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March 22nd, 2015: Contingency-C and Spearhead take down a group of thugs while Spider-Gwen defaces a billboard.

New York City

New York City, somewhere.



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Late at night, only an hour or perhaps slightly more before the sun is set to rise from the horizon, and the city of New York if not sleeping is at least dozing a little. There's still the faint sound of traffic, the occasional honk of a horn, the rowl of a cat. Yet against the city's skyline there's little motion, save for one subtle and faint flicker of movement across the gleam of a skyscraper's lit windows.
A Little more than a black silhouette, the man in the combat harness is falling. Falling steadily off the side of a building, his limbs having gone limp and seeming like some hurled angel dropping from heaven. Then with a faint laugh he twists to the side, extending a hand and firing a web-line at the lip of a nearby building. His descent is caught, arrested and turned into a smooth arc that has him sent flying through the air.
There is nothing else like this. This is why Spidey does what he does, and when Flash learned he could do it too… there's a reason the both of them try to make swingtime as they can.
Landing silently upon the rooftop's edge, the black and white clad vigilante tilts his head to the side. There's the faintest of tingles to his danger sense, some hint of warning. His eyes scan the distance… and in the next moment he's moving once again in the direction of the signal.

Gwen Stacy had awoken in a cold sweat, dreaming about the strange mutant right out of a horror movie she had encountered the day before. Up until recently, the biggest thing she had dealt with were muggers and thugs; not Lovecraftian people that could become all sorts of terrifying blights.

She shook off the haze of her sleep and looked towards her closet, groaning loudly; at least she lived alone.

Donning her costume she opened her window and leaped out, leaving bits of webbing hanging from the sides of buildings as she swung through the streets just trying to keep her mind off of the nightmare.

The small niggling sound of his spider-sense led Flash a few blocks down. He lands silently upon the side of a billboard that proclaims loudly, 'AXE Body Spray!' and has a picture of various women crawling all over a fellow. This goes unnoticed for the most part, save for a slight snort. But then he shifts his attention to the side.
Some ways down below a quartet of SUVs are in the parking lot of what once was most likely a pretty decent eatery but times being what they are has become a dive that serves mainly booze and introspective misery. It's a gathering of sorts in that lot, a group of perhaps a half dozen men standing around talking, thin tendrils of smoke wending their way up from the cigarettes some of them hold.

Spearhead is nearby, he observes, scanning over the people he sees with his HUD, which is tied into a facial recognition database. Spearhead rounds the corner, the eatery now in veiw, he leans against the dark corner of a building, "Well, that looks a little off, but who knows…" he starts scanning…

Spider-Gwen lands on a billboard not far from Flash, it's got a picture of J. Jonah Jameson and is advertising people to read the daily bugle. A can of green spray paint is removed from her belt and she begins to spray paint horns on JJJ as well as a Hitler mustache.

God, that was an improvement.

Her Spider Sense might be tingling in regards to the meet-up occurring, but she was doing her best to ignore it.

Amongst the vehicles one of the men stands up from inside his SUV. He looks around, casually throwing his still smouldering cigarette butt away then squints towards one of the other vehicles. Something's said far off, and then the roof of the SUV is hit three quick times in rapid succssion. From the swing out back door of a vehicle a man is pulled roughly, yanked from the luggage compartment. The man is bound, wrists behind his back and a bag over his head. He doesn't seem to resist being moved about.
A moment later and two of the men are heading towards the back of a large dumpster, one sliding a pistol from the small of his back.
Which is enough movement to trigger Flash's intervention. Dropping from the side of the building and falling like a rock, his approach is much like Spider-Man's would be… but with less conversation.
There's a quick thwip as the man in black drops, twin black tendrils firing to snare the backs of two of the gunmen with /splats/ of goo, the line is looped over a flagpole as he drops and the momentum of his fall _yoinks_ the two men into the air abruptly.
The shout goes up as the two men are locked down, guns are drawn, people hollar. "It's a cape, get 'em!"

Spider-Gwen slides a pair of earbuds into her ears under her hoodie and turns on some Paramore because that strange Spider-Man wannabe type guy and the Punisher look-a-like seemed to have things under control. She really wasn't looking for a fight right now!

She's got her hands on her hips as she examines the billboard before making a few more adjustments. She sprays over the 'Spider-Man is a menace' and replaces it with 'Spider-Man is a HERO'.

Stylish writing calling JJJ a baby-snatcher is added at the top of the billboard as another tagline. She then starts to spray paint her own SW Spider-Woman tag on the billboard because, you had to take credit.

Spearhead starts to move as soon as the man is pulled out of the luggage compartment, he walks closer, drawing a pistol from a holstr, and then a suppressor, and fastening it to the gun. He also slides the marksman rifle off his back and fastens a suppressor onto it. He draws the rifle onto a man, shooting him in the shouder, above the vitals.

The fight is almost by the numbers, with a minimum of lost motion. Then gunmen focus first on the man in black, as he proves perhaps to be the more noticable target when he flips into the middle of the men and begins to lash out viciously. A firearm kicks now and again, sending bullets towards the rapidly moving vigilante. He grabs a pair and yanks them both together to smack their heads into each other, then just as quickly is moving again. A blurringly fast arcing kick sends another hurtling through the air into one of his comrades even as Spearhead's rounds take the first one down… then another.
It doesn't take long before the shift and movement of the conflict has each gunman down in turn, some bleeding from bullet wounds while others recovering from broken limbs and what will most likely be painful concussions.
Flash gains his feet and looks around, firing a burst of webbing at the few who still need to be restrained then moving to free the bound man who once freed… rushes off in terror upon seeing the men who rescued him. They're not the nicest looking sorts.
It's that moment that Flash looks to the side at Spearhead and says to Spearhead, "Oh. It's you."

Spearhead chuckles deeply, "Don't worry, nothing like what happened last time." Spearhead walks closer, "So, wonder what the story on this one is…."

Gwen is nodding her head along with the music, trying to get some ideas for her next band practice when the Spidey-Sense grows too loud to ignore.

The can of spray paint is tossed up in the air and she twirls around firing two streams of webbing at a pair of thugs that were not quite down and about to fire on Spearhead and Flash!



The two men's skulls are slammed into each other and they fall unconscious. She gives the pair of men a look before catching the falling can of spray paint.

"You two owe me one." It's all she calls out before she fires a stream of webbing away from the scene of the altercation. She had done enough heroing for one day!

Flash's eerie voice lifts as he glances towards the two missed men, then back towards Spider-Gwen as she starts her departure. "Who was that masked girl?"

Spearhead spins as the webs fly, he begins to draw the pistol again, but once he sees that it wasn't aimed at him, slides it back into its place. He opens his mouth to say hi and thank you, but, that doesn't happen….. "I don't know, man….. I don't know…"

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