Bio Weapons

March 23, 2015: May takes Skye and Simmons into the field to crash a biochemist ring…

South Ozone Park - New York City



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There are actually some days where the bad guy of the hour is NOT part of Hydra. I know. Shocker. But that's the case this time. Some disgruntled former employee of a recewntly dismantled biochemical company was recently flagged as a potential to imminent threat, and SHIELD was tasked with taking the man into custody and stopping whatever illegal experiments he's been conducting in his home's basement in Queens. One little catch: He seems to have been warned of the incoming raid.

Waiting behind the cover of a low wall three houses over from Moss, the disgruntled biochemist, May looks at Skye and Simmons. "The rest of the block has been evacuated. But we still need to do this fast and quiet. We go when I get the signal. Be ready." She's already told them ICERs only, because she really doesn't want to know what might happen if a stray bullet makes a mess of some volatile chemicals in there.

When you're an internet famous, internationally loved/hated freedom fighter you hear shit. Like who has chemical weapons for sale, and well Part has a love for such things but there is a limit. Nerve agents, well thats going too far even for everyone's favorite good girl terrorist. So whilst the neighborhood may have been evacuated, Part's hardly going to wait. She has bad dudes to bust here, and fuck the police yo. So quietly she finishes setting that breaching charge and retreats around the corner. She flips that MPX off safe and cynches down her gas mask just a touch harder, before she kicks shit off.


The breach is, well a little on the heavy side. Glass goes raining down, smoke billows from the target floor and that explosion echoes down abandoned city streets as Partisan sweeps around the corner with a grin audible. "Knock knock motherfuckers! Get wrecked!"

She has seen her share of field work; actually alot more then she ever thought she would see. However, with each little mission that takes her away from a screen, Skye has become more confident in her abilities as an engaging soldier of SHIELD. Crouched down behind the wall, she peers at the the housein question, nodding to May's words with a soft exhale.
So much for the calm before the storm, and a storm it is. Partisan's arrival causes Skye to duck down behind the wall in reactionary fear, her eyes going wide as she looks to May for answers, "You said one house. One house..not…" She waves a disissive hand, "Not..that." A carefree gesture is given to the approaching Partisan."

Simmons nods solemny to May, she's a scientist damnit not a soldier! Partisans approach has her eyes widening and she looks across to May even as she ducks her head further to avoid any of the debris that might be raining down.

Gwen wasn't planning to get herself involved in any crazy shenanigans tonight, in fact she was planning for a nice quiet evening of Grey's Anatomy and some studying. Unfortunately, the best made plans are often laid to waste.

Sitting in the shadows of a near-by rooftop she watches the commotion going on not just out of curiosity; but because the entire thing has been setting her spidey-sense into overdrive.

Even though she was pondering firing a line of webbing away from the commotion and heading home, she knew she would feel insanely guilty.

Simmons' presence is a given — this guy was a biochemist, and they're going to need her expertise and knowledge to properly contain and handle anything that that lunatic might have simmering in his basement. And Partisan apparently has incredible timing, because just as the go-ahead comes over May's comm unit the MFP's much more noisy choice of entrance has her ducking away from flying debris along with the two younger women.

Upon hearing the woman's voice May mutters a curse in Japanese and hastily switches her comm to a different frequency. "1-1, May. You're crashing my party without saying please. If this goes sideways I'm blaming you."

Then she's nodding to Skye and Simmons to go. Take point and stay behing me, respectively.

From inside the building, Moss yells waveringly, "Stay out! I- I don't want to kill you, but I will if you try to stop me!"

"Fuck your shit!"is all Part offers in retort to Moss, before lifting a hand to her throat mic. "Oh jesus christ, didn't see your name on the guest list thought you were SWAT. Message received and understood, 1-1 standing down, will secure second story and hold fast. 1-1 is available for tasking at your discretion."Slowing to a quiet jog, before offering a sigh. She lifts a hand to peel off her helmet, before pushing that gas mask up enough to let her get a cigarette break. "1-1, Second floor secure. I am negative contact at this time, have fun kids." No Part doesn't adore May, but she does respect the woman.

The command is given and Skye nod's affirmatively and gripping her ICER tightly in her hand scampers over the wall and makes her way to the house, zig-zagging to avoid the debris that has littered the street. She is not privy to the COMM conversation, but after hearing Partisan reply to the man in the house, it dawns on her that the one-woman demolition team is an assisting ally. In her forward movement to the house, Skye notices a bulkhead on the side of the house; obviously leading to the basement. Her voice is heard over the COMM to Simmons and May, "I am going at the front. I'll keep his attention here. Get Simmons into that basement." Her hand extends and points to the side of the house and the metal bulkhead."
Finding a big tree, Skye puts herself just behind it, pressing her back to it a moment and then moving to fire an ICER shot at his front window; shattering the glass."

As May starts moving, Simmons follows in behind lugging her field bag with her. Today, that bag is a little more full than usual, she's expecting some heavy duty work is required. Hearing Mays comminique to the party crasher, Simmons mutters "Tell them to stay away from the basement. If they cause what I think is in there to ignite…" she lets the thought trail.

Well, luck would have it; Gwen happened to be a Biochemist.

That made it doubly hard for her to ignore this whole situation, so much for that quiet night.

Spider-Gwen (Aka Spider-Woman for lack of confusion with the other Spider-Woman) fires a stream of webbing into the second story building that Skye has so kindly opened for her.

Suddenly she's swinging into the target house and leaping up onto the ceiling to skitter out of the room like a spider and make her way to the basement.

As she scurries through the house she offers a wave to Partisan from the ceiling, "Seriously, don't shoot. I'm just here to help."

She can be heard mumbling under her breath, "Not that I want to."

The second story of the house is very much commonplace suburbia, though with the added flair of mostly empty rooms, packing boxes scattered everywhere, and furniture covered with bedsheets. Looks like someone was either being evicted or planning to skip town very soon.

When Skye's ICER shatters one of the front windows, Moss's voice calls out with a distinctly panicky tone, "I told you, stay out!" There's the sounds of a door slamming further into the house, and then when the Spider-coed takes the fast track past Skye into the house proper, she skitters straight into a room with the basement access door. Moss standing in front of it wearing a full protective suit and aiming some freaky kind of super-soaker at her. He fires a dual-spray stream of something water-like at Gwen, a noxious fog forming where the two liquids mix. It's decidedly low-level chemical weaponry, but anyone can tell you that mixing ammonia and bleach is dangerous.

May leads Simmons over to the external basement access door and it's the work of just a moment (and one of the titanium batons she 'borrowed' from Mockingbird) to break the chain and padlock holding the doors closed. "1-1. May. Join Skye at the front entrance. I'm hitting the basement." She switches her comm unit back to the channel Skye and the others are using. "Skye. I'm sending you backup." She then nods to Simmons and leads the way down.

What does the Partisan dress like, well like a soldier of course. Neat aged green and grey tigerstripe BDUs with the sleeves rolled up to expose the bright red ink running up her right arm. Theres a neat black Chest rig covered with magazines and so fourth, a backpack, skate shoes of course. That mask is the give away, a gas mask painted in vivid red paint with the outline of a great cat's skull. For the moment our favorite blonde is, well letting the kids downstairs have their fun. "I know who you are, but ma-.."and well off goes Gwen. See, capes never listen to her. She can smell the chemical reaction all the same, before tugging down her face mask with a soft huff. "1-1 reads you."
Off goes Part at a decidedly casual pace, ripping the curtains down before kicking the window frame out and giving an ever so casual hop out the window with a roll of the shoulders. "You're Skye I take it?"As Part all but meanders over behind Skye without even trying to look at all concerned.

She was expecting return fire, and perhaps she night have recieved something, but apparently Mr. Moss had better things to do inside the house. This was not exactly what Skye has hoped for; she truly wished to be the center of his attention to fully know where he was, "Understood, backup incoming." She pauses a moment and then her voice is heard again, "I have no visual or return fire out front. He may be in the basement, proceed with caution."
As Partisan makes her way to her in her careless and non-chalant manner, Skye gives her a once over with an affirmative nod and look of obvious approval. Her voice is heard over the COMM again, "Um yeah. She'll do." Attention back to Partisan, "You must be my backup. Well, I am going to ask you to be my front up. We need to give May a location on this guy." She steps out from behind the tree, ICER ready, "No boom boom…got it?" SHe looks at Partisan once as she slowly proceeds up to the front door.

Simmons follows May down into the basement, she's quiet… she's worked with May before and there's no need to chatter, anyway. In her field kit, is her protective gear which she'll don before entering the laboratory. She trusts May to watch her back when they get there.

While Gwen may have cursed that Spidey-Sense sometimes for helping her get into trouble she was hoping to avoid, it was times like this that she absolutely loved it.

The young woman leaps towards a wall before jumping to another wall; one of the advantages of being bit by a mutant spider meant being incredibly tough to hit.

"Did you steal that from a little kid or something?" Gwen asks Moss as she sends a dual stream of webbing towards the gun hoping to grab it out of his hands and his face in an attempt to blind him.

Faint wisps of the noxious smoke created by mixing ammonia with bleach begins to waft out of the house's broken front windows and blasted open door. Wow, fast and quiet this is not so far. But at least it seems quiet out front. Head on in… if you have protective headgear. Which May would have insisted upon for the agents that accompanied her.

Climbing the stairs down into the basement is uneventful, and May hits a light switch and makes sure there's no one else in the room while Simmons puts on her protective gear. Once the biochem is ready she moves ahead to the stairs leading up to the house proper.

Moss sprays ammonia and bleach everywhere trying to keep up with Gwen's leaping about, then utters what can only be described as a girly-scream when her webs steal the liquid-gun from his hands and obscures the faceplate of his protective gear. He turns to flee, reaching fumblingly for the knob of the door he's been standing and protecting.

"Maintain the perimeter honey, and chill the fuck out alright?"Part produces a stick've gum which she offers over to skye, before leaning back against that tree. "May already knows whats going on, and clogging up the channel isn't going to help anyone. So relax and stay here with me until we're called for. We collapse the perimeter now, and we're liable to have third parties knocking at the door trying to fuck everything up."Lifting a hand to key her throat mic"May, this is 1-1 I'm on station. All clear at this time, maintaining perimeter." Quietly exchanging her MPX for that graffiti covered MCR, and pressing it gently into the pivot of her shoulder. "Stay on station Skye, do your job and keep outside."

Skye pauses when she is tolds what to do by Partisan, looking down at the stick of offered come and giving her best /Who the fuck are you/ expression on her face. There is a pause before she retorts, "Listen G.I. Jane. You can hold this tree up and chew away on your peppermint, spearmint, hubba bubba stick of goodness all you want. My fellow Agents have no idea what they are walking into." She starts to continue her walk to the front door, a bit cautiously, but turns back to address Partisan once more, "Besides. If a third party shows up, pop in another piece of gum and deal with them. From what I have seen, it should not be an issue."

She flips her mask down and steps her way inside the house through the shattered window and into the vapors, looking for any sign of the Girl screaming, gas creating, every neighbor she seems to have ever had; bad guy. Again her voice on her COMM, "Bazooka Joe has the perimeter. Still no visual."

Kitted up, Simmons carries her sample kit in her hand and follows May into the room and then up the stairs.

Gwen looks extremely surprised beneath her mask as the man lets out a girlish scream, she lets the super soaker chemgun fall to the ground gently, "You scream louder than I do, that's just creepy."

The basement was obviously where she needed to go and she had never gotten the hang of the whole trick of what to do with the bad guy when he was down. She quietly asked herself, 'What would Spider-Man do?'

Somersaulting towards the confused Moss who is stumbling for the door she aims a kick at him mid-air in the hopes that it will both knock him out and crash the door in. Two birds with one stone or spider in this case.

As Skye steps into the front room of the house, she gets a first-hand look at the devastation as the bleach-ammonia gas starts to slowly dissipate. The front room is completely trashed, though it doesn't look like it had been used for much of anything recently, as the level of destruction indicates there was little if any furniture in here.

The basement proper looks more like a very well-organized chemical storage locker than a mad scientist's lab. So clearly, the pipettes and graduated cylinders are stored elsewhere. May abruptly holds up a hand to tell Simmons to stop as the door handle at the top of the basement stairs rattles, and then three things happen all in rapid succession.

Gwen flying-kicks Moss into the basement door, the door is knocked out of its frame like cheaply made wood and slams downward onto the basement stairs where it starts to slide, and May turns and body-tackles Simmons to get her clear of the staircase-slide. Of course, as is habit, she makes sure that Simmons doesn't take the brunt of the fall.

"GI jane, oh boy. How fucking green -are- you, I'm the Mother Fucking Partisan and you're acting like a fucking green ass replacement."Part doesn't rise, she doesn't chase anyone down she just turns and takes up the perimeter position herself. Lifting a hand to her throat. "May this is 1-1, Skye decided to head inside and abandon the perimeter. I'm alone up here, you've lost all top cover. Your flanks are exposed, I'm not going to be able to protect you by myself up here. I repeat, you have zero topcover left. I'm not running the sort've gear for a protracted defensive fight May, get that dude out've there now."

Skye makes her way through the house, finding her way through the gaseous mist that is somewhat dissipating through the blown out and broken windows, but certainly not enough to allow for clear visibility. The loud crash of the man being kicked into the door assists her in finding where the action is, and as she turns the corner she sees Gwen at the top of the basement stairs. As far as SKye is concerned, May, Simmons and Partisan are the only ones on the scene besides the bad guy; thus the figure before her is percieved immediatly as a possible threat and the ICER is raised, as she murmurs, "I got one at the top of the stairs." Gwen is but a figure with little detail to SKye right now, "SHall I take the shot?"

Simmons is inspecting the chemicals, muttering under her breath "Oh dear, oh my… what is he doing here?" When May signals her to stop, she drops back to the side and into the shadows for now.

Spider-Gwen grabs on to the top of the door frame when Moss and Door go tumbling down the stairs and she lands looking down the stairs. Well, at least she didn't see any sort of dangerous contraptions or chemicals setup to explode she might have to help disable.

She's actually about to turn and leave before these obviously professional people can start chatting with her.

~~Spidey Sense Tingling~~

Gwen whips around to see Skye with her ICER, a smirk beneath her mask as she remarks to the other girl, "Well, this is awkward."

She points to the door, "You see, I was just on my way out."

The moment she points a stream of organic webbing is fired and she's getting the heck out of there, calling out to Skye, "Ciao!!!!"

May picks herself up from where she got clear of the door that fell inward, looks at Simmons make sure she's okay, then puts one hand to the comm unit in her ear. "Basement cleared, and looks like someone took Moss down." Slightly excessive force, but it got the job done. She switches over to Partisan's comm channel to add, "1-1. May. We've secured Bill Nye in here, not expecting any additional resistance. Thank you for the assist, I know you probably don't want to be here when cleanup arrives and the paperwork starts." She takes a moment to pull the unconscious Moss the rest of the way into the basement where she zip-ties his hands together and then nods to Simmons to follow her upstairs. They still haven't found the man's lab proper.

Down the hall past the basement door is the house's kitchen, and currently Moss's lab. Every inch of space is covered with bottles and jars and beakers and bunsen burners and everything else a mad scientist's lab might contain. Except those TV antennae with lightning arcing between them. Labs don't usually require those.

"Remind me May, were you expecting me? 1-1 out. Your top cover is now gone, next time just let me handle it."Part drops her hand from the mic and sighs, before rolling into a casual jog. Yaknow like, thirty-ish miles an hour? She clears the fences without a hitch, before slowing down once she's a few blocks away. Rolling that helmet and mask off, before deftly shedding the rest of her combat gear in the trunk of that Mach-1. Then, just in case theres a tail on she meanders off down the street. Cigarette smoldering as she strolls along, head phones thumping to the beat of some no-name punk rock band,

Confusion. That is what is on Skye's face when a woman's voice is heard. It all happens so fast, including that part where the webbing pinned her ICER and hand to the wall behind her. Skye pulls aggressively to free herself, murmuring, "You have got to be kidding me?" Her tone turns mocking, "Join SHIELD; great pay, great benefits a timeshare in Tahiti." She sighs and gets on offers a smile to May and Simmons as they approach her just outside the Kitchen entrance, " The lab is in there. Everything is secure up here." She softly adds, "Including my arm." She speaks as tho trying to maintain some level of dignity, as if nothing is wrong at all, "You two go deal with that…I'll…I'll just wait here. You know make sure nobody else comes down the hall." She truly is acting in such a manner that would suggest she is trying to make the two believe that she truly is not stuck to the wall.

Simmons follows, she's good at that and glances at Skye on her way past showing a slight amount of amusement at the other womans dilemma.

Entering the kitchen, the BioChem glances at May and ensures her mask is on securely. "Please keep everyone out, Agent May. The ingredients we saw downstairs do not bode well for what's happening here."

Stopping short at the TV antennae, Simmons spends time to investigate, checking what they're connected to before proceeding.


Gwen really had not meant to shoot Skye with her webbing, but it happens anyways. As the young Spider-Woman is shooting webbing to exit the building, she instinctively shot at Skye.

She would definitely have to chalk that up to being a happy accident, since she had totally been thinking at the time, 'Gwen, you really should have webbed her. Now she's going to shoot you in the back.'.

Scrambling up to a rooftop and making her way from the scene of the crime, she could only hope she ran into no more adventures before making it home.

Another thought occurred to her; hopefully those government creeps didn't take samples of her webbing. That would be icky. Then again, it disintegrated in a few hours!

May switches her comm back to Partisan's channel. "No, 1-1. Didn't know you'd be here. If I had, I would have stayed out of your way. I owe you one." She switches channels again and sends out the all-clear to get the SHIELD clean up crews in here to bag and tag everything, including Moss.

With a nod to Simmons to let her go handle the kitchen-turned-lab, she turns to look at Skye, sees her dilemma and manages to NOT roll her eyes. "I'm not going to ask." Not right now, anyway. It'll be in the debriefing for sure, though.

By the time the SHIELD people are done with their tasks here, May has made sure that Skye's hand is either freed of the wall or that section of wall is cut out taken with them.

It takes Simmons some time to assess everything in the kitchen and by the time May returns to her she has a very concerned look on her face. "I think this Moss fellow was off his rocker, Agent May" pointing to the antennae she shakes her "Those are for show only, weren't connected to anything." and then she nods to the conconction on the stove. "I found his notes and reviewed them, he was trying to create some form of bio-weapon… I've taken samples and contained what was here. We'll need the Hazmat team to remove it. I've already called it in."

Melinda May nods to Simmons. "Good thing we stopped him before he actually succeeded, then." She then leads Simmons back over to Skye-stuck-to-the-wall. "What do you make of this?"

Inspecting the webbing around Skye's hand, Simmons frowns. She's still got her gloves on and she picks at a little bit of it. "I would say it was a spider, Agent May. But it's different somehow…" fumbling for a sample jar, she starts to cut off bits for a sample. "Can you cut her out?" Simmons gives Skye a small smile.

Melinda May listens to an update from the crews. "No. We're out of time. Cut through the drywall, and let's get out of here."

Simmons helps Skye as May and others cut through the dry wall. "Come on Skye, let's get you and these samples back to the Triskelian. You can tell how you got webbed to a wall." The young biochem will follow May out, just in case there are any nasties waiting….

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