Philly Steaks with Gwen

March 21, 2015: Gwen, Bobby and Eugene all meet up. Zee and Jes drop by…

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It's been a pretty decent day for Bobby Drake. His one issue notwithstanding, things are all going pretty well right now and he's decided to stop in Brooklyn to get some lunch. There's a little Philly place that has been booming and he hasn't had a chance to try it yet. Advantage of being a mutant with strange ice powers? Seems he metabolizes really well. Or maybe it's just that he's twenty three. Could be that.

After the meeting with Fenris, Zees' convinced Jes to change back by promising to buy her lunch and magicked up some clothing for her. By magicked up… she's retrieved some of Jes' clothes from her wardrobe in Shadowcrest.

The two young woman are now just entering the same Philly place "This place looks really good, Jes" Zee smiles over "I hope you have an appetite?" she asks as she looks around for a table.

Wearing figure hugging black leather pants, a hot pink singlet, black denim jacket and high heel knee high boots, her outfit is topped off with the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum hanging at her left hip.

Jes is wearing her leather dog collar still, but her pendulum necklace is tucked beneath her blood red tank top. She's got on black jeans and a black leather jacket. Her feet are clad in usual sandals. She smiles at her friend and answers. "Yeah. It smells good too." It's far easier for her to be coyote right now while she mourns, she doesn't need to think about or remember any of the thousand little things that humans do and don't do, but lunch out with Zee isn't something she'd say no to and so she's making an effort to be cheerful.

After her first real encounter with danger beyond some muggers as a costumed hero, Gwen had decided it was best to take the afternoon off and focus on some of her schoolwork. Some of the students in one of the classes she was a T/A in had been talking about this place and it seemed like a good excuse to try it out.

She's currently sitting in a booth with a beige jacket hanging over the edge, wearing a black dress and knee high boots. She's got a tablet in front of her and her mostly uneaten food.

"Bobby? Bobby Drake?" She peeks over her booth when she spots him entering, she hadn't seen him in quite awhile.

Bobby is just getting ready to lay into a twelve inch philly with cheese, mushrooms and onions when Zee walks in. Heh. Titans are everywhere it seems. He doeskn't know who her friend is but hey, Zee has all kinds of friends. He waves to the young mage.

And then hears a familiar voice. "Gwen?" He blinks. He hasn't seen Gwen in almost five years. Not since he graduated and left for UCLA. "Gwen Stacy?"

"Look, there's Bobby Drake, Jes" Zee waves to the Ice Nerd as she lets Jes order what she wants. Seeing, and hearing him speak to, the other woman, Zee leaves them alone as she places her order. "When our order comes, Jes, I'll introduce you to Bobby and we'll find a table, o.k? And don't worry, Bobby's good people."

Not having eaten much lately, the smells in the place wake her hunger. She chooses two of the largest sandwiches with everything and large soda. And 3 cookies. Then she nods at Zee. "Okay." She gives her a half smile. "I won't bite anyone, promise." She'd hear the two call to each other, she can in fact hear every conversation in the place but isn't really paying attention to anything but Zee and the food.

"Well, I'm certainly not MJ." Gwen grinned back at Bobby before standing up. She looked almost the same as she had since Midtown.

For the sake of convenience, Bobby was at most like a booth away eating so it takes Gwen a second or two of extremely coordinated shuffling to move her stuff over to the other man's table; was she that coordinated back in High School?

Leaning down to give Bobby a friendly hug she slides into the seat next to him before snagging one of his fries, "You're looking cool as always." She wants to laugh after that but opts not to go through an entire series of ice related puns she had lined up.

"How have you been Mister Superhero?" She had no idea how Bobby could be public about that kind of thing, but she found him even 'cooler' for it.

Mostly it's because his work involves a lot less vigilante crime busting and a lot more being contracted to solve specific problems. Some of them weren't even crime related. Bobby and Illyana Raspuntina had been doing flood relief for the better part of the last month, diverting floods, landslides and other natural disasters in the wake of Atlantis weather mucking. "Been doing alright. Work is work. Trying to, you know, stay chill." He winks at the other woman. "Might have another guest at the table in a sec." A nod given to Zee and Jes.

"Haven't heard much of you since High School, though. How have you been Gwen? You're looking well."

Grabbing their orders Zee moves, and encourages Jes to follow her, to the table Bobby is sitting at. "Heya Bobby, small world isn't it." The Mistress of Magic smiles at Gwen "Hi, I'm Zatanna. Zee to my friends. And this" gesturing to Jes "is Jesana. She's staying with me at Shadowcrest for the time being." Zee adds the last for Bobby mostly.

Jes follows Zee obediantly and sits next to her. She gives the other two a nod and soft "Hello." "It's nice to meet another friend of Zee's." She adds for Bobby as she unwraps her sandwiches and cookies. She moves to do the same for Zee.

Gwen nibbles on the stolen fry before brushing some stray hair away from her face, "I've been amazing, never better really." What a total lie. She could really have done without the whole being bitten by a mutant spider thing, "Just hitting the books hard and working on my Biochemistry degree right now. You know me."

You didn't get to be a class Valedictorian because you slacked off when it came to schoolwork, lately that had been piling up more and more for Gwen; it was insufferable.

When Zee and Jes approach she flashes them a brilliant white smile, "I'm Gwen, it's so nice to meet some friends of Bobby's. We were just catching up."

Zee's collar is given an appraising glance before she comments on it, "I love that collar, so gorgeous."

"Zee's a member of the Titans." Bobby explains. That team has had a fair amount of press as well. "They work a lot with X-Red. Zee, Jesana - nice to meet you by the way - this is Gwen Stacy. She's an old highschool friend of mine. She's good people." Which is saying a bit from Bobby.

"Biochem eh? Ambitious." He did physics, but he had a… vested interest.

"Mind if we join you?" Zee had seen Bobby's earlier nod and slips into the booth, leaving room for Jes to sit beside her. "Gwen, any friend of Bobbys…" she delivers a warm smile even as she unconsciously touches the collar as Gwen mentions it.

It is a very nice collar. Real diamonds and tag with words written in a scrawling script that will be unrecognisable to most.

"Oh, thank you. It was a gift from a friend." Technically, that's true "for helping them out with something." she shrugs. "Biochemistry sounds interesting." says the 19 year old who currently isn't in school.

Jes has never been inside a school in her life so she tunes out that part of the discussion. The mention of Zee's collar and subsequent explanation has the young native american scowling down at her sandwich but she doesn't comment, instead she digs into her food with obvious relish.

"Not as ambitious as what you do Bobby. Thanks for all of it, by the way." Gwen wasn't sure how else to thank Bobby for being a hero, of course she wasn't about to reveal to him that she had started dabbling in the whole costumed menace thing herself.

"I'm sure Bobby won't mind, please sit down." She pats the chair next to her for Zee, it's not that she's ignoring Jes, the other girl just seems to be busy eating, "That must have been one very special friend."

"Biochem is super duper interesting, but I'm not going to bore everyone with the details tonight." She steals another one of Bobby's fries even though she had her own food, someone else's always tasted better.

Bobby chuckles. "No I don't mind at all. Have a seat both of you." He's not heard the story of how Zee had gotten that collar. Sure looks expensive though.

"Oh Gwen, Flash is in town. I ran into him the other day. In fact I was just texting him before I got here. He may drop by."

Noting Jesana's… scowl, the ice nerd frowns slightly. "Zee, Jesana, is everything okay?"

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Though, to be fair, there was perhaps some time where he stood there at his apartment hemming and hawing about whether or not he should acknowledge Bobby's text. But his social instincts kicked in and he made the way down to where the 'gang' was meeting up. And alright he probably did take a bit of time trying to figure out what he was going to wear as well as, well, the accessories.
The front door jangled, announcing the arrival of another customer. But this time through the entrance stepped the Star of Midtown High's Football team, Quarterback #18, Flash Thompson! Though perhaps not quite as one might have expected him to appear from the passing years. Sure when he enters he announces his presence boisterously.
"Aww man, and here I was hoping to go someplace without a bunch of nerds being around." Sure it might be something that might sound mean, but the good-natured grin and small laugh that chases it might give a clue to those that know him… he's teasing. His blue eyes light up happily as he steps in, taking his time with the cane in his hand and negotiating the seats slowly on his prosthetics, though they're hidden under his jeans. Yet despite the cane… still the same old Flash. There's that backwards Mets baseball cap, the black jacket and the ARMY t-shirt.
"Bobby!" He steps up slowly and claps the man on the back as he offers a friendly wave to Jesana. "Ms. Zatara. Good to see you again and…" He blinks, looks across the table. "Gwen? Where the heck have you been keeping yourself? Aww man!"

Zee looks at Jes and raises an eyebrow before smiling at Bobby "Everything is just fine." Nodding to Gwen, Zee shrugs a little "I think Illyana is a good friend to have."

Flashes arrival has Zee smiling again "Flash, it really is just Zee. Have you met my friend, Jesana?"

Jes just sighs into her sandwich crumbs. She's finished both of them already. She glances up to see who Flash is. Her nostrils flare and she blinks a bit, looking surprised and maybe uneasy for a moment before her expression clears. "Hello. Nice to meet you." She says politely before starting in on her cookies.

Bobby had not been kidding when he said Eugene 'Flash' Thompson might drop by. Gwen had always known Flash and had considered him a friend, even if he used to relentlessly tease Peter even when they were dating.

"You weren't kidding, it sounds like he hasn't changed a bit." The nerd comment does not go un-noticed, neither does his entrance sadly.

As Gwen looks over the man, her eyes settle on the cane and she can't help but frown a little. Flash wasn't the only member of their class to serve overseas, a few had even died but Gwen hadn't really known them.

Seeing Flash all wounded, it actually made Gwen sad. She was suddenly ashamed of herself for pitying him and she realized, her eyes were focussed on that cane still.

Her cheeks flash red from the emberassment of settling her gaze on his disability and she stands up to give him a hug, "I've been right here in New York. Not everyone from Midtown decided to go out and be a big damn hero." She shoots a look between the two men before telling Flash, "Liz was devastated when you shipped out. You should try to go see her sometime."

"Big Damn Hero?" Bobby grins, shooting a look over to Zee and Jes that says he's gonna make an awful pun. "No no. Mal and Zoe are big damn heroes (sir). I'm just a physics nerd who can get people to chill like it's going out of style." Seriously though. Crowd control and environmental support. Specialties. Along with thermodynamics. It's a good thing he couldn't freeze people back in high school. A few people might have gotten reverse indian burns.

"Hey," Flash encircles Gwen in the hug and gives her shoulder a squeeze. "Yeah, Bobby's the real deal. I just need to learn when to duck." He makes light easy enough, that's the role he has to fill. "C'mon. We got tons of catching up and all. By the way, it's my treat."
Flash looks between them all, grinning the while. "I figure if anyone owes people a few free lunches…" Is the guy who took some people's lunch money ages ago. Though, to be fair, _that_ was Elementary school. Still.
Turning he looks to Zatanna and gives her a small wave, "Fancy meeting you again. Like a bad penny, huh?" The baseball-behatted twenty something turns those bright blue eyes on Jesana. "It's a pleasure to meet you. That looks good, what're you having?" He looks back to his high school classmates, "Totally getting what she ordered."

"Yes, fancy." Zee smirks just a little as she casts Jes a questioning look. When she and Flash had met in New York recently, she'd recognised him but couldn't place the details of what that was.

Bobbys pun gets her eyes rolling and smirks a little "and we're just too damned pretty to die…"

Jes shakes her head slightly. She has no idea what the hell she's scenting from two of the people in this room but one of them is seriously setting the hairs on the back of her neck up. They don't appear to be in any danger and the two giant sandwhiches she's just devoured have relaxed her a bit. "I had two of the footlongs." She answers. And three cookies..and she's drinking a giant soda now. Mismatched eyes travel over him with curiousity. "You're a soldier?"

Gwen wasn't going to argue, as far as she was concerned Bobby was a hero as an X-Man, Zee was a hero as a Titan and Flash was a hero as a war veteran, "At least they can't cancel the real heroes, right?" She was definitely a bit of a nerd herself.

When Flash is eying up Jesana's food she flashes back to High School, Flash definitely had a reputation.

For old times sake, she would definitely have to warn Jes about him. Bobby would not be let in on this secret, it was for girls only.

Leaning in close to Zatanna and Jes, she whispers to the pair very conspiratorially, "He got the nickname Flash because it's over in a second." She looks back over at Flash and Bobby and smiles, "Just like old times, except Flash isn't flipping a tray in someone's face."

If Jesana is smelling something faintly odd about Gwen, well she had band practice earlier and helped stop some kind of crazy mutant assassination stuff without going home yet; it was her excuse and she was sticking to it.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


It's /Power Girl/!

Little red cape fluttering in the wind, Peej lands outside of the diner, brushing a bit of oddly placed dirt upon one of her mighty pauldrons of her uniform. Stepping inside the diner proper, much to the amazement of some of the patrons, Peej walks /right up/ to the counter, sets her hands upon the countertop, and flutters her eyelashes at the server.

"Order for Power Girl - maybe you guys do last names first so it might be under Girl Power…" she says, lifting her eyebrows high at the joke. A beat, and she releases a laugh, before pulling a fifty from heaven-knows-where and placing it on the counter. "I ordered three of those ~amazing~ philly cheesesteaks. I called it in like fifteen minutes ago, so it might be ready, uh… already, uh… " A pause.

"If I could get it to go that would be great."

Resting his cane on the back of his chair, Flash sits down slowly and then settles in. He gives a nod to Jesana, "Yeah, joined up a few years back. Though really I'm just in school at the moment." And indeed, for someone with heightened senses the alien aspect to a symbiote might be throwing her a curious scent and some strange signals.
Then Gwen leans in and murmurs something low to the other women, an act of evil and subtlety that clearly draws Flash's suspicion. He cocks a blonde eyebrow and glares at each in turn. His lips part…
And any witty comeback dies on the tip of his tongue. Blue eyes shift over to follow the arrival of Power Girl. Naturally there's that slight double-take, then a furrowing of his brow. He looks at Bobby, then back at the women. "She uhm, looks kinda familiar… for some reason." Oh sure Flash, like you know Power Girl.

Gwens comment receives a flat look and a raised eyebrow from Zee "He's that good is he?" A quick look to Flash with an impish grin and then Peej appears.

The young magi cants her head at the woman approaches the counter and gains Flash's attention.

Jes smiles at Zee's response. She stares at the strange woman who entered with a lot of fuss and noise. Her eyes flick towards Zee's in question. The more colorful and strange someone is the higher the odds Zee knows them. At least that's how it's seemed to Jes since meeting her.

Bobby is, typical physics nerd, oblivious of the (ever so light hearted) social posturing occuring around him. He is not oblivious of Power Girl but he doesn't stare like a number of the other patrons do. Partly because this is a rude thing to do. And partly because he doesn't really need to. He gives the woman a polite wave. "Huh. Didn't know this place was that popular."

And then Gwen is whispering… Bobby just shrugs to Flash. "So how's the school thing going?" He just got out last year himself. He's quite glad to not be doing it for a little while.

Gwen slides an untouched philly cheesesteak over to Flash and smiles, "Here, I'm not even going to eat it." It wouldn't be the first time she gave up her lunch so the poorer boy wouldn't bully someone else, at least the times had changed though!

Some things hadn't though and the young woman reaches over to snag another one of Bobby's fries, "She's got a really nice cosplay. I bet she's got a /huge/ page on the internet."

She had a personal thing against girls who got to be models, "Do you know, they actually get money for cosplaying? Like desperate fans send them money and gifts."

Of course Power Girl - utilizing her Power Senses, does pick up on the looks and things coming from the table that Spider-Gwen sat at. As the person behind the counter finishes gaping and goes back to pick up the philly cheesesteaks, Peej lets her bright blue eyes sweep over the crowd, settling upon Gwen's table in particular.

Eyes shift over Zee and Flash at first, the latter kinda earning a nod of her head. Zee was given a curious little look as well, a smile playing at the edges of her lips.

But then there was Bobby, and Gwen.

Gwen earns a wink, Peej's face looking more and more amused by the moment.

Bobby cants his head slightly at the regard. He's got no real idea who's there and mostly, physics nerd that he is, he doesn't pay a whole lot of attention unless there's a fight in the offing, which there isn't. He does wince slightly, though, as his shoulder catches. Damn ice core.

Zees phone sounds with an alarm and she checks it, casting an apologetic look to Jes "Gotta run." she shrugs a little "Want to come? It's alright if you want to stay, but I have to go." Looking to the rest at the table, Zee stand "Nice meeting, seeing you all again, but I've got something I need to deal with."

Waiting long enough to let Jes join her if she will, Zee passes Peej and offers her a smile. Once the Mistress of Magic has cleared the restaurant, she'll be teleporting wherever she needs to be.

A small smile is given towards PG even though Flash's brow furrows a touch, a glimmer of confusion there. He looks back towards Bobby and answers the man with a smile. "Are you kidding? Without you or Parker there for me to cheat off of it's damn hard." Ok he never really cheated on his exams, but it sometimes helps to play up that role of the big dumb lug. He lifts a hand to snare Gwen's steak sub and pulls it over even as he adds, "Though seriously, it's not hugely easy. I've never been a big thinker and all, and it's been kicking my butt. Sports Medicine even, man."
Flash shakes his head and then looks over towards Zee, "Seeya around, Zee. Good to see you again. Hey, nice collar." His grin turns a bit wry.

Jes nods to everyone and then scrambles after Zee. 'I have to go with her. Nice to meet you all!" She calls over her shoulder.

Gwen looked away from Power Girl, not wanting to attract the attention of the cosplayer any further. She whips her phone out of her purse and tells the pair of men, "My number is ###-###-####, give me yours so I can keep in touch with the two of you."

She swipes her phone and gets ready to write the numbers down, oh look another fry of Bobby's is stolen.

Bobby takes out one of his business cards. Yes, he can haz busniess cards. Offical X Red ones with a logo and all that. Wait, no, two friends. Two business cards. Though Flash has his number already. Power Girl can probably see them from where she is. "Here ya go. I'm not hard to get ahold of, really. Just sometimes off doing work. And sometimess in the lab. Feel free to call though."

With philly cheesesteaks in hand, Karen's hand crinkles the bag, a brilliant smile touching her lips again. Returning Zee's smile as the rest (thankfully) kinda don't pay her a lot of attention, Peej gives Flash the remainder of her smile, before she kinda heads back towards the door, philly cheesesteaks in hand.


It was the little things in life.

Splitting the sub in two, Flash leans over towards Gwen and tells her, "Sure, 555-###-####, Or just 555-Go-Flash!" His lip curls into a grin… and then of course his attention is snared by the passing super heroine who smiles at him as she wanders by. For the moment Gwen is totally forgotten, but then he looks back at the next sound and says, "Hm?"

As soon as she gets the business card and number, Gwen stands up and slips her coat on, "It was great to see the two of you again." She retrieves her purse and yet another fry before smiling, "If I see Peter on campus, I'll let him know you said Hi."

There was no time for further pleasantries, she was late for family dinner and that was a major emergency; her father would not be happy.

If there was one thing Gwen Stacy didn't like to do, it was displease her father!

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