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March 22, 2015: Kane visits Babs to discuss HYDRA

Clocktower - Gotham



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Things are never quiet in Gotham, ever… it's just the level of noise that varies. From the background white noise to a full volume heavy metal concert, that's how Oracle has started defining her days. The last few days could be classed as almost easy listening with little work for herself to do.

However, that's only the day to day stuff and misses the longer term projects Gothams Information Goddess is working on. One of those is the fact that HYDRA seems to be getting a foothold in Gotham and yet another issue codenamed 'Birdwatcher' is high on her list.

So it is, that midafternoon finds Oracle (aka Babs Gordon) at the table in the kitchnette on the top floor of the Clocktower (her command and control centre), sipping a cup of tea and reviewing data fed through to her tablet.

Kane Reynard has a reason to be here. No seriously. There's a totally legitimate delivery of a totally legitimate leather waistcoat (vest) fitted to someone's measurements (As best he could eyeball them) that was supposed to be delivered today to this very Clocktower. He is in no way a costumed vigilante by night who wishes to dicuss the activities of a very dangerous organization.

Her video feeds pick up the Fox's approach, and Oracle smiles slightly. Next to Rowan and Robin, Kane is high on the list of people she'd like to see. By the time Kane reaches the door, the redhead is already speaking to him "Come on up, Kane. The kettle is on."

That's true too. Babs is already preparing a cup of tea for Kane. It will on the table by the time he arrives.

Like many vigilantes, Kane has a short list of people who know both his faces. Babs is one of them. He found hers… quite by accident, really. And good intuition. The first thing he does, though, when he gets up there is present her with the fitted vest. "A gift." He says with a smile. "Got a bit to talk?"

"For you" Babs takes the vest and cants her head a little "For me?" Not used to receiving gifts, the redhead flushes a little and gestures to the cup of tea "Of course I have time, I've even made you tea" She has no idea if he drinks tea really, but tea for Babs solves many of the worlds ills.

Inspecting the vest, Babs smiles broadly "You think I need something like this?" and then a little more shyly "Will you help me get it on?" She can, of course do most of the fitting herself, but a fitted vest typically needs adjustment.

Kane smiles and nods, taking it and moving around behind her so he can slip it on. One arm at a time. Fortunately it doesn't have sleeves. "What kind of news have you been hearing lately about HYDRA?" He asks as he does so.

"Thank you" Babs murmurs, incredibly uncomfortable at accepting someone's help. "Various things" she starts in answer to his question. She hasn't received much direct intel, most of it has been gained from Net chatter. "The helicarrier in New York, various nests being found and them trying to take people from the streets." her mouth twists is disgust "The use of magic seems to be prevelant."

Resisting the urge to shrug as Kane helps fit the vest, Babs looks over her shoulder "I know HYDRA is in Gotham, but they appear to be staying under the radar, as much as they can."

"I found a link to them. I know why they're here and I know how. They've enlisted the Ton Ton Macoute to move magical items in bulk for them. And they're setting up illegal genetics laboratories. Trying to infuse mutants with magic, though for what purpose I can only guess. I'd say they were dabbling but really the scale of what they're doing is a bit too large for the word." Kane sinches a few straps. "There. How's that?"

The vest, fits well, supporting her core. Leather, fairly stylish in fact, Babs looks from the vest to the druid "Wonderful, in fact" running her fingers over the material, a bemused look comes over her face "Fits like a glove, how did you get it so right?"

His news on HYDRA has her blinking "Giving mutants magic?" a small frown "I'd like to say that was new. Where was the laboratory? I can pull up building ownership records, see what we can find from there."

"Edge of Bristol, on the north end." Kane rattles off an address as he goes for that cup of tea. "Glad you like it. I've been making things for a while. I have a fairly good eye for sizes. Took my best guess."

Babs thinks it mildy amusing that he's made it for her. Amusing, but she is very grateful. "You did well." there's colour to her cheeks. "I do like it, do I owe you anything?" she doesn't wish to offend, and offering to pay seems the best approach.

Picking her tablet up, Babs accesses her databases and enters the address. It takes a few moments, and some cross referencing before she shrugs "The building is owned by the Ton Ton Macoute. Under aliases and false names, of course. I'll need to dig deeper to see if we can draw a connection to HYDRA, but that seems unlikely." She shrugs "Do you know where they were getting the mutants from? I mean… is this connected to the SRD some how, or is it yet another problem we have to deal with?"

"I wouldn't know and I didn't stop to ask." Kane gets his tips through other people. He's a decent investigator but it's not what he does. "However I suspect that some of them were snatched off the street. Community like mutants where there's a good chunk of folks that don't care about them is always easier to victimize."

Babs nods as she picks up her own tea and takes a sip before continuing. "That seems about right. It matches some of the reports I've been seeing." Mutants being snatched off the street is bad news. A pensive look on her face, she sighs slightly "I'll let the Bat Family know the connection and speak to Batman about how he wants to proceed. Closing the operation down is attractive, but HYDRA will likely just find another avenue in. Keeping it alive and under surveillence, might give us an edge." or it might not. Nodding to Kanes mug, the redhead smiles slightly "How's the tea?"

Kane sips. "Rather good. So far I think they're only connected to the Macoute here. If we shut down their operations, they may decide it's not worth it. Gotham's always been more insular than a lot of other places." In many ways. Bats. Criminals. Everyone, really. "I can find the Ton Ton. I have a couple people among their main rivals who feed me information so things don't get out of hand. I'm sure they'll be happy to tell us where they've been setting up shop."

"Certainly, it's the only definitive connection we've found." HYDRA is secretive, clandestine but Babs would have expected to see more tell tale evidence if more groups were involved. She smiles a little "That's good, and I'll be taking you up on that offer." There's a slight pause as she sips her tea and then looks over to Kane "Don't put yourself at too much risk, though, there's ways that I can find the information if it will."

"Risk is part of the game. But I'll be careful." Without a need to keep up a separate persona, Babs can see the similarities and differences between 'The Fox' and Kane Reynard. The Fox is a lot more uptight. Unlike with some, though, there's not a sense that Kane is the disguise and the Fox is the real person.

Babs smiles at that, observiing Kane carefully "I said to much risk." She sighs again "I know risk is part of the game, but you've now got access to resources you didn't before. Think of my services as risk mitigation." a slight shrug "Just be careful." It's obvious that Babs cares about each, and everyone, of the team. "How are you finding working with the Bats, Kane?" She knows that his introduction to some in her Oracle Network wasn't as smooth as she would have liked.

"I see them seldom enough. Only one of your people I've encountered in a while has been Batgirl. Who is helpful. Quiet though." And she keeps taking his weapons. He doesn't mention that though. "Titans are off and on except for one. And that's about it, really. Mostly my nights are solo, still."

"Don't let Batman hear you lump the Titans in with the Bats." Babs' eyes crinkle in amusement "I maintain a wider network to the Bats. Provide support when it's needed and call on others when I need help. But I maintain a clear line between Bat business and the rest." Shrugging a little "Titans rarely show up in Gotham. It doesn't surprise me you don't see them often." She cants her head at the 'one' but lets it go. "Batgirl is always helpful, quiet as you say." Babs has a extra soft spot for Batgirl and it shows "I'd ask if you minded being solo, but you've been at this a while."

Kane shrugs. "Taking people with me is dangerous. Batgirl can handle herself. Most of the rest I'd worry. I can't babysit people in fights and some supernatural nasties will get you real good if you don't know what you're dealing with. So solo kind of by necessity. Except when I get some help. Which does happen, but…" The man who is the fox shrugs and takes another sip. "Anyway this business of terrorists messing with magic? Not good."

"No it isn't good" Babs sits back in her chair, looking grim "It's the magic angle that worries me the most." She looks a little sheepish "Technology, science, I can handle. Magic… and please don't try telling me that advanced technology can appear as magic to a civilisation." She shrugs "Honestly, the use of magic makes me feel a little obselete."

"Von Clauswitz once said 'War is the continuation of policy by other means'." Kane quotes. He reads. Some. "I prefer to think of magic as 'science by other means.' Honesty, unless you're playing at a certain level, there isn't much a mage can do that someone with enough money to buy gagets can't." Of course once you get to that level then you're talking about teleportation and demon summoning. Which is a different sort of game.

That makes Babs laugh softly "I'm glad we're being honest with each other." she's teasing, "Well, you're the magic man, I'm technology person." sipping her tea again, Babs looks thoughtful "If that's the case, then another magic user should be able to trace them, just like I trace technological stuff." shrugging slightly "Apart from getting told where they're meeting, I know you think we need to shut them down, do you have a preference on how that's done?"

"No, so long as the problem doesn't recur." It's the one issue he has with the 'Bat' way of doing things is the fact that, at least that Kane's observed, it does tend to lead to paying for the same real estate multiple times. "Tracing magic is possible. Like technology it's a specialist field, but it's doable."

"I'll leave you to have that discussion with Batman." The Bats 'no-kill' philosophy is always a discussion point within her network. "I'm sure tracing magic is a specialist field. And if we need to, we'll find the support we need. Even if we have to go and see Mr Blood again." As unpleasant as that had been.

"Fortnately I can do it." Kane smiles. "I just need a few things to work with. I'll be out tonight. Gathering stike locations. Call your friends. I don't much care who. We'll put this down hard and hope and pray that HYDRA decides it's not worth the effort to rebuild it. They'll always be a threat but…"

"Well that's a good thing, then." Babs nods to Kane "I'll let the team know that we're ready to play." For all of her pleasantness, Babs can play hard when she needs to "But we can hamper and hinder… slow them down, stop them if we can." Casting a glance towards Kane, the redhead gives him a level look "I know I've said it before, but please be careful."

"I will. I usually am." It's not enough sometimes. Kane gets hurt and in trouble just like anyone else. So far careful has managed to keep him alive though. "How are things here?"

"I know, but I'm…. concerned" Babs smiles slightly "about all of my team. I'm allowed to be." she shrugs. His question catches her slightly "The same as usual, I guess" she'll let him take from that what he will. "I worked out the connection to the Yakuza attack by the way…."

"Which was?" Kane's had a run in or two with Ninjas since then so he'd be quite happy to hear exactly what in the hell they're so upset about.

Babs shrugs slightly "It's weird really. Out of everything I do… I consulted with a colleague a number of months ago." She smiles wryly "Gave some advice, did a little bit of digging. I wasn't really that involved. Turns out that the issue I consulted on was backed by the Yakuza." Sipping her tea, the redhead becomes concerned "What I don't know is how they found me… as you know, my secret is quite well kept."

Kane cans his head slightly. "So it is. The question is what was the matter that would get the attention of a dragon…" He muses on that for a moment, sipping his tea and staring at nothing in paricular.

"I'm not sure… exactly. The 'project' that I consulted on, was around a terrorist threat on a Dam." Placing her cup on the table, Babs shrugs "We didn't know what the motivation was at the time… I still only have a vague idea. It's not at the top of my list to investigate. I find it amazing that the small amount of involvement I had has resulted in this."

"Dam… dam…" Kane thinks, shaking his head. He's got no idea why a ninja clan might have any interest in a dam in the US. Stranger things have happened though. He sees them most nights. "Well I'll look into it." He sets the tea down. "Stay safe Babs. A lot of us count on you." After a moment he glances down at her with a frown. "Do you… want me to ask around for a healer…" It's an offer…

"You don't have to look into the dam, Kane. I'll get to it. And I'll stay safe, as safe as I can be." The offer of a healer gets a bemused smile. First Rowan, now Kane… If it had been anyone else, she might be angry or hurt, but not this time "Maybe" she shrugs "I don't know… I hardly think about it these days." It's just part of who she is. Nodding slowly "If you find someone, I'll talk to them but I'm not making promises to anyone."

Kane nods slowly. "I'll be careful. It's fine. The Dam might be a key." He shrugs. "Meantime you be safe. Between HYDRA and Ninja it's going to be a hairy out there. I'm not sure which is more dangerous… and that's bad." Because both are.

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