Biomaterial Tracking

March 24, 2015: Jericho approaches Skye and Simmons about getting some help tracking Biomaterial

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Sky is going to quickly discover that Jericho does not like to meet at the Triskelion. He prefers not to be anywhere near the place. But he does make a concession to convenience in this case and agree to a meating place that Skye and Jemma choose near the Tri. Just so long as it's not too near. May asked him to work with the new (to him) agent on figuring out how to trace down HYDRA. He's got a lot of expertise in that department and suspects that she'll need some questions answered about what they're doing anyway. Simmons presence would be helpful as well, what with certain HYDRA projects in the works. Ones involving mutants and arcane components.

Man does he hate Snakes.

Anyway the meeting spot seems to be open and innocuous enough. Wide Plaza, lots of people. Hot dog vendor. Those are good. He loves those.

She had yet to formulate an opinion on Jericho Trent. I mean she only met him once and truth be told, all that talk he spewed forth in the conference room went right over her pretty little head. However, he was a fellow hacker and in addition to being told by May that she was to work with him on this whole Hydra location thing; she was a bit curious on how smart this guy really was. She arrives on time, a coffe in hand and her new found friend Agent Simmons in tow; a girl's trust can only go so far and she has come to trust Simmons. As she walks, she appears to be on the phone as she approaches Jericho, actually making the man wait on his introduction.

"You underestimate me Juan Carlos, and you have talked long enough for me to be able to track your location. Was that a knock? Go ahead answer it. It's not your Chinese food. Hola? Juan Carlos?" She shrugs and smiles to Jericho, saying more so to herself, "He hung up…or they kicked his door in." She hangs up her own phone and nods, looking to Simmons and then back to Jericho, "Jericho right?"

Simmons knows and trusts Jericho… she'd be fool if she didn't given how she'd ended up in Limbo and he'd helped with those warped people she had. "Mr Trent. Jericho." Simmons confirms as Skye asks "Nice to see you again, Jericho." The biochem has a cup of tea, something she might have liberated from Mays stash before coming over.

"That's me." The hacker gestures to the open seats at the table. "Hello Simmons. Nice to see you again." There's a movement in the shadows and a small creature that looks like a large, cat sized lizard-thing hops up on one of the empty chairs (there are three, thankfully) and peeeeeeers at Jemma.

"I figured we might have a smaller, quieter meeting. The last one must have been a bit chaotic from your point of view. Also I have some additional news that concerns Simmons."

Skye moves to take one of theopen seats, startling slightly when the lizard like creature puts itself on one of the chairs. Her eyes go wide a moment, but she quickly settles, "Smaller is good, and I am going to be honest with you, I did not take a lot from that meeting. Well except for the fact that HYDRA is planning something big and I have been asked to assist in some manner." She sets her coffee down on the table and bites her lower lip lightly, "So?"

"Hello K'Nert" Simmons hangs back a little as the imp peers at her, swallowing visibly "Does he still think I belong to you, Jericho?" Taking the furthest chair from the imp, Simmons slides into it and puts her cup on the table. She'll wait to hear what Jericho has to share. "Watch out for the imp, Skye." she murmurs.

"Well I told all those 'people' you did, didn't I?" Jericho replies mildly. Which is not quite an answer but there you have it. "So. HYDRA. Is doing something bad and we have to try to find a way to trace them. Finding them isn't hard if you know what you're doing." He's been doing it for a long time, so he has a lot of practice. "Finding the ones you want, when you want them. That's a lot more tricky. But I have a theory. One that requires some help from Simmons here. Simmons, what do you know about the controls on genetic research materials? And Skye, can you link up a tracking algorhythm to SHIELD tracking satellites? I could ask May for acess but they don't tend to like me poking around those." And he has… other resources in that direction.

Skye listens to Jericho as he give them the rundown on what needs to be done. All that genetic stuff is seemingly dismissed, that is why Simmons is here. At Jericho's request to hook up a tracking algorythm, she puts her index finger to her lips and taps a few times before speaking, "I can get a Passive bistatic system up and running. It won't emit constant pulses of energy, and with multiple sensors it would assist lowering the chance for detection and potential jamming. I mean…jus in case." Perhaps what she has said is a bit overkill, but Skye is not one to do a half-ass job when it comes to what she is good at, "It's pretty simple really given how their satellites are already set up."

"Well, yes you did" Simmons is sitting as far from K'Nert as she can. Controls?" the question seems to take a few minutes to process "You mean the tracking of, I believe." She's a scientist and controls can mean something else. "That really depends on what type of material you're talking about. I'm familiar with the fact that it's tracked but whether I have access to that data, is the question." SHIELD and their levels. "Why do you ask?"

"SHIELD keeps track of a number of potentially hazardous materials as part of their counter terrorism operations. I want you to disable the conventional tracking and security controls on them and engineer their theft. Modify the materials themselves with a radiation signature. Something exotic. Something that could be picked up by a SHIELD tracking satellite out of the background radaition." Jemma and Skye should see where he's going with this now. He raises his left arm and taps a few 'keys' to project a map of gotham with a number of locations highighted in red. "A number of illegal genetics labs have been destroyed on the edges of Gotham in recent days. I think they're part of a network tied to this project. I'm working one angle of it, but if we want to get all of them and - more pertinently - where they're sending the data to, then we'll need to compromise the network. Best way to be sure we get them all is to 'offer' them something they all want."

He's aware they'll need to talk to May about this. He could as well… but let's see if they can swing it.

Skye listens carefull to everything Jericho has just said, nodding at his plan. She must admit, this guy is good and there is actually a smile of aappreciation for his insight and ideas. She exhales soflty and takes a small sip of her coffee, then looking over to Simmons, "What do you think Agent Simmons? Do you think together we can pull this off?" Her tone is somwaht questioning, but there is a hint of excitment tinged with pure confidence in her words, "I think the hardest part will be convincing Agent May to let us. The first time I did any sort of hacking of SHIELD or its property…" She pauses a moment then adds, "Well actually it lead to me being an agent."

Looking at the map of Gotham and highlighted areas, Simmons considers quietly, thinking. "Have you spoken to Agent May already, Jericho" Picking up her mug full of tea, looking sideways at K'Nert "You know I don't have the clearance for this but she does."

Skyes question and reflection has Simmons shaking her head "If we present the appropriate details to Agent May, it won't be as hard as you think." The biochemist has a great deal of respect for May… May doesn't let the 'rules' get in the way when it absolutely has to be done. Raising her chin to Jericho's map, Simmons asks "How much of that data can you give me? I'll need something to present my case."

That was a story Jericho didn't know. How Skye became an agent. Hell he hadn't heard of her before the other day. He makes a motion with his hand and uploads the map and data to Simmons phone. Thank goodness she has a personal. He can do the secured SHIELD ones too, but mostly they're smart enough not to use them. And it's rude. He doesn't like hacking SHIELD gear when it can be avoided. They get touchy. And these days he can usually ask May to get data for him.

"All of it Simmons. And I've not asked May yet. You two can do that though. Or I can. But don't let me hold you up. Be best if we can get this moving and I've got an 'appointment' tonight with some more snakes."

K'nert is still staring, cat slitted eyes unblinking. Simmons and Skye may both be getting the sense that Jericho operates significantly off the grid. Not your usual 'contract agent' by any stretch. There's usually more… data on them.

There is a vibration of Skye's phone on the table and Coulson's name pops up on the screen. Some calls you just have to take, no matter who you are meeting with. She leans to the side to talk softly and to not interrupt, but the conversation can be heard, "You did what? Uh-huh? Yes, it's fixable…but not by you. No, no, no. Just step away from it. I'll…I'll be there as soon as I can. What? No, don't do that. You have a built in hard drive eraser in case your computer was ever stolen. Two tries of the password wrong in ten seconds and it wipes it clean. Yes..all the Lola pictures would be gone. Even the one on the sands in Baja." She smiles to Simmons and Jericho before adding, "I'm on my way…go get a snack or something." She hangs up the phone and looks to the pair, "I'm terribly sorry. It would appear I am needed. Simmons? Can you be sure to get what you think we will need?" She slowly rises and looks to Jericho, "We will not fail. Right Simmons?" With that she picks up her coffee and starts to walk off. There is an audible groan as she reaches for her phone again, but her tone lightens and she seems more soft spoken, "Sure. A bagel. Thanks."

Making sure the data has been received, Simmons looks as Skye answers the phone and speaks and turns her attention back to Jericho. She's trying hard to ignore K'Nert but it's extremely difficult.

"I'll speak with Agent May as soon as I find her." If she's in the Triskelian, that means straight away. "Thank you for the data, it will help an awful lot. If there's nothing else?" Simmons makes to stand. Jericho did say not to let him hold them up.

"Alright. Good luck with that. I know what I'm proposing is a bit dangerous and unorthadox." Jericho stands himself and motions to K'nert who goes to find a stepping disk somewhere out of sight. "But then… that kind of describes working with me I suppose." He smiles, waves and heads on out.

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