Knowing Kraye, Knowing Kane

March 23, 2015: Another roof top encounter and some information shared by The Fox and Zee

Chinatown - Gotham



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The Fox is taking a break. He does that sometimes. One cannot patrol for eight to ten hours straight without sitting down a bit. He's found a rooftop where he can take a snack and watch the ley flows through his crystal.

A soft 'pop' sound at Zatanna Zatara appears right behind The Fox, carrying of all things a sword and a picnic basket. "Getting predictable, Fox." there's a slight laugh in her tone. "I thought I might find you here. I bought you dinner… I know how you don't eat well when on patrol." Truth? It's her dinner, she just made more than she usually does.

She's wearing that new look of hers, the tight leather pants, high heel knee high boots with buckles, bright orange crop top and black denim jacket… all topped with the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum at her left hip.

Kane looks up and smiles a little. "New look? I see someoene's getting a bit unpredictable." The druid gestures to the rooftop beside him for the mage to sit down. "Though you showed up again right when I thought you would so… perhaps not."

"Do you like it?" Zee holds out her arms so he can look and shrugs a little "Just mixing it up." His comments have grinning a bit like a cheshire cat "I see… you were waiting for me. And… I'm just like a Wizard."

"I believe I do like it. And yes I was. Also taking a moment off my feet. Because standing or walking or riding for hours does tend to wear." The Fox cants his head. "So, just looking in on me again?"

His comment gets a very pleased smile from Zee and she steps towards him, placing the basket in front of him and laying the sword carefully on the ground. Settling herself beside The Fox, Zee opens the basket and pulls out containers with prepackaged meals… Chicken and salad for The Fox and salad with nuts for her.

"Mostly" looking in on him, Zee smiles brightly "I bought you food, Fox. I know you don't eat properly when patrolling … " and she really does care. A slight shrug "I don't like you do this alone all the time, either. And as I've said, I like you Fox." Maybe he'll get it, if she says it enough.

Nodding down at the sword at her feet, Zee nudges it with her toe "There's also that…."

"Ah that. You brought it back. Have you figured it out then?" The man behind the mask nods in thanks to for the meal and begins to dig in. Mmmmmm chicken. "I do it alone because so few others can safely come with me."

"Who said I bought it back? I might just keep it…" Zee has no idea there's another female bouncing around Gotham with at least two of Kanes swords. "I can come with, mostly safely." Zee keeps her head down as she eats for bit and then stoops to the basket and pulls out sparkling apple juice and some mugs.

"The sword bears the mark of Abel Kraye." Zee casts a sidelong glance at The Fox "He owned a shop here in Gotham. That shop is now known as "Lost Arts" and owned by Kane Reynard." The Mistress of Magic is a bit of a geek and have the funds to conduct property title searches. "From what I can see…." Zee bites her bottom lip "Mr Kraye passed about 2 years ago." Which may line up with The Fox going solo… sort of.

"Very good." The Fox nods. "So then, what has that told you?" He's not much of an investigator but he's knows that anything worth finding out is worth doing a little work for. And this is his Name we're talkingabout.

Zee smiles a little and pours herself glass of apple juice, offering the bottle and mug to Kane. "I'll take it further first… the name Reynard, has meaning across many cultures." Zee watches the masked man as she speaks "In those cultures, Reynard is the human embodiment of a red fox… maybe that's not quite right, but it's close."

She knows he's testing her and she gives as much information as she has "I checked the school records… there was a Kane Reynard who went to school here…" she shrugs and with flourish, produces a year book photo of a slightly younger, but distinguishable Kane. Raising a shoulder in a slight shrug, Zee looks at The Fox "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kane. I'm Zatanna Zatara."

Kane smiles and lifts his mask, pushing it back under the hood of his cloak. "Nice to meet you as well. You figured that out much faster than I thought you would, truth be told."

Zee flashes The Fox a big grin "Age of the Internet, Fo… Kane. Better get used to it." Whilst finding the information has taken some time, once she got the first clue, everything else just fell in place. Lifting a hand to touch his face, Zee thinks better of it and her hand drops back to her lap. "So I pass?"

"I think you do." Age of the internet. He'll have to talk to Babs about making himself harder to trace. Hopefully she'll have some ideas. "Was it worth the effort simply to know my name?"

"Not just your name, Fo… Kane… your face." Zee shrugs "If this means, we can get to know each better… if you want to that is, then yes, it was worth the effort." Her salad is nearly done with and she looks to The Fox "What do you think… are you prepared to capitalise on my hard work?"

The Fox pulls his mask back down. "Yes, but not here. Come find me in the daylight sometime. Easier to get to know someone when one does not have to be worried about rampaging poultergeists."

"Maybe I should set the challenge now, Fox" His mask is back in place and he is, to her, The Fox "Come find me. Shadowcrest is in Gotham but not easy to find, even if you have the address." She shrugs slightly as she packs up the picnic basket "I'm glad you enjoyed the meal, Fox. I'll do it again someday." She's not moved to stand yet… she's still arranging the basket.

The Fox cants his head slightly. "Come find you. And where, Zatanna, shall I start looking?" He grins a little impishly.

Zee looks up at The Fox and quirks an eyebrow "I already gave you a hint, Shadowcrest. It's here in Gotham… It's listed, you just have to be able to find it." And if he doesn't choose Shadowcrest, Zatanna Zatara is far from a hidden identity "You gave me a sword, Fox and I worked it out from, you … have my face and name to begin with."

The Internet, listing public (and not so public) appearances is a wonderful thing.

Kane chuckles. "Very well, so I shall. Anything else I should know before you vanish into the ether?" He atands, watching the young mage.

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