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March 23, 2015: Fenris seeks out Nighteyes, who was looking for him…

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Nighteyes has made her way into New York city. She needs to find a secure resting place for the day, or find passage elsewhere. What would make things easier is if she could find the Master of this city and see if she can gain permission to stay, though she knows its possible, perhaps even likely she won't. Vampires are rarely welcome anywhere. She's wandering through the streets of the Bronx. Really she has no idea where to look or who to ask, she's just chosen a place at random and begun walking.

Fenris has a free moment now and has gone seeking the vampire he encountered earlier. He's found her now. She may sense the predator before she sees or hears him, approaching at a walk behind her. Curious. Vampires are rare creatures these days and he had not thought to see one.

She's dressed in street clothes, black leather pants and and a dark red tube top beneath a soft brown leather vest. He can see she's wearing sunglasses to cover her glowing eyes when she turns and scans the street behind her. Her belt has her unextended bo hanging from it and he can see knife hilts poking from her biker boots and another sheathed and hanging from her belt. Her expression is one of wary readiness.

"You." It's not an accusation so much as it is an identifier. Fenris eyes the vampire before him. "Nightwalker. Vampire. Not that old, by the scent. What are you doing in my cities?"

Nighteyes lifts a hand and removes her sunglasses, tucking them into an inner pocket on her vest. "Looking for you, Fenris God-Wolf. I seek permission to stay here." She replies. So he found her, she'd wondered if that might happen. Isn't really surprised. There is perhaps an air of nervousness about her though. If he wishes her gone, one way or the other she will be.

"You know my name." Fenris doesn't advertise it and while he makes no secrets of his claims it's interesting to see that she can identify him on sight. "How? And what do I call you?"

"If I have a name, I no longer remember it. I am called Nighteyes." "I knew you were Master of this city, and when I sensed your presence at the farm, you are unique enough that I do not think it could be another." She tilts her head as if considering something and then adds. "Vampires never travel to another place without first learning who it belongs to, and if necesarry seeking permission."

"These places belong to me. Well… some might argue the point. I protect them though. Best I'm able. I don't object to others like you so long as they're not a threat. So long as they harm none." Fenris crosses his arms. "Usually a trick for a vampire."

Her eyes flash at that but then she nods. "Yes. That's true. There is a group of my kind though who do not prey upon mankind. I am no longer one of their order but I'm not here to hurt anyone and I sustain myself another way." She eyes Fenris for several moments, he may have the sense she's apraissing or studying him. Perhaps both. "I would not want to be one of those who disagrees with your claim I think, it would be good for one's health I'm sure."

Fenris studies Nighteyes back. "Depends on who you are. Mortals… die to quickly on their own to be concerned about such things. Others? If I take them seriously it is rather bad for one's health yes. I do not tend to be very forgiving." Beat. "I beleive you though, for what it is worth."

Nighteyes' posture relaxes. "Thank you. This is where I had hoped to stay. Would you know of a place where could safely rest during the day? Temporarily anyway. I plan to find something permanent but that will take some time i'm sure." And then it will need to be vampire proofed which will take more time but she doubts he's interested in vampire living arrangements.

Fenris thinks and then nods slowly. "On the East Side of Manhattan there's an abandoned butchers shop. The basement is intact. I own the property because there's a ley line on it and I did not mean to have construction divert it and make anything worse than it had to be. You may sleep there until you find other arrangements." If she does. "Can you daywalk?"

"Thank you." She responds fervently to his offer. Having a place to rest where she doesn't have to worry about being discovered or accidently exposed to sunlight has been a serious problem since her arrival here. "Not any longer, no." She sighs wistfully and touches her neck. "I no longer have an amulet allowing it."

"Mmmmm…" Fenris murmurs quietly. There are remedies to that. He'll have to watch and think about it. See what this Nighteyes is about. "Very well. Be careful." He pauses again thinking. "What is it that you want here?"

She seems surprised by the question. Vampires are rarely so direct. "I want…" She falters. "I do not know."

"I think I am looking for something. Perhaps, a purpose. I am without one now."

"People only have what purpose they give themselves." Fenris murmurs. "The fact that you have lost yours means that you need to thnk about what you want your new one to be." He glances back. "What was yours?"

"I was one of the Forgiven. I helped the newly born to see they could survive without killing or harming people and I helped defend others when called upon to do so." She looks down, a bit surprised at herself. She isn't sure why she's answering so freely or honestly but if she's to find a new path she'd like to start out right. Maybe that's it. Or maybe its that this is the first real conversation she's had since her banishment.

"And why did you stop?" The Old Wolf is nothing if not direct. Very direct. He shifts his stance slightly. More relaxed. He's convinced there won't be a fight now and he's all kinds of curious.

Nighteyes lowers her head and her shoulders slump almost imperceptively. Only someone versed in reading body language would see it. "I was banished. I broke one of our laws, willingly and without remorse. A true death would have been my punishment but there are less of us now than ever. So it was banishment instead. I thought it best to leave Europe altogether, see if I could settle somewhere they were not likely to look for me." Beyond that she doesn't have a plan, nor any idea what to do with herself yet.

"Banished." That the God-Wolf seems to weigh carefully. "Banishment is an old punishment, and an extreme one for creatures so long lived." He fixes her directly with a stare. "Why?"

She considers him for a long enough time he might have begun to suspect she wasn't going to answer. Eventually however, she sighs and does so. "I killed a Master. A very old one. How old exactly I am not certain but I killed him without permission and not in fair combat or a duel. I hunted down his dwelling place and killed him while he slept. His get are now without direction or control and a few may need to be put down." And that particular Master won't be creating any more vampires. Nighteyes frowns. "In all honesty I was certain they would kill me."

"Mmmmm. You eliminated one of the progenitors of your kind. That's quite a bold thing to do. And quite a dangerous one." Fenris considers that a moment longer. "Was it worth the risk?"

"Yes." Nighteyes answers firmly and without hesitation. "He deserved death, probably a thousand times over. I would do it again and I told them so." The council hadn't been amused was a terrible understatement. If she hadn't once been a student of Raizo Kodo, and had the protection of his reputation she would have been begging for death by the time they finally granted it to her. If she'd hung around though even that wouldn't have been enough to save her and she knows it. "So now I am here. Seeking to live one of the God-Wolf's terrotories. If any come seeking me, I tell you now I will leave rather than bring trouble here. I was hoping your reputation might prevent such a thing."

"My reputation is what it is because I do not tolerate poaching in my hunting grounds. So long as you remain as you are, you've nothing to fear from me. And those who trespass seeking otherwise…" Fenris growls slightly, even as a human. "Will find that there are few barriers or borders that give me pause."

Nighteyes nods. "I have heard that. It is why I hoped to settle here. That and I have also heard that many mutants and others have settled in these cities. I thought there would be, not acceptence exactly, I know what I am, but at least the chance to blend in better."

"Presuming you're willing to live where they are, perhaps yes. You'll find that hatreds can unite people on both the giving and recieving ends. It's rarely good but sometimes decent things come of it." Fenris cants his head. "Well, you have my permission, if that is what you sought."

Nighteyes gives Fenris a half smile. "Yes. I know, and I know mutants are not exactly beloved by many but it is far better for my health if I am mistaken for one of them. One might fear or even hate a mutant but not risk themselves or prison by attacking or murdering one. In my case, they would probably be given a medal." She shrugs. It's understandable really and she isn't sure she'd blame anyone for it, not anymore. She might even let them at this point.

"You may find that sentiment is changing. Nevertheless there was an incident involving a vampire lady not long ago who tried to cut out a kingdom for herself. I advise against being too open." Fenris figures she knew that though.

Nighteyes has a look of distaste on her face when he mentions the other vampire's actions. Maybe even a bit of anger. "If another tries such a thing then.." She pauses and he can see her expression turn inward before she looks out at the city. "I, I would help to stop them."

"That would be a good thing." Fenris turns to go. "Now, you should get under cover and find something comfortable to sleep in." Beat. "Before sunrise."

"Yes, thank you." Nighteyes turns and begins heading for the abandoned shop he mentioned. This meeting has left her with a lot to think about and most of that will have to wait til later when she's risen again. A butcher's shop, really? Her lips quirk in a small smile. Well, that will certainly make feeding herself easier.

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