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March 22, 2015: Gwen and Bobby catch up in M-Town

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Bobby, as noted elsewhere, lives in M-Town. And despite being a bonafide Public Mutant Hero Team he does spend a lot of time doing mundane things like getting groceries. Or just going for a walk.

Okay, the walk is a bit of a front. He's looking about to make sure the Purifiers aren't causing trouble again. Which they have been quite a bit recently. So he takes these nightly strolls just to make sure. Some people never let up unless made to.

Gwen came to M-Town occasionally to practice at one of her bandmates flats and after the prior day she wasn't in a rush to come back. Unfortunately, it only occurred to her a little while ago amidst all of her other distractions that she left her backpack there.

Having got the backpack back a little while ago she was walking down the street in a skirt, top and boots with the bag slung over her shoulder.

A pair of white earbuds are stuck in her ears and she seems to be listening to music. Hopefully, any trouble she ran across would be minor enough to ignore; she had just started assuming she was going to see it.

Stupid Spidey-Sense.

Trouble has a lot of forms. Bobby's doing that thing where he checks corners and alleys and other dark spots where trouble might be hiding. It's been surprisingly quiet so far. Which is pleasant since he had a run in not that long ago in Lower East Side. He'll finish his walk and just head home, he thinks as he looks across the street to make sure… nope, no one hiding there either.

That's when he rounds the corner right in front of Gwen.

Gwen likely would have run right into Bobby if not for a last second warning of her spidey-sense, the young woman moving out of the way rather quickly as the pair both round the corner.

Reaching up to remove her earbuds she smiles at Bobby, "Two nights in a row Bobby Drake? If I didn't know better, I'd say you were almost stalking me." She was obviously teasing, because everyone knew Bobby was too cool to be a stalker.

Bobby blinks. He knows that voice. "Oh! Gwen! Hey there. I was just taking a walk, sorry. Was a bit…" He looks around. "… distracted." No… no one hiding out here either. Just nearly running into an old high school friend. "Sorry. Been trouble in the neighborhood. And I live here. What'cha doing all the way out here in M-Town?"

"Right, of course you live out here." Gwen shakes her head as if she should have known this, "I forgot my backpack over at a friends flat, it had some books I needed and I really didn't want to try coming out here in the morning during you know, traffic." Not that it was a real problem for her.

"So what kind of trouble are you out patrolling for tonight? Rogue mutants? Crazy supervillains?" She takes a moment to check her phone trying to keep an eye on the bus schedule.

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