trip back to Gotham for us, we'll be using the Leyline Network… it's good practice as well." Better to get lost when not on a mission. Glancing to Fenris, she grins a little "Anything else we need to know for now, Fenris?"

"Last call," Sara nods to Fenris at Zee's question, smile flickering. "I should be getting back."

"That's all for now." Fenris stands up preparing to go himself. "Oh, yes. I live over there." He points. "Any of you are welcome to come by if you need help or advice. Or call me through the pendulums." He pauses. "And ladies. Thank you all. I mean it. I know what you're risking, and I am grateful."

Then the Old Wolf turns and walks home.

Coyote watches until he's across the street and then rises and stretches before falling into place beside Zee.

Waving to Fenris, the Mistress of Magic stands "Nice to meet you, Sara." Zee glances down at Coyote with a wry grin "Jesana would say so too, if she could talk." Coyote gets her ears ruffled "Shall we go home then?"

"Nice to meet you all, too," Sara nods to the others. "I'm sure we'll be spending more time together in the future." And with that, she starts walking back toward Brooklyn. There's a solid chance she'll be back to using the pendant once her feet get sore.

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