Tacit Approval Please

March 26, 2015: Simmons and Skye track down May to discuss Jerichos' request and watch an abandoned building getting clean.

New York City



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After meeting with Jericho and receiving that rather unusual request, Simmons has been tracking down May. There is no way she's going to touch the Biogenetic material controls without having at least Mays buy in.

"You know Skye, we really need to speak with Agent May before you even think about investigating what Jericho asked." The biochemist looks up from her workbench to the new Agent. A buzzing sound from her cell phone has her snatching it up "Ah, it's Agent May, she's in Manhattan and can give us some time if we hurry."

Already removing her goggles and shrugging out of her labcoat, Simmons grabs her field bag "Come on then, we don't have all day." She moves to the door of the lab. "Remember to clear your desk and lock your workstation. I'll never hear the end of it from Fitz."

Requisitioning a car from the carpool, Simmons waits for Skye to get in and off they go, heading towards Mays location.

There is absolutley no way Skye is going to touch what Jericho asked without clearance from May. No way. She would rather give herself a thousand papercuts and bathe in lemon juice before she would do that. She has spent the better part of the morning doing other things at her work station that would not incur the wrath of her superiors. At least she thinks so; she covers her tracks pretty well.

"What? Huh? Oh May. Yes. Let me just..clean this up." She sweeps her arm across her deck, sending the wrappers from her lunch in a trash can beside her desk." Laptop closed. Everything locked up, jacket grabbed and Skye finds herself beside Jemma in the car, "So do you think she will okay it?"

The not - quite elfin girl has picked an old abandoned corner store to clean up today! Jay is sitting there working on the verdigis - tainted brasswork of the old shop trim, and where she has spent time working, the brass practically GLEAMS with cleanliness and the smell of some chemicals. The sidewalk was already cleaned, and looks almost brand - new as well. Is that the hint of a sparkle from that lamp post? Possibly. Seriously strange things are afoot today, and Jay is probably one of them.

The best part of abandoned property in New York? No one complains if you clean it up, ever. Makes cleaning the city so much easier, if a bit slow.

Melinda May is in Manhattan all right. She's following a lead handed down to her, though she's about ready to give up on it for today. She responded to Jemma's text not too long ago, so she steps over to the little bakery bistro across from an abandoned corner store that she chose as their meeting-place. She's already seated and nursing a cup of tea when the two younger women arrive. She's also watching that unusual young woman across the way who is so diligently cleaning a property that's clearly not currently seeing any use. That's … slightly odd.

It doesn't take long for the two women to get to the meeting place, finding a carpark takes them a little longer though. Looking over to Skye as she turns the engine off, Simmons shrugs "I really don't know."

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Simmons leads Skye to the bakery bistro and nods to May as they enter. "Won't be long." her tone crisp, Simmons orders a tea before taking a seat with May. She's assuming Skye will do similar or simply join May at the table.

She hasn't noticed the strange cleaning behaviour going on.

Skye enters the Bistro, but not before paying some mind to the cleaning figure across the way. She pouts and with a sigh exclaims, "Awww…how can they be so happy after losing their job at FAO Schwartz?" She genuinely thinks that the cleaning person was once employed at a large toy store. There is a casual shrug given and she moves into the Bistro, spying May and settling into a chair at the table. May is given a nod and a greeting, "Afternoon Agent May." Skye is going to let Jemma spearhead this one.

"Half-penny, two penny
back of the queue
Yes Mister Poor man
This means you!
Justice for money,
What more can they say
We all know it's the American Way…"

Is that frail copper-blonde woman singing an old STYX tune?

At any rate, as she progresses, the building assumes more and more of its former grandeur, sparkling where the attention lingers over-long. That attention starts to move down to windows that look like they haven't been cleaned in decades… and… there's actually glass beneath all the dirt, not smoked glass.

Of her observers, she remains blissfully ignorant for the moment…

Melinda May nods to Jemma and then to Skye as they arrive, leaning forward just a little bit in her chair. "All right. What's this project Trent asked you to look into?" One of the many reasons May likes this particular little bakery: The employees here on the whole don't really speak much English. Well, and the Mantou buns. Best ones this side of Chinatown. Her eyes occasionally flick across to the little cleaning lady across the way, as much to make sure she's not surveilling them as just plain curiosity.

Finally noticing the woman across the street cleaning, Simmons takes a few minutes to examine her before turning her attention to May.

"Well… " the young biochem starts slowly "Mr Trent has found there are a number of illegal genetics labs on the edges of Gotham lately. He feels they may be part of a network tied to the project we're working on." pausing to take a sip of her tea, Simmons flicks her eyes to May. Not that she expects to see any reaction or response, it's a force of habit really.

"He said he's working one angle of it, but wants to track the data and see where they're sending it to." She grimaces a little "He wants to 'offer' them something they all want."

As Jemma speaks, Skye keeps her eyes on May, trying to gauge her reaction to what is being presented to her. She leans forward in her chair and conitnues on what Jemma had just said, "It's actually quite brilliant. Agent Simmons and I would be working together to create a biogenetic device that would be completely trackable by a satellite which would be deeply encrypted with an algorithm that I would design. I can come up with something HYDRA has never seen. Not in any training manuals or books."

"Half-penny, two-penny,
Back in the States
You just couldn't take
That African pace
Yes Missus Cleaver
Your son's home to stay
We all know it's the American Wayyyy

One plate glass panel is cleaned and Jay is starting to work on another one.

Even in New York, this apparent civic activism is getting a bit of a notice. A few tourists point and stare at the cleaning woman, who unlike pretty much everyone else in the immediate area is *doing* something other than asking for money, holding some sort of active performance, or patently ignoring everything in the area in true Big Apple style. The clump of people appears to be a family unit from the Midwest, and then a few other folks join the pile as the cleaning continues. If this keeps up…

Melinda May quirks an eyebrow at Simmons, then looks at Skye as she explains further. She nods slowly for a moment, then says, "Are you wanting me to take this to Fury for approval?" Because honestly, anything that involves Trent is supposed to go through her, and she reports to Fury directly on anything involving the hacker. Luckily, that means she's had a good bit of leeway on what she can or can't do. It also helps that working with Trent uses very few if any SHIELD resources. "Give me something in writing."

She glances toward the cleaning lady again and this time her eyebrows draw together in a faint frown as the lady across the way seems to have garnered a bit of tourist attention.

"We're looking for approval or tacit approval before continuing." Simmons glances at Skye. Then May asks for it writing "Yes Agent May, we can do that."

Skye Johnson looks to Simmons and gives a nod. Oh what a team these two could potentially make, "Yes. Tacit approval, and in writing." She looks back to May and smiles ever so slightly.

There's a *BwoopWhoorp* as a police cruiser pulls up to the forming crowd and two officers get out, attempting to first herd the tourists along, then realizing the futility of that effort the cleaning girl gets their attention. They ask her to stop cleaning politely and turn to talk to them, but she is apparently in her own little world as she's finishing up the second plate glass window.

When one of the officers attempts to grapple her to bring her to the ground for resisting arrest, two things happen in quick succession.

One: Lots of phone cameras come whipping out to take pictures of the potential brutality in progress…


Two: The frail girl launches into the sky, rapidly vanishing out of sight, leaving a bunch of tourists with cameras out facing off against a couple of New York's finest…

Melinda May nods to them both. "If past meetings are any precedent, he won't say no. But I'll keep you pos…" Her words cut off as the woman cleaning across the street is so abruptly just GONE. There's nothing she can do, though, so she shakes her head slightly even if she makes a mental note to try and track that woman down again later. "I'll keep you both posted. Don't start working on this until I get the okay." She looks from Simmons to Skye and back. The only correct response to that is 'yes, ma'am'.

Of course it is and Simmons hasn't even thought about the project until she could speak to May. She is, to be fair, a little distracted by the disappearing woman and she glances at May to make sure she's seen it.

Nodding to May, "Yes, Ma'am" Simmons finishes her tea and looks to Skye "I'll write this up and submit it. Come on then, we need to be getting back." And she leads the young Agent out of the bistro.

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