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March 18, 2015: Corvinus brings Shayera to the Hall of Justice. NOTE: This happens after the events of 'Flight and Fight Makes Right?' and before 'Justice League: Avengers GO!'

The Hall of Justice, Metropolis

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid
from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner
workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living


Hans, staff cook for the JLA
Assorted Scientists and physicians

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From: moc.loa|49htinrO#moc.loa|49htinrO



This is the Corvinus. This one found Shayera. We had a chat. It was Enlightening. Her wound level: Critical.
Please have medical facilities waiting making best speed to Metropolis and Hall of Justice.

Do not respond to this email, busy negotiating flight path.

It is probably a rather unorthodox means for individuals of power to contact one another, and it is decidedly NOT routed by traditional means, though the message is polite enough to acknowledge the security of the JLA computer systems, though flagged at highest priority. It was the fastest way the Corvinus knew to send a message, taking mere milliseconds for it to access a wireless provider, then bouncing it from plane to satellite to a Metropolis server hub and to the Hall. This is not its normal method of communication, but it is an emergency, after all.

Within a few hours it is descending towards downtown Metropolis, though… its own energy reserves have been largely exhausted by the mad push to get to the city, and its cargo is not helping its flight characteristics… nor is the thoroughly mangled left leg. A lesser entity probably would have called it at some other point, and waited and hoped for a pickup, but… this was as personal as a thing could be for an ages - old artificial intelligence.

They say the greatest number of accidents happen within five minutes of home, and this is no exception on its landing.

Taking extreme care to protect its precious cargo, when it gets close to the ground and the entrance of the Hall, it wraps itself as best it can around Shayera, and does a bouncing roll that would have been impressive for a lander on Mars before coming to a stop at the thick glass doors of the building…


The flight was, uneventful. There was a medium of uncomfortableness, not to mention the way the Nth worked, it attempted to try to bond with the Corvinus, to steal what was .. its? Though, while the body of Shayera remained as was, armored, protected, sharp and still in nodes of healing due to her armor, the armor itself kept it's awareness and her emotions in mind, not reacting..

All for the name of justice.

Because that is all you have left.


Emails are watched and monitored, Diana is not one to really glue herself to them, there is no need, agents man the computerized transactions that filter through the Watchtower to the League. Fan mail, spam, and some people like to /shop/ and register their JL:A e-mail. It's a thing.

But the one that comes through marked for urgency is pulled up and immediately Diana is called, her presence landing on the steps of the Hall, cerulean gaze turned upward to watch the skies while booted footfalls pace, a back and forth clipped and crisp step that shows years of training. Not of this places military, but that of which history stemmed and progressed from. Foreign now, but not forgotten. Already she has used her communicator to have a more reinforced medical bay ready, more sturdy instruments in place so this time things do not get bent and broken, and yet… Larger doors for her to leave from.

Shayera is not a prisoner, she is part of this team.

A stretcher of larger proportions and reinforced alloy is waiting with medical personnel behind the doors and when Corvinus lands in that roll Diana is standing before him, a hand lowering to the Corvinus to touch while the other remains out and extended. No entrapment in her touch, but consolation.

"Let her go with them, let me take you." As she says that the medical personnel spill out the doors but pause, knowing better then to rush in, waiting for the go ahead to relinquish the Corvinus of Shayera so they can start doing what they can.


The landing was rough. Reasonably pretty, but it did no wonders for the ancient avianoid. Remarkably, though, it's not the worst levels of damage it has sustained since coming to the third rock from Sol. Definitely in the top five, though. Its head pans mechanically, slowly, watching as the personnel come towards it and adjusting the Thanagarian ever so cautiously so they can take her into their care.

Important task completed, it attempts to grasp at Diana's arms and hands… and misses. Well, to be honest, only the right arm missed. The left one is hanging limply at its side and apparently refusing to function, and the left leg has become even more mangled during the landing.

The head pans to Diana.

"This one would accept one's assistance, please."

It slumps a little, experiencing a combination of defeat and frustration and the frame not working correctly.


Even if the landing for the Corvinus was rough; Shayera remained intact. There were no bumps and bruises from such a hard roll, only the injuries sustained from whence she was in Russia. Well worth it too. If the mind had a choice to replay that scene over, to find out what could have been done different, as well as the times past and future, it would have. And it would have agitated her more.

What ifs.. were only afforded to the weak.

The medical personal did their due diligence when it came to handling Shayera. For a moment, it seemed that the Nth would drive her body to move on it's own, that she would walk and push away whatever help she had received. But bedside manners for the sick and not dying was given and allowed for the hawk woman to be carted off into infirmary for help. Inside.. she hated this.

Hated being and feeling weak.


Diana does not hesitate in seeing Corvinus' state and gaining permission. It is a warriors way though, to ask. It's a matter of pride and sometimes you have to know when to stuff the pride and shine elsewhere. Humility. When he relinquishes Shay to the medical staff and reaches for her he may have missed but her arm thrusts out and that vambrace flashes to clasp his arm around the bicep, sliding in she lifts him with her other arm tucking around him. His less injured arm is draped around her neck to hang over the ebon fall of hair while both arms shift to support his body - carrying him in without need for using his own injured legs. A fireman's carry.

An odd sight the entry greets with silence, almost a reverence because the wounded that walk through this Hall will do so again, and again. Diana keeps her head high, features proud, Corvinus clutches to her while those eyes in turmoil follow Shayera's gurney. "Another bed in the room, it is large enough. Or is that ill advised of me?" Her eyes now lowering enough to peer at Corvinus, knowing their history.


Corvinus doesn't fight the carry and it is thankful that it is being carried.. for as tough and as rough as it may appear, it's actually rather light. Kind of like Shayera in some ways, but heavier in others.

"This one is at the disposal of the host. This one recommends… mends…. ends… Wait One." The birdly being vibrates a bit as if trying to shake its head back to some sort of functioning.

"…suggests ease of convenience for attending personnel. This one requires significant caloric intake of biomass to regain functionality swiftly, and sees no reason that shared resources should be diverted to other locations for use."

Translation: Go ahead and put them in the same room together. It's not like they're really going to kill each other right now, anyways.


The medical personnel were hard at work, assuring the wings upon Shayera's back were comfortable, but not before checking for injuries as best as they could with the armor still attached to her body. One of the men jumps back, doing a complete double take.. before returning back to work, muttering a few words towards the crew as they begin to assemble the measures to keep her healthy, and safe.

Which means, strapping her ass down upon the table so that she doesn't leave again. Still, the body remained as it was, asleep and sound, recovering.. the Nth inactive for now.


Diana nods, speaking into the comm unit that has the channel for inside the Hall turned on only, this way she can speak and hear what is going on ahead of her. Shayera is in place, strapped down for staff and her own safety. "We'll need another gurney in the same room. Several meals, high in protein, caloric… Order out if you must…No, I don't.." Looking down at Corvinus. "Do you have a favorite meal?"

It's these things Diana does not think of, they have their own cafeteria for the merging and growth of employees, some just aim to please and go above and beyond, she cannot chide them for that. So she offers.

Arriving at the room the medical staff is going over the charts again, comparing them to before she left, heads pressed together and discussing quietly. Diana sets Corvinus down gingerly, stepping back as three more personnel close in on him and begin looking over, scanning, as well as connecting him to the machinery.

"I need a sit-rep. What happened?"


"This one will take whatever it is given. Personal preference is trumped by urgency of intake. Partner translation: Not picky, just feed the damn bird."

It cranks its head to the side as things begin to scan him and… the connections start giving out hyper-dense information. As in, a thousand times what the being before them should actually have in terms of 'information' stored within it, at least. It takes a few moments.

"This one attempted new technique to pursue Shayera. It was somewhat successful. Shayera attacked. This one overcome with great anger and fury and attacked in turn. There was combat. It was swift. We had our measure of one another. Proprietary material that Shayera possesses is acting in odd and unpredictable fashion. Prognosis? Uncertain"


Perhaps it was the nearness of the other Nth properties that caused the alarms to ring out, heavily clawed fingers slowly contracting into a curl that nearly causes the binds around her wrists to stretch at a dangerous angle. But they stop, much to the hushed whispers and alarmed of the men and women who gathered to treat the two in the room.

The room which was soon filled with food that made the body jerk; for there was actually jerk chicken abound, rice mixed with vegetables, salad bowls filled with salad and large tomatoes that make it all look very pretty, bowls upon bowls of fried chicken and rice. Someone even had the gall to bring a double triple tiered chocolate cake (one of their cousins was getting married, and it didn't actually happen. Humans are fickle, and cake shall not be wasted.)

Scores of food continue to fill the room, but at the proper places, out of the way of the men and women who need to work and those that need rest.

Hans stands by, however, ready to offer up the food as it would be called for. The stains upon his apron show that he put both feet and three elbows into preparing the meals.


The scans are more for information on his injuries, the machine jotting out prognoses that are more internal then that of what the doctors can gather by their visual and sweep of touches followed by flurries of questions. This is more efficient. "You heard him, just feed the bird… Not suet." Eyes darken lightly but she only shuts down instead of trying to chide for a bad joke.

Moments later the veritable buffet is brought it, and it looked like the delivery for a special and private party, if it was not for the atmosphere. "So. Are you two all better now? At least for a while? This is a monthly occurrence and if it must go on I will insist on using my Embassy's arena." With the way things were currently going on Earth with recent revelations and childish antics, this sort of thing is best kept contained. Diana was raised to fight for her place, she fought to be -here- so she understood them, but they both needed to know where it will stand in her eyes.

While saying as much Shayera's movement alerts her and although all she wanted to offer both of them is tenderness, sometimes her hand has to be firm as well. "Do we all have an understanding?"

The alarming readouts from Shayera though as being kept to whispers, some outbursts, but even earpieces are coming down which gets Diana to move and stand before the doors. Out of the way, but pointedly *in* the way.


As the food arrives, the avianoid is quick to consume the delicacies. As it plows through plate after plate, it visibly starts to recover from its injuries, though it will be a bit of a process to say the least. Still, that is a good thing, right? And it does have the most refined of table manners despite the awkwardness of feeding a beak with various foodstuffs.

"This one sees no further issue with confrontation with Shayera Hol. This one has Learned things this day that are Enlightening and helpful."

It does pan its head to Shayera worriedly as it watches her. "The interaction of the proprietary material and her person is a point of concern. Too fast, too soon, too dangerous and risky."


Muscles tense as the claws shear from their grasped position, the upper body intending to pull itself upright, wings fanning like blades as the eyes beneath the mask slowly open. Her lips part for that very moment, a deep breath taken, knee drawn up to test the binds that keep her safe and steady. Shayera says not a word as her head slowly crows to where Diana now stands and the Corvinus sits; through the lenses, her gaze is hidden, expression seemingly blank save for the steel jaw that slightly works to the left and right.

There were no qualms with Corvinus. None. In truth, it all had erased once her own people tried to commit murder against her person.. how could she turn him in to them after that?

She still hasn't felt the fullness of her sorrow at betrayal, the Corvinus the only one left to take it out on. He served as a reminder of that pain, still walking.. living.. breathing..

And every bit of her hurts.

"Why am I strapped down? Who and what whelp shall suffer the wrath of tying me thirty shades from gold." At least she was her usual chipper self!


Diana nods to Corvinus, accepting his word as it was. Face value, but in her time and place that is enough and a lot, especially with that burning gold glow that rests in loops at her thigh.

Once Shayera starts moving in a manner that is more then a restful check of your own vitals the doctors lower their clipboards bearing tablets, one even pulls it up like a shield: he was here when she busted out the first time. Most of them back off save the head doctor who seems to only have that small muscle along his squared jaw jump in the firm setting. Diana steps to her bed side and grips the strip that binds Shayera to the bed, not unclasping it, in fact Shayera can feel her fingers slide between the strap and her own arm, tightening it.

"I can suffer for it, but you can fulfill that promise in a rightful arena." That said she hits the release on the bindings and lets Shayera up. Her eyes are stern, a mixture with concern and the relief that her friend is well, but conditions must be met. "For now, eat."

Looking back at Corvinus a brow rises. "So, I'd hate to see beyond critical."


The avianoid watches the interaction warily. It is in no shape to fight, especially not after the landing. It does not want to see the work it had done to get Shayera to a place of medical attention undone because she left again, unprepared. When Diana steps over its expression does not change, though it does listen and watch intently.

Meanwhile, a whole tray of ribs… bones and *all*… vanishes into its apparently never-ending appetite. Someone might want to point out to it that the bones aren't supposed to be eaten. At some later point, obviously.

"This one can only find the words 'mortal' and 'terminal' in the English language in reasonable usage to approximate those conditions. Thankfully, we did not have to court either one. Also, thanks are in order for the not shooting and or attacking upon landing. That would have made the situation dire."


The band that rests upon her wrist was tightened, the first look of emotion that crosses Shayera's features was a frown. But once she was released, she draws herself upright, that hand gazed at, studied.. that frown ever remaining as she twists her hand back and forth. She wore gauntlets before.. but these appeared a little bit more threatening.. wait.. what was that?

She tilts her head a little, holding her hand out for Diana to quiet, listening to.. something. No.

It wasn't there. The other hand was quickly worked at now, her gaze shooting towards Corvinus, her jaw clenching and unclenching, having that.. odd feeling that she was to blame. But to be sure…

"What happened to you?"

"I am not hungry. I have no need to eat." Even though her stomach felt like the bottomless pit of gamora, she wasn't even sure that she could actually stomach sustenance at this moment. Unless the cook's name was Paco.


"Something must make you hungry, as the man asked earlier. Any requests, we can have them delivered."

Although Hans stood there and puffed up a little as if his pride in his meal preparation has been wounded at the gesture.

"I can cook any'zing, better zen any street vendors. I promise." The accent is worn, he has been here a long time but not enough to shake the heritage.

Diana's head tilts to him as she steadies her eyes on Shayera, one of the doctors handed her the tablet. "What kind of metal do your people use, Shayera?" Though the question does not just settle on her, Corvinus seems to know as well, and while a finger is playing over the screen to scroll through data, Diana is trying not to get lost in it, in learning and a whole other gift exercised and indulged. Knowledge, anything unknown intrigued Diana, and that is where some things downfall…


"This one came in search of one. One pressed the attack. Parties were injured. Parties experienced matters that they should not. Conflict resolved within acceptable parameters." For being so incredibly specific, it is also so annoyingly vague.

Resonance proceeding?

"All entities must partake of the matter-energy exchange conversion in some manner or another. That is a fundamental aspect of existence." The avianoid offers that as Shayera makes the statement about not needing to eat. "Even this one needs to consume biological mass to retain certain energy pathways. The assertion that one does not need to consume anything sounds disturbing and erroneous. One may not feel the pangs of hunger at the moment due to the travails one has been through, but one assuredly needs to consume. This one has heard of an archaic technology utilized by the Terrans — no offense — called 'intravenous transfusion', or 'I V' for short. This one does not understand how involving greenery makes the description shorter, though."

Okay, so it prattled a bit as it eats a bowl of fried rice that would have fed a family of six.

When Diana asks the question about the metal, the avianoid gives Shayera a hard, long look. The reason the material is proprietary is due to the very nature of its properties. While exceptionally beneficial on some levels… the very nature of it is… dangerous on others. It possesses a pale shadow of what Shayera has, and does not feel particularly authorized to mention it in more specific terms without some form of permission from Shayera… if she doesn't take the ball and run with it, as the partner would call it.


Shayera shakes her head swiftly towards Diana. She didn't feel like eating. The nerves inside of her body were slowly starting to light with fire, now that she was awake and aware, she just had a damn good poker face and a will of pure iron. Stronger than any Nth could possess… maybe..

But Hans. Lord knows that Shayera loves a good feast, a feast fit for a warrior. It was in her better nature to put Hans to work. So one clawed hand lifts, almost threatening, to beckon the man closer.

And he comes. Chin held high.

"Prepare a feast fit for a warrior. There is this foodstuff that they have in Russia. It is white, but not. It has a sour taste that makes the eyes water. It also has an odd name." Her hand drops as she stares down Hans. "Sauerkraut. Prepare this feast with a dead bovine in between wheat and whey. And that yellow stuff that goes on the hot of dogs." Blink. "Make it so."

She does not shoo Hans away, but the grin upon the man eases the tension in Shayera's bones, but not the fire within her muscles. She was burning, and upon her back, the Nth slowly began to move.

Now her attention is focused upon Diana. Her most trusted friend in the universe, perhaps her only one. Though her gaze shoots towards Corvinus, and with a quick snatch of the railings of the bed to rip asunder, she chucks it at him with the intent to do harm. But in a friendlier manner!


She now glances towards her hands yet again, the curve of the claws clicking against the metals that form at the heel of her palm. "They called it ninth."


Diana pauses a moment, the thought is evident as she tries to go over the data, the showing of molecular strands and the foreign seek to meld, two different 'living' strands made of different chemical makeups trying to mesh and live. Shayera wanted to live and fighting the death it would cause, should cause was likely excruciating although she is hiding it well.

Corvinus gets a light tip of her head, that diadem upon brow flashing and a light smile offered as Hans seems to right with purpose and do as asked, leaving in time…

The bed lifts with ease beneath Shayera's strength but the throw is interrupted, Diana standing upon Corvinus' bed, her hands having gripped the beds frame, holding it aloft so it did not impact him.. The mattress folding and buckling to slap her upside the back of the head and send enon strands flying forward.

"I said arena." Stepping down Diana slams the bed down upon the floor where it came from, the mattress flopping lazily back into place with sheets crumpled and pulled from the edges.


The change in the threat profile of Shayera is enough to give the ancient avianoid a warning, and it moves a hand up quickly to grab the rail. This action is unnecessary after the intervention of Diana. Aggressive. Anticipated.

"Partner says 'Enhance your calm, Shayera Hol'. Nomenclature and reference uncertain. This one recommends a thorough bout of self-contemplation and meditation to cleanse one of such disruptive activity to better settle one's sense of being for the trials ahead. Partner terminology 'Early adopters get the bugs'. Again, nomenclature and reference uncertain. If one seeks to engage in combat in controlled circumstances when one has recovered from this recent situation, then this one will reluctantly oblige one, with the understanding that one… in turn make an effort to reach an inner harmony."

It offers no comment about how the bed tries to humiliate the Amazon.

Boy, Buddha Bird misses some of the good ones, doesn't it?


The bonding with the Nth surely brought out a bad side in her, one that was met with reluctance and not accepted. Even to breathe hurt, especially with the power of the blast that she had taken in Russia. Feet land upon the floor with swift ease, the hop a slight wobble, her hands striking out as well as the wings to fan which ring out to echo through the halls like a freshly drawn blade. There was another wobble, a stagger, and a straightening up of her body with a slight hunch that was soon produced.

Upon her back the Nth moves and forms, spikes.. flat.. lumped, fanned.. all the while the doctors look and stare with dropped lips. Thankfully, Shayera couldn't see the gawking stares pressed upon her person.

"The arena then." To both of them. She had some shit to work out and Diana would just be a bystander thrown into the fray.

She staggers, stopping to place a clawed grip upon the edge of Corvinus' bed, a glare shot into his direction, lenses hiding the tears and reddened eyes as she listens to his diatribe.

"I know this one. Early bird gets the insects." A little bit of humor to try to ease herself. To hide the pain and play joke to turn tide. "I will be with Hans."

No further word was spared for Corvinus, the doctors, the partner or Diana. She was going where the food was, just to watch in silence.

At least she knew that Hans enjoyed to speak while cooking. And she liked that about this place.


Yes, let's not let the mattress slap leave this room shall we? As Corvinus speaks Diana herself takes the reminder and breathes in, then out, closing her eyes for a moment just to whoo-sah the moment into non-existence. These two have been her trials, but they have also come closer to her then she has allowed any others, save one. Thus, they require a bit more temperance and caution in areas where diplomacy would normally rule.

Shayera's display does not bring a flinch, the empathy feeling the pain, almost so deeply she can taste the blood. Following her out with her eyes and looking upon the doctors with apology in those depths they just nod and go back to work, not saying anything further, instead adding the name ninth to their databases and giving the foreign metal of living, a name.

"Corvinus… Thank you." Diana's hand rests upon his bed then, just beside him as he shovels in the feast heartily.


"There is no need to thank one, but this one accepts the thanks regardless. This one still feels a duty for all the children of Thanagar, even those who did try to kill us. Saving Shayera is going to be a lot harder and lot longer task than she lets on. The 'ninth', as she calls it… this one possesses a composite, adopted over millennia to carefully adjudge all alterations to operational parameters. She… is treading new and dangerous territory, and this one is concerned over her stability and health. This one really hopes that one can help her focus some of her energy towards constructive ends, and bleed off some of the aggression in the arena. Please help this one with this task?"

The tone is not begging, but it is heartfelt - inasmuch as an ancient artifact intelligence could manage - and it does radiate the concern inherent. It does not insist, however. Insisting would be the path that the partner has suggested is incorrect…

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