March 22, 2015: Zee checks why Jes is crying and they talk… Zee shares about her Dad, Jes shares about her family

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The door to the room Jes has been sleeping in is open and Zee can hear some quiet sniffling. Not nearly as awful as the mournful howls coyote had spent the past few nights with outside. The lunch had seemed to cheer her up some but her emotions have been in a hit and run kind of mess since she found out what befell her family.

Zee has been in her own bedroom. After letting the warehouse burn down and seeing the Druid of Gotham, she's needed some space to think about things.

Deciding she wanted a glass of water, Zee passes Jes' room on the way and the sniffling certain gets her attention

"Jes? " The young magician knocks on the door.

"Zee?" The sniffling stops. "Come in. I'm sorry. I hope I didn't wake you or something." If Zee enters she'll see Jes sitting on the bed and holding something in her lap. She'll also see one of her own shirts that had been in the laundry and what looks like a men's dress shirt covering Jes's pillows.

Pushing the door open, Zee peers inside, taking in the inventory of the room. Stepping through the door, Zee moves to the end of the bed before stopping "Didn't wake me, I was just getting a glass of water. Want to talk?" It's ok if Jes doesn't want to.

Jes looks up after wiping at her face. "Yeah. Come in." She pats the side of the bed next to her and notices the pilfered shirts on her pillows and blushes, grabbing them both and then pausing. Its kinda too late to hide them so she sits the one to side and hold's the other out to Zee. "I uhm..this is yours."

Sitting on the bed, Zee looks at the offered shirt and smiles slightly "Why don't you hold onto it." She's guessing the shirt belongs to Fenris. Looking at Jes, Zee waits quietly for the other woman to talk.

Still blushing some Jes nods her thanks and puts it carefully with the other. Then she pics up the picture frame in her lap and turns it over before handing to to Zee. The picture shows two native american men in their thirties, both with an arm around a plump older woman who seems to be in her late forties or early fities. She's holding a toddler who looks asain, probably adopted like Jes was and there are two young boys, twins like the men standing above them, sitting at her feet. They have native american features but their eyes match Jes's one brown and one blue.

Taking the frame, Zee ignores Jes' blushes and looks at the photo it displays "Your brothers and their…. wife and their children?" She's interested in the fact that the twin boys have mismatched eyes like Jes… but she'll get to that in a minute.

Jes nods. "Yeah. I know it's not the usual kind of family. It worked for them though. They loved each other very much and their children. They were ready for kids then, all grown up. And Anya was a wonderful mother. She was so kind and sweet. I've never met a more gentle person."

The composition of the family doesn't really bother Zee, she just wanted to make sure she wasn't making assumptions "It sounds wonderful, Jes. It sounds like you loved her very much." Zee's still looking at the twin boys, and their mismatched eyes "Tell me about the twin boys, heterochromia isn't all that common, I understand." Yes, Zee can be a nerd sometimes.

Jes blinks but then smiles. If Zee knows that then she probably knows it's hereditary. "She couldn't conceive. They tried. It was such a little thing that I could do for them that meant so much, and it wasn't hard, just hurt a little. So I gave them some of my eggs. It was supposed to be a secret outside of the reservation, I was too young to really be allowed to do that procedure. They got my eyes though." Jes chuckles but then quickly quiets. "They were never really mine, I loved them and looked out for them but I was their aunt and their coyote pet. And he took them from me, all of them. If it had just been me, just giving me to HYDRA, I could have forgiven that Zee, forgotten it. But he slaughtered them, even the children. My children."

Zee displays a small degree of surprise, not a lot… she had suspected something the minute she had seen those eyes. "You are amazing, Jes" Zee smiles a little and then grows serious "I know Jes, I know." A hard look comes over her face "And I will help you with that Jes… what he did… was unforgivable."

Jes leans over and hugs her friend tightly. "Thank you." She murmurs. She wouldn't have asked, would have been okay with Zee just understanding but this means so much more. "You're the amazing one, Zee." "I don't know what I'd do without you." Jes admits softly.

Returning the hug, holding her friend tightly as well, Zee shakes her head. "We can be amazing together. Fenris didn't choose us to be Bearers of the Ley Pendulums because we ordinary… " Squeezing slightly tighter and then releasing Jes, Zee's eyes crinkle a little "You would have survived and thrived… but it wouldn't be quite so exciting."

Sitting back a little, the Magi looks the Coyote over "Feeling a little better?"

Smiling, Jes nods and even chuckles softly. Things have been exciting since meeting Zee. "I do. Thank you." She touches her pendulum. "I didn't really think I could use this, but he seemed to believe I could. I was so surprised to find myself in Spain that first time."

Zee laughs "I remember the first time I teleported on purpose" which means that Zee teleported not on purpose before that "I was so stunned it worked properly. I think I understand a little bit about how you feel." Her pendulum is hanging on her left hip and the diamond encrusted collar at her throat. Tracing the pendulum with her finger tips, she grins at Jes "It's almost like it's part of me now… I'm so attuned to it."

Jes nods. "Yeah. I hardly ever take it off now. It would feel weird except, even when I'm not wearing it I can still feel it. I know exactly where it's at." She isn't really absentminded but it's still a handy thing. If she were to lose it during a chase or escape as coyote, it'd be easy enough to find again. Jes looks at her. "Where did you teleport on accident?"

Zee chuckles at the question and shakes her head "A park somewhere. I was very young and Dad had taken me there, just after Mom disappeared. I was very sad and the park was something happy, you know? I just thought about it really hard and then, I was there" Her lips twist in a wry smile "Poor Dad was going spare, I'd gone missing and he had no idea where I was. It took him some time to find me."

"Oooh I can imagine. You must have been frightened too." Jes tilts her head and looks at Zee. This is the first time she's mentioned her parents. Jes has wondered about them but doesn't want to pry. Or, cause Zee pain if their absence is due to some tragedy.

Zee loves her Dad, she doesn't talk about him often. He's a famous magician, much more famous than she is, and paranormal investigator. "Are you kidding? I was in the park I wanted to be in, I was so young and so well protected that I didn't think about the fact that Dad wouldn't know where to find me." She grins broadly "I was having a wonderful time on the swings when Dad finally found me."

"Ooh Zee." Jes shakes her head and laughs, reaching over to hug Zee. "That's really cute. Really. You must have been the most adorable little girl."

Zee shrugs, it had been a happy childhood, and hugs Jes back. "I don't know about adorable… Dad and I travelled the world. Him doing his magic show and me learning to do magic." Canting her head slightly, she grows thoughtful "Dad suggested I come back to Gotham and strike out of my own a year or so ago, found the Titans and suggested I join them to…." Jes hadn't asked but Zee is happy to share.

"He did?" Jes looks interested. She settles back and to listen. She met the titans, or at least some of them. They were…colorful. But not bad people. Gotham…Jes doesn't really like Gotham. She actually kind of hates it. But Zee is here and Shadowcrest it's self is pretty awesome too. It also helps that she can get to new york almost instantly now.

"So I did and then Zac, my cousin, and I" Zee looks over to Jes "did a magic tour, Canada and places. Zac's still on tour, but I felt I needed to come home." Nodding her head "Yes, Dad did, he thought I should become independant, experience life a bit."

Jes looks thoughtful. "Well, I'm glad you did. Or you wouldn't have been there to save me that night." She grins a bit. "You've certainly been experiencing things since I met you." "Hey, have you seen your Fox friend lately?" Jes manages to ask the question with a straight face and light voice.

Zee flushes a little "I have… A couple of times. We had a nice talk." an impish grin appears though "I might go looking for him tomorrow… he gave me a sword, told me if I could work out how to find him from that, I could find out who is." She is not going to share how that came about.

Jes raises her eyebrows. "He…gave you his sword?" She giggles and shakes her head. "Sorry, Zee. That was just..I couldn't help it." Jes smiles and pats her shoulder. "I'm sure that you can. You're good at stuff like that. Really good. And if it doesn't work then I might be able to help you find him if I can follow his scent."

"Yes, his sword. It's my bedroom." Zee blinks a little and then finally blushes "no… not like that." she murmurs. "You might be able to help, but… I really want to do this on my own. Prove… that I'm worth the bother, you know?" He doesn't particularly like most of her fellow Titans and most of the Bats… but Zee wants him to see her differently.

Jes nods at first, covering a smile at the "in my bedroom" but then frowns as she listens to the rest. "Zee, you are..you're amazing. If he can't see that either blind or to dumb to be around you. And if he upsets you then I will hurt him. If you want." She squeezes Zee's shoulder. "Really though, I'm sure that you can do this."

Zee gives Jes another hug and smiles slightly "Oh I know… and maybe he does already, he lets me hang around a lot." A slight shake of her head "I really don't want you to hurt him, even if he upsets me. It's just all part of it, right?" Rising, Zee stretches before smiling down at Jes "If you're feeling better, I'm going to get that drink."

"Okay. But if you change your mind.." She snaps her teeth. Zee brings out every protective instinct and urge she has, she wouldn't feel bad at all about going after someone who hurt her. She'd enjoy it. "Thank you Zee, I do feel better."

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