Fear and Magic In New York

March 29, 2015: Phobos stops Zee in the street… they catch up.

Lower Manhattan - New York City



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After the meeting earlier at the Baxter Building, Zee's unsettled. There's something about the HYDRA threat and the Leylines that's bugging her. It could just be fear, what she's seen of HYDRA is pretty scary, but the demonic summonsings and such… she's sure there's something more to it. After leaving Paul and Jericho, she's decided to walk and think, not really paying much attention to where she's heading. Which is how she's ended up in Lower Manhattan, thank goodness she teleport or Leyline network home.

She's still dressed in figure hugging black leather pants, a bright yellow crop top that displays her midriff, black denim jacket, high heel knee high boots with buckles with a diamond encrusted collar (the tag has strange script on it) and an emerald pedulum hanging at her left hip. And she appears to be deep in thought.

It is indeed a stroke of luck that leads her here at this particular point in time. The strands of fate are often drawn taut at the passing of an individual such as the young man known as Alexander Aaron. Those three mythical witches with their shears stand close watch over the comings and goings of the divinity and often Phobos draws their single shared eye.
It's late enough at night that the hustle and bustle up and down Wall street is no longer quite as madcap as it can be, yet there's a steady ebb and flow of humanity. It's a tide that brings him across her, his footsteps halting as he espies her through the crowd, past a coffee shop and amongst the group of people upon a corner.
Closing the distance she'll hear the young man's voice over her shoulder as he says conversationally. "Ms. Zatara, you seem terribly distracted."

Zee starts at the voice over her shoulder, already instinctively reaching for her power. Spinning on her heel, she doesn't let the power go when she works out who's spoken to her. Raising her head, Zee looks at the man "Alexander. Or should I say Mr Aaron if we're being formal." She doesn't know the man well, but he was at one time a fellow Titan… who didn't seem to fit in. She really hadn't paid attention much back then.

An eyebrow quirks as Alexander keeps his red eyes level upon Zee. He looks slightly past her, over each shoulder, then back to meet her gaze fully as he lifts his chin. "You also seem a touch on edge." He observes ever so cleverly.
One hand uncurls, opening with a calm gesture to indicate she should continue. "Don't let me hold you, I imagine we can both converse and progress towards our seperate destinations. It is pleasing to see you haven't died messily. How fare the others?" As he speaks he slides his hands into the pockets of his jacket and lets her take the lead if she so chooses to keep on walking.

Jericho isn't aware of formalities. He is aware of HYDRA threats though and he's… well he had to go for a walk himself. He's just coming up at a cross street and notices Zee and… ah. Aaron isn't it? Alexander Aaron. Formerly of the Titans. "Hello there Phobos. Kitten." He says nodding to each in turn.

Zee might have kept walking except for Jerichos arrival and she settles a little, still holding a thread of her power. "I am…" still on edge "It's probably not a good idea to approach a woman from behind her." Jericho's greeting gets an eyeroll "I suppose I should be thankful you don't call me that in meetings."

Hands in his pockets still, Alexander looks between the two of them and cocks the other eyebrow at the term of endearment? His lip curls into a faint smile as he greets the man with an easy and perhaps pleasant, "Mr. Trent." He straightens his stance a touch, appearing slightly more formal as he adds, "Am I interrupting a planned meeting? If so I can depart." There's little to no emotion in his words, terrible blase as he looks upon them both.

"Mmmm. No." Jericho shakes his head. "I was just out for a walk. I might ask the same of you." THe hacker cants his head slightly, amber eyes flashing in amusement at Zee's eyeroll.5r

Zee see's the raised eyebrow and sighs before straightening further "I was just out walking and thinking and you came up to talk to me, Mr Aaron." she lets her power drop, she doesn't think she's in trouble here. "Did you stop me for a reason?" Jerichos' amusement gets a slightly resigned shake of her head, this is a discussion they're going to have to have, soon.

Looking towards Jericho he answers the man easily enough, "Yes, you have come upon us in a state of disarray. You see Zatanna and I have secretly been seeing each other for these many long years, and now you have discovered our forbidden love." The young blonde man shakes his head slowly, sadly, lowering his eyes.
He looks back up and curls a faintly wry smile. "Actually she and I used to be part of a…" He looks towards her as if seeking for her to give him the right words, but then comes up with his own. "Social Club, and it has been a time since we've seen each other."
There's another pause, then he looks at Jericho, "Then again it has been a dog's age since I've spoken with you, Mr. Trent." The young man's tone is overly formal or affectedly neutral. But there are still hints to his smile in the words.

"It's been a bit, yes." Jericho says with a smile. "Well if you two have catching up to do don't let me get in the way. On the other hand there is a rather nice bakery just up the street and that's where I was headed. Pasteries and fresh bread, amongst other things. Join me, will you two?"

"Former Titan" Zee says to Jericho as she folds her arms loosely across her chest "Hero team, is probably the better word, Mr Aaron. And it has been some time, yes." It doesn't sound like Zee regrets that either. "Bakery sounds good, I'ld be happy to join you. Thank you for asking, Jericho."

"Lead on, I could use a cronut." They do have cronuts, right? Everywhere should have cronuts. "You can catch me up in what I've missed these last… year? Six months?" Time slips away pretty easily at times. Alexander gives a small nod towards Jericho and then lets the man lead the way.

"World rather gone to hell?" Jericho ventures as they walk. "I forget if you remember the virus debacle but we put that to bed. Now HYDRA's messing with magic. That's been my main focus." The hacker shrugs as they walk. "I think they have cronuts, yes. Is there anything I missed Ki- er, Zee?"

"Just some stuff out of Gotham that I'm working on" Zee smirks as Jericho corrects himself "But the HYDRA thing is taking most of my attention too." Shrugging slightly as she walks between the two men, arms still folded, she glances up at the hacker "Virus debacle? Don't try to explain it now… I'll ask again later."

"That is good to hear, I did wonder what had occured." Off-handed he tells Zatanna, "Anti-mutant contagion I believe." For now that may serve as enough of an explanation. "But now magic? That's mispleasing, though perhaps more in my wheelhouse. And, of course, in Ms. Zatara's."
Alexander continues walking along, hands in his pockets. He waits a moment, then says easily enough. "Hydra and I have not had pleasant encounters. Then again it is hard to imagine who would."

"Yes. And now magic. I've been tracking it for some time and there are indications that they intend to try something both foolish and extremely powerful. Something that messes with dimensions." Jericho doesn't go into details but that should convey the scope. "Ask again later Zee, and I'll surely tell you."

"It was Jericho that gave me the initial information on the threat." Zee shrugs as they walk "Until then, I'd only been seeing isolated things. Now, I'm connecting the dots." Another shrug and a nod to Jericho "Whatever it is, it is big and dangerous and from what I'm seeing, using potentially untutored mages."

"Well you know me, I am often suitably unengaged that it takes little arm twisting to have me indulge in some suitable cause or another." He says this so matter-of-factly and with such aplomb that it might be a little off-setting. In any case Alexander continues to walk along. "Though I do find it difficult to generate some true measure of concern. Hm."

"Well I'll take action over fake concern." Jericho smiles. He doesn't care why people help put these people away as long as they do. "They do seem to have a rather endless supply of magi though and they don't seem to be too particular about where they get them. They tried to take Zee once or twice."

"They did" Zee finally lets her arms go and shakes her head "But they weren't successful." she waves it off "They're also taking mutants… they tried for Lunair on the helicarrier." Looking at Alexander sidewise, the young magi frowns and bites her bottom lip, falling silent.

Scritching some stubble upon his chin, Alexander looks thoughtful for a moment as he walks. "You'd imagine they'd be trying to stick to low profile targets if they were building up to something. Not as high a profile a magic user as yourself." He gestures absently towards Zatanna. Then he hms as he continues along. "Could always put word out that I'm helping, I could make myself vulnerable in some capacity and then get carted off to wherever they are doing their nefarious deeds."

"I don't think they have a very good idea about who is and isn't a power." Jericho muses. "They've made some startling oversights if they have… or…" He sighs. "They appear to have been using some manner of divination to refine their targeting lists. Perhaps Zee was important in some way. Still, bait could work."

Zee shrugs "I'd made a bit of a nuisance of myself by then." She hadn't been particularly subtle about it either. "I don't really think they'd done their homework on me." and let's face it, until recently, Zee presented as nothing more than 19 year old who may dabble with magic, Stage Shows not withstanding. "They haven't made anymore attempts, Jericho. Not even that Zyklon character and the other magic user were interested." And they could have had her, she'd not been prepared for him at all. "So I doubt that I'm that important… more nuisance value I guess." Phobos gets a look "What would you do if they carted you off?"

Looking thoughtful for a moment, "See what they were up to, find where they were located. Kill them." Alexander gives a small shrug again as if they were discussing the weather. "Though I perhaps would feign some measure of weakness to let them feel as if I was under their control to learn what I could." A small shrug is given, his leather jacket shifting upon his thin frame.
He offers a smile, "Besides, if I ever needed to be rescued you could just summon me. One of the benefits of someone with my upbringing."

"I won't say no because frankly that could be quite valuable. I will say be careful. These guys have been nothing but surprises for months and I know they've made some literal deals with demons." Jericho opens the door to the shop so the other two can get in. "They may have some more tricks up their sleeves."

Zee pauses and thinks on Alexanders statement, something doesn't quite add up there. "A question, Mr Aaron. If you needed us to summons you, how would we know?"

Offering a small shrug, Alexander smiles towards them. "Well if you tried to and couldn't that'd be your first hint that it'd be too late." At that he waggles his eyebrows slightly as if having made a small joke. A very small one. He lifts a hand towards them both, "Actually, you enjoy the cronuts. I am going to put a few ducks in a row if we end up following this plan. Just in case."
He steps back and holds the door for them, "Until next time." At that he turns and heads off down the sidewalk.

Jericho watches Phobos go and then looks back at Zee. "Interesting guy. Then again, he always was. What's your take on him, Kit?" He steps inside after the mage and looks about.

Entering the shop behind Jericho, Zee shrugs off her jacket as she finds a table. The jacket is hung on the back of a chair and she sits down. Jerichos' question has her thinking "I don't like him." That's unusual for Zee to say "He makes my skin crawl." Jericho's use of the diminutive goes unremarked.

"The man does claim to be the god of fear, after all. I don't particularly have any reason to doubt him. Or do you mean something beyond that?" The hacker cants his head. "Oh, what would you like?"

"Coffee please and something sweet." To hide the bitter taste on her tongue. Zee shrugs a little "He wasn't really giving off the fear vibe today. Just…" she blows out a breath "he's an ex Titan for a reason… that colours my view, I suppose." She'll wait till Jericho orders, it will give her time to think about why.

"Coffee and a cheese danish for the lady." Jericho orders for Zee. "And a sweet roll and coffee for me." The hacker pays up and then motions Zee to a seat. "I don't know your history. I know he's helped Illyana in the past though I don't recall if she considered him a friend."

Zee smiles at the order, that sounds just about right and then shrugs at his observation, taking her seat. "I wasn't privvy to everything that went down… but he never really quite fit with the Titans. By the time I joined, the relationship between him and most of the team was fraught and then ultimately, he went head to head with Amanda Waller and killed a whole heap of people."

Raising her eyes to Jericho, she shakes her head "Don't say it, please… it's a /thing/ with the Titans" much like the Bats "They don't kill… and tonight, so arrogant. He assumed…" well he assumed that she and Jericho were a thing, of that she's sure "I just don't like him… he's cold and uncaring."

"What do you want me to not say?" Jericho shrugs. "You're free to believe as you will. I'll certainly not argue the point with you, it just means there's certain things I can't bring certain people in on." Because they'll never be effective and he'll never be able to trust them to make the right decision. Illyana doesn't like killing, but she will if pressed. Jericho can work with that. Respect that. Murder isn't the answer to every problem. Or, honestly, even most problems. Jericho prefers to fight his wars with information. But taking permanent solutions off the table is a concession to idealism that Jericho firmly believes has no place in things that are de facto wars.

"As for him, he's someone I've met. If he'll be helpful so be it. If not…" Jericho's dealt with the kind before. It's a lot like dealing with Partisan.

Zee becomes very interested in her food and drink, playing with the danish without eating it. There's some form of inner dialogue occuring. Finally, Zee looks at Jericho "A resource. An asset. I get it. I don't have to like him, I get that. But you asked what I thought." Maybe her opinion will change, maybe not. She kind of likes Partisan and she's seen the woman in action.

Partisan knows she's a monster though. And she's a very polite one when not in action. "I did that, and I do value your opinion." He may not always agree with her opinion but that doesn't make it any less valued.

That statement startles Zee and she peers at Jericho in bewilderment "That's a little surprising, actually. I sometimes feel like your testing me and other times trolling me" Zee assumes this is what having a big brother might be like. "Anyway, he's volunteered. He's probably got the juice to get himself unstuck if he needs to." She doesn't and that might rankle a little…

'That's not something I'm prepared to assume." Jericho says with a sigh. "He might, but I've got no way of knowing. I simply know I can't stop him if it comes down to it, and if it were to work, the information would be valuable." At her other observations the hacker shrugs. "Testing you almost never. I don't feel like you have anything to prove. Teasing you, now that's another matter."

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