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March 27, 2015: Zee takes Jes to speak to The Fox about Jes' abduction and see if there's any connection the Gotham SRD

Battergate - Gotham



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Battergate is aptly named. The narrow neighborhood is a wreck of abandoned buildings and crime ridden poverty. Mostly that's not the Fox's line, but sometimes crime and the unnatural intersect. While it's not common, there's certainly enough of that kind of thing to keep the Fox more than busy. Tonight it's nothing in particular. The claymore armed druid is peering from a rooftop at an empty tentament buildings. Abandoned buildings make good hideouts for creatures that don't want to be found and one of the reasons Kane patrols this area so often is to make sure they don't get too entrenched.

Appearing just behind The Fox with a soft 'pop' sound are two women. One dressed in figure hugging black leather pants, a hot pink crop top that displays her midriff, black denim jacket, high heel knee high boots with buckles with a diamond encrusted collar (the tag has strange script on it) and an emerald pedulum hanging at her left hip.

Taking a few moments to watch him, Zee smiles brightly "Hello Fox!"

Jes is standing very close to Zee, she's wearing the same sort of top only its a midnight blue color and her jacket is black leather instead of denim. Her pants are comfortably worn in black jeans and she has sandals on her feet. A smoky quartz penulum hangs from her neck instead of at her hip. She's wearing a collar too though her's is simple and plain black leather and the heart shaped tag has Zee's name and number printed on it. She looks around a bit apprehensively but relaxes as she notices they are up on a roof. Much safer than down below.

The druid half turns and puts a finger to his lips. "Softly. We may be heard and I'd rather not chance it." He turns to peer at the building through a crystal before standing up, his cloak swaying as he does so. "What brings you by today Zee?"

Zee falls silent and glances at Jes, making sure her friend is ok. "You know I told you I couldn't get in touch with Jes, the other night, when you so nicely offered some distraction? She was arrested… " Zee pauses and gives Jes another glance "They abducted her, Fox and were going to hand her over to someone. You said similar was happening here. Could it be the same thing?"

Jes stays close to her but seems okay. She listens while Zee talks, studying to top of the roof beneath their feet. Thinking about it hasn't gotten any easier yet and she doesn't really want to but if they can stop this from happening to someone else..or get more info on whats going on then they need to do it.

The man in the fox-mask looks over to Jesana and then back to Zee. "Could be. Police in Gotham are as corrupt as they come. Wouldn't be hard to pay someone off to arrest someone and not book them into the system. Most of what I've heard of are street snatchings." But if you can get to someone with the police why not? The Fox muses for a moment. "Glad to see she's okay."

OK is relative and Zee isn't sure that Jes is 100% recovered.

"It was in New York" Zee clarifies "not Gotham. And you told me once that you didn't want to send those boys to the police, because people were going missing from them." She shrugs "That's why I'm asking, maybe the operation has spread."

Jes hugs herself and tilts her head so she can watch Zee from the corner of her vision. "I'm alright, Zee." She tries to sound encouraging but her voice isn't more than a whisper. It had been too close. Way too close.

"Could be. I don't really have any kind of contacts there and I've been more or less focused on the Gotham end of things." The Fox muses. "I could ask around but I've mostly been focused on this city. It does sound pretty disturbing though."

Wrapping an arm round Jes shoulder, Zee offers the Coyote a small smile "Yes, you are."

"If you can ask about, let your people here know that it happened." She looks grim "Anything you find will help, I'm sure. I want to stop them before it happens again."

Looking over at the building The Fox had been watching, the Mistress of Magic raises an eyebrow "What were you doing?"

Jesana snuggles into Zee's side and sighs softly. The change in her posture and expression is obvious. She seems much calmer and confident and she looks up, first at the Fox and then building behind him. "Is there something in there?" A bit if curiousity can be heard in her voice.

"A lot of buildings in Battergate are abandoned. I'm making sure they don't become ghouls nests or worse." Ghouls are, unknown to many, a rather serious problem in Gotham and it's largely thanks to the Fox that they aren't a worse problem than they are.

"I should be used to that about you now" Zee grins impishly and looks relieved as Jes relaxes. "And is that building something we should worry about?" The young magi looks down at Jes to see what the coyote will say.

"What's a ghoul?" It sounds like something she might see or scent. If its like a ghost or spirit anyway. "And what do you do if it is?" She's definitely interested now. Here's something new to learn. Something that has nothing to do with her father or her nightmares. She looks at Zee and smiles before returning her gaze to The Fox.

"People twisted by dark magic is the short answer. There's a lot of ways they get made." The Fox says, still in a low voice. "They get stronger, faster, start prefering the night and the dark. And they eat meat. Raw, fresh meat. And they're not real particular about where, or who, it comes from."

"They can be a bit scary too… " Zee murmurs "You'll be able to distinguish them, I'm sure." Jes sneezes when Zee uses the slightest bit of magic… Considering the rest of the Fox's words Zee shudders a little "Don't want to see ones that are feeding, either."

That thought doesn't really seem to bother Jes. "Can you heal them?" She wonders aloud. "Or do you just …" Her eyes flick towards her friend. "Stop them as quickly S possible?" She can guess a few of the ways such a thing might be made and if she comes across anyone doing so they'd better hope their god or gods are looking out for them…

"If there is magic to turn them back it's beyond me. I can call upon nature but altering the nature of things, even twisted things, takes more power than I have." The Fox isn't shy about admitting he's not at the top of supernatural food chain. "Mostly I just end them. Or drive them out."

"Not in my experience, Jes." Zee notes the glance "As Fox says, end them. Preferably as quickly as possible." Zee lets her friend go and moves to the edge of the roof, peering intently at the other building "I'm not sensing anything in there, Fox. What does your crystal tell you?" Zee tries not to rely on her magic alone.

Jes moves up to the edge a few feet away from the other two and studies the building with a thoughtful expression. If they can be made then there must be a way to unmake them. Usually she'd just take Zee and her friend at the their word and she does believe them but right now, when she's still mourning the loss of her family any way to spare others the agony of such a thing is worth the effort. If there's a way maybe she can find it. It'll be like a hunt. A different kind of hunt but a hunt all the same. Jes grins as she stares into the night. Maybe she won't find anything but it will be fun to try. A hunt is always good.

Zee turns to look at The Fox and see's he's distracted by something. Folding her arms loosely over her chest, the young magi regards him for a long while "Looks like we've lost his attention, Jes… " As she turns to regard her friend, she notes the thoughts fleeting over her face "What are thinking?"

Jes turns and shakes her head, putting her half formed ideas away for later. "I was thinking I want to learn more about ghouls. It seems pretty quiet over there right now though. She eyes the distracted Fox and grins wickedly from behind him. "Hmm…" "I'm getting hungry. How about you Zee?"

Zee smiles a bit at Jes' interest "I've got some stuff in the Library. I'll show which books might be most useful and I can ask John if he'd like to help." The young magi blinks as Jes grins wickedly and asks if she's getting hungry "Ummm, maybe. Do you want me to organise some takeaway?"

Jes shakes her head. "I was thinking we could order in." Her eyes flick to the Fox and then to Zee and back again. Maybe he'd like to join them. Or Zee at any rate.

Zee just blinks some more. Fox might think she's forward but Jes has just raised the bar. Biting her bottom lip, Zee isn't sure if she should laugh or blush. "Well, if you'd like, we can go home. I can get the staff to whip up something nice."

Jes gives her and approving smile. "That sounds great. Hey, you're not gonna turn down a Lady's invitation are you? Specially not one as pretty as Zee." Jes steps up and loops an arm around the Fox and Zee. "Let's go!"

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