Kidnapping Aftermath

March 26, 2015: Zee speaks to Jes about her kidnapping. Zee is not happy.

Shadowcrest - Gotham



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It's been at least a day and a bit since Zee teleported Jes back to Shadowcrest. She hasn't had time to track Jericho down and discuss what happened in detail, but Jes has been asleep all this time. Zee, quite frankly, is getting worried.

Pacing in her library, wearing black leather trousers, yellow crop top, high heel boots, the diamond encrusted collar and the emerald pendulum at her left hip, the look of concern on her face says it all…

Jes had only stayed awake long enough to eat something and shower quickly and even then she'd fallen asleep a few times, she'd been so tired and dazed. Now though she's finally awake. She pulls on a faded pair of jeans and her Off the Res t shirt and exits her room to find Zee. It hasn't been the best couple of days and her memory towards the end is very fuzzy. Jes heads for the library, following Zee's scent and the feeling that her friend's penulum is in that direction.

Turning to watch the door, Zee hears Jes approaching. Folding her arms loosely over her chest and cocking a hip, she waits for her friend to appear. She'll remain silent until she sees how her friend is looking.

Jes looks better, her hair is a bit sleep tousled and she's yawning as she enters the room but when she spots Zee her eyes light up and she smiles, looking alert and relieved. "Zee." She moves across the room and reaches out to hug her friend. "I'm so sorry. I was so tired. I didn't mean to sleep for that long."

Zee wraps Jes in a big hug, letting out a deep breath as she does. "I was so worried, Jes. Don't be sorry." Holding her friend out at arms length, she gives her a good once over. "Don't you want something to eat and drink?"

The Mistress of Magic has already summonsed one of the house staff, they'll be here presently with platters of food and some fruit juice.

"Yes please. I'm hungry. They didn't give me anything to eat or drink." Jes hugs her tightly. "I was worried too. By the time I realized how much trouble I was in, it was too late and I couldn't call for help." Jes shivers. She doesn't scare easily but she'd been terrified.

Gesturing to a chair, Zee takes a seat herself, sitting back and crossing her feet at her ankles. She looks serious, nothing like the bright show performer at all. "They…" she shakes her head "Why don't you start at the beginning? Food's already on the way."

Jes nods and sits in the closest chair but then she frowns and moves to sit at Zee's feet. She can't help it, she needs to be close right now. "I was walking, near the park in the Bronx and I saw these punks harrassing this old lady. I went to help her and they tried to grab me so I hit them and I was fast. These policemen saw me and they arrested me. They thought I was a mutant and the one, he just smelled of fear and hate. I didn't fight, I figured it would be alright, his partner went along with it but I could see he didn't want to and I figured once we got to the station it would be okay, i could you or Fenris but they didn't let me. They took my amulet and locked me in a cell. I hate cages Zee. I hate them!" Jes shivers again and rests her chin on Zee's knee.

"Then they just left me there. No one came, there wasn't anything to drink even. I think it was about two days. I kinda went away in my head somewhere after awhile and then when I came back I was in a van and there were men from HYDRA. One of htem told me they were taking me to my father. I was tied up with plastic zip ties." Without lifting her head she holds up an arm and shows Zee the torn and bruised skin from where she'd tried to break them. "My wrists and my ankles. One of them was going to drug me but he told him to wait I needed to be "clean" and then something landed on top of the van and I shifted and tore out his throat. I got his gun and started shooting them. The one driving somehow put armor on and i couldn't hit him so I shot at the windshield to make it hard to see. It was Jericho on top of the van and he pulled me out and onto the side of the road."

Initially Zee's eyes widen and she starts to tremble slightly as she places a hand on Jes' head… deep breath in, deep breath out "New York, not Gotham, New York" she's reminding herself of something. "I need to check something…" picking up her mobile phone, she taps out a message before setting it aside and paying attention to Jes.

The bruised and torn skin has Zee's jaw clenching, she hadn't checked her friend for physical damage… Without knowing what she had been through, that had seemed intrusive. Now, without thinking, the young magi let's her healing energy flow to Coyote. It will sting a little, Zee's healing isn't finessed in the slightest but it is very effective.

Distracted by the healing, a faraway look in her eyes, the young magi murmurs "Can you find them again?" She's formulating something in her head.

"I told them to go to hell and take my father with them. The one got really mad. Oohh.." Jes gasps at the feel of the healing and lifts her head to watch her wrist. Zee's trembling has her looking back up, as well as her tone of voice. "Find who?" Jes blinks. "Oh..I think I might owe Jericho an apology. It gets foggy after that..but I was so tired and scared and angry and he was there and I..I'm not sure. I remember thinking I needed to be good. And trying to explain something." She frowns. Had there been more than one of him? no, that must have been a dream. Or a nightmare. Yeah.

As they are talking, one of the house staff appears with plates of fruit, nuts and deli meats as well as fruit juice and glasses. Laying the repast out on the coffee table near the women, the man nods to Zee and leaves.

"Thank you, Charles." Zee's face softens in appreciation for her staffs quiet care for her and her guests. She's still healing Jes, the look of distraction is still there.

"Who? Oh, the policeman that took you." The hard edge starts to creep back into her voice. This does not bode well for those men or women. Blowing out a breath, Zee centres herself again "Yes, you owe Jericho a big apology. He was angry, more angry than I have ever seen."

Jes sighs softly. She really doesn't remember what exactly happened after he pulled her from the van. She pats Zee's knee before tucking into the food and eating quietly, although very quickly for several minutes. She thinks while she eats, a slight frown of concentration on her face. Eventually she slows down enough to talk again. "So good…Thank you." Jes looks up and smiles. "And for healing me. I will make something for him. To apologize. I don't really remember…but I'm sorry. I'll fix it." She picks up one of the nuts and turns it over in her hand, studying it. "His nametag. I remember. Officer Jackson." Jes sets the nut down and hugs herself. "I'm not even a mutant and I just wanted to help that lady. He really hated me. Its not safe for them with people like that being police."

Sitting forward and serving herself some fruit and nuts, Zee smiles slightly as Jes tucks in to the food. "There's more if you want it. Please make sure you drink something too, Jes." A small wave of her hand "I should have healed you when I bought you home, but … " she sighs "you were in such a bad way, I wasn't sure if it would make it better or not."

Zee nods as Jes remembers the name "That's a start. I'm sure you would recognise his smell too…" she's not going to share the other stories she's heard about mutants disappearing but Kane is going to get a visit soon… he said it was only happening in Gotham, but what if the ring was wider? "No it's safe, Jes and I mean to do something about it." She'll let the Jericho thing slide for now, time enough later when Jes is stronger to face that.

Jes rests her chin on Zee's knee. "If anyone like that even looks at me funny again i'm using my pendulum and getting out of there. Or running until I'm close enough to a line to use it." She's not going to trust strangers to do the right thing again for certain. "Zee.." Her posture stiffens and Zee can hear Jes take a couple of shaky breaths. "He's really looking for me, tracking me. Should I be here? or with you in public. I'm just putting you in more danger and making it easier for them to find you." Her voice is soft, and full of fear and worry. She doesn't want to leave but she will if its the best thing for Zee.

Placing her hand on Jes head again, Zee eats one handed as she thinks "Sounds like a plan. Run early and survive." the words are murmumed. Jes change in demeanour has Zee glancing down and shaking her head "Here, you are safe. In public, neither of us are safe." she sighs.

"I'm going to give you John Constantines address… if you're ever stuck and can't get here, go there. You hear me, Jes? John made me agree that I would go to him for help." That had rankled the impestous 19 year old but she couldn't fault his logic. "And just let them try and take me, Jes. I've not only got John looking out for me, there's also Illyana … you might hate the collar I wear and the reason it was given to me, but I will use that to my advantage when I need to."

Jes nods but doesn't lift her head. She's home and safe and with her Zee. And she doesn't want her to leave. Everything is good, for now at least. "I'll do that. I promise." "There's nothing wrong with needing help, especially when it's offered. If it keeps you safe..then do it. Besides, he was nice and knew how to talk to me." Zee can probably hear the smile in her voice. "I like him. He likes you too. A lot i think."

Zee hugs Jes closer to her. Yes, she's safe here and Zee is going to do all she can to make sure it stays that way. "I don't mind asking for help, Jes" Zee chuckles softly "He's just so overbearing… I'm not the same girl I was before he went away. I'm not going to sit back and let others fight the good fight and John, needs to realise that." He probably does now, she was pretty adament about her involvement. "I'm glad you like him." The comment about John liking her alot has the young Magi simply shrugging.

"I wish I was stronger. Then you wouldn't have to worry so much. We make a good team together though." Jes hugs Zee's leg and sighs, but its a comfortable sigh and not a depressed sound. "I'm so glad I'm back and I don't think I'm going wandering anywhere for awhile. I can run in the yard. Or the park across from Fenris's house, maybe. I don't anyone would try anything there." Jes frowns. She'd been picked up in the middle of the day and taken away and locked up. "Then again maybe I don't need to go to the park for awhile."

"If you want to go running, I can come with." Zee smiles down at the young woman "And if I can't, I'm sure I can ask someone to help." Shaking her head, Zee chuckles again "We do make a good team and you're as strong as you need to be. HYDRA are evil and I would worry no matter what… we need to address that and not ourselves."

"You're the best, Zee. Really." Jes smiles up at her. Her expression falters a bit thinking about HYDRA and she whispers. "They are evil. We'll get them though. They die just like everyone..mostly everyone else." She isn't as strong or as powerful as she'd like to be, but Jes believes that Zee is strong enough for the both of them, they just need to stay together. And she isn't going to be trusting anyone who has anything even remotely to do with the government anytime soon. If ever, after the other day. "Hey.." Jes tilts her head and studies Zee. "Did you return the sword?"

"Yes we will" Zee looks seriously at Jes. She's resolute on that matter and then flushes a little a Jes' question. "Yeah… I did."

Jes just grins and nods and rests her head again. "Good." She thought she'd had a sudden flash of memory of that one's scent when Zee found her. "I like him too." "Do you think these pendulums can do more than let us talk to each other and travel the ley lines?" Jes is still thinking about her ordeal but only abstractly, in the background. Now that she's alright and knows that Zee is okay she's focusing on something more pleasant.

"According to Fenris, it really is just the travel and communication but…" Zee eyes Jes carefully "he did say that the pendulums may give the bearer extra abilities. "I'm glad you like The Fox" Zee might be a little fond of him too.

"That could be useful if it does." Jes murmurs. Then she smiles. "Yes. He was interesting and serious. Not strange or silly. Or so young." Jes is most likely younger than Zee is but her life has been such that she grew up quickly. "I think you're good for him, and he for you."

Zee has no reason to believe the pendulum won't do that, it just seems natural to her. "He takes me seriously, Jes. Doesn't dismiss me out of hand or give me nicknames based on what I wear." Zee settles back in the chair, a pleased smile on her face "I think we're good for each other as well."

"Who gave you a nickname?" Her tone of voice is a little growly. "I'll bite them for you. Or kick them in nuh-cessities." She finishes. Why Zee didn't just turn them into something she isn't sure. Maybe its an ally. Jes doesn't really care. If Zee doesn't like something then she doesn't like it.

Zee laughs a little "Don't let it worry you. I normally correct them, but K.. Fox has never done that… ever." The thought of Jes biting people because they gave Zee a nickname gets a small chuckle.

Jes smiles. "Okay. I would though." "I knew you could find him." She says proudly. "And I'm glad you did. I'm going to go to my room for a bit. There's something I want to make and then I need to return Jericho's coat." Jes frowns. "Why do I have…I don't think I want to remember that." She muses as she gets to her feet. "If you need something, just call for me okay Zee." Jes bends to hug her.

"Make?" Zee waves the question off as Jes gets to her feet "So am I, Jes, so am I. I come with you to see Jericho if you like, I might have some questions for him anyway." Hugging Jes, Zee nods a little "Of course I'll call, Jes." She's learning too.

"A gift for him, to apologize." Jes calls back. "It shouldn't take long and I might step outside but won't go far. Just need to sit on one of the ley lines." Or in it rather. She has an idea and means to test it out.

That gets an interested look from Zee, but she'll let it go "OK, if you want me to come outside, I will. Just yell, ok?" A gift for Jericho, wonders will never cease to surprise her.

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