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March 22, 2015: May has information on HYDRA to pass to Oracle, Jericho assists.

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After Kane had left, Oracle heads back to work. Positioning herself at her screens, monitoring the streets of Gotham as she composes and sends an update to Batman, and the rest of the Bat family, advising them of Kanes findings regarding the Ton Ton Macoute and HYDRA.

Message sent, the green eyed redhead settles back n her chair, still monitoring but thinking about Kanes offer to find a healer, about Rowan's question on why she hasn't looked into it and the Yakuza attack (she really must look into that before someone gets hurt).

Having read and heard that magic and electronics typically don't get along well together, May has taken to putting her phone and other electronics into shielded pouches while practicing that ley line travelling thing. And, now that she has those two USB sticks, they've been added to that pouch. And she needs to talk with Oracle.

Now that she's starting to become accustomed to this whole ley line thing, it really is pretty handy. Certainly more so than DRIVING from NYC to Gotham. She sends a text to Oracle saying she's got intel to share, and then pulls the pendulum from around her neck. She concentrates, standing in her own back yard near the no-longer-frozen koi pond, and mentally traces the route over multiple ley lines to the botanical garden in Gotham she's used as a meeting place before.

A few minutes and several 'hops' later, May finds herself in the gardens in Gotham and settles onto a nearby park bench. That was her first attempt at multiple hops in such quick succession, and… yeah. She's glad she thought to skip dinner.

Smiling in bemusement at Mays message, Oracle monitors her screens for the Agents arrival. Her suddent appearance in the Gardens turns the smile to real amusement. Keying her communicator, the redhead speaks "Afternoon, Agent May. A pleasure to see you in Gotham again."

Jericho has other methods of getting around. They're less ley-liney and more hellish. But he arrives, coicidentally not too far from where May is. He does seem a bit surprised to see her though since he's in Gotham for other business. She seems to be talking too. Hrm.

Melinda May says, "Oracle. I have some intel that I need to share with you and I do not trust conventional communication lines." May doesn't beat around the bush. It's not like her to do so and they could be running out of time. She hasn't noticed Jericho yet because she's still trying to get over the ley line travel disorientation."

That gets a raised eyebrow. Not that Mays direct, the data bit. "It sounds important, this channel is secure. Or do you not trust it either?" The signal is bounced around the world, via Oracles Fenris data centre in Switzerland, and encrypted. It can't get a lot more secure than that. "Your about to have company, Agent May. Over your shoulder." The redhead pings the comms channel she has for Jericho, but instead of talking sends text instead Hello Jericho. Fancy seeing you here.

Melinda May turns, instantly on the alert, but relaxes her stance again when she sees it's Jericho. And then she puts one hand to the commlink in her ear to tell Oracle, "It's on USB, several Gigs' worth. That's why I won't trust it over the airwaves."

Not that fancy really. I'm rather common. Or did you mean you fancy me. Sorry. Spoken for. Jericho's in a slightly impish mood today. This could be because he's spent a bit of time in Limbo before coming here. The hacker approaches May at a slow walk. He knows she just saw him. Probably didn't notice him disk in though.

"Of course." Oracle understands that. If Agent May says it's sensitive then she doesn't want it transmitted at all. "Good thing Jericho is joining us then." She'll leave that there for a moment. Conferencing Jericho into the conversation, Gothams Information Goddess can't help smirking at his reply "Jericho, May has information she wishes to share with me but won't trust it to the airwaves." via text, she responds Cheeky today. No offense, you're not really my type. I might be spoken for as well.

Melinda May simply stands there and watches Trent. She's seen him act impish before, so that doesn't phase her. "Is there a way to get the data delivered securely?" She's suspecting that Trent can do so, but she's not going to assume.

"I can do that." Really, that's why May keeps Trent around right? He does seem to have a lot of connections. On the other hand he has quite a fair number of enemies as well and that's been a problem. A number of times. One wonders how he's stayed alive this long. "Oracle, if the information is related to what I think it is, I don't blame her for not trusting airwaves."

What Oracle says next speaks, a lot, to how much Oracle trusts Jericho, and May. "OK, how do you want to transfer it." Jericho knows how to do a physical drop if he wants, he can do that or they can link computer systems and do the transfer. The latter though, is still open to hacking. The former, means that Jericho has to come to her. "I suppose you don't want to talk about it over the airwaves either." Dilemma, for the redheaded Data Goddess.

"I'd rather not." She pulls one of the USB drives from the protective pouch in her pocket and offers it to Jericho. He'll likely recognize it as one of the pair that Simmons handed to her, meaning he already knows exactly what's on the drive. "I am, though, willing to let Trent arrange a neutral meeting place." And if he brings her to the Clocktower via stepping disk, she's be none the wiser, really. And to prove it, she wraps her pendulum back around her neck and conceals the carnelian and the dragon under the colar of her shirt.

Jericho smiles. "You really ought to meet May, Oracle. It'd make things easier. However, if you would prefer to keep the anonymity I can bring this to you. May's right. This is top level importance." He gives May a tight smile before he adds. "Hell, I went to the Lion's Den today to deliver some of the contents."

There is a long moment of radio silence. Both seem to have forgotten that Babs was transported to Limbo and met May. Maybe that's an affectation or maybe that was the effect Limbo had on May. She doubts it, May just strikes her as that kind of person. "Understand, the two of you, that it puts all of us at risk. But bring her, Jericho. I'll put the tea on." That means, transport her to the 2nd floor of the Clocktower, Babs personal living area.

Batman will probably have words to say about this. First Kane, now May. Poor Rowan.

Melinda May takes a moment to pointedly turn off her cell phone in Jericho's presence as well as turn off her commlink seeing as it's SHIELD issue, just modified to accept Oracle's usual comm frequencies. They go back into that shielded pouch, and then she nods. She's ready.

Jericho smiles. He can't just disk in and out at will like Illyana can. K'nert has to find a disk, coax it open, walk a bit in Limbo, find another disk that goes roughly where Jericho wants it to go and coax that one open too. It's a process. But, it gets him around most places. Sometimes he uses the Starfire instead but since May's used to K'nert they'll go with that.

Fortunately this time the trip through Limbo is short. Also, since May is 'Jericho's' no one seems to be inclined to make an issue of it for the duration of their five minute stay. Though May might notice that… well… there are a couple of demons on the part of the Green they ported through that were… vaugely lupine with long lizardlike tails and spines down their back. Were they like that before?

A glowing disk opens in Bab's living room and Jericho, May and K'nert all step through before it closes.

The water is already boiling. mugs laid out, milk, creamer and sugar on the table in the kitchnette with a selection of tea for May to choose from. Most provided by Rowan on his visits. Let's face it, Babs would starve if people didn't make sure the Clocktower was stocked.

"Welcome to my home." Oracle sounds slightly tense. Her tablet rests on her lap as she waits for her guests to arrive. K'Nert gets a slight nod, he's been here before but Jericho has warned her about him and she's not going to engage him further. "Please, select the tea you would like and we can get started."

Melinda May makes a point of NOT looking around too closely. She turns until she sees the red-haired woman from that one lovely little jaunt into Limbo, and gives her a polite nod before looking at the tea choices. These are some pretty nice teas. She finally selects a mild green tea as she takes a seat at the kitchenette table.

Jericho selects a black tea. Earl Grey. Is any one surprised? Before he says anything he takes the jump drive May gave him and slides it to the center of the table. He'll let May do the talking on this one.

Of course there's a good selection of tea. Rowan makes it a point to bring something different they can both try. Oracle chooses a nice licquorice blend before settling at the table and reaching for the thumb drive. Opening a compartment in the arm of her chair, Oracle retrieves an adaptor that she attaches to her tablet before plugging the USB drive in.

Virus checks run, the data on the drive shunted to a secure part of her network, the redheaded data goddess starts to review the documents, her eyebrows getting higher and higher.

After several long minutes, she looks up from the tablet, fixing her guests with a direct look "Who's going to give the order that Gotham is taken offline?" It's the only logical conclusion she can make.

"Hopefully no one, but it's an option that we have to consider regardless. If the order DOES come down, it'll be from those that give SHIELD their marching orders." May holds her tea cup in both hands, waiting for its contents to cool enough to drink.

"It's a pretty horrific scenario." Jericho admits. "And Fitz said, and he was right, that it'd be all out war in Gotham if that happened. But we're talking about pushing an entire city into another dimension, so as much as I would like to say otherwise, I can't promise it won't come to that."

"Options?" strange how Oracle slips into a role "Let's assume that we don't have to take that step. What are your thoughts currently?" Because honestly, expediency says… break the links and the HYDRA plan fails. All out war? A daunting prospect but that's what the Bats do.

"We might be able to keep order if Gotham needs to be taken down. But…" the redhead fixes her guests with a stern look "we must involve Batman early and get his buy in. I …." she falters a little, Batman helped her recover "can do that, but I need to be sure it's worth the investment."

Melinda May says, "First option. We find a way to drain off the power that's already bottled up in Metropolis' electrical grid so there won't be enough power left for HYDRA to do whatever they've been planning." May takes a sip of her tea while trying to thinkof other possible options."

Gently as he can, and he knows that this is a touchy topic, Jericho points out the elephant in the room on that one. "Point out to him, when you talk to him, that his buy in is irrelevant from a certain point of view. If SHIELD or the US Authorities decide to shut the lights out in Gotham there isn't a damn thing any of us will be able to do about it." So best to cooperate so you have a say in what happens, even via third parties.

"Second option is to find something else to do with the power. A third would be to approach this on the other end. Address the Ley Lines instead of the power grid. Engineering a solution on that level will take a lot of time though." Time they probably don't have. And it means, you know, billions of dollars of construction.

"I have someone I will share this information with." Oracle states that as a fact. Kane… deserves to know and may provide unique insight. Jericho's gentle suggestion has Oracles green eyes gleaming (mirth or temper, you choose) "It will be me he rants at, Jericho. But let's try for buy in, early, mmmm?" she shrugs "If you can shunt the power or address the leylines, that's fine. But worse case option is to close Gotham down… and you're going to need the Bats" she won't add 'OracleNetwork' "to maintain law and order." She'll get the information to Batman and address the fallout as necessary.

Frankly, Jericho's opinion is that law and order in Gotham is presently a lost cause. His outsiders advice would be 'martial law'. Put soldiers on the streets, impose a curfew, let the criminals know that the US Military isn't screwing around and let the courts clean house at city hall and in the police department. That is not a call he has to make though (thankfully). "No, the worst case option is HYDRA does this before we get something in place and they push one of the three major cities in this area, possibly this one, right the hell into wherever they've picked and replace it with something from there." So let's keep in mind what we're trying to prevent here.

Oracle sighs deeply "Of course, you're right Jericho. I will advise the Bat Family. If the decison comes down, I'll have our team ready… " she shakes her head, the prospect is …. daunting. "Thankyou, the two of you for delivering this information. I'll be in touch if I can add anything."

Her guests are welcome to stay and finish their tea. It is, after all, lovely and high quality.

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