Buck Hunting

March 22, 2015: The Invaders and friends go after one of their own. It doesn't work out how they expect. * NOTE: This scene will be pushed forward in the timeline to help it be congruent with Peggy and Howard's World On Fire plot


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"Roger that," Steve says as he looks at the storm entrance that leads underneath an old school and down to where the intel says Bucky is. He goes by the Winter Soldier these days, but Steve does his best not to think of him that way. Make no mistake, however. The man he once knew as James Buchanon Barnes is a far cry from a teenage war hero. Brainwashed, angry, and eager to kill, Buck is a one man killing crew. And he happens to be allies with Fracture, one of the most dangerous hero-killers in the world.

Steve looks around the van at the others he's contacted. Everyone here has a vested interest in bringing Bucky back in and trying to change him back. Howard was there during the whole thing, and he needs no introduction. Though the scientist and the Star Spangled man with the plan have been on thin ice lately, when it comes down to it he and Steve are like brothers. Howard wouldn't miss this. Either would Natasha. Despite her having less proximity to Bucky as Steve knew him, she was close to him after his transformation.

Then there's Fenris. The wolfman spent quite a few nights at the bar in the great nation of France. Many of those stories he promised not to tell.

Last, and certainly not least, the Invaders. Spitfire and Namor were part of an elite fighting team along with Bucky and Steve back during the second World War. Steve asked each of them for their assistance and both readily accepted. They would like to see their old friend brought in as well.

Steve gives Namor a look, almost sensing that Atlantean's irritation at all this sneaking around.

He decides he'd better be quick with the directions. "Spitfire in first, scanning and making a commotion. Namor, Fenris, and I will head in next to take advantage. Nat, you and Howard cover our rear," he says quietly and calmly. "We good?"

Fenris was going by another name back then. He's gone by quite a few over his long history but he's since let the Captain - a man he thought long dead - in on at least part of the real story. One sort of has to when a man from 90 years ago shows up and you haven't visibly aged. He remembers James Buchanan vaguely. Many of the American soldiers he knew were good men and that he can recall, Bucky was no different. So when the Captain asked and said that there would be others from the old days, he could hardly pass the chance up to see them.

They may or may not have ever noticed the Free French operative who went by Loupi, but he's not particularly expecting greetings from the others.

Though, you know, he won't turn them down if he gets them. "I'll follow your lead, Steve." The god-wolf has long since produced his sword. It now hangs easily in his right hand.

Natasha has some pretty important knowledge — primarily about how Bucky fights, or at least what she remembers of it. She's incorporated a lot of it into her own techniques, but she's been tightlipped about how or why. Not many people know the history she has with the Winter Soldier.

She's the Black Widow through and through today, from the black suit to the Widow's Bite wristbands. Glancing at Howard — she's not quite sure what the man can do — she mutters: "Don't suppose you have rocket boots in those feet, do you?" But she's smiling when she says it. Somewhat. "I'm hoping you brought some of those toys you're always working on."

To Steve, she snaps off a salute: "Da, kapitan!" Wink.

"Roger wilco," Spitfire says with a jaunty salute. She can move fast enough that cameras can't detect her… though the telltale breeze and flash of fire afterwards can be a pretty big clue she's around. She glances to the others, gives a tight smile, and then pops the back door of the van open. There's a brief, warm wind, and she's gone. The storm entrance, however, swings in the breeze, a trail of yellow fire disappearing down its steps.

"Oh, I plan to be taking up the rear, as in, staying put. Steve, I'm happy to help, but I'm not exactly a tactical genius. Or hell, much of a fighter. I did basic combat training in 1941 when the SSR first recruited me." Howard zips his leather aviator jacket up a little higher. "Besides, Natasha's a one-woman army. You don't need me barely shooting straight." He thumbs towards the Russian.
As far as gadgets go, well. "Oh yeah. I got some goodies. Got a contingincy plan or two waiting in the wings. You have the stuff I gave you? Remember, try not to get hit with an EMP. That would be…" he shifts, "…well. Don't get hit with an EMP."

Namor does not do skulking around in shadows. The depths aside this is not his idea of fun and he puts up with it knowing their former comrade Bucky is in need of their aid. Wanted or not.
With his back to the rest of those gathered his arms folded across his chest.
"Just let me know when I am required and I will act. The Avenging Son already grows weary of this and I was uninformed Stark would be present, let alone the man still lived. His presence alone brings us ill fortune." Grumpy Atlantean does not know Fenris or Natasha and apparently has a dislike for Howard and his kin.

At some point, the bunker beneath J.J. Aparo Elementary was just a place to make the paranoid gangster whose kids attended the school feel safe and secure in the knowledge that his precious children would be protected in case the unthinkable happened.

Eventually, they got older, and it became a convenient place to stash guns, drugs, and anything else the gangster's crew wanted to keep hidden, and as it drifted further and further from its initial purpose, it grew.

The bunker has survived the closure of the school and several changes of ownership since it was initially built, falling most recently into Russian hands during the tail end of the Cold War. Since then, it's seen infrequent use; Fracture and the Winter Soldier are the first visitors it's seen in years. They did what they could to enter quietly, but someone saw. Someone had to have seen; nobody ever visits Aparo Elementary anymore. These things stand out.

The storm entrance leads to stairs that eventually end at a heavy metal door; it's got plenty of locks, but it's decades old. The basement of the school has, at this point, become something of a satellite storage space for the rest, with metal shelves of basic necessities like food, water, and medical supplies set up all around; they are more empty than full, thanks to having been intermittently tapped but never replinished. A section of the wall down there is false; behind it, there's a heavy trapdoor leading down into the bunker proper.

The— group that's already on the scene - one Winter Soldier, multiple Fractures - are presently in front of a gun rack in a dorm on the second level of the structure. The arsenal below has thus far proven to be adequately, if not abundantly stocked. "I'm not sure that this will be enough," he states as he turns a Kalashnikov over in his hands to examine it.

Hands, plural; the arm he lost in Slaughter Swamp was replaced with a similar model. Hail HYDRA.

"But it's a start."

Suited. Booted. Whatever Fracture was that was it. Three of them all following the one that was not like the others, forming a medium of silence until they reach their intended destination, the masks finally dropped and hands upon hips and foot stuck out to tap. Let's not forget the other one who plays upon the phone.

"Ung. Does that thing even work?"
"It probably does."
"I bet you that thing is rusted."
"You should have let me call my guy. He would have had us loaded."
"But you don't even know if your guy turned you into SHIELD."
"Fuck you, we could have found out."
"Ladies.." The main Veruca pipes up, as the others stand down into their respective places, picking through what was there and what's not. "We have a dislike for guns. They sometimes backfire."

"So true."
"And they're loud."
"You're just saying that because your fucking AIM is off."

Veruca drops a sad sigh as she stands close towards Winter, her gaze falling down towards her phone as a message was soon fired off, the sim card soon pulled out, tossed to the ground and downed with the heel of her boot. "I do not understand how you could put up with them. I swear to god." A brow is lifted in gest, and a nudge is given to his elbow. Replaced arm is good.

"How do you want to play this."

"Fair enough, Howard. You'll be able to watch via our cameras from in here," Steve says to Stark with a nod. "Let us know if you see anything fishy. And if something happens that puts you in danger, get out of here." Steve tosses him the van's keys.

Steve gives Fenris a solemn nod, "Just like old times, right?" He gives a bit of a smile. The times were never quite like this, but the two have found danger before. His smile widens as Black Widow jokes, cutting some of the tension. This isn't something she hasn't done before of course.

"You're going to have to share air with Starks, Namor. Luckily this one doesn't require much." Cap winks at Namor as Spitfire does her thing.

Steve leaps out of the van and breaks into a run, leaping down the stairs three at a time until he reaches the landing below. Once they're at the metal door, Steve gives a frown toward Spitfire. "They didn't set all these locks. They got in a different way."

Fenris watches with some interest as Spitfire zips off. Well, Steve always did surround himself with interesting sorts. Case in point: Howard, Namor and Widow. He breaks into a run behind Steve, keeping pace behind him. Let the man with the vibranium shield go first. Just because he can be shot doesn't mean he enjoys it.

"There's always the direct route." By which he means bashing the doors in. This is sadly noisy and does take a biiit of time. And comes with the risk of collapsing things, so perhaps there's a tactically better option. THere's plenty of other skillsets here after all. But he thought he'd offer.

Namor's comment brings a raised eyebrow from Black Widow, but she clearly figures Howard is capable of fighting his own battles. She decides, on balance, not to get into it. Though she does look at Stark with a slight frown: "Are we talking 'uncomfortable tingling' or 'level the block'?"

But not much time for that now. She gives the HowardBot a pat on she shoulder and darts out the van after the others, but when she hears Steve's comment about the locks she hesitates.

"I can scout another entrance?" she offers.

"Place like this," Spitfire says with a wry smile, "Probably a host of ways in and out. Looks like it's been abandoned for years. That's the first clue there are both squatters and extra between ingress points. Of course, in her experience, those squatters are demonic and the ingress points are interdimensional, but hey. She can live with this more mundane situation quite happily. She examines the locks briefly. "Between the two of us, Namor and I can have this sardine can open in moments." They've both got super strength, after all… and some of those locks are half rusted away anyway. A beat. She adds. "Or the wolf." Not that she knows much about him. But, hey… there must have been some sort of briefing, right? "You did ask for a commotion, after all."

"What, you don't watch the news or read the papers?" Howard drawls towards Namor. "I'd say my presence gives us good fortune, seeing as I'm so damned charming, and also a certified genius." He futzes with some sort of piece of tech until all the lights turn green.
Before Natasha can totally get out of earshot, he says, "Both?" Ahem.
Then flashes a grin at Steve. "Yeah. I'm going to abandon you. That's going to happen." Still, the keys are placed somewhere close and within easy reach, in case a getaway vehicle is necessary. Then he's watching monitors and keeping an ear on radio frequencies.

The Sub-Mariner releases a "harumpfh" in Howard's direction and descends after the Captain. No discussion for the Prince of Atlantis he is already gripping the lock and tugging on it enough veins are bulging out of his neck and forearm until it gives way. Recently submerged the Sion of the Seven Seas is as strong as any of Earth's Mightest Heroes this should be of no concern unless of course it's more than what it seems. He isn't about to let this be an obstacle. "We are not afraid of unwanted attention are we? Speak quickly before I make a path for us."

No argument comes soon enough for the Atlantean and he rips the door free tossing it aside and onto the ground above with a loud *thud*. Screw locks and screw doors. "A path."

"It'll work, but I intend to bring spares," the Winter Soldier assures a Fracture. The real Veruca's comment about putting up with 'them' draws knit brows and a bemused squint, but there's no chance to press for clarification.

"We take what we can carry and leave," he says, tipping his head towards common area beyond the door. There are a few duffles set out on a table in there, some of which might already have some goodies in them. "I trust your safehouse more than mine, right now; we can operate out of it temporarily, but we might want to consider leaving this area while we do what we must. We still need to gather information on his network, and any potential resources…"

The dorm and everything else down there floods with red light and blaring alarms when the door to the bunker is ripped free.

The Winter Soldier twists towards the dorm's door, sweeps his eyes across the Fractures, then grabs a second rifle from the rack and makes his way into the common area. "Quickly," he amends to his proposed plan. "Through whomever we must." There are knives, machetes, and a few other assorted melee weapons for the taking, but not much variety. Some grenades, too; it's a toss up as to whether any of them work or not.
The bunker is full of dust and blank, reinforced surfaces. The upper level doesn't have the same level of built-in comfort as the second - not so many separate dorms, no kitchen, fewer bathrooms, et cetera - and seems to have been designed to be more of a conventional disaster shelter. There isn't much contraband up there, but there is plenty of preserved food and bottled water. Also, a second reinforced door to the bottom floor, currently open.

"There'll be no need for that. I sent message to a few of my people and they are on the way. There is no sense in taking only what we can carry when there are extra arms to carry more." Take it all, leave the rest of the crap for the rats and wild dogs that frequent this place."

The other women move towards the table to grab their favors; machetes and knives, stuck to their hips and placed within boots. One grabs a couple of grenades to inspect as the other reaches out to lower her hand, giving the copy a stern looks. All the while Veruca watches on, allowing her girls to do the heavy lifting while she remains hands free for now.

That was until the alarms begin to sound, her brow furrowing as she strides quickly towards the table, snatching up a pair of blades with a quick twirl for inspection, testing the weight and the handle.

"This guy has horrible luck!"
"He's cute though."
"Can it, whore!"
"LADIES!" Veruca snaps, then gestures with a tilt of her head towards Winter. "On my six."

"I hope they come soon."
"They're not particularly fond of this area."
"But they move quick."

Steve's eyes go wide as the alarm bells begin to ring out. Clearly Bucky will be on the move, so he runs through the first floor with reckless abandon. His eyes move over the room quickly, and he spies the opening down to the floor below. "Spitfire, clear the room! Namor, Fenris, with me!"

Steve wishes he'd have listened to Black Widow as he leaps down the entrance to the floors below, shield up to protect him from whatever the hell he finds below.

Fenris nods. As they run he reaches for the Gale Rod at his side. Without knowing what's beyond the blaring alarms and flashing lights he has no way to know exactly what is appropriate armament for this particular situation but in general he's found that a combination of swordsmanship and hurricane force winds covers most of the bases most of the time. "Just like the old days." He rumbles at Steve's side as the soldier, the prince and the wolf make a mad dash for whatever they find.

Hell. Already this isn't going super-smoothly. And the chances are good that the Soldier is going to have reinforcements coming in. So while the others, presumably, go pouring inside, the Black Widow is crouched in the shadows outside the open door. She's going to wait for everyone else to get in, but if HYDRA reinforcements are coming, she plans to meet them head on.

Spitfire does a sweep of the room, and takes up a position in the deepest shadows once she declares it 'Clear'. Like the Widow, she fully expects reinforcements. There are almost always reinforcements. And if the three tanks going down into the bunker down. there can't handle what comes their way… then they're all in way deeper than any of them thought. The MI-13 agent may have opted for her Invaders identity, tonight, but that doesn't mean she's set aside her spook training.

Meanwhile, Howard's prepping some kind of gadget and keeping an eye on the situation. He'll let the superheroes do their super-thing. His son didn't get his desire to charge in to the fray from his father, that's for sure. He's the getaway pilot, the Q to their Bond. He'll fight if he has to, but that's not exactly where he's best suited.

The Sub-Mariner drifts in a sort of low hover behind the two leading way in to the bunker. "Alarms, this is good. This means they will come to us."

"Who's coming?"
The Winter Soldier asks this while darting into another room, then back out with an armload of ammo and accessories to dump into a bag. One of the Kalis is slung over his back, a couple of handguns are holstered on his hips alongside one of several knives, grenades hang from his waist and chest; he wasn't expecting intruders, but he's certainly ready for them. After some rapid-fire ziping, he hauls a duffle onto his shoulder and starts towards yet another dorm.

"There's another way in and out," he tells them. "In the sewers; it wasn't meant for repeat access, though. We are going to have to do some renovating."

To that end, he drops the duffle in that dorm, pauses in front of its back wall for a moment, then slugs it with his left arm; it shudders and cracks, but doesn't fall.

"Going through them remains an option," he adds, studying the damage with pursed lips for a moment before cocking his arm back for another shot, "the intelligence would be valuable, if risky to obtain."

"The League of Shadows." Veruca answers in kind.

"But we don't need the sewers!"

"That's gross!"



The landing of Captain America manages to smash two of the copies in one go, the glass immediately pooling around them from the weight of boot and shield, the last copy remaining, shocked.. as she sees the man they were after along with tw-…

"GOD WOLF!" She screams, her eyes soon bleeding black as she leaps upon Fenris' back. It was quick thinking on her behalf, for as soon as she touches down upon his person, they immediately sink through the floor .. gone with a succor of air that staunches their area.
The real Veruca is non-plussed, hearing and feeling the loss of two, a wide-eyed glance of panic given towards Winter as he tries to bash through the wall. "No. This place is compromised. You need to get out while you still can, I'll take it from here.." Again, with the soliditary thinking. Operation Save Winter is now officially a go..


A wisp of black is seen outside the front of the getaway van.. not just one.. but two.. the sing of blades kissing the air as daggers are soon planted into each of the wheels to ground them. The sound of a scraping chain upon it's left soon reaches the front in rapid succession as it was twirled high into the air and slammed upon the windshield, the glass soon giving way to spider upon the dashboard intending to minorly cut and damage Howard who remains inside.

Three of those wisps of darkness depart, heading towards Black Widow and Spitfire if she was near, the other gatherings of darkness soon propelling themselves atop.. upon.. and around the building.

There were not many there, only enough to carry the equipment that was left inside, possibly 15 of it's league members (minor ones) in all.

"Fracture, confirmed!" Steve yells into his communicator. "Be on the look out!"

Now that he's smashed two of them, and the third is attacking Fenris, Cap bolts towards the room looking for any sign of Winter Soldier or his female protector. He curses his legs—despite their augmentation, they can't seem to carry him fast enough as he charges down the line like a middle linebacker turned cruise missile.
"Any last minute tricks and treats…now is the time, guys," Steve says as he runs, the shield bobbing up and down.

The wall shudders after bionic punch #2. Cracks spread, but not quickly enough; the Winter Soldier's eyes narrow.

There's a war going on outside, but Fracture's telling him to leave her. The League of Shadows are in play, but— the name means nothing to him; it doesn't offer much comfort.

So Steve doesn't have to look for long, because the Soldier answers her directive by whipping the rifle from his back, leaning out of the dorm, and spraying the charging Captain with a bottom-up salvo of bullets. Some might trail towards Fenris or anyone else down there, but once he spots the Captain, his target is basically set.

Fenris has, fortunately, a fairly good command of portals, otherwise getting sucked to who knows where might have ended up poorly for him. Not that he means to let Veruca go. The last time they clashed he'd been worried about bringing the (inhabited) place around them down. This time, he doesn't care so much. The god-wolf is aware she can somehow hijack portals. So he simply opens several, all to the same general location which is back to the others. They're going to stay open for a few moments as he homes on the copy of Veruca that grabbed him and decides to show her what two millenia of blade-play practice looks like. He suspects he'll need them.

She knew something would show up if she just WAITED for it, and here it is. Black Widow narrows her eyes as the assassins — apparently the League of Shadows is having no trouble finding people hiding in shadows, which makes some sense — come sneaking out and around.
There's probably going to be a LOT of them around shortly, but there's enough here just now that Black Widow can go to town. One of them has come up to slice at her, but she's suddenly… just not there, crouching and then leaping, swinging up to jog up the wall to the rooftop. She unhooks two of the little gold discs from her belt and hurls them down. Usually, Natasha's pretty subtle; right now, not so much. She's spacing them to get the most effect; the most bang for her buck, really, to affect as many of the bad guys as possible. One flash-bang to blind them. One sonic-bomb to deafen them. Her own earpiece should protect her from the worst of the latter, and covering her eyes — and dropping into a sharp crouch — should do for the former.

Spitfire zips through the shadows, a blaze of light that disperses darkness as she happens upon it. As Widow does her splody thing, the Brit speedster slides out through the open door to crack a few heads of her own and get a little looksee at the enemy layout. "Bogeys incoming," she says into comms, for the benefit of the boys downstairs. "Shadowy bastards. Widow and I have them out here, but watch your six." That said, she glances up and adds, "They like the rooftops, but so do I." And she's zooming up a wall to lay some speedy vampiric smackdown on the darklings on the roof.

Well. Howard's plan to just sit here and not be an obvious threat seems to have been a flawed one. He nearly jumps clean out of his skin when he hears the tires slashing. The chain against the windshield causes him to throw his hands up into the air to protect from shards. The safety glass breaks in a spiderweb pattern but doesn't immediately buckle. He's fumbling for the gun on his hip.
"I hope you kids all have your ears in!" comes the engineer's voice over the radio, seconds before he cranks the device he was working on. Speakers mounted on the sides of the van suddenly let out a loud, disruptive, high-pitched tone. Anyone without earplugs is going to feel a stab of nausea and a sudden inability to tell which way is up. Between that and Natasha's flash bangs and sonic bombs, it's about to get really noisy.

"Your mascot has grown in to a very terrible host, Captain." Namor manages before turning around to swat a League of Shadows assassin who got too close. The backhand sends the man in a crumpled flip-flop across the bunker floor.
"I will cover the two of you, these nuisances are demanding my attention."
Surely the Asgardian wolf-being and America's Super Solder can contend against what lies ahead. Black Widow, Spitfire, himself and… "Wait, my ears?! What does 'the Stark' speak of?" The Sub-Mariner has very good hearing and is not entirely prepared for what lies ahead but that will be approached another time…

"Down!" the Winter Soldier barks over the thunderous explosions and sonic weapon deployments above and the steady report of gunfire below. This is entirely for Veruca's benefit; lead ricochets off of the Captain's shield and whizzes around the bunker even as he warns her of it.

Instead of taking another shot at him, he follows the spray of bullets with a flashbang hurled at a wall beyond Steve in the hopes of bouncing it somewhere behind the Sentinel and that troublesome shield, then ducks back into the dorm.

The deafening sound that comes out of the van actually topples over the few assassins that were lurking outside, all curled up, holding their ears to fight back the noise as they were trained.

Natasha and Spitfire held their own, and thankfully.. due to the shocking sound that draws a wave of nausea, a few of them were stopped in their tracks and actually fall…

But inside? Veruca draws herself down as Winter says, her arms shielding over her head as the bangs and bullets fly, seeing the opening when Winter ducks back into the dorm to rush low towards the Captain, hand delved deep into her pocket and withdrawn.

That lovely sound was the cresendo of a body being fried, high voltage, large enough to put down an elephant and stop it's heart cold, planted into the neck of the man with the shield, arm immediately looped to stop him from falling as the assassins who came in through the other way and missed the wave of sound to provide a smokey distraction in the from of another bomb tossed to the ground at their feet.

The body was lifted, handled with the utmost care (for whats the point of damaging him now, that fun is reserved for later), and carted after Winter for a quick escape from the building.

They were running from their dates, hiding out in the bathroom to portal out. Too bad this power wasn't spared for the singles.

Inside the portal, however.. the fun was just about to begin.. for the copy of Veruca stares down the god wolf, a slight grin upon her face, blades soon produce and twirled expertly as she drops herself into stance.

"Did'ja miss me?"

She was going to make him regret that night in Gotham…

Fenris glances out the portal and then at the copy of Veruca. "No." He rumbles as he spins his blade and the rod in his hand to answer. They might be at this a while. Hopefully Steve and the others have it under control. He'll have to catch up with them when this is dealt with. "When we're finished here, you'll understand why you don't want me to."

Yeah. Gonna be at this a while.

"Nice," Natasha hisses, though no one is likely to be able to hear her. She still has her ears in, clearly, as she raises a hand to one and calls through: "Status report inside? We just knocked out something like a dozen assassins out here."

Spitfire ends up amidst a pile of unconscious bodies, wincing faintly at the cacophony of sound and light. But, between her visor and her hood and the earpieces she was given… yeah. She's good. She hears Romanoff call for a sitrep and pauses a moment before zipping down the wall to rejoin the Widow inside the upper room.

The next time the Winter Soldier leans outside, the Captain is down, so he abandons breaking the wall down in favor of snagging his duffle and leaving the dorm. His eyes flick from the Sentinel to the swirling shadows to the terrorist with the hint of a question on the way out, but he doesn't wait for an answer; they have places to be.

Places like 'anywhere but here, because this place is blown to hell and back'.

There are a few bathrooms down there; he picks one, they gather inside, and he waits for her to open a portal in the mirror spanning one of its walls.

"This League," he begins, leveling his rifle at the door while glancing back at her. "What did you promise them for this? What do we… owe them?"

He tries to ignore the flips his stomach does as he considers the prospect of owing someone - another someone - who isn't his handlers.

The assassins were gathering, slowly pulling themselves from their reveries.. only to vanish, not out of thin air. None of them were made of magic, but they were gone. The stealthy girls would know what that would be like. Howard was left alone soon after, the figures in black disappearing, Veruca was gone and there was no need to linger there.

The few of them carry Captain, following Veruca.. who whistles a little ditty was Winter moves about .. from what she sees, in a panic. Captain was down, they had nothing to worry about except to vacate the premises, with their package in tow.

His question gives her pause, her brows lowering just a touch as she reaches out a hand to touch against the mirror, which soon liquifies for them to enter.. narrowly.

"You don't owe them anything. I owe them my life." And, that was all she would spare for now, for any explanation would be a /long/ drawn out one.. over blood.. sweat.. tears..

Ain't nobody got time fo' that!

The Captain was hoisted, pushed in.. Winter soon after.. and as Veruca takes one look at her boys in black.. she cracks out a loud whistle to pull the rest from their stations. They'd advance back, scatter.. leave in various directions that doesn't lead them back to where the three were headed. For now.

Satisfied, Veruca leaps into the portal of her own creation, leaving the rest behind dazed and confused.

The battle is just beginning.. Fenris will be a minute, guys!

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