A Night on The Town

March 29th, 2015: Constantine invites Kara out for dinner after she punched him in the face accidentally and Kara learns a little bit about magic and life from the old man!


Fancy Restaurant named Feduccis.



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John Constantine is out looking for Kara. Mostly because she'd punched him in the face that one time and he didn't get a chance to really talk to her when Fenris had run them all down. If she was some bloke, he might be less disposed to find her in a friendly fashion, but… well, John is admittedly vulnerable to feminine wiles.

A few texts to friends in the League had gotten him Kara's cell phone number, of all things, and after a bit of thumb-tapping, he'd fired off an invitation to meet him for a bite to eat. Standing in an alley downtown, he pulls a cigarette from his pocket and lights up, waiting for Kara to show up at the time they'd agreed on.

Kara had responded to John that she would meet him and so here she was, walking right passed the alley wearing a zipped up leather jacket over her top with a backpack over her shoulder. When your costume was pretty much casual wear, it was very easy to disguise yourself.

She stops, turns her head and walks back towards the alley before waving at John, "When you asked me if I wanted a bite to eat, I didn't know we'd be dumpster diving."

John pushes off the wall after a few drags on the cigarette, squinting at Kara before cracking a smile. "It's not the dumpster, luv, it's the restaurant the alley is behind." He tilts his head and walks out onto the city street, hands jammed in his jacket pockets, the old worn out garment flapping around his ankles.

"I was think Feducci's," John says, strolling along and letting people just get the hell out of his way. Offhandedly he names one of the most exclusive Italian restaurants in Metropolis. "They have a bloody nice papardelle bolognase of which I'm fond," he remarks.

To Kara all of the Italian references and words meant very little, except that she was pretty much always use food and there was so much of it on Earth she had yet to try, "I'm not sure what any of that is, but it sounds good."

Following along beside John she asks, "So, what do you do? Like, do you have superpowers, aside from being able to ingest tar and harmful chemicals into your lungs?"

"I also have a drinking problem," John says, waggling his eyebrows at Kara and taking another draw on the cigarette. "You've been hanging out with that Superman bloke too much. Do you think all a person is, is the sum of their powers?" he inquires, moving through the masses of Metropolitan foot traffic. "Batman doesn't have any more gift than any other human on Earth, aside from being a right nutter and obsessive about it," he points out. "Are /you/ only what 'powers' you have?"

Kara shrugs her shoulders, "It's not actually about identifying you 'by your powers' but about knowing who and what I am dealing with. If there's trouble, I'd like to know what you're capable of doing or if you're just a normal person I need to protect." She smiles, "So no, I don't think a person is the sum of their powers but I do like to know what people are capable of especially when they come from the social circles we run in. For example, I'm pretty sure you know the gist of what Superman and I can do."

"Mostly I think Superman's an annoying flipping Boy Scout," John says, gesturing at a pair of wide French doors. He opens one up and walks through, ashing out his cigarette and tucking it into his pocket.

Inside is a remarkably well appointed restaurant- the sort of place that strikes a balance between 'classy and well appointed' and 'trendy and fresh'. And it does it well. There's also no one there wearing anything less than a three-piece suit.

"But that's a fair answer. I'm John Constantine. I'm one of the world's foremost experts on magic and aside from that psychopath Doom and Stephen Strange, you'll not find a more able wizard. I'm also much better looking."

Well, Superman had been missing since shortly before Kara had arrived, so she'd never actually met him; but she tended to play along with everyone thinking they knew each other since it tended to get her places!

Kara seems fairly indifferent to the quality of the restaurant, of course being in a jacket, jeans and boots she really probably did not fit the dress code.

"Never heard of Doctor Doom or Stephen Strange, but Zee could probably give you a run for money with magic. Just saying."

"Who do you think taught Zatanna her tricks?" John says, looking over his shoulder. The host walks over, prepared to bustle John off into oblivion, but the Englishman flashes a piece of paper at the man. The fellow blanches and promptly hustles John and Kara to a quiet corner table, producing a pair of menus and sending a waiter scurrying their way with bread and water.

"The 2008 Chateneu de Papfe," John orders, sagging back comfortably in his chair. "Do you drink?" he asks Kara.

Kara sits down in her chair and keeps her jacket on, a big S symbol shirt would just draw attention, "Oh. I kind of thought, she always knew magic. I guess Zee would have learned from someone. I'm not exactly an expert on magic, Fenris has been teaching me a little though. Not spells, just about it."

A shrug to the question about drinking as she fiddles with a breadstick, "I do sometimes, but just so people don't feel weird. I can't really get drunk." Unless she drank an inordinate amount like her and Zee had that one night.

"Magic is different things to different people," John tells Kara. "It's hard to explain. It defies natural laws, but it's really just a different way of fulfilling them. Sort of how your strength isn't 'real', but it's also completely real and you don't have to think about it to use it," he hazards.

"As for getting drunk, it's because you aren't trying hard enough. Tequila is an excellent tool for achieving that goal," the magician says with a sardonic, lopsided smile.

Kara tries her best to wrap her head around the magic stuff, but it's just not her forte; if anything it's her weakness. She reaches into her jacket to remove a sapphire crystal on a chain and shows it to John, "This is the closest I come to a magic, it's a Ley Pendulum." She lets him take a quick look before putting it back into her jacket.

"I don't really want or need to get drunk though. If there's a problem, I need to be active and alert, not stumbling and messing up." She glances around the restaurant, picking up on some interesting conversations with her superhearing.

She points out one couple to John, "The husband just found out he's not the real father of his son, his brother is." Another couple is pointed to, "They're having an affair, they're worried that their husband or wife could catch them."

She decides to nibble on that breadstick, "Sorry, eavesdropping is like a hobby for me."

John looks at the pendant from where he's seated, making no effort to examine it more closely. "You know that's a bit of dirty cricket, eavesdropping," he tells Kara, nodding at the bottle the waiter brings around. The bottle is decorked and poured. John takes a sip, regarding Kara impassively.

"So I recommend not getting caught. I'll also be sure to take my care about what I say when you're about," the magician says with a twinkle to his eyes.

"Life can't just be about being ready for the next problem," he points out. "That's not life, that's just lurching from one disaster to another. If you're going to do /that/, you might as well be drunk when there's nothing immediately trying to chew your face off."

Kara doesn't really seem to like getting advice in regards to living and she glares just a little, "Thanks, but no thanks. Some people have other responsibilities; my only one is being available when I'm needed. Sadly, Batman doesn't like me in Gotham or I could keep myself busy a few more hours a day."

She wasn't even going to deny how much it would suck when Superman was back cleaning up the streets to, she would have more free time, "I have fun doing what I do and I've made great friends in the process. Maybe humans feel the need to have a 'life' but this is my life."

"Suit yourself. Hungry? I assume all that superhero time makes for quite an appetite." John glances at the menu in front of him. "They do a good sort of contemporary meal here. You might try the Metro Burger they make, it's supposed to be one of the best in town."

"But, enough about that. How about we just enjoy our meal?" John gestures, indicating Kara should pick something she likes, and they pass a few hours talking and chatting, enjoying a brief respite from heroic work while they get to know one another.

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