Friendly Skies: Part 2

March 29, 2015: A mechanical spider is tearing down a plane full of passengers; JL:A's Hawkgirl and Green Lantern make it in time to assist.

American Airspace

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Hal flies ahead of Shayera, the Air Canada flight's distress signal guiding them on. When they arrive, the plane is already in flames on its descent, the engines on either side bleeding smoke and fire, trailing it behind the massive wings. The plane's going down fast, gravity seizing on the oversized machine and dragging it down to plunge at a terrifying rate, sending terror throughout the passengers, who vary between the praying, fetal-drawn few and the screaming, thrashing, desperate to escape many.

And, on the back, just in front of the tail, a creature clings to it. It has a vaguely spider-like build, a metallic carapace with eight spindly-looking legs, the points at the ends ripping through the hull. It's 'head' swivels, red eyes glowing, massive metallic jaws working as if in anticipation of ripping flesh. At the sight of hte heroes, a pair of wings sprouts from its back and it releases, charging at them.

"What the hell…? Hawkgirl, I'm going to try and catch the plane. Rip that thing a new one while I'm at it," he says, apparently comfortable issuing orders whether he has the rank or not.

The sight of the downed plane took Shayera back, she was ready to at least try to help the passengers of the plane by entering in through where it was damaged the most, but she wasn't resistant to fire, and any large opening may have succored the victims out into the high altitude into a free fall. She had to think carefully about this one..

Until the little creature that was ripping the plane out came flying towards them, her brows raised in mild suprise as the orders were given and the two had their own missions to accomplish. Hers? Dealing out a much needed ass whipping.

"On it!"

She was glad to. With the absense of armor and only her weapons to keep her steady, she draws out her sectional staff, both pieces held with a white knuckled grip, drawing upright and back to swing low, high, and hard towards the thing which creates a near sonic-boom impact that crackles through the sky.


"What is that?"
"Looks like a couple of bogies are attacking the plane!"
"This is Air Canada! We have help! They're not attacking us! It looks like Green Lantern and some weird winged lady!"
"Valkyrie? Sweet!"
"Not her you idiot!"

Hal begins lashing ropes of green energy around the plane, bringing himself up to fly over the top of it. He's lashing the thing to himself, to his will, and starts to pull, trying to level out its sharply angled descent to get its plummet under control. Powerful as he is, there's strain here, Hal's intimate knowledge of aircraft actually a hindrance - it's one thing to lift or punch something with raw willl, having no idea what you're dealing with - the only limit is your imagination. But Hal knows exactly how much the plane weighs, is all too sympathetic with the pilot desperately working the stick and trying to keep it aloft. Still, he knows he can do it, it just isn't as simple as it might otherwise have been.

The creature partially blows apart on the impact of that blow, sending scattered bits of metal around as it spins and flips away…only to draw them back in, reforming the shattered pieces of itself, "Interfering slut! You will die for your insolence!" it screeches in a high voice, before unleashing blasts of crimson energy from its eyes, cutting lasers aimed to try and cut the hawk-winged heroine down to size.

With the little robot monster shattered, Shayera was able to help focus upon the plane, drawing near to where the creature created the damage, her sectional staff soon put away so that she could draw out what little tools she had upon her person to fix the damage mid flight. Hopefully, it would have made it easier for Hal to carry the plane to safety.

KEYWORD: Would have.

The blast from the little mechanical monster nearly knocks her right out of the sky, her body twirling downward and spinning with a trail of smoke trailing right behind her.


"Bring up the satellite images! Quick!"
"That winged woman has been hit!"
"What the fuck is that thing!"
"We got to get them help! Contacting U.S Air Force, they're going to need some assistance!"

Hal Jordan swears as Shayera gets blasted from behind, but he can't focus that way yet, he has to get this plane's spiral under control. He screams as his power redoubles, lashing a full net around the plane as he finally slows it, starting to guide it downwards. There's s a hint of sweat on his brow as he tries to guide it, gravity pulling at that incredibly massive plane as he starts letting it shift back towards the Earth, slowly, in a controlled descent. He keeps his shields up, though, which is good as the metallic monster starts pelting -him- now with energy blasts, his shield able to absorb them enough at first to keep his concentration. It won't last, though, under the onslaught of that thing.

On the other hand, the insectoid creature's become so focused on Hal that it may have taken its defeat of Shayera for granted. It's dismissed the Hawk warrior as already defeated.

Stupid spider.


A bolt of electricity flies through the air, zapping the crawler monster from behind as Shayera emerges from the row of clouds that she fell into. She was hurt, that was obvious, but her iron of will allows her to keep moving in the sense of danger, and saving peoples lives.

"Green Man." Shayera calls out towards Hal, attaching her staff together.. the loud sound of a gong heard as electricity fires along the shaft of it, which was soon twirled and placed behind her back, held at the ready. "There is an airfield just below us! Land the plane and get the people to safety! I'll take care of this monstrosity!"

And then it starts, a battle that echoes among the sky and the stars that were hidden by the might of the sun, the force of the hits continue to create that sonic boom sound, one that wrecks through the plane that Green Lantern carries, the spider monster itself breaking into pieces and reassimilating, lazers fly and soon deflected away from the large reckage that was carried by him.

Hal Jordan trusts in Hawkgirl's battle prowess - she's earned it and it's not like he has a choice. He can't spare any more thoughts for her as he focuses on the plane, the net thickening around it with his resolve as he brings it down to the airfield. It's not a perfect landing, by any means, the bottom of the plane scraping as its landing gear had been disabled by the monster's attack, and the people inside get plenty of bumps and bruises from getting tossed around by the impact. But they're alive, every one of them, even if the plane's destined for the junkyard.

Hal pops the door on the side, flinging it open as he transmits on the same frequency as the pilots, 'Standard de-boarding should work just fine. I've got to go help Hawkgirl," he says, streaking back up towards the sky. The battle between the Thanagarian and the spider-beast has raged across the sky, sparkling to anyone below from the exchanges of energy and the light glinting off of impossible metals in the mid-day sun. On the last blow, however, Shayera knocked it away and saw, buried deep within it, a barrel-shaped cylinder of energy, some sort of glowing heart that powers the thing and gives it sickly, malevolent life.

There was no time for Shayera to check upon Hal, she knew that the people were in safe hands, that they all were going to live. The flashes of blue and red lights below attest to that fact, along with the distant wailing of sirens. Trust in the fact that Hal would do his job allows her to go all out.


"Copy that. Green Lantern. Emergency units are en-route. Keep up the good work."


Delighting in the battle, staring the monster down allows her that brief glimpse in impending victory. The cylinder, she had to get to it, which means that she had to get close. She remains in middair as she breaks apart her staff, turning off the prowess of the Nth, twirling the staffs to attach it to her back. And then she flies straight for the thing, bare knuckled and all, its own flight aimed straight towards her as they both clash.. it's spindled legs attaching to her arms which sends her off course, both of the beings plummeting towards the ground as Shayera begins to rapidly beat and claw at the things chest to get it to pry itself apart and reveal the life within.
If it hadn't been for her Nth metal enhancements, Shayera might have paid the ultimate price as she tears deep into the thing and finally rips apart its energy source, the barrel tearing beneath her onslaught and unleashing a massive explosion, blasting her away as the thing detonates its last. Hal shields his eyes, only barely managing to get a glimpse of the smoking form of the Hawk warrior as she's thrown away, up and spinning through the sky to land god knows where.

He speeds into action, flying in her wake. The ring finds her, tracks her, allows him to anticipate her path until, just before she's about to hit the ground, he streaks in and scoops her up in his arms, pulling up and out of the nosedive at the last minute and flying up intno the sky, up, up and away.

"Shayera! Talk to me! Don't you dare die on me, you stubborn…!"

The impact of the blow sends her flying, drawing out the blackness of what was to come.. random memories flashing before her eyes.. her first kiss, millenia ago.. speaking with the demon bird as a friend.. and then a child soon after, holding the wing of the demon bird as it teaches her other young self how to fly.. a proposal marking a new age of happiness.. betrayal..

As she falling? No.. something caught her and it shook her awake, the warped sound of Hal's voice dawning her senses as she opens her eyes to a shrill breath of air..

" me bitch and I will rip you from navel to throat.." She manages out, coughing all the while, the smoke had gotten into her lungs as she inhaled with the blast. And still she held on tight, tight to the thing that gave it life, which soon glows and continues to pulse in her grasp. There was pain there, no.. not in her hand, but in her middle as a spindled leg remains within her side, which was soon gripped and yanked asunder, the Thanagarian blood flying and soon.. a laugh that would bring chills to any foe rings out.


Hal Jordan descends into the forests of a state park, the high hills and thick forest providing shelter as he sets her down for a moment, "Wouldn't dream of it," he says with a wry smile. "So, do I take you up to the Watchtower to get you stitched up, or are you gonna get pissed off and smack me around if I do that? I know you hate doctors," he says.

He feels a little light-headed after all that strain. "Or would you rather I just go get us some cheeseburgers and a six pack and we celebrate a hard-fought victory?" he says.

There was at least some piece attached to her of the Nth, not being armored had it's disadvantages, but as long as it still touched her skin, there was and would be hope. As he sets her down, the laughter soon dies away, her body trembling as she slowly pushes herself upright. "I'll get pissed off and smack you around because I hate doctors.." She confirms. She'll heal in due time, no doubt, yet a break from that place is all that she needs.

"Cheeseburgers and beer. A feast for heroes." She lifts her hand and points. "Do not move me.." She states, sliding her way back towards a large tree so that she could rest, her chest slightly heaving as she draws her fingers through her chair. "Go get it. Bring it back here. We will make a day of it."

Hal Jordan gives her a skeptical look, only because it goes against his nature to leave a wounded comrade behind, even for a quick trip like that. Still, she seems stable enough. He quietly puts a little green bird in the tree behind her, letting it keep an eye on her and transmit anything it sees to him in case there's a further disturbance or attack. He streaks off quickly, making his way to nearby Milwaukee and descending quickly to find something to eat.

He returns in less than twenty minutes, a big, greasy bag of Five Guys in one hand, two six packs of PBR in the other, landing with a light aplomb as the birdie pops out of existence, "I just got yours with everything, you don't seem like the picky type. Got ketchup and mayo both in there, in case you like eatin' your fries all European style," he says, making a face at the thought.

Shayera rests a while as he leaves, her eyes flitting towards the sky, her hand pressed to her side as the cylinder itself is attached to her belt. She was going to pass it off to the leaders, to see what they could make of the construct, but for now? Her rest was well earned as well as a closing of her eyes. She jerks herself awake as she hears Hal make his descent, her hand reaching out for her burger which was soon unwrapped and devoured.

Through a full mouth, she gazes at the bag, muttering quitely. "Five Guys? Did it take that many to make such a delicious burger?"

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