Debriefing Blues

March 26, 2015: Ulani reports to Jerosh on Rowan and Aspen Matthews (emits by Rowan)

Rhan - Carribean



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Ulani has spent several days in the Atlantic Ocean, obstentibly learning about Rowan and the 'lost blue' Aspen Mathews. The two meetings with Queen Mera of Atlantis had also proven interesting, she just hopes she hadn't overstepped her mission brief.

Hydraporting at least some of the way back to the Carribean, the Blue Envoy approaches the city of Rhan, pausing at points where she knows the surveillence drones are deployed.

By the time she enters the city, she fully expects that she'll be summonsed to brief at least Jerosh on her findings.

She is. Though this time it's in Jerosh's office rather than a whole conference room of high ranking Blue. The diplomat is regarding some reports from elsewhere. Blue technology obviates things like hardcopy reports, thankfully, since those are fairly unwieldy underwater. "Ah, Ulani, come in sit down. Do you need refreshment?"

Ulani enters the office and takes a seat. Feet flat on the floor, hands on her knees, back straight. The habits of a soldier are hard to break, it seems. "No thank you, Sir" her tone is crisp and she pauses, waiting for Jerosh to continue.

Jerosh shuts his viewer off and pushes it aside to focus his attention on Ulani. "Report then, Envoy. You've been gone near a week. What have you noted, if anything?" Much of diplomacy depends on having the right information at the right time. Spies are not used solely in war, after all.

"I believe that Rowan" Ulani uses his name "is what he appears to be. Dimensionally displaced from another world. The Queen of Atlantis stood as character witness to him." that had come as a bit of a surprise. "I considered the possibility that this might be ruse to place an Atlantean sympathiser in our midst but the logic just simply does not add up." Ulani resists the urge to shrug and hands over the recordings of her interactions with Rowan and Mera.

"Mmmmm. Very well. And this tale of a displaced Blue raised on the surface? What of that?" Jerosh isn't sure which he considers more outlandish. Both tales where honestly quite surprising. Certainly they seemed like something out of fantasy. The diplomat accepts the recordings and begins to study them.

Ulani sets her shoulders against the shrug she feels like giving. "I've met this Aspen Matthews once." she pauses and collects her thoughts "She should be tested further. She … seems genuine and her desire to connect with our people is real enough. But I've not been able to form a firm opinion on that yet." Really, the woman appeared just as any other surfacer with minute differences. Rowan trusting her, and Queen Mera's acknowledgement of the woman, went a long way.

The diplomat pauses, thinking that over. An unknown, yet another layer removed from the original unknown that caused all this. "Hrm. Well. What manner of testing do you suggest Ulani? Short of bringing her here to find out. Or giving her the location of our cities in the Pacific." Speaking of… "Do you believe they pose a security risk?"

Ulanis' answer is quick "They should not be bought to the cities, just yet." she shakes her head "Find a neutral meeting ground and send a delegation. Perhaps even invite Queen Mera and King Arthur, or perhaps not. Let others hear Rowans story." Her reasoning is multi-faceted… the primary being more people hearing the stories and being inclined to believe and accept him. Not just take the word of a single Envoy, whilst still protecting their cities.

"As for Aspen Matthews." Ulani actually slumps a little "She needs to be tested, I believe. I can conduct some rudimentary testing but maybe our scientists" the word is said with a slight grimace "may have more comprehensive genetic testing we could conduct."

"I can think of a slightly simpler expedient. Try meeting her underwater. Our people's talent is fairly unique, after all." And should be detectable, at least Jerosh believes so. "As for Mera and Arthur an official invitation would be awkward at the moment given our diplomatic relations. Or lack thereof. But if a 'coincidental' meet can be arranged… so much the better. It will give you a chance to observe them in greater detail as well which would be helpful."

"My apologies for not being clearer, Ambassador." Ulani inclines her head "That was the rudimentary testing I was referring to." Now the Envoy shrugs "I believe we should not take things at face value. If she passes my rudimentary test, I believe further testing would be in order."

A coincindental meeting with at least Queen Mera might be arranged as well.

Jerosh nods slowly. "Proceed then, Ulani. I am empowering you to make what decisions you feel necessary and treat with whom you must. The one exception to this is that formal relations are not to be reestablished with Atlantis until such time as the home cities have deliberated on the matter and returned with instructions."

"As you wish Ambassador." Ulanis' still sitting back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands on her knees "I would like to arrange a small party to meet this Rowan, I will find a location. Before I proceed, are there any from our Government you would particularly wish to be included?" She's compiling a list but, Government works in strange ways and it's better to get buy in early rather than later. "I'm certain I can have this arranged in a matter of days."

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