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March 22, 2015: Upon coming back to America, Brion invites Kate, one of his high school friends, to catch up.

Metropolis French Bistro called Pierre's

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The text came just before Brion's private plane took off from Markovia. A quick layover in Lisbon and a flight over the Atlantic and he'd be back in the United States at the beckoning of his father. Instead of studying this time it was for real work. Sure, they worked a bit in high school, and somewhat in college, but there are real expectations this time.

"it's brion—will be in town tonight if you want to catchup. will send car. bring yer man."

Markov has chosen a small French Restaurant, mostly because he knows the owner and knows he can get a private room in the back without having to deal with the drama. So a few hours later, a black towncar comes to pick up Kate, whether she responded or not.

Now there's a blast from the past. Kate was in the process of watching some old tapes of the original members of the Justice League when the text came in - a welcome distraction.

"Long time no see! Man's on a mission, will bring him if he can get free. No promises."

When the town car arrives, she's ready in a cute dress and leggings with some calf-high boots. And sunglasses. The purple sunglasses are pretty key. Of course, it might be a little unusual that she tosses a quiver in the car with herself, but…hey, need to be prepared.

The driver and the security man say nothing about the quiver. Indeed, they know Brion's secret as a metahuman; a secret rumored in the jailhouses of Markovia where crooks and terrorists speak of some Geological Force that has the power of a god. So what we're saying is they're used to it.

The drive is short, and the man with the black suit shows her in through the back entrance. Once they arrive, Brion stands, his arms wide and up, "Kate Bishop! Has it been so long?!" His bellowing voice comes from the lower part of his chest because it's quite loud. "Your man, he isn't here. His loss." Brion comes in for a quick and friendly hug.

"Brion," Kate laughs at the greeting, smile flashing as she pushes the sunglasses up on top of her head before stepping into the hug. "Not this time, no. He had a thing. He's still doing stuff with SHIELD off and on, there's a lot of stuff to be set up. I don't ask most of the time, honestly, I'm not sure I want to know." She steps back to get a look at him, smile warm. "You look good. It's good to see you again. Just stopping through town, or big family business?"

Brion chuckles as he releases and moves to show her to her seat. On the table are hors d'oeuvres from a smattering of cultures from Russian caviar to French breads and cheeses to Spanish sausage. "I imagine that with as busy as you've become you have not kept up with the news. My father has named me interim Ambassador to the United States. To be honest, it'll be a nice change of pace from soldier, now that the war is over."

Kate's brows rise as she settles into a seat. "That's…exciting, yeah?" she asks, reaching for a piece of the sausage. "In the sense that it's probably mostly going to be incredibly boring, but how many people get to be ambassadors?" She grins at the last, shaking her head. "Sorry, no, I'm kidding. Mostly. I think I'm a little bit intimidated by the fact that you, at least, are clearly being an adult here."

"Says the girl on the Justice League," Brion says with a laugh. "At least you're where you've gotten by your own merits. I'm more of a errand boy for my father." He gives a bit of a shrug as he takes a cracker and dips it into the caviar, taking a healthy scoop. "But, there are worse lots in life, that is for sure. Tell me about this SHIELD agent, the one with the blonde hair that goes like this." Brion fake-messes with his hair above and in front of his hair.

Kate laughs again at the impression, shaking her head. "He's great, actually. He's a doofus sometimes. All the time. But he's my doofus. And he's a good guy, Brion," she adds, leaning back in her chair. "He's the closest thing I had to a mentor. And he's…older," she admits with a sheepish tilt of her head. "Which can make introducing him to my friends a little bit weird sometimes."

Brion shrugs, "Age isn't a big concern. I once had a mistress who was a politican in the Drada. She was 39. And I could tell you stories, but I won't bother; I'm sure you can imagine." Brion takes some bread now. "Eat, happy woman! Eat!"

"Oh my god," Kate snorts back a laugh, grinning as she reaches for a cracker with caviar. "Yeah, no, you can save the stories, thanks. But it's good. It's very good. Honestly, I'm more scared of his exes than I am of anything that might ever happen with him, but we'll manage. The Justice League thing…" She trails off, smile rueful. "It's going to be a lot of work. Things are…complicated. It's a lot of people with a lot of powers who aren't in the habit of working together, for the most part."

"You're a big girl; you can defend yourself," Brion says with a laugh. "As far as the League, it sounds similar to Markovia except without a lot of powers but just as much hatred of working together. My advice? Do not take on the failures or anger of others. What isn't your fault isn't always your problem."

"Oh, it's all my problem," Kate wrinkles her nose. "This is pretty much the only- Okay, no, that's not true. The shelter counts as an important thing I've done. But aside from the shelter, this is the only thing I've ever done that was actually important. It has to work. And I'm going to do everything I can to make it that way."

"We are young, Kate. We have a lot of time to do important things. Don't put all of your eggs into this basket alone. So much can happen that is outside of your control." Brion nods towards the waiter. "Wine or no?" he asks Kate as the waiter holds.

"Yes, please," Kate says in regard to the wine, picking up a piece of bread. "It's a little weird. The being entirely open thing. And trying to…it's a weird mix of people, you know? Well. You probably saw the press conference. With the punching. And the…Okay, this doesn't leave this room, but people who are not from Earth? They are difficult."

"Well, even when you're in the open, people still has secrets." Brion has quite a major one too, of course. "I imagine they can be quite so. Their customs are most likely different and they have probably spent their entire lives here trying to fit in. I suppose it's like any other culture, just by a factor of 10."

"You know, they're mostly okay one on one," Kate muses. "Like, I get along fine personally. But when you put them together, then it gets messy." She shakes her head, chuckling to herself as she takes a bite. "Honestly, though, it's like high school. I'm pretty sure people don't really change all that much. And it keeps me working. Working hard. Keeping up with people with powers is a hell of a workout."

"For us, it's pretty easy. Most of the time when we say something, people do it." There's a chuckle coming from Brion as the waiter brings a high priced cabernet sauvignon. "What happens when they get together?" he asks, as he pours himself some wine before handing the bottle to Kate.

"Glaring. Punching. Accusations." Kate reaches for another piece of sausage. "Hey, you're going to be an ambassador. What's proper protocol for dealing with Atlanteans? Because it looked like Namor and Wonder Woman might not get along to great, so I was thinking I'd cut that off at the pass with some being friendly up front, but I know exactly nothing about what's polite to an Atlantean."

"Glaring, punching, and accusations? Wonderful! You simply must give me the details," Brion says as he swallows the glass of wine whole and then goes for a refill. "Atlanteans? I'm not sure there is such a thing as polite in their world."

"Rewatch the press conference," Kate smirks, taking her own glass to sip. "It was all right there. No such thing as polite, huh? Is that ambassador code for they're basically guys and they'll be somewhat respectful after you kick their asses?" she asks, grin spreading. "Because I'm gonna have to put some planning into that one."

"I admit, I was somewhat predisposed when watching it," Brion says wistfully, not mentioning the particulars. They are probably gross. Brion scratches at the side of his face, wondering how to respond, "I think that's about right. That's off the record, of course."

"Super." Kate leans back, taking another sip of wine as she thinks. "I'll figure it out. Just like high school." She raises her glass in salute, smile crooked. "First, show no fear. If you can manage that, you might be able to make it to the next step. Whatever that turns out to be."

"I really don't remember high school very much. There was me, there was Denise, and there was a blur," Brion says with a laugh. "Seriously though, Atlanteans are tough. There's all of this machismo mixed with regal traditions. My advice is to know your stuff, to be frank, and to be thorough. They are tough cookies."

"Hey, some of us were black sheep and spent our nights fighting crime instead of going to college like responsible people," Kate chuckles at the talk of high school. "Dad's not thrilled I didn't give him a heads up on this whole Justice League thing. Or, you know. The years of running around risking my life. Or the lack of a justice league retirement plan." She presses a hand to her face. "I'll manage, though. I can do it. What about you, though? Are you looking forward to the ambassador thing?"

"Your father will understand in time. So long as you stay smart and stay breathing," Brion says with a grin. "Me? I am looking forward to it, I believe. I will miss my family and my country. Especially this close to summer. Summer at the palace outside of Markovburg is amazing. But it seems as though I'm needed here, and if I am, then it's a good choice for me. Like you, I'm eager to do something that matters."

"Well in that case, congratulations," Kate says with a dip of her chin, leaning forward and raising her glass. "To being…adults. Or you can be an adult, and I can be adult-adjacent. The League's supposed to work with the UN, so I'll probably be seeing you around," she adds with a grin.

"I thank you," Brion says as he raises his own glass before drinking it promptly. "I certainly hope so. In any event, let us not wait so long between visits again. Have you ever had Mongolian Buuz? You gotta try this."

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