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March 28, 2015: Sue and Reed have examined the core from the Helicarrier and have information from Jericho.

Baxter Building - New York



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The Baxter Building is a bastion of Science. Capital S. It's the home of some of the most intelligent, independent scientists around and their reputation is such that even SHIELD doesn't paricularly have too many problems coming to the when something turns out to be beyond their own Sci-Tech division. Such was the case when the computer core of the Insight was recovered and turned out to have been twisted into something unreadable by the energies it had been exposed to.

In truth, it'd been altered into something halfway between a computer and a biological brain. Once that was figured out, reading it was just a matter of being smart enough to figure out a way to do so. Reed Richards and his team are definitely that.

Jericho Trent made the initial approach for the project. It was to have been with Melinda May, but she got called away at the last minute. However with news that there may be a breakthrough, it was deemed prudent to have an actual representative of SHIELD on hand, as well as an occult expert. So Jericho called a certain ex NYPD detective, and a certain young mage and asked them politely to meet him there. This should be interesting.

Dressed in figure hugging black leather pants, a bright yellow crop top that displays her midriff, black denim jacket, high heel knee high boots with buckles with a diamond encrusted collar (the tag has strange script on it) and an emerald pedulum hanging at her left hip, Zee looks to Jericho "What did you need me here for?" She'd got his message and will catch up on the briefing as they go.

Paul Manning is that representative of SHIELD. Granted, he's technically just a cadet but few cadets come with his experience. He also has the added benefit of having worked with Trent before and also being a sort of expert in a very specialized occult area. Hopefully, that part won't be needed. He nods a greeting to those already here and waits for the briefing, or whatever it is, to begin.

Computers are one of Reed's many specialties. Biology is Sue's. Which makes the couple a uniquely talented pair when it comes to this particular item. It's given Sue, at least, plenty to work on in the intervening days. Once most of the calculations and tests were finished, though, she sent in the word to SHIELD that they were ready to fill them in on what they'd found. At the moment, she's putting the last of the test tubes into a cleaning system, shrugging out of her lab coat and locking the lab behind herself. "Reed?" she calls over the intercom. "Are you almost ready for SHIELD?"

"Well," Reed says as he pauses, holding the lectern in the dark room by each side. "I think it is truly an issue of applicability. These rovers, spiders—mechanical beings, if you will, will be able to do much of the work that we are not physically able or even want to do in some situations. I understand the economic ramifications, and would always recommend against philosophies that support protectionism, but I am no economist. I feel these nanobots have a future, and if it is something Washington asks for me to delve into, then I would be happy to."

A person in a suit comes up to the stage area and whispers something into Reed's ear; the scientist quickly nods in agreement. "I suppose that is enough about microscopic insects, lady and gentlemen. As I discussed before, I have a meeting I must attend to. Sarina will see you out."

Reed walks briskly towards the meeting room, eager to speak about his findings on the Core. An automatic door opens up into the room where Sue is and Richards responds simply, "Yes my love." He smoothes out his classic Fantastic Four uniform and nods to Paul, "Hello."

"Two things." Jericho explains to Zee as she, himself and Paul are shown through security. "First, magical expertise may or may not be necessary. Not sure. Between you and Paul I think we should have it covered. Second, Reed Richards and Sue Storm lead the Fantastic Four, and they're good people to know." Networking. It's not just for computers anymore.

Jericho is careful to… give Paul space. Not because he doesn't like or trust the man but he's aware that his unique circumstances… aggravate some of Paul's unique circumstances. It's a courtesy thing.

"Hello Doctor Richards. Doctor Storm." Jericho says with a polite bow. "We came as soon as we heard. May I introduce to you Paul Manning of SHIELD and Zatanna Zatara of the Titans?"

"Doctor Storm. Doctor Richards." Paul says, extending a hand first to Sue and then to Reed. He holds himself like a SHIELD agent or a marine but not very much like the typical NYPD detective. "A pleasure to meet you both. And you as well, Ms. Zatanna."

Zee casts a glance to Jericho, watching him give space to Paul and then blinks at the magical aura coming from Paul. It takes a few moments, a small frown furrowing her brow and then her eyebrows lift "A pleasure, Agent Manning."

Turning to Sue and Reed, Zee smiles brightly "Doctor Storm, Doctor Richards, nice to meet you. Please, call me Zee, everyone does. Zatanna is really for the stage."

"Nice to meet you, Agent Manning, Miss Zatanna," Sue smiles warmly with each introduction, dipping her chin in a polite nod. "Zee, then," she adds. "Welcome to the Baxter Building. We've found some interesting things, I'm excited to tell you about it." Because science! "Does anyone need anything to drink?" she offers as she steps back to make room for Reed.

"It is a pleasure to meet you both," Reed says with a nod as the introductions are made and the hands are shook. "As you may or may not know, Mr. Trent recently asked Doctor Storm and myself to look into an interesting specimenfor lack of a better wordto help decode it. After some detailed work by Sue and myself, it appears as though we have made some stunning findings." Reed just gets into it.

With an exhale, he begins to detail the findings: "We were able to crack into the system by doing our best to merge our technology here at the Baxter Building and with some organic chemistry. I am honestly not positive we would be able to duplicate it if we tried. In any event, once we unlocked its secrets, the results were interesting. The data showed information of a detailed plan regarding pulling energy from another realm to this one. The documents, if that is a proper way to discuss them, detailed a rendezvous point in Venezuela. Here." With a wave of the hand, a blue hologram appears between everyone. "Whatever they are intending to bring, it appears as though they intend to unleash it upon the eastern seaboard. Washington D.C. could be the most presumable target if these people are looking to harm our nation politically. Economically we could presume perhaps Metropolis or here."

Jericho looks at the map with a frown. "Venezuela. That's the second time that country's come up this week. Not too long ago SHIELD interrupted a human trafficking operation shipping folks down there for 're-education.'" And by SHIELD he means Melinda May and himself with some surprise help from John Constantine. "Well there's no shortage of targets here." The hacker taps his chin and glances to the other two. "Have either of you heard anything that might indicate what they're going after? Pulling energy from another dimension sounds… complicated."

He turns back to Reed and Sue. "I take it that it would yield them a lot of energy, then?"

"Have you been able to identify the realm?" Paul asks. This might be why he specifically was asked for and why SHIELD agreed to send someone so new regarding something that most probably would normally be above his security clearance. "If not, I'd like to see it if possible." He can at least rule out some.

"We're scientists, Mister Trent," Sue shakes her head to Jericho's questions. "We don't usually get visits from people who are inclined to explain things with magic instead. This is actually the first I've heard about something like this. With that said, though, we have some particular expertise when it comes to things dealing with other realities. It's possible we may be able to devise some sort of way to…interrupt the transfer."

Reed shakes his head, "My apologies, Mr. Manning, but we have not been able to breach whatever realm they are discussing. Details on that sort of thing were very rare and we did not get very far down that line, unfortunately."

"Paul does know how to get places…" Jericho notes with a murmur. "Hmmm. Alright. This sounds fairly serious. Is there a chance that the core contains more information on 'where' they're going? Or should someone go over to their Venezuelan rendevouz and ask to borrow a cup of sugar." That last is said with a bit of a grim smirk. "I'm sure, good neighbors that they are they'd be willing."

"I'd like to see the object then." Paul says then adds "Up close. It's possible there might be some residual… energy lingering around it that will help me identify it." That sounds scientific right? Much more than his first choice of words: taint. If not, a trip to Venezuela might work too. But then, it might not be associated with the infernal realms at all and he'd get nothing anyway.

Zee looks at the map and frowns slightly, shaking her head "I think that someone, related to this, might be trying to sabotage the Metropolis Dept. of Water and Power. I also know that they Leyline networks in the tri-cities are being used to store Power. But… for what and this" she gestures to the map "I don't know." Smiling at Sue, Zee notes "Sometimes a more advanced technology can appear like Magic, Dr Storm."

Pauls request gets a nod "That's a good idea… between us we might detect something. I have some skill there, as well."

Sue arches a brow at Paul, eyes lighting with curiosity. "You have the ability to pick up on that sort of energy?" she asks. "And you as well?" when Zatanna chimes in. "Would you mind looking at it in the scanner?" she asks. "I understand if you're reluctant, of course, but I assure you, we're very careful. It's more that I've been picking up some unusual readings from various powered people, and I'm not entirely certain what's putting them all together."

Reed nods, "By all means, we would love to have you take a look at it. Is proximity important?" Richards stands quickly and walks over to the far side of the laboratory before reaching his hands around a large circular lock. With a hiss the door opens after a few cranks. Once inside, they'll be able to see the Core behind some clear barriers, with protective gloves that reach inside so that it can be worked upon.

Jericho stands back from the core and the barrier, though he is watching the work with interest. "No trouble, I hope, Doctor Reed? No, you know, opening portals spewing monstrosities from the feaver dreams of Boris Karloff?" Avoiding those kinds of things are always good. He'd taken a crack at the core before bringing it to Reed and Sue but it'd proved beyond him.

"Really do appreciate you two taking a look by the way." He says in a lower voice to the two scientists while the mage and the SHIELD agent go to work. "I figured if you two couldn't crack it then it couldn't be done."

"I can tell you exactly Doctor Storm." Paul tells her. No doubt SHIELD has classified it ultra top secret plus but they've also given the two scientists the core which is also probably classified ultra top secret plus. "I bear a magical artifact." Once Reed opens the door to the new lab, he walks in, pausing as he crosses the threshold but then moving in fully and to the side to make room in the doorway. Taint is a much better word, more accurate and he feels it instantly. As he gets the feel of which realm it comes from, he also knows where the gates are that lead to it. Frowning, brow furrowing, he turns to look to the south and wrinkles his nose. "Well, shit."

Zee shrugs at Sues question "Possibly…" Truth is, Zee has great power but way of thinking about it is developing which makes its use interesting. "I was born with it. It is part of who I am."

Following Paul into the room, Zee turns to face the device… "I don't know how the protective barrier will affect this…" and she speaks

~~ wohS eM ehT noisnemiD tahT sI morF ~~

As Paul speaks and turns, Zee staggers slightly as the effect of her spell takes effect. She did say show after all… and she's assaulted with horrifying visuals.

Sue watches Zee and Paul both intently as they take a look at the core. Standing next to Reed, she crosses her arms loosely over her chest, as if just by watching hard enough she could see how it all works. "Judging by your reactions," she says quietly, "I'm going to guess it hasn't come here from a very nice place."

"What do you see?" Reed asks with a raised eyebrow before looking at Susan. "Witchcraft?" he asks before shrugging his shoulders. He has no idea what this hocus pocus business is all about.

"Nothing pleasant, I'm sure." Jericho says. He's with the other two scientists. He's exposed to a lot of magic over the course of his days, but he is not himself a mage. "If someone were to go to Venezuela would you be able to tell them what to look for?" Beat. "Or would it be better if the Fantastic Four went in person?" Certainly he won't turn down the help but he's not sure being a public and legal hero group what hoops they might have to jump though. In theory HYDRA isn't welcome in Venezuela… but that's just a theory.

"Paul? Zee? You two okay?"

"No, Doctor Storm, it's not." Paul states matter of factly, giving Zatanna a curious look, wondering what she picked up. "It bears the taint of one of the infernal realms." In case that wasn't clear to the scientifically minded, he adds "Demonic. Evil." Reaching up to run a hand over his hair, he turns to walks back into the main lab. Which holds Trent but the devil you know, right? "It's strange though. Usually there are multiple gates to these realms all over the place. I can only pick up four. I'm going to take a guess based on how far away they feel that one is in Venezuela and two are in Metropolis and Gotham since that's where other things have been going down. I think this links them conclusively. The fourth is nearby, here in the city."

Zee shivers a little and places her hand on a wall to steady herself. "I only saw it, Agent Manning." Turning to Sue and Reed, the young magi looks grim "It's dark, hungry, full of demon like creatures. I… felt … like it hated light and life. This is not somewhere I would to go."

Canting her head at Paul, Zee looks even more worried "Can you show me where these gates are? on a map?"

"And if you're finding these…gates in Venezuela, here, Gotham, and Metropolis, then I think that answers the question of where they might be hoping to move things," Sue says quietly, looking back to Reed. "I doubt Washington is the target. The ti-cities area seems more likely. Are you able to tell anything about these gates?" she asks, turning back to Paul. "Are they permanent structures, or could they have been constructed? Moved into place to assist with the transfer?"

"Yes, given that the portals seem to be in the cities of Gotham, Metropolis, and New York, I would agree," Reed says with a wink. "One way or another it is my belief we should investigate these portals, both in Venezuela and here in America as soon as possible."

"That's a lot of ground to cover." Jericho taps his chin and nods as if to himself. "I can get some folks to investigate one, maybe two of these. I suspect they'll be guarded so while I would welcome independent help, I'd also urge caution if you decide to investigate them on your own."

"Purely guessing Paul, I suspect they're not structures since I've not seen HYDRA use anything like that yet. However, they are always surprising me these days so anything's possible. If they have been built, look for odd construction activity, maybe doctored books." He grins. "But then I probably don't need to tell you folks that, or tell you to be careful. You've all been at this a while." Which is why he asked them all to help. They're qualified. And trustworthy. "Alright. I think that tells us everything we need for now. Doctor Reed, Doctor Storm, Paul can arrange for the core pickup if you're done with it. I'll be in touch and if you decide to investigate one or more of those portals, I'd love to hear about it."

The hacker walks over to Zee and puts a hand on her shoulder. "You okay? I'm getting ready to head out, could give you a ride."

Then he seems to remember something. "Oh, Doctor Storm. Anything come of those scans?"

Paul shakes his head at Zatanna's question. "No. It's not a GPS system. I can feel them and get a rough idea of the distance. Two are to the south and in the general vicinity of Metropolis and Gotham. One is very far to the south. Venezuela is just an educated guess." After a moment's thought, he says "I'd guess the one here is near the World Trade Center. That's as accurate as it gets but I could lead us directly to them." Trent gets a nod. "Hell gates aren't usually structures. They're just places. Sometimes a cave like in Italy. Sometimes ruins like in Turkey. Sometimes just a specific tunnel in the subway. You just have to know they're there and how to open them. And hope there's no guardians."

Zee gives Paul a nod "Can you take me to one, soon? I want to see how it's situated to the Leylines… there's something about them that worries me… but I can't put my finger on it, yet." Blowing out a breath "I'm not sure how your artifact works, sorry."

Jericho's hand on her shoulder has her blinking and she offers a slight smile "I'm ok. That wasn't what I expected. But I'll take the ride, thanks."

"I haven't pinned it down yet," Sue shakes her head to Jericho. "Yours and those of a few others…there's an unusual energy emanating from several powered people. Myself included. I haven't been able to pin down the common factor, though. Yes, it's all people with powers. But they don't seem to come from the same place, so I'm not sure what the unifying factor or source is."

Dr. Richards nods towards Jericho, "And thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are very glad to help. Our investigation will begin immediately. I will share whatever we find with the rest of you."

Jericho grins. "Alright, then doctors. I'll talk to you later. If you, uh, need more scans, Doctor Storm, let me know." To Zee and Paul he nods. "I'll be outside in the car for a few minutes. Come on down when you're ready." He's not sure if Paul will need a ride but it's polite to offer.

And then, with a wave, he turns and heads out.

"If you're done with it, I'll have a team come pick it up. Otherwise, just call when you are." Paul tells the scientists and starts after Trent. He doesn't need a ride but since someone in Manhattan brought a car, they might as well swing by the WTC and narrow down the location of that portal.

"Thank you for your time, Doctors. It was nice to meet you." Zee will follow Jericho and Paul out. "If you need anymore assistance," she produces a card from thin air and hands it to one of them "You can contact me on any of those numbers or through the Titans office."

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