Jotuns and Giants

March 21, 2015: When Jotuns and Hecatonchires appear, who do you expect to fight it?

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How many ways can one say 'Giant'? Well quite a few if one happens to be a mythology buff. There's all kinds of giants in mythology but the one thing they have in common is that they tend to stay safely on the pages where they can't hurt anyone. Or uproot trees. Or toss boulders.

Fenris is at least happy these idiots decided to have their grudge match in the middle of a state park where no one can see them. There's five jotun and by his count six hecatonchires - the famed 'hundred handed' giants of Greek myth. They don't really have a hundred hands. They can sprout limbs at will though. It's kind of nauseating. Presently they're having what he would ordinarily call a barroom brawl. If they weren't all ten stories tall. And in a bar. Middle of nowhere or not, someone's gonna notice this eventually. He needs to put an end to it before then… If he can figure out how.

Okay, so. Gigantic people out of /nowhere/ just start having a brawl in the middle of nowhere. Where have they been all this time? Do they live in alternate dimensions, and just hop into this one to kick over cities and knock over trees? Do they actually live underground and like never move? Is it just a movie, and she should really just relax?

Karen Starr, nay, o/~ Power Girl o/~ did not know. What she knew was…!

Power Girl was arcing towards the fight near the speed of sound, her cute little cape flapping in the wind, her costume and hair ~pristine~. Really, it was awe-inspiring. So Peej brings her blue-gloved hands to her lips, and shouts. "HEY YOU GUYS WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!"

They might hear that in the next city over. Such is the strength of her POWER LUNGS.

Kara had been flying through the area for no particular reason when she saw the group of mythological creatures having some kind of brawl. She might have flown in and asked what was going on, told them to go home or broken it up but then-

-Power Girl is already rushing in to do just that.

It was hard to miss the other woman shouting at the top of her lungs so Kara flies up and crosses her arms while floating beside the other woman; trying to look tough.

Giants are, in some mythos', famously stupid. These ones are just distracted. When some guy with eighteen, no, nineteen arms is rabbit punching you, that does tend to be fiarly distracting. And now there's something else very large approaching. This one should be more familiar though. It's a big black wolf. With ember- red eyes. Well, familiar to one of them anyway. "I don't think they're paying attention."

Karen looks up as Kara arrives, kinda pursing her lips at the other Kryptonian. A glance - maybe with narrowed eyes, before she glances downwards again, and she breathes out a long, ragged sigh. "What are you doing?" she asks in a hissing sort of whisper to the other woman, giving her a glance.

Chewing on her lip, she kinda glances down at the giants. "…and what are /they/ doing? Think we should punch a couple?"

Kara frowns when Fenris notes the giants aren't paying attention, his big bad wolf appearances giver her an idea but that would have to wait for another time.

She stares back at Karen and replies with a smile, "Same thing you are silly, trying to help people out." A confused look is shot in Fenris' direction, "So… who do we help?"

Fenris watches as one of the jotun takes a tumble the thud-boom echoing across the landscape. Oy… There goes a whole lot of lumber. "Well, Jotun are near human-smart. Hecatonchire… not so much. We have to figure out what started the f-" Before he can finish a Hecatonchire goes tumbling head over heels right into him, elbows him in the jaw and is tackled by an ice giant.

"Okay…" Fenris growls. "No more Mister Nice Whuffy…" He shoves the other two off him and leaps on one of the Greek giants with a snarl.

For a long moment, Peej just kinda stares at Kara. "…"

"…well," says Peej, kinda glancing from her to the brawling giants, then, as Fenris leaps into the fray. "They are kinda wrecking a lot of trees in the park. But uh…" Karen lifts up a hand to scratch the tip of her nose. "Is he a friend of yours?"

Fenris entering the fight given the circumstances causes Kara to laugh a little, she couldn't help it.

"Yeah, he's my friend Fenris. He can become a wolf and uh, I shouldn't say more." Kara had not forgotten the tale he had told her, but it wasn't hers to share, "You deal with the hecatonimimitis things and I'll deal with the Jotuns."

She flies towards one of the frost giants and waves, "Hey! Mister Giant, mind taking this fight back to whatever planet you all come from?"

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Is the answer Kara gets. She's loud enough to get heard which earns her a giant sized swat, as if at an annyoing fly. Clearly someone's never encountered Kryptonians before. Fenris grabs is giant by the leg, lifts him up and slams him down again to keep him down before pouncing on another. The Old Wolf has clearly decided to resolve this the old fashioned way.

Peej kinda gives Kara a long look at that. "You know what - how about /you/ handle the heca things, and I'll handle the frost giants!" she calls out. Putting both of her hands forward, she aims herself at the very same frost giant that Kara was aiming herself at, launching herself like a rocket at the guy. Whether or not Kara gets there first, Karen would try to give it a sock on the nose!

Kara looks annoyed when Power Girl totally steals her thunder and does what she said she was going to do. Who did she think she was!


Instead of using her fists, Kara grabs an uprooted tree to use as a bat and begins bashing the big guys around trying to knock them out so they can be sent back home on timeout.

As the show says, 'POW! Right in the Kisser!" Karen's strike knocks one Giant out. And Kara brains another with a beautful pine. Fenris is on his third giant right now, fairly distracted, which is why he doesn't see the Greek off to the side pickup rocks (by which we mean boulders) and chuck them hard at all three of them!

"You know, /princess/," says Peej, bringing her gloved hand through her hair as she whirls upon Kara. "I think I got everything under control here. In, fact, if you wanna skootch back along to…" Peej's little rant was cut off. Probably by the boulder that smacks into her, knocking her head over heels as she kinda starts falling earthward.

It really kinda hurt, and that was a rare thing, but she was okay.

But she was kinda grumbling on her way down to crash into the ground, making a crater there.

Well, good thing Kara had heard some talk about Baseball before. When the boulders start flying she's using her tree like a bat to send them back at the giant who happens to be tossing them.

When Power Girl gets all cocky she shrugs her shoulders and sends the last boulder flying towards her, she knew it wouldn't really injure the other woman, but it would be funny, "OOPSIE DAISY!"

"Are you two finished over there?!" Fenris growls as he takes on a Jotun and a Hekatonchire at the same time. They seem to have decided that he's a bigger deal. Fortunately there's only four left now counting the two that Fenris has. The rest are either unconscious or rubbing various injuries and disinclined to keep fighting.

Which is good because they've wrecked about half a square mile of trees.

Narrowing her eyes, Peej kinda notices the other boulder heading towards the crater she was in. Turning herself around, and lifting her hands up - she catches the boulder, kinda driven down into a kneeling squat beneath it. Crinkling her nose a little bit, she waits until Kara probably thinks she is good and squashed before straightening herself up again and launching her boulder up at the littler Kryptonian.

"CATCH!" she calls.


When Power Girl throws the boulder up at her, Kara smiles, "It was my plan all along!" It totally wasn't but she rolls with it. Fenris doing the bulk of the work was amusing to, the old wolf needed a workout now and again.

The boulder is hopefully batted by Kara towards the mid-section of a giant to knock the wind out of it.

There's a trio of thuds in large succession. Kara and Karen baseball the giant down. Home run. Fenris puts down too more and the last… decides to just sit his butt down. The Old Wolf huffs and shakes his head. "Okay. Now. Listen carefully, because I won't ask twice. What in HELHIEM was that all about?"

The silence stretches on. He knows they understood him because that's an asgardian talent that he has. Finally one of the Greeks points at a small little boulder over on the edge of the ruined field. "They stepped on my rock."

This whole thing might be a metaphor. How one can let small, little inconsequential things ruin a relationship - and turn things into all out war. It might be philosophical, such as finding some zen meaning in giants fighting over a rock.

Whatever, Karen was over it.

Rolling her eyes, she releases a bit of a huff, bringing her hand through her hair. "Well. Seems like you two have things well in hand!" she calls out, already starting to take off again. Aiming back towards Metropolis.

Kara frowned as the other woman flew off, she would have called out wait but she knew Power Girl absolutely hated her so she wouldn't bother. For a moment, she thought they were almost having some kind of sisterly bonding moment; she was wrong.

"This is all over someone stepping on a rock?" She buries her head in her hands and just sighs.

"Giants…" Fenris murmurs, echoing Karen's sentiments as she flies toward Metro. "The lot of you GO HOME!" If any of you are still here when I get back you won't like it. At all. Not that you'll have long to reflect on it.

The huge wolf shakes his head and turns toward Kara. "Where's your friend headed?"

A shrug of her shoulders is the initial response Kara gives to Fenris before she sighs, "She's not my friend, well, at least not yet." A final look is given to the giants before she asks the big bad wolf, "Need any more help? If not, I'll probably head back to Metropolis. Sorry for letting you do all the heavy lifting."

"It's fine." Fenris chuckles. "Thanks for helping. THank her too… if you get the chance. You took out five or six between the two of you." He grins. "Nice outfit by the way. New one from your appearance at the news conference right?"

Kara couldn't blame Fenris for not being able to keep up with her costume changes, "Nah, it's the one I've been wearing since though. Maybe I'll add a hood to my cape, then we can be like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Anyways…." She gives Fenris a quick hug if she can, "Cya!" Flying off she goes.

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