Demon and The Son Of Satan

March 27, 2015: Heading to Central Park to see if she can find out more about Jes' abduction, Zee meets Daimon

Central Park - New York City



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After speaking with Jes, Zatanna heads to Central Park to try and get a feel for what happened with the kidnapping. She's extremely concerned by the similarities between the SRD and Mutant taking in Gotham.

The young magician is dressed in figure hugging black leather pants, a hot pink crop top that displays her midriff, black denim jack, high heel knee high boots with buckles with a diamond encrusted collar (the tag has strange script on it) and an emerald pedulum hanging at her left hip.

Although her pace is slow, it is deliberate… she has a studies air about her. She's so engrossed in her thoughts she doesn't see the young girl that runs up to her.

"Ohhh, Zatanna Zatara! You're my favourite magician" the girl, about twelve years old, holds out a piece of paper and a pen. "Can I have your autograph please?"

Blinking as she focusses on the girl, Zee smiles brightly andlaughs "I am? That's very nice of you to say. Of course you can, what's your name?"

"Jill, my name is Jill." the girl bounces on the spot in excitment.

Taking the pen and paper, Zee writes a message and hands both back to Jill "There you go, and thank you so much for saying hi." Zee always tries to be polite. With a wave of her hand, Zee produces a flower from thin air (or so it seems) and hands it to Jill "For you." and moves on, falling back into her reverie.

Daimon Hellstrom looks at the remnants of the altar, although it looks like street art to the average person. Random looking graffitti, a few candles, a spill of fake blood on the wall - except, of course, this isn't fake. Goat, from the taste of it - the street Satanists always like goat. They've watched too many horror movies. Spencies wasn't nearly as important as size - if you wanted to get the attention of Shaitan the Enemy, Father of Lies, you wanted to kill and kill a lot. A little goat, even slaughtered ritually, wouldn't make him blink.

Which didn't means some lesser demon hadn't used the summoning to hop on for a little joyride inside the idiot's meat.

He snaps a few pictures, backing out into the path as he mutters a few things under his breath, arcane words to awaken lingering resonances until there's a soft scream in the air, audible only to those of a mystickal inclination, and a shimmering form is frozen in mist that rises up from the pentagram at the base of the tree.

"Ah, there you are, you son of a bitch," the Son of Satan grins to himself.

The scream and the magic filling the air, has Zee pausing and looking. Blowing out a deep breath, she looks around and starts to follow her senses. It doesn't take long for her to see the man and the shimmering form and she slowly makes her way towards him, her eyes wary.

Daimon Hellstrom can sense the arrival of the other sorceror, stepping back away from the altar and turning to face her. He's not in the throes of his power, his Darksoul still largely contained, so he looks largely human, other than the slightly pointed ears and the gleam of something red in his eyes, like a few drops of blood coloring through. His smile is crooked and bold as he cocks his head, 'You look rather familiar, girl. Your name's dancing on my tongue, but it's not quite there," he says, then looks over his shoulder, the frozen image of a grotesque, demonic visage fading as if blown away on a non-existent wind, "Ugly fucker, isn't he?" he says, drawing out a cigarette case, silver with a pentagram burnished on it, 'I'm betting you don't indulge. Curse of the modern age, this love of health. Sometimes a little death is worth it," he says, placing a smoke between his lips and letting it light on its own.

Zee looks down at the way she is dressed and then fixes the man with a flat stare "Another curse of the modern age is that women don't like being called girls." her tone slightly tart. Studying his face, a small frown furrows her brow, she's obviously assessing him. Slowly recognition comes to her face "Zatanna Zatara, Mr Hellstrom"

Glancing at the image in the mist, Zee shrugs an elegant shoulder "Ugly on the outside doesn't mean ugly on the inside, I try not to judge too soon."

Daimon Hellstrom raises an eyebrow, "Ah, yes, that would be the name, all right. Helpful since you already know mine. Although, if you know that, then I don't have to go through the whole rigamarole of explaining my intentions," he says, although his reputation is hardly unsullied or angelic. Mixed, one would say confidently.

"Please don't be offended. I'm much more offensive than that, I'd hate to waste the feeling on something so small," he says. "And, in this case, the appearance absolutely tells you what you need to know. Meet Zor Heartbleeder, one of the squishiest pieces of dung at the bottom of my father's pit. He's apparently been encouraging a little bit of cult activity around here, probably from inside the skin of some poor fool with a hardon for goth music and…women with tonguerings."

No he doesn't. Her father, Constantine and the books in the Shadowcrest library have painted a rather lovely picture of his character and reputation. "What may seem like a small offence to you, may not to the one who is offended." Zee smirks slightly and cants her head as he details who the demonic figure is. "Is that so? And you're here to sort that out, I suppose."

Daimon Hellstrom considers, "If you mean ripping his demonic ass out of whatever schmuck summoned him, then ripping him into tiny little shreds before flinging him back into the inferno…then yes," he says, drawing long on his cigarette and blowing smoke in the air, "Unless you have a better suggestion? Maybe I can put him in a box and saw it in half or make him disappear behind someone's ear?" he says.

That earns him a flat look and a shrug from Zatanna "In my experience, using stage magic on demons isn't very useful." a small sardonic smile crosses her "They generally manage to get themselves together and come at me again."

Folding her arms loosely over her chest, Zee cocks a hip and considers "I don't know about the ripping out bit, perhaps something a little less …. hard …. on the host, but the rest of the plan sounds just fine to me." She'd be tutored by Constantine when she was younger.

Daimon Hellstrom smiles, "I imagine a lot of things are hard around you, Zatanna," he says. He reaches into his pocket and turns, drawing out a small back. He unties the end and reaches in, sprinkling some of what appears to be ash from between his fingers. The ash rises into the air and floats, spinning and writhing until it forms almost a snake, glowing slightly as it makes a tiny, thin rope that trails off deeper into the park, "They went thataway, if you want to play part of the posse."

Zee frowns at Daimons statement "I try not to make things difficult for people." The young magi watches with interest as the ash rises and moves. Her eyes track the motion into the park and she nods slightly "I'll come and help." She'll follow Daimon and assist in the demon extraction.

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