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March 27, 2015: Oracle and May catch up with more on their short list

Oracle Safe House - Gotham



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Oracle and May, perhaps should never talk… somehow, in one of their discussions, they'd struck on the idea of "getting the women" together. Oracle had sent out invites and already spoken to some of the people on the list they'd created but that meeting was crashed Deathstroke. It's probably fortunate that some of the invitees couldn't be there. Organising another time to catch up with some of the others, Oracle has made available one of her safe houses in Gotham. At least there she has full security control.

Oracle is now observing the room, waiting for her guests to arrive.

Kate recently went public. She's actually still waiting for someone to try to put a hit on her for that. Or something else. Like dating Clint Barton. Which is why when she got an invitation that vague, she didn't exactly just show up. She geared up, and then took the long way around to an adjacent rooftop to properly scout the area. While snacking on a donut she picked up on the way, because a girl's got to eat.

Misfit is chilling out in the Safe House where she was told to go be. She is playing with a couple of norse rune stones, three to be honest, practicing juggling them in her gloved hands with a smidge of concentration.

Melinda May was the first one here, making sure with Oracle's help that this time, their meeting won't get crashed. As the others have arrived, she's let them settle in to wait for whomever else is supposed to be showing up. Which means she's standing in the safehouse's living room, just waiting. Thankfully Misfit has chosen to entertain herself.

Oracle picks up the form of Kate sitting on an adjacent rooftop and smiles to herself, as she keys the young archeress' comms channel. "Hello Kate, don't be shy. I'm sorry for the vagueness of the invitation. May and Misfit are inside, waiting for you to join them"

To the room, Oracle speaks, we're waiting on one more to join us, she'll be with you in minute I hope."

Charlie is fully suited up in her misfit-bat gear, she cocks her head as she listens to her comm and nods. "Cools." she keeps juggling trying to keep up the pace despite any distractions. The interesting thing is the runes have a rune that is distinctly not norse, and it seems to have a bit of a ruby pearlescance to the carved sigils.

"Oh," Kate says with a mouthful of donut, finishing off the last of it. "Uh. Hey, Oracle." She wipes her mouth off, straightening from her observation post. "You know, the secrets thing is cool and all, but one of these days, we should meet in a way that's not creepy or an emergency. It's a thought." She grins, then hops across a few rooflines and slides down a fire escape to the window. "Hey, people who aren't here to kill me," she calls in, knocking lightly against the glass. "Mind if I come in?"

Melinda May does actually roll her eyes when Kate knocks on the window, but moves to let her in readily enough. "Can't use the front door, Bishop?" She closes the window after the young archer and waits for her to take a seat before starting the spiel. "Oracle and I had a discussion recently and we decided to try putting together a new group. You've been asked here to offer you a spot at the ground floor. This new group will be completely independent of any local municipality and will have zero connections to any governmental organizations. Oracle will be the one assigning missions and selecting team members to go on these missions. If you have a problem with any of this, now's the time to leave."

Oracle snorts a little at Kates admonishment. "Perhaps Kate, perhaps." Her secret is a big secret and it's protected jealously by her peers.

After Kate takes a seat and May speaks, Oracle adds "Welcome Kate and Misfit, thanks for coming. As May says it's completely independant, I will use my resources to assist… and we don't expect that this will detract from your other duties with your teams." She pauses "I see a lot of things happening that I don't have the on the ground resources to address… we've asked you to join us, because we trust you."

Misfit stops juggling and pops the runestones away into her utility belt there. "How is this different than most nights Oracle, I mean you already send me on missions and it is indepedent?" she isn't sure if she is missing something by her tone, she isn't just being a smartass. "I'm in of course."

"Do you know how many flights of stairs I go up on a daily basis?" Kate replies to May's complaint about the door. "Nobody tells you when you decide to be Hawkeye that getting up high enough to see things and shoot from a distance means you have to get up there in the first place, and lacking neat toys or spider powers, that means so. So. So. So many stairs." She tips her chin to Misfit, perching on the arm of a couch to listen to the pitch. "I don't know," she says after a moment. "The Justice League stuff is…it's going to take a lot of work, you know?"

"For starters, Misfit, this won't be limited to Gotham. It has the potential to go global, though I suspect Oracle would rather start out a little closer to home." May looks at Kate. "What about the Justice League stuff? No, nevermind." She knows better than to ask about potentially need to know things. "I think Oracle's plan is to be able to call on whomever isn't otherwise occupied for the missions that turn up. But if you think you'll be spending too much time with the Justice League…" Is that a challenging tone to May's voice?

The redhead in the Clocktower listens to the discussion and nods to herself. All good questions really. "For you, Misfit, not a lot changes. We may be working further afield than Gotham, May is correct and I wanted to make sure you had the option to say you wanted to be included." She doesn't want the young woman to be taken for granted.

Kates question is answered by May, but Oracle adds "I understand that the JL:A will be a priority, Kate but we've worked together, and done it well. I would like to continue that, as your obligations allow."

Misfit seems to consider what May and Oracle say and then nods "Fair enough, still in. Anyhow being a Titan and a Magic Police has been getting me a lot of mileage.. still working on that name really.. work in process.. totes." she hesitates then looks to Kate "I'm on like two teams beyond working for the All Seeing One. Somehow the world isn't blowing up in more places I can't find time to help them all."

"Don't you have a job, Agent May?" Kate counters the SHIELD agent. "The Justice League's in a delicate spot right now. So yeah, it's going to take some time for us to really gel as a team. Which is going to take work, and personal attention for everyone. I can't promise I'll always be available." She looks up, trying to find a camera where Oracle might be watching from. "You've got eyes in all the right places, Oracle. Honestly, I've been wanting to talk to you about being central communications for the various groups starting to come up now. You know if you need my help, you've only got to call. Group or no group."

"I do have a job. And I know the risks involved with being here. If I didn't feel that this was important enough, I wouldn't be here to talk with you about this in person." Of the two younger women here, Kate should be very much aware of how correct May's words are. After all, when SHIELD 'terminates' someone with a security clearance as high as May's, the word doesn't mean simply ending her employment with them.

Oracle knows that May is risking a lot by working with her, in general. "That's a good start, Kate. And really what we were hoping. We're using the term 'group' loosely for now. I'll keep you on the list. Thank you." She then notes "I… would like to discuss your thoughts on central communications, we've seen that work previously. Feel free to contact me separately, when you have time. We can discuss it." The redhead sits back in her chair, a small smile on her face. "Well May, what do you think? Misfit, thank you for coming onboard."

Misfit isn't aware of SHIELD politics or policies but she does squint over at May with that tone. Then she nodsto Kate. "The O is really good at switchboarding in emergencies it is true…" a bright friendly smile is offered.

"I not saying-" Kate wrinkles her nose. "I'm just saying, you're not going to make me feel guilty about being busy with justice league stuff when you're got at least a couple full time jobs already, is all. But…yeah." she nods. "Yeah, I could be into this." Which is of course when her phone starting ringing with a siren sort of beep. "Speaking of obligations," she says ruefully. "Looks like time for me to split." She grins to Misfit as she stands up and heads back for the window. "I'll be in touch, yeah, O?"

"No guilt, Bishop. That's not what this is going to be about. Also, Oracle will talk with you both separately about scheduling time to set a combat capability baseline with me." May knows already about where Kate's skills stand, but it'll help to have that quantified and in a database alongside everyone else being tapped for this group. She steps over to 'see' Kate back out the window and closes it behind the archer. "I think we need to tap more potentials on the shoulder, Oracle." No, May doesn't mean that as a dig against Kate. She knows the kid has a good brain in her noggin and will do what's best for her and everyone around her. But with the 'no' from Dinah, their ranks are still pretty thin.

"Absolutely, Kate. Be in touch." Oracle watches as May lets her back out the window. "Switchboarding, Misfit. I suppose that's a good term." Sitting forward and resting her elbows on her console, Gothams Information Goddess nods. "I agree May, I've been looking at potentials. I would be interested in hearing from the others if they'd recommend anyone." She's pleased to have Misfit and Kate working with them. "Misfit, thank you for coming along." If Misfit wants to leave, she'd be welcome to, or she can stay… up to her.

Charlie tilts her head there looking over the room, up and around then to May with a grin. "Combat baseline, sounds exciting." only Charlie. "More potentials… are we just looking for women?"

Oracle and May had discussed this… "To begin, I think so, Misfit. We don't want to exclude anyone but May and I are approaching women first." In the Clocktower, Oracle shrugs and shifts in her chair, getting more comfortable. "After all, we're equal opportunity here."

Melinda May nods her agreement with Oracle's words. Anticipating Misfit's next question, she offers, "We're going with women first mostly because we were listing off people we thought would fit the group well, and neither of us named a single male. Not in our original brainstorming, anyway."

Misfit considers that "Well let's see…. most of the ones I know are ancient god wolves or Titans… but no…" she considers "The coyote girl… the super girl… the screaming girl…."

Oracle blinks as Misfit names people and it takes a few moments to process "Coyote girl? The other two, I understand. We've already spoken to Dinah, Black Canary. And I'll add Supergirl to approach." Nodding to herself as she updates her list "If you think of anyone else, let me know."

Melinda May is quiet for a moment, then offers up, "There's an EMT in the Metropolis area, Oracle. Don't know her name, but she's something like a foot taller than me, and she's got orange hair."

Charlie looks around then pops away then pops back with a soda <pinkurple> "Columbia, she is like super famous.. I think because she refuses to prance to the press.. never met her but maaaan the press are like totes obsessed with her." she grins "And yeah Coyote girl… well or just Coyote… she is really nice.. kinda in the magic cop business with me.. maybe Titan biz…"

"Columbia, oh yes, she's been seen in the media a little" Oracle frowns a little "There's some mutants" the redhead grimaces a little at the use of the term "that we might want to approach. Misfit, come see me, talk to me about your thoughts… I would like an introduction to this Coyote girl."

Melinda May is quiet for a moment. "I think I know who you're referring to, Misfit. I'll see if I can track her down and talk with her about the possibility." She's not certain about the girl, though. Last time she saw her, she was still pretty clingy with the magi, Zatara.

Misfit head tilts slowly "If she is near a leyline I can just think at her… or ask Zee where she is stowed up.. which is probably Zee's house." she indicates herself "Titan remember." and smiles.

Oracle nods slowly "I'll leave that to you two to sort out. I'm happy to speak to her… " Oracles already configured searches for the mention of a coyote in Gotham. "If there's nothing else, I think we can conclude this meeting. Thank you, both of you… I think this is important."

Melinda May raises an eyebrow at Misfit. "I didn't realize being a Titan automatically gave you access to ley lines." No, she does not reveal her pendulum to the kid, she hasn't learned that yet. And, May is not entirely sure about that whole thinking at people when near a ley line. She's still working on getting the travelling along the ley lines thing under control.

Eh Charlie wasn't sworn to secrecy on the whole Magic Cop Force business. She shakes her head. "No it is a magic cop thing… sort of complicated I suppose…but coyote girl is on that team with me."

An alert sounds on Oracle systems and the redhead pulls a window to the foreground. "Misfit, alert incoming. Sending details to your communicator." The redhead frowns at her screens "May, thank you for your help, Misfit can handle this. I'll be in touch to discuss further." Of course, May has a channel to Oracle to communicate as she will.

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