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March 24, 2015: Constantines return has Fenris organising a meet with some friends

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Fenris has heard that Constantine is back in town and has been keen to see the Hellblazer again, if only to find out what she's been up to. So he asked for a meeting. In a public place. He figures Constantine won't be scared of him. Constantine isn't scared of much, but public places have food and food is a good way to keep folks at easy. Plus it's delicious. So it's Brooklyn and a nice open air crepe place. He's got a nice compote topped one.

In an alleyway about half a block from Fenris' crepe place of choice, a stray cat yowls abruptly as the very sudden appearance of two women disrupts its meal of discarded (or pilfered) hoagie.

May looks at Jemma, giving her time to get over the disorientation of the decidedly NOT SHIELD-approved mode of travel, and as soon as the younger woman gives the okay, she'll lead her to meet with Fenris. While she waits, she refastens her pendulum around her neck, the currently warming weather meaning she's wearing a long sleeve shirt thin enough to make trying to conceal the item a bit odd. So it's left visible like an unusual necklace.

So no, No Brooklyn is not Part's favorite place but well she has business to attend to. Well at least, she did have business. Now she has free time, and holy fuck is that some dangerous shit right there. Bodarks though, aren't subtle creatures. Even at rest Constantine and Fenris may very well feel her approach long before she wanders into view, because hey magically constructed endangered species right? Anyway she's out for a day on the bike it seems, dressed in the sort've whole grain vintage cafer jacket that hipsters try desperately to pull off and usually fail. Silk scarf, dark jeans, riding boots, a neat vintage duck canvas backpack and cigarette pressed between her lips. See that olive drab Triumph scram parked by the curb, that'd be hers of course and it's also the destination here as she strolls down the sidewalk. Her gaze drawn somewhat as she studies a flier printed out in what looks like Chinese, who the hell knows this is the Partisan afterall right?

Despite not having entered the building, John walks out of the janitor's closet, which inexplicably is filled with ruddy tones of a warm-burning hearth fire. He closes and locks it behind him and heads into the pastry shop, dragging a chair out in front of Fenris' table with an annoying screech of steel on tile, and slumps into it, heavily, his heavy trenchcoat flaring out around him. He reaches into his pocket and produces a cigarette and lights up, then flags down a waitress. "Two jelly-filled powdered doughnuts and a cup of coffee, luv," John tells the girl.

"This is a no smoking bar, sir," the girl tells him with an icy, prim look.

"It's okay, luv, it's just medicinal marijuana," John says, waving a blank piece of paper at her. The girl reads it and her eyes glaze slightly, and with a nod she totters off, looking a bit befuddled.

"Heard you're looking for me, Old Wolf. What can I do for you?"

Simmons looks at May as they arrive a mixture of disorientation and extreme curiosity on her face "That was different Agent May." Following May, she wonders where they are heading to now. She knows better than to chatter around her favourite agent though.

"Tag, you're it." Kate has a habit of challenging herself. It keeps her sharp. Helps her keep up with the various superhumans she hangs out with. Apparently, today she decided that tracking down Fenris was the best way to do that, popping up at his elbow just as Constantine arrives on the other side. "John!" she exclaims with a broad grin, stepping around Fenris to try to catch the detective in a hug. "Long time no see."

Kara had been following Kate for practice, because she wasn't the most sneaky person; especially given her costume. As Kate is arriving, she lands beside her as if out of nowhere and taps on Kate's shoulder, "BOO!"

A bright smile is given to the others and then she notices Constantine, "Sorry about punching you again, it was an accident." She still wasn't aware that the old guy had pixie dusted her to sleep in Rain's basement after. She just knew she woke up with a severe headache.

Fenris smiles a little. "I was John. Please have a seat. Order something. My treat. Are you familiar with May and… ah, I see you've met Kara here." He smiles at the two Ley Guardians as they approach. Simmons gets a nod in greeting. Fenris is a tall, lean faced man, currently reclining, who feels vaguely unsettling. Predatory.

"I'm it, am I?" Fenris smiles as Kate makes herself known. "Then I suppose I'll have to track you down soon." Which, rest assured, Fenris will. It'll be fun. He likes Kate after all. And an invitation to surprise her is always good.

It's the Bodark's feel that gets his attention. He's about to say more but his eyeline is drawn toward Partisan. She scents different, but he knows that magic. "Oh… hello there." He murmurs.

Melinda May nods to Fenris as she approaches the small crowd, then nods to Partisan. If she'd known the former freedom fighter was going to be here, she'd have brought her a small token of compensation for that mess of a mission. After Skye's debrief, she plans on tracking down this woman who uses unusual polymer strands like spider webbing. And scolding her. "Fenris. Bishop. Partisan." Her eyes settle briefly on Constantine and Kara each as she doesn't know them as well. "This is Jemma Simmons, a coworker."

Partisan comes to a stop mid stride as she feels Fenris's gaze upon her, before slowly lowering that flyer and gazing right back. "Oh hello there to you as well, Francis was it?" She's just winding up for a good bit of proper snark when May appears, as if from thin air and Part's train of thought is again derailed. "May, fancy meeting you here. I see you left the little boat anchor at home?"Offering the flyer over with a casual shrug, before turning away to light a fresh cigarette. "So Francis, it's been a couple of weeks has it? Been up to anything especially wolfy?" How the hell else is she going to phrase it, honestly?

John half rises from his seat when Kate darts in for a hug. As much as he puts on a dour personality, he's a soft touch when it comes to pretty girls, as anyone knows. "Hey there, lass, you're looking trim," he says, eyes crinkling in a smile at the woman, before he gives her cheek a peck and a friendly pat, resettling into the chair.

He gives Kara a suspicious look, but, well- re: aforementioned comment about pretty girls. "Guess these things happen. Anyone who is mates with Rain can't be all bad. Don't hit me again, though, or we'll see how you like life as a frog, orright?" the Brit drawls, taking another drag on his cigarette.

"Hello there." Simmons nods to the crowd in general and then meets the eyes of those that May has addressed. "Simmons, um ah Jemma Simmons. I ahhh work with May." Her fellow agent gets a quizzicle look and she falls silent waiting for the others to introduce themselves, or not.

"Clean living," Kate grins at Constantine with a wink, only to jump as Kara returns the favor she bestowed on Fenris. "Hey, not too shabby," she chuckles to the other girl. "Next trick, catch it when he tries to show up for his turn at the tag," she says with a point of her thumb over at Fenris. "Agent May. Hi," she waves to Simmons. "I'm Kate. Bishop. Hawkeye. Nice to meet you, Jemma." There's even a wave and a friendly smile for Partisan, though she doesn't recognize this particular incarnation.

Kara nods a bit sheepishly at Constantine, she wasn't a big fan of magic spells being cast on her; it never ended well, "Understood Sir." Yep, she just sirred him because he's so old that he needed to be called Sir!

To those she doesn't know, she extends a hand in typical Earth custom, "Kara Zor-El." Apparently, there was no need to introduce herself as Supergirl in present company, then again most people knew this now, "Nice to make all of your acquaintances."

Fenris smirks slightly at the antics of the others and stands at the Partisan's approach. "Catching it is always the trick." He asides to Kate and Kara with a murmur and then looks at the woman May brought with her. "Greetings Jemma Simmons." She looks familiar. Ah that's right! Fitz-mate. Well the woman he'd took for that once upon a time. It's been a while since he saw her last.

"No nothing especially wolfy unless you count gathering a pack of well meaning folk to defend magic." He nods to May and Kara. Kate counts as pack too. But for different reasons. Young wolf.

"You seem a bit different… mmm. Have you met John Constantine yet? The man's a bit of a magic conniseur."

Melinda May narrows her eyes slightly at Partisan calling Skye a boat anchor, but based on that recent mission, she can't really argue it. "Fenris, Simmons helped gather some relevant data and shared it with a contact of mine in Gotham. We're making some inroads now." And really, that's all work talk she plans to share now unless the Old Wolf specifically asks. With that done, her attention is focused on Constantine. It's about time she gets a chance to get a bead on this man. He's currently too much of a wild card currently, and May really dislikes surprises.

Oh great, handshakes are going around now. Part stuffs the cigarette between her lips once Kara offers a hand to shake. "Oh hi there Miss Zor-el, I'm Ludie but most people know me as The Mother Fucking Partisan."That crazy bitch from the newspapers,TV reports and the internet? The one who executed that Hydra jackass in front of a camera, who tags dead bodies with her symbol? Yeah that one, and none too shy about it. "Oh yes, the wolf thing. Unfortunately I sort've had my soul ripped apart, and the wolf was destroyed. You'd be proud I suspect, freshly manifested she ripped about fifteen of them apart whilst getting shot from all sides. Old girl didn't stop until they'd gone and pretty well mulched whatever was left of her, so I had to have my friends stitch something in her place. I'd gotten a little banged up myself, super rough and very unpleasant all around."before pausing to offer Constantine a smile. "Howdy there Mr.Constantine, always nice to meet a man who studies the older arts."

John ignores all the greetings and handshakes and icy stares, head craning back and forth. "Blimey, you lot!" he says. "What's all this, with people being so approachable and friendly?" He drags over a small plate and taps some ash out onto it. Catching Jemma's lilting tones, he arches an eyebrow. "Bloody hell, someone who actually speaks proper English," he remarks with a Yorkshire accent. He catches May giving him the evil eye and stares back at her with apparant wanton disregard for his safety and well-being.

"So, Kara, Partisan, Jemma… and the one who keeps trying to kill me with her brain?" John ventures, looking from May to Fenris.

"Pleased to meet you Kate Bishop Hawkeye" Simmons offers the young archeress a smile. Shaking hands with Kara, Simmons nods slightly "Miss Zor-El, a pleasure. Fenris." Constantines greeting gets a curious cant of her head "As you say, Sir. From the home country." Yes, Jemma totally sirred Constantine as well although Mays response to the Wizard has the biochem on edge, slightly.

Kate blinks as the Partisan explains her situation. "That sounds…intense," she says. "Glad to see you came out the other side all right, though." The crowd of people is definitely interesting, definitely worth further inspection…but then her phone's beeping, and she steps back to look at the screen. "Aw, crap," she grumbles. "Sorry, that's my sister, we haven't had a chance to talk since the Justice League announcement thing. Be back in a few." She flashes a smile at the group, then steps back. "Hey, Susan. No, I'm not kidding you. No, the wedding was the beginning, I promise, your wedding didn't get ruined because of something I was doing…"

Kara listens to something in her JL:A Communicator and says to Kate, "Sounds like we've got trouble to deal with. I'll give you a ride, it will be much faster." She nods to the others and smiles, "Duty calls, nice to meet you all once again!"

Fenris watches his two fellow JLA members fly off. He'll get with them later. He's got some talismans to leave around wherever they lay their head. Honestly, they get banged up a lot. As, he suspects, will May and the other Ley Guardians.

"That'd be May." She has a first name. It's 'Agent'. "You must have met before. She doesnt usually glare like that." Fenris sounds rather amused as he takes a seat and offers one to 'Ludie'. "Can we offer you some refreshment Ludie. On us, of course. What brings you by?"

Simmons gets another interested look. "Not still sore at me for knocking Fitz out, are you?" He grins a little.

Melinda May nods to Constantine when Fenris does the introduction thing, then glances at Simmons and offers the younger Agent a nod. It's okay to relax a bit. And to prove it, she moves to claim a chair to set on Fenris' side of the small table. Of course, anyone who has a clue about May knows that that doesn't mean she's standing down completely. She's just giving Jemma a chance to not be so tense.

"Oh I was dropping in on one of my pups, was surprised to find a few of my Kaibiles had settled down in New york. Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid, was happy to see them doing well and making honest money."Part slumps into a chair offered, unzipping that jacket to expose the weathered "I <3 Los PEPES" T-shirt beneath. "Coffee black, if you'd please Francis?" Letting her gaze wander over towards Constantine for a moment or three. "I could give you a black eye if that'd put you at ease, I mean hey different strokes right? Lord knows I don't judge, just ask May."

"Cute," John smiles at Partisan, taking a drag on his cigarette, and then smiling at the waitress as his food arrives. He takes a bite of the sugar-dusted jammy doughtnut, brushing white powder from his fingertips atop a napkin. "I bet that attitude gets you all the blokes."

Waving off Kara and Kate, Simmons' slips into a chair next to May and relaxes, eyes widening as Ludie offers to give Constantine a black eye. Fenris question has her eyes flying to him "What? Oh… no… not really." Maybe a little, but hey. "You have… interesting friends… A.. May" she murmurs.

Fenris chuckles. "Given what I've scented on her in past times, I suspect that's something of an understatement." Then again, Fenris is the man whose house she was seen coming out of one day. That was watercooler talk at the Tri for a while. "Pups mmmm?" Soldiers she'd trained or literal pups? Fenris doesn't ask. "Is this just for educational purposes Simmons or something else?" Fenris orders that coffee for Partisan, watching her and John.

Melinda May blinks and turns to GLARE at Fenris for that, even if she knows he's completely immune to glaring. "Don't even start." Maybe it's time to get up and go order something. She knows Jemma's tea preferences already so she doesn't ask the younger woman if she'd like anything or what she'd like.

Partisan smirks after John for a moment, before chaining up another smoke and offering one his way. "Sweetheart I'm more than a hundred years old."Clearing her throat as she switches to a absolutely flawless English accent. "I've had all the blokes I care to, or are you just being sour that I'm a little salty?"Where the hell is that accent from, Manchester maybe? Anywho with a wink she rolls her shoulders and slips back into midwestern American. "If I wasn't a bitch, I wouldn't be much of anything these days."

"Everyone should aspire to something, luv," John says, accepting the smoke from Partisan. He touches it to his nearly expired cigarette, flaring the new one to life. He picks up his last doughtnut and takes a bit, then lifts a hand in a flickering wave. "I do need to be moving along, though. Nice meeting you lot. Stay out of trouble," he offers as a piece of unsolicited advice, before moving out of the cafe.

"You'd have to ask A… May" Simmons is having trouble not using May's first name "I rather suspect that it's educational though." before goggling as Partisan mentions her age "How old did you say you were?" Scientist is scientist, the accent and the other comments are ignored. As John gets up to leave, the biochemist tries to smile pleasantly "Nice to meet someone from home" it's tough when the man is a bit odious.

Fenris chuckles. "Well then, I imagine you're getting some education." Between Partisan, May, Constantine and the others, Jemma's worldview is likely being… somewhat forcibly widened. Poor Jemma. Well, Fenris might think so if he didn't also think it was probably a healthy for her as well.

"Oh something like one twenty whatever, after a hundred you sort've stop counting to be honest. You lot have a pretty enormous file on me I gather, I know the ones the CIA had apparently weighed like ninety pounds or something absurd."Part puffs after her cigarette quietly for a moment, before leaning in to give Simmons a little study in return. "May perhaps you should explain it to her, I don't want to terrify the poor dear. What I am and so fourth, or at least reassure the poor dear that I don't bite. Often."

Melinda May returns from purchasing refreshments for herself and Jemma just as Constantine is taking his leave, and sets one of the cups in front of the likely rattled biochem. "I don't entirely understand it myself, but she's got an agreement with SHIELD. She won't bite unless there's an invitation in one direction or another."

Simmons dimples a little at Fenris comment "Just a little, Fenris, just a little." She's not mentioning her trip to Limbo and a certain little imps interest in her either. Partisan leaning in, has Simmons leaning back and then there's TEA! Wonderful tea… and she snatches it up and starts to drink it. "Uh… I see" she responds to May and Partisan (she doesn't really).

Fenrs smiles amusedly. "Partisan is not harmless. But she does the things she does for reasons that are easily understood, from what I hear." He certainly doesn't object to her presence. "And she's warrior." Which counts a lot in the Old Wolf's book.

He's tempted to make Jemma see. Just… enchant her eyes and let her see the magic. Sadly that rarely endss well even when it's well intentioned. "I find myself curious, Agent May, what other files your SHIELD may keep."

"An invitation, you make me sound like some sort of vampire. Provocation is a better word I think, but the basics are correct. I have an understanding with SHEILD, as we have similar goals. I help you guys out, you help me out and we fight the good fight together. I'd come join, but well I think yesterday is a fairly good example of what typically happens."Part pauses, lighting up another cigarette before she gets into her coffee good and proper. "I'm a very old weretiger, who kills bad guys basically. I do very bad things, to bad people. So shoot me if I expect that my experience would afford me some vague degree of authority on the subject of small unit tactics or asymetric warfare."Glancing after Fenris with a wink. "You're very kind Francis."

"More than I have access to even at my clearance level," May says to Fenris without hesitation. In other words, she's not going to help the Old Wolf find out. He wants to know, he's on his own.

To Partisan, she offers an almost placid, "It wasn't vampires I was implying," as she reclaims her chair and takes a sip of tea. She nods in agreement with Partisan's much simpler explanation. "And Fenris — Francis? — here is exactly as his name implies. Fenris. Or I think in some sources he's called Fenrir."

As much as Jemma has seen in her time with SHIELD there are still things that cause her pause. "A …." she raises an eyebrow "were-tiger? Does that mean you change shape as well?" Heck, just the other day she had a man made of brimstone protecting her from a building collapsing…

Mays explanation about Fenris name has the biochemist looking at 'Jeremiah' carefully "Fenrir… Norse… monstrous wolf. Forgive me, the classics weren't a serious line of study for me." she inclines her head towards Fenris "If memory serves me correctly, Fenrir will consume Odin during Ragnarok." Maybe she's in shock or maybe she's treating this as an education in the classics. The tea though, it's obviously delicious.

"Well I started out as a werewolf, but some crazy shit went down so now Tiger. Yes though, though there are something like twenty five variations of what you could call a werewolf. So it's a broad range really, from viruses to genetic mutations."Part puffs after her cigarette quietly. "Francis is the god wolf himself, there was a totally bizarre sort've vibe going on back when I was still a wolf believe me. He's the real deal."

"I thought the stories said Fenrir was supposed to eat the sun, not Odin." Of course, Norse mythology wasn't exactly part of her core studies either. Punching people in the head, yes. Mythology, no. "Here's a test of your self-preservation insticts, Jemma." She sets her tea on the table, gently relieves Jemma of hers, then nods to Fenris to silently indicate that he invade the biochem's personal space. Just a little, just to prove a point.

"That's correct. There are other attributions that may or may not speak of me." Fenris isn't going to go into now the particulars of how he does or doesn't know certain things. It's not really table conversation. "You can thank the sagas for having that much of me spread around and honestly how they knew I'm not quite sure. Maybe the valkyries gossiped to them ore something."

Partisan's wink gets a wink in return. And May gets a shrug and a smile. If he wanted to know, he'd go find out. But honestly odds are good the file will only exist for a few decades. Maybe a century, if they're lucky. Not nearly long enough to bother with at present.

Simmons snatches for the tea that May takes, casting the Agent a disgruntled look before staring wide-eyed at 'Francis'. When the Wolf-God doesn't move, she blows out a breath and reaches for that cup of tea! "I believe you, May" somethings shocked her into not trying to use that first name. "I…. have not doubt" she says faintly as she waits for May to return her tea lifeline.

Partisan just shrugs casually and glances off towards Fenris "The propaganda game is just a -bitch- isn't it, I mean if it isn't a misprint it's an outright lie. I mean back in the day I used to go by the "Queen of Spades", and because the telephones were so bad it got misheard as "The Queen of Hades" and so everyone was looking for this demonic nazi slaughterer. Really hurt my game, why I went to the shorter name."See fun random shit nobody cares about with Partisan.

Melinda May relents and lets the younger agent take her tea back when Fenris doesn't oblige the test of Jemma's mettle. "Queen of Spades, huh. Better than 'the Battle Axe'." The poorly hidden hint of bitterness in her tone implies that that moniker must have been coined and used recently.

Fenris chuckles. "Queen of Spades. Interesting…" He glances over to May with a small smile and sips his tea. "I prefer 'Warrior' myself, May. Perhaps that'll catch on." Or perhaps not. But hey, Teleporting Mel isn't that bad a nickname either, right?

"There are a lot of strange things, Simmons, to be exposed to. you're just meeting the… tamer examples, really."

"Warrior" Simmons grasps her tea as May passes it to her "Warrior, much better." Truth is, Jemma Simmons admires May and if she can get anywhere near emulating The Cavalry, she'll be happy. Fenris gets an arch look from the biochem scientist "I'm sure Fenris" but can she ensure her liver will remain intact?

"May, would you like me to break somone's jaw in a totally innocent training accident? It'd be very regretable, but they'd be on sick leave for months with their jaw wired shut. I mean, that amount of time on sick leave? They'd probably need to reapply for their clearance, and then they'd more than likely be assigned elsewhere."Part sips her coffee ever so casually. "I wore that name until Matej Pavlik was tortured and executed, I didn't want his name to be associated with the devil. I wanted the people who survived Lidice to know they were being avenged, and not by the devil. So I went without a name, they called me all sorts of things. The end of all things, The Balkan Wolf but Partisan stuck."thumbing after Fenris casually. "Listen to the wolf, and then think about it truly. You have lived on this earth with all of these things since you were born, nothing actually changed here. People like Fenris here, or me or anyone else? We get used to terrifying the shit out've people, to making people uncomfortable. I keep calling him Francis, because it means I'm not afraid of him. I see him as a person, and so I'm joking around with him. It gets hard otherwise."

Melinda May finishes her own tea, then shakes her head no to Partisan. "I know he'd still be able to fire that stupid bow of his with his jaw wired shut, but no. Better if you didn't. Don't want to cause any inter-agency friction. It's just a stupid nickname, and I've dealt with far worse." She moves to stand. "Besides, 'Warrior' puts an old Quarterflash song in my head. Simmons, I'm going to head back. If you want to stay and talk some more, I'm sure either Fenris or Partisan would be happy to give you a lift back."

Simmons is trying to take this all in when May stands to leave. "No offence Fenris, Ludie… but I would like to get back" Frowning at the two at the table, she offers a wry smile "Please stay in touch… I'm assuming you know how to find May, get a message to me through her."

The BioChemist stands to follow after May.

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