Dreamcatching Apology

March 26, 2015: Jes goes to visit Jericho to apologise, Zee provides moral support

Jericho's Aparment - New York City



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Jericho is back at home. Well 'home'. He's back at his safehouse, the place he sleeps on Earth. Home… has been somewhere else for a bit now. Regardless, he's here now and evidently just arrived from elsewhere given his state of dress. He doesn't ordinarily, for example, wear mesh shirts, leather pants and open long coats. When he does, it's usually a good sign that he's recently back from an extended stay in Limbo.

Jes arrives with Zee and stands quietly in front of the door for a moment trying to gather her thoughts. She has Jericho's coat thrown over one arm and has tucked something small into one of the pockets. She's also holding a plain brown paper shopping bag whose contents are hidden but it doesn't seem to be heavy. She stares at the door and tries to resist the urge to shift and mark it that she had last time she was here. Seriously! She's here to apologize, not make more trouble. "Get it together coyote." She mutters.

Zee puts her arm around Jes shoulders and gives them a squeeze. "Ready?" she doesn't wait. She just knocks on the door. Wearing black leather pants, bright green crop top, high heel knee high boots with buckles all topped off with the diamond encrusted collar and emerald pendulum at her left hip.

Giving Jes another squeeze, Zee smiles brightly and waits for the door to be answered.

The man who opens the door… well, it's Jericho but one might be forgiven for doing a double take. He's changed a little when the knock came. He has a black tee shirt on now with the image of a dog's face and the latin 'Cave Canem'. Beware the Dog. On the back of it there's a subtle pentagram and skull accent. Long story. He's got a mesh shirt and long coat folded over one arm, leather pants and combat boots himself. He blinks as he sees who it is and then his eyes narrow. "Hello…"

Jes's eyes are a bit wide. She blinks and opens her mouth and then closes it again. Her nose twitches and she eyes the mesh shirt with curiousity. "Isn't that uncomfortable? It seems like it'd get caught on all the little hairs.." Jes winces. Not what she'd meant to say. Not even a little. She sighs. "I mean, Hi."

Zee eyes the clothing over Jericho's arms and the bright smile fades to something very serious. "May we come in? Jes has something she'd like to say to you, and I would prefer she not do it out here."

Flicking her eyes to his face, Zee studies him carefully. She's seen that shirt and coat… and thinks she knows what it means.

The look on Jericho's face is one of skepticism, which apparently is directed at both young women but after a moment he does step back to let them in. "I was just settling in." He says as he lays the coat and shirt down on the arm of the couch. Jes's question goes unremarked. Which may be for the best, honestly. "So what can I do for the two of you?"

Jes holds out his coat, her eyes moving to the floor and staying there. "I'm here to say thank you. Thank you for rescuing me. I don't really remember anything after you pulled me out of the van. Aside from this urge to apologize.." She looks up, and her expression is a mixture of embarrasment and nervousness. "You're Zee's friend. I'm sorry for upsetting you. I wasn't really okay then." She lifts the hand with the paper shopping bag and holds that out to him as well. "I made this for you." Zee might be able to sense an unfamiliar sort of magic emanating from the bag, if she's looking at it.

Zee doesn't have to look for magic, she senses it. Until recently, she hasn't realised what that sensation means, she does now. Eyeing the bag that Jes holds forth, the young magi's eyebrow rises. "For me" Zee shrugs "I just wanted to say thank you."

Jericho nods and takes the bag. "You're welcome. I wouldn't let HYDRA take anyone, much less someone they planned to murder." He knows what that's like. The hacker opens the bag and peers inside. The faint magic has his traces slowly flushing white. Odd color, no one they've taken on before. "But you didn't have to come all the way here just to say that."

Inside the bag is a handmade dream catcher. (http://www.tattoobite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/dream-catcher-tattoo-sample-2.jpg ) "I sat inside one of the ley lines while I made it and thought really really hard about how much I wanted it to work. I think it will. I could feel it. It'll keep your dreams peaceful." "I asked the old ones to bless it. I am sorry and I did have to come here to say it. You saved my life and I…don't remember but I was probably a bitch. So thank you." Later whenever he checks his jacket he'll find a smaller version ( http://hdw.datawallpaper.com/abstract/dreamcatcher-desktop-background-575688.jpg that she did the same thing with only asking for him to be protected. How and if it will work she isn't really sure.

Jericho's traces changing colour has Zee's eyes narrowing "She wanted to, Jericho, and that's important." the young magi moves closer to the Hacker… "Why the different colour?" Jes gets a reassuring smile and Zee nods to her.

"Different magic makes different colors." Jericho responds as he examines the dreamcatchers. He has nightmares. Powerful ones. Scars from the war. Not all wounds are physical. These couldn't hurt, even if they don't completely work. "Thank you Jesana. Why don't you two make yourselves comfortable. Can I get you any refreshements?"

Jes relaxes. She'd doesn't remember him talking about the war or the people he'd lost but she had woken with the desire to do this for him. Somehow it had seemed important. She hopes the pendulum, the ley line and her prayers and desire were enough to do what she wanted. "You're welcome." She murmurs softly and then moves behind Zee. She still feels the need to be close to her friend. "If you don't mind..water would be nice. I think I'm still a little dehydrated."

Zee feels Jes move behind her and she guides the coyote to the couch and takes a seat, still eyeing Jericho's traces. "Do you have wine?" she's going to try at least, she really can be quite a minx.

Jericho gets a glass of water for Jesana. "No wine, sorry. More vodka here." He does pour a little though and bring it over to Zee. Not a whole lot though. It packs a lot more of a punch. "So I've been meaning to ask. Those dowsing pendulums. You're not the only ones I've seen with them. What are they?"

Jes makes quick work of the glass of water and nods her thanks before curling up with her knees to her chest and resting her head in Zee's lap. Zee's scent and those close contact soothe and calm her. She knows Zee can probably explain what they are better so she remains quiet and waits for her to answer.

Vodka! Score! Zee sniffs the glass and tests the content before giving Jericho a pleased grin. As Jes curls in her lap, Zee absently strokes her friend.

Touching the emerald pendulum at her left hip, it's kind of hard to locate, Zee sighs… "Ley Pendulums. We can use them to travel and communicate across the Leyline network." Glancing down to Jes, who seems quite satisfied there, Zee takes a deep breath "Jes and I plus others… we'll answer and respond to arcane threats."

"Ah." Is all Jericho says. He doesn't do magic. Except he does seem to get caught up in it a lot. Which is just sort of a… quirk of what he is these days. Then again, his life was always kind of… interesting. "Does this mean I can expect to have you two pop out of nowhere next to me more than usual?"

"Maybe." Jes's voice is soft and relaxed. "I'm not really a magic wielder either but I don't need to be to use it. We're guardians. They're were others before, a long time ago. If someone is tampering with the lines or if there is something wrong with one of them then it calls us and we go to fix or stop it."

That question has Zee laughing, she nearly snorts the Vodka out her nose. "Oh, I'm sure Illyana would love that… me making more time with her man." It takes many long moments for the young magi to stop laughing at that "I think… Jericho… for myself and you… it will maintain the status quo."

"Well you'd have to work pretty hard to show up around me more." And if she did she might well be trolling him. Jericho's used to being trolled, but really, he prefers it be Illyana. "And I don't think she's worried about that, somehow." If Zee hasn't picked up on why yet it's only because she's not real experienced and hasn't looked too closely.

"Guardians of Magic, mmm? That does sound like a hell of a responsibility though."

"It is, but we were asked and accepted. It's important. Someone out there is up to something very bad. Maybe lots of someones. If no one stops them…" Jes trails off. SHe doesn't know exactly but it won't be good obviously. She'd smiled when Zee laughed, listening to the musical sounds with a pleased expression. Good. Zee needs to laugh, and be happy. The past few days were hard for her too. She doesn't seem worried or upset about the thought of running into Jericho more often. Though that likely has something to do with her curled up half in her friend's lap being petted as if she were coyote.

"To a degree, I think that was pretty difficult" Zee isn't discussing about how much she appears about the hacker, trolling or not. Sipping her vodka, Zee rests a hand on Jes' head. "No more responsibility than what I already hold… Just I have some direction now."

"With great power and all that." Jericho nods. He doesn't mind chatting with these two for a while, but he's going to check a few things and then head back to Limbo for some gardening. Mostly he just came out on this side to make sure nothing needed his attention.

Jes, still worn out from her ordeal seems to have fallen asleep.

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