Safe at Home

March 26, 2015: Lunair has escaped, and lets Mike know she's safe.

Mutant Town - Cotblantch Arms

A brownstone in Mutant Town in that section which has been repaired and refurbished to modern-plus-20-years standards by several mutants whose powers allow them to perform repairs and upgrades.

We are on the roof, where solar panels and planters make the sometimes-harsh climate much gentler.



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Some tense hours have passed since Mike Drakos (Metal), Roy Harper (Arsenal) and Lunair Weir (Armory) were the unwitting and unwilling pawns of an assault by someone called "The Baroness" — and Mike was forced to stay behind to keep bystanders from being harmed while the Baroness made her way away with Lunair. But Mike did get a chance to set up a tracer. And now he's on the roof of his apartment complex, looking to track down the thing he tagged.

Problem one: It's somewhat screened. Even from the roof, he can't get a clear signal — it's probably in the western hemisphere, but it will take days to narrow it down. Problem two: the tracer device was in one of the Baroness' robot tools, not Lunair, because Mike doesn't put nano into living humans without their permission, because it can be dangerous, and even worse if it's a mutant.

Problem three: The Baroness attempted to inject him with a poison that included nanites. He has them, secluded away in a container inside his current chassis. They serve as a warning to him: the science the woman is using is far too sophisticated. Also: beware of villains (or heroes) with nanotech.

Lunair is gone practically overnight. Poor Metal. Lunair only heard her friend shouting her name before she got shaken like a maraca by an overenthusiastic six year old. Lunair appreciates Mike's respectful stance, and unfortunately, it's a bit late for her in regards to nanites. Nevertheless, Lunair knows he is worried about him. While she'd like to sleep in a bit more, Lunair owes Mike big time. Really.

And so she will remember where he mentioned living, and Lunair will be teleported down to visit her friend. "Mike!"

And there he is, hooked up to a web of freaky looking antennae and beeping, flashing boxes and something that looks suspiciously like a 3-dimensional dowsing pendulum, swinging as though the ground wasn't perpendicular to it.

"Luna!" Mike says, relieved. "Are you OK?"

He's not going to take her word for it of course. He's scanning her for technology. And … there is some. Very small. Very diffuse. Not the same as the poison-to-humans he was injected with by those Baronial Claws. But similar maybe. It's overwhelmed by the noise of her blood and her bones after a second.

"What did she do to you??"

"I'm glad to see you. I would so hug you," Lunair admits. Even if he does look kind of odd right now. And it probably is similar. Same - faction? Perhaps. Lunair's uncertain. She looks like she's trying to think. A head-shake. "I don't know. I'm okay now, I got healing. But … I was definitely drugged and it's all really fuzzy," She admits. "I saw Taskmaster and I was in a lab with her…" She is scraping every memory up that she can.

"I don't really remember a lot." She pauses. "Are you okay?" She seems worried about Mike.

Mike frowns. "So that was Taskmaster shooting at us? If I'd been a normal person I'd have been hospitalized - that arrow would have been a major injury, maybe taken out a lung or part of the spine."

He looks at Luna. "You have traces of something nanotech in you. You should have Jean Grey see if she can find out what it is. I would have to send in my own nanotech to investigate, and that could be a problem since your powers could end up doing something in response and … just not safe."

Of course, Baroness already did this. And it probably wasn't safe either.

"Oh. By the way. You can always hug me, unless I have a sign reading 'high tension, do not hug.'"

Robot jokes.

Lunair nods. "I saw him at some point," She admits. "He's no slouch. He must've knocked out Roy," And her own skull aches in the memory of the shield to the back of the head she took at one point. "I'm really glad you aren't hospitalized." Pause. At his okay, she giggles and hugs him. Lunair apparently loves Robot jokes. Robohug! His theory may be more correct regarding her oddness.

Though, she pauses at his assessment and winces. She rubs at her head. "Ugh, ew. I can't just pull it out either, can I." She sighs. "And I guess. It did give me an immune system. I'll ask Jean right away. I was asleep mostly," She admits.

"You had no immune system and you were given one with nanotechnology?" Mike asks, rather surprised. "I didn't feel any traces of that kind of tech from you before now. And I do tend to check. I can be dangerous to people with pacemakers, and things."

In ways that nobody wants to know about. Seriously. Do not let Mike's subconscious start playing with your bionics.

"Well, it doesn't seem to be an immediate danger. We'll just make sure you get it checked."

"Nono, with the medical treatment. When I got my powers," Lunair corrects. "Sorry," Lunair shakes head. "And really?" She tilts her head. She's impressed and worried. But kind of glad she's still pretty much organic. Either way, ROBOHUG. "I'm sorry I worried you. I only remember bits of what happened and I feel sick when I think about it," She admits, closing her eyes. "But it's weird when I think about it. The weird, creepy Nazi Grandpa guy was insisting I needed modification and was part of some plan. I wonder if this lady was working with him or not." Hmmm.

"Creepy Nazi Grandpa was HYDRA. Baroness doesn't come up as part of any known HYDRA group. She is loosely connected with a mercenary company, but everything suggests she's a freelance spy," Mike says. Yeah, the database searches have had time to go through.

"I'm going to suggest that there wasn't anything direct. She said she only needed one of us, and attempted to paralyze me first with those claws. So if I had been a normal human I would have been the victim."

Lunair nods, listening. She tilts her head a little. "How strange." She furrows her eyebrows. She hms softly. She is listening more than speaking for now. "Well, that's … worrisome, but a part of me is really happy she didn't grab you." Lunair really does care about Mike. It's a load off. Though, she sighs. "Guess this means I still get to worry about the Nazis and HYDRA." Nose-wrinkle.

"And hmm… that makes sense. Maybe she's experimenting with nanostuff. I don't know. It's all really weird. I wish I could remember more."

"Another reason to talk with Doctor Grey," Mike suggests. "Anyway, in this case, I wish she'd grabbed me, because they wouldn't have been able to do anything to me with what they had prepared. Of course, they may decide to go after me with something more specific. I'll have to warn the other guy too. He might also have been an intended victim."

"I know, I will," Lunair promises. Phobia or not… "Still…" She furrows her eyebrows. She sighs again. "I hope not. But I promise I'll visit you to check in on you a lot, alright?" Peer. "I wanna bring you something. And Roy? I'll let him know you want to warn him. It seems weird to grab us one at a time, but maybe not…" Lunair is not a mastermind, after all. There is some relief to see Mike safe, after all.

"Indeed. Now. Should I pull down this antenna which wasn't really doing me a lot of good from here on the ground, or should I keep it up and spend three days narrowing down the Baroness' location to within a hundred-fifty mile radius?" Mike grins, and the antenna parts begin folding in on themselves, strange tech sliding back on itself, everything retracting like it was some sort of cinematic special effect. It takes a count of ten for it to be a box the size of a small server system.

Lunair smiles as Mike grins. "Hmm. Tough call. That's really cool. It must be pretty intense," Lunair is always impressed by Mike's combat prowess, but Baroness and friends were pretty formidable. She watches it fold in. "To say thanks for looking after me, would you want to go buy some parts or metal?" Head-tilt. "I am going to get this looked at, but until Doctor Grey can look at me… I don't know. I feel kind of queasy thinking about it and stewing, trying to find a memory that won't - is it there? I don't even know…"

"It's OK. If you want to give me something, make a piece of impossible technology and let me examine it until I figure out how it works," Mike says. Because he's REALLY hoping that some of her toys can become part of his own bag of tricks eventually. The dubstep … not really, though he's copied her sonic emitter and gotten it to make people go into convulsions, and he's gotten a working intestinal-cramping sonic beam. But not dancing, which is a sophisticated thing. It's all very frustrating.

Hmmm. Lunair listens again, then she looks thoughtful. She beams. "We can do that, then. Whatever you like." And Lunair seems quite happy to lend him her toys. She adores her robofriend. "Are there any you'd especially like?" She tilts her head. "And we can do a few, surely." Nodnod. "I trust you." She really does. Lunair's power does seem to offer a lot of flexibility, even if she's still figuring out a great deal of it. "I bet the portal gun would probably be up there," She taps a fingertip to her chin.

Mike shakes his head. "To be honest, I have no idea how that thing can possibly work. I know you have to concentrate to make it work. Your rail gun is small and doesn't generate nearly the EMP that my attempt did. I actually usually just cheat and use my power to fling the metal around."

"No, I don't," Lunair shakes her head. "It just opens a portal. I put the exit one down first then the start. I'll have to show you the video game I got it from," She smiles at him. "And oh. I see. Well, just let me know. I can lend you a rail gun," Nod. She seems pretty open minded. "It's not cheating. It's using what you have." A big smile. "But it'll be fun to hangout and give you stuff." She does seem pretty happy.

"OK. Do you need a ride anywhere? I need to sleep in an hour," and by sleep Mike means 'defrag and process sensory events' and, oh yeah, dream a bit. His dreams are spectacular. He sometimes has to hook up an external coolant tank for his computer brain when he gets one of the 5-dimensional space-war games going.

Really it would be cool to invite someone else along, if he could figure out how to do that.

It would own so hard, that's what. But Lunair looks to him. She pats herself. "They left my stuff on me. I can get a cab." She reaches over to pat his shoulder. "You should rest. I don't know what that lady did to you. But you've worried about me and been looking," She nods. "We can figure out stuff later. I owe you big time." She really does. He looks after her, and it's appreciate it. "Rest well, alright?"

"OK, you too. Hey, do you mind carrying a tracer? It's one of my specials, it doesn't actually broadcast anything, it's just a weird combination of things that I can feel from a long way away."

Mike offers a small gemstone-looking object to Lunair. It's brooch-worthy. It uses a neodymium magnet to clip to objects.

Head-tilt. "Nah, I'll carry one," Lunair smiles at him. She will accept the little gemstone-looking object. "It's cute." She trusts Mike. "I'll probably clip it onto my jacket or something like that," She nods. Something she keeps on or with her. "Thanks."

"Cool. I'm so glad you're back. I was going to be explaining to Scott how I let them just take you."

Mike hugs Lunair back, and then he's on his internal phone locating a cab. A guy he trusts. Because this would be the wrong time to get the AIM or HYDRA after-hours delivery guys.

Lunair smiles up at Mike. "But you didn't. You fought really hard. Most of us would've been toast," She notes. "I believe that, anyway." He really did try. "Baroness and Taskmaster are no slouches in combat," She points out.

"Anyway, thank you. I'm glad to know you and stuff." Apparently being grabbed and having some experiment run on her has driven her to cherish those who don't see her as a guinea pig to be. And it would totally be the wrong time.

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