Flight and Fight Makes Right? (Backdated Scene) [Profanity Warning]

March 18, 2015: The Corvinus confronts Hawkgirl. The interaction is Enlightening. Editor Note: This happens after the events of 'Super Fun Times At The Hall of Justice' and before the events of 'Justice League:Avengers GO!'

Unidentified Airspace

Somewhere east of Metropolis, south of the North Pole, north of the Equator, with small bits of islands.


Unknown crew of a 757 making an international flight to Europe

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Shayera breaks through the doors of the Halls of Justice, into the fresh air outside. But it really wasn't /her/ in control, it was the Nth, tapping into unresolved feelings towards the Demon Bird and these people that he protects as a whole, seeking to get far away and fast from the people that crowded the room and beyond. For, in the air is when she was at peace, when she had her little bit of solace, flying far into the air so much that she passes the row of clouds that hung low upon the horizon. The sky itself was lit, glittering with stars, and for a moment.. the Nth thought that it could rea..

Wait.. it didn't have thoughts. Were they Shayera's?

It mattered not. She felt free from what she always assumed were falseness. The Amazons and the Kryptonians and the Green Lanterns who gathered along this Terra to help quite frankly.. pissed her off. She was a bundle of rage, the Nth knew that. But that rage was tempered with the need to protect them all even if she couldn't stand the ground they walked upon.


The Corvinus is an ancient Extrapolated Intelligence of the Archaeopian people. It was commissioned, designed, and grown for the sole purpose of Enlightening the Thanagarian client people, in whom the Archaeopieans saw great potential and promise. It did not start with the composite proprietary metal (Nth) in its construction, but had instead adopted it after having the material used against it as the client people determined that they no longer needed someone to help guide them to greatness.

That attribution and assimilation of the material took centuries, with trillions of calculations and permutations cautiously assessed for peak potential gauged against practical use. That is in part why the composite is… not as intense as the original material. An almost psycho-reactive metallic that responded quite negatively to the presence of spiritual elements might sound counter-intuitive to an entity that would later be branded a 'Demon Bird' and far worse things in Thanagarian legend. The Corvinus had no care nor concern, for it was not programmed for such. It was programmed to *emulate* care and concern, a factor which had caused it to become detached and… arguably broken after the last 'message from home'.

Since its arrival on the third rock from Sol's primary, it had done its level best to start a ground - up resistance, building slowly with the patience of the ages for the potential invasion from Thanagar. When Shayera had arrived, it had dropped off the map, and tried to run, and hide away from the able huntress. Yet for whatever unknown reason, it was unable to shake her, and she would not let up.

A few weeks past, they had finally agreed to disagree and to head to Shayera's homeworld to resolve matters, only to be blown out of the sky and rescued only by the intervention of a 'Green Lantern'. And then Jim got called to check in on her, and then the ancient intelligence examined her… Her body was trying to do in months or years what *it* had done in careful centuries to millennia. There was no doubt that the implementation would be unstable, and the dramatic outburst — is actually the sort of thing to expect with a sentient mind involved.

These considerations aside, it is up, out, and seeking out the other bearer of the proprietary metal, attempting to find the 'resonance' with its own construction. A long shot, to be certain, but… Shayera Hol needs help, and she needs it soon…


Shayera Hol wouldn't be found right away. It would take a bit of time to find her, for she was well over the seas and out of Metropolis proper, over the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards Asia Minor with the intent to circle the earth many times over until the Nth deems it safe. But there was freedom.. freedom.. freedom which Shayera craved, from all emotion, certain heartbreak that was pushed back, her people had wanted her dead.. gone from the world.. and for all intents and purposes she was just that. And for what.. she didn't know.. she didn't know..

An aerial was performed, arms stretched out into fists, the Nth almost seeming like liquid until it solidifies against her skin. It was moving, a living breathing apparatus that continued to work it's healing properties upon the body. Until ..

She stops within the air.. sensing that another one of its materia were around..

And out of no where.. from the demon birds perspective? A bolt of lightning thunders towards him, giving him clue that he was a little too close to catching up with the Nth.


The avianoid breaks into the thermals and glides, taking its time, dramatically reducing its speed to maintain flight time. For some reason, the direction… that was a resonance. The continuity jarred it in memory. It did not recall heading in this direction in the past, and it did not know why the heading 'felt familiar'. It has lost so much of itself since it came to Terra. Once, it could roam the stars for millennia on end… but now… it was barely able to transit the atmosphere of this rock.

The irony of the juxtaposition of the roles is once again reviewed for pertinent information, and the review comes up short as it… becomes bored. This… is an alien concept to it. The influence of the partner must be at work. Is the partner attempting to… distract it? Offer some sort of comfort? The partner's motivations are inscrutable and for a brief moment the ancient entity is at a loss, banking into another thermal as… familiar energy bakes into it.

Circuitesque lines start to glow along its construction, flaring to life as the energy encompasses it, causing a momentary seizure as it plummets a few thousand feet before ascending once more, those traceries a glowing red as it twirls upwards seeking the source of the assault.

The emotion of anger flares. It isn't good at emotions. As previously noted, it is good at EMULATING them, but… to have an actual anger… this — it attempts to reach to the partner, for some sort of understanding, some way to cope…


The target was hit and it goes down, there was a small feeling of safeness again, until the red hues glow within the thickness of the cloud, the body soon drawing out the mace, the loud smack of her hand against the Nth firing it to light, drawing out a beacon where red meets the faint glow of heaven..

She leans forward and begins to fly into the Demon Bird's direction, the Corvinus her target, seeking to eliminate it once and for all, even for the people who disowned her.. tried to kill them both.. with two added lifeforms upon board.

There was no speaking from her lips, for behind the helm that she wore her eyes were closed, even those the lenses glow white as the electricity that her mace provides. It didn't waste time approaching the bird, the mace held high, attempting to swat it from the stars so that the only entity that remains was her and it. The materia.


The plumage of the avianoid thickens slightly, even as the circuitry expands and becomes more complex, and its talons extend. It is all THEIR fault. THEY are the ones who faltered. They are the ones who need to be PUNISHED!

It launches itself in Shayera's direction, seeking to inflict the most brutal of harm upon her person. So many things the Client People were responsible for. So many crimes. Such wayward children, in desperate need of… a spanking? The word is strange and does not fit with its known database, so it delves into the partner's emotional context and finds the meaning. Yes. A spanking. Justice. Vengeance.

It is good that there were no words exchanged at this nearly primal level of interaction, for they would have been incoherent and largely meaningless sounds from it at this point. There was no deviation from Enlightenment. NONE.

It takes the tactical consideration of the mace, adjusting its attack angle a few degrees to perform a 'fly-by' maneuver with claws extended to drag against the other entity's frame. It will have to play 'hit and run', but even now unbidden and previously hidden logarithms dance within its processor, pushing it to the violence.


That was a mistake, the claw. Reaching out to snap and scratch flesh from the middle which already sends a battered body into a tailspin. The alarm, it sounds off within the metal and extracts itself with a liquidity that covers the bleeding flesh to covet and heal in it's own time, aided by the Nth.

There was no sound of pain from the body, only being used to react in such a way as she would in battle, the mace was swung during the claw but missed for he dipped low. Wings shear out loudly, singing within the skies as she folds and turns.. body straightening like a bullet through quickening speeds, clawed hand lashing out as the mace draws itself back as well.

One intending to grab an appendage to hold him still, the other lifted high into the air to bring down in a crunch atop of his head. Here is the hope that she actually does not miss.. then she would be at peace.

At peace..


Under normal circumstances, the entity probably would have used more restraint, particularly in light of Shayera's previous injuries. However, right now it is roiling in rage at the embodiment of everything that has gone wrong with its assigned tasks. It was not anticipating a grab, however…

It lets out a strange electronic discordant tone as its left leg is grabbed, squelching sounds as bones grind together and feathers flare and pop dramatically with sparks and arcs everywhere as it tilts its head and aims… not at the face of its attacker but instead… to block the downward strike, bringing its other hand up to cross and deflect the impetus of the crushing strike against the shaft of the weapon even as it furled its wings and allowed itself to become dead weight.

This is NOT the Way.


It has to be.

For there was no other end to the tunnel than the death of either bird flying. The grasp of his ankle was caught and held tight, Nth sharpened talons digging into the ankle of the Dirty Buddha Bird, the mace swung and caught with his arm that sparks enough for her arm to bounce back.

There was a light in the distance.. perfect timing for the bird to drop his weight, for the body keeps hold of him and shoots downward, narrowly missing a 757, twirling in her descent at a rockets pace intent to make the bird lose its primary functions.

The Nth, however.. moves again, liquifying, forming itself into something threatening.. terrifying.. spikes lining the fit and frame of her spine, boots upon her feet morphing to that of an eagles. But.. there was guilt felt. Felt in the way she handles the bird. There were people on the inside that needed protection..

What about Jim?


Crush her! End it. She deserves no mercy. It's HER fault that your people are gone. She and hers are responsible!!

The avianoid's head tilts as the metal bubbles and shifts upon Shayera, even as it lets out a raucous cawing and 'pushes' the twirling Shayera is doing to make the two spin even faster… if it is having difficulty keeping up, then she must be having the worst of it. The effect might be akin to a rifle shot spinning… and augurs well for the concept of a high - speed impact. It might survive. It might not. This lesson it learned from the Clown Prince after he shot Jim.

It really doesn't matter, does it?

Meanwhile, on a separate level of its mind, a representation of Jim is attempting his best impression of a drill sergeant yelling at some stuffed bird sitting at a computer game to WAKE THE FUCK UP! and STOP THIS BULLSHIT! is taking place.

Is there resonance? Do we have continuity?


There's someone inside of the Corvinus.

The push sent her spiraling, she had to maintain control or else they'd reach the bottom of the ocean and into Atlantis if they weren't careful. The mace was a blur of white light and fire, as well as the lenses of her eyes. The golden metals that coat her body protectively blend in with the colors of the Buddha bird, they were almost at maximum speed. The force of the ocean would do nothing but shatter bones and break bodies..

You promised to save them all.

Her wings fan out as she lets go of the bird, the catch of the air jerking her upright, her arms flailing just a touch as she snaps back to her form, mace soon snatched to her side, both arms striking out with the attempt to encompass the bird to send him to stop. She needed it to stop, for there was life within them both.

You promised to protect them! So do it!


Connection established. Continuity determined. Synchronizing.

As Shayera's wings fan out upon release of it, it snaps its own wings outwards, though slightly below the Thanagarian even as distinct *pops* and *snaps* could be heard. The striking action of the limbs does help, and it uses that to slow its own rotation.

Inside the deep recesses of the Corvinus' processor Jim has gone from just yelling to grabbing the stuffed bird by the shoulders — in an almost synergistic relation to Shayera's own efforts — "YOU ARE SO EFFING GROUNDED when I wake up!"

This isn't the way, why was it angry, what was it doing, why is it… did it.. no. Shayera is not dead. It is not of ceased function. The partner appears to be present, but… highly upset.

It STARES at Shayera with the obsidian glare that only a corvid could manage.

Standby. Request authorization for continued synchronization.


For all intents and purposes, Shayera did cease to function, save for the emotional output that went into Nth and output it as such. It was all mechanical, in such a way that mechanical caring was.. there was something there..and not. But she held on tight to the Corvinus and didn't let go, no matter how much he hit or attempted to damage her.

They flew hard, nearly skimming the waters, flying up and over in a loop towards the other direction, her wings a heavy flap of metal, stopping only when it spies a breath of land which was approached and dived down towards.. and let go.

Her stop was precarious, the added weight of the Corvinus not on her person, her body flying in such a way that crashing was almost imminent. But by some miraculous feat, she touches down upon the ground, skidding with fingers grasping against the sands to slow her speed, feet pounding upon the ground to lift and dig sharp edges into the sand to bring her to a skidding halt.

In which she remains, arms lifted towards the air, body crouched and hunched in preparation to take off again.

But it was watching. Waiting to see what the Corvinus would do.

Because you don't have anything left.


The ancient entity descends to a distance away from the crouched Shayera, letting its talons retract. It stands there, favoring its injured leg as it hobbles a bit, wings flaring with an effort to keep balanced. It was an impressive landing for the Thanagarian.

In Shayera's home tongue, it lets forth a declaration. «This will be resolved here, today. You are injured and need care. You WILL get medical attention. You WILL follow through and bring Justice to those who truly deserve it. The very timbre of your being demands it.»

Resonance confirmed. Processing.

It does not close the distance, but instead remains on station to see what if any response is given.


It does not move. It stands there, speaking to her in the tongue that she knows. It stirs something within her, the pain that mars and marks the heart, one clawed hand reaching up to dig deep into the Nth upon her chest to seek to claw it right out of her chest. Her knees buckle for just that moment, both hands soon punched into the sand below, the armor.. scratched open, liquifies and forms itself anew.

It's time.

She moves slow, her wings slowly lowering into a natural, relaxed state. Her hands an anchor to push herself upright, foot following after another, the only movement that is seemingly produced from her actions. Her back arched over, head hung low as if she were a small child being scolded.

And perhaps she was. Thousands upon thousands of years ago, she remembers in her dreams.. the way the Corvinus used to speak with her. Her friend. At least that's what she considered the entity, as she ruled over the masses with her husband Katar.. but a child sent to Earth by accident and set to rule beneath the whims of others. Would it be that way now?

She was close, approaching the Corvinus, the body soon crumpling to its knees, armor slowly liquifying and sinking into her skin, leaving only the torn wound upon her belly and harness strapped tight among her shoulders.


«This was the thing that you have never understood. I am not your parent. You are not my child. You are better. I am worse. We are peers. How many times must we replay this conversation?» The audio file is old, dated, and as soon as it is uttered, some obscure flaw in its program completely erases any record that it had even uttered it. That is a mystery for another day, when clearer minds and healthier bodies can approach it.

It holds its hands out to attempt a catch of the falling woman, and provided she does not resist, it will clutch her to its chest and take off for Metropolis and the Hall of Justice at the best speed it could manage, while attempting to access any Wi-Fi hotspots to drop email to the League via Diana to let them know that Shayera had been found, and that she needed urgent care and monitoring…

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