Straight Out of Gotham

March 29, 2015: Bluebird tracks down a fallen drone, Agent Venom comes to inspect.

Aparo Park

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These are the moments he's come to live for. These rare moments between the panic and the chaos, the times where he is rushing ahead of the world with the wind slicing past him and the adrenalin causing his heart to hammer loud. It's what Spider-Man must have felt all those times he'd see the man swinging across the skyline. It's the utter sensation of freedom that comes from hurling oneself against the power of gravity and winning.
Against the nighttime skyline of Gotham City, Agent Venom is little more than a silhouette of darkness that dims the faint bright windows of the skyscrapers he darts past. Running, always running, footsteps quick and graceful as he rushes over a rooftop. Then he reaches the end of a building and /leaps/ into the air. A smooth arc, launching himself, then falling downwards… down down, until he hurtles towards the pavement. In defiance of gravity he twists smoothly, arm lashing out to hurl a webline with a /thwip/ that catches him, arrests his fall, and converts the power into _speed_ that sends him once again forward.
Laughing faintly to himself he lets go of the line, seeming to float in the air completely free of weight upon his form. Another webline fires, snaring a nearby corner of a building. The line snaps taut and yanks him forward like a zipline until he lands with a light tip-tap of feet upon the wall of that building.
Turning, he casts his gaze across this foreign city, considering the world as it lays before him. He takes a moment, no tingle upon his spider-sense, no hint of motion beyond the steady flow of the crowd and the cars… peaceful it seems from so far above.

There was no flair of bravado for Harper. There was no running, no jumping from rooftop to rooftop, only her there with a make-shift mask that dangles upon her face. No ski-mask this time, but this one made her look as if she just came from a Bat-esque harem. The edge of the fabric tickles her chin as she walks, arm tucked in a sling, bluetooth plugged into her ear as she trapes along the growth in this side of the park. She was looking for something, which was obvious, the brief blue light flashing in a copse of pure darkness, hidden away from street lights that seemingly go out as she passes.

"That's good Cullen, keep up the good work."
"No, even if you do that, he won't see you."
"Well, he's busy Cullen. And really, asking someone like that for an autograph would just get my teeth put on the pavement."
"No. Alright, alright. How far away am I now? I'm on top of it.. where?"

Harper twists her head left and right, her bright blue hair dancing just a touch along her shoulders, half saved and soon smoothed back with one good arm as she shifts the belt with the same hand.

"Left or right."
"Left or right you damn homo!"
"Alright. I see it. Now hang up the phone and go to bed, I'll take it from here. Chilli tomorrow night, your turn to stop at the store for the fixings. Love you baby brother. Sleep light."

She presses the little button upon her bluetooth as she shuffles forward to the downed drone, her head popping up to spy the area to make sure that no one would come near her six. She didn't think about looking up high, or else.. she may or may not have noticed the figure looming above. As for now? She's safe.

There was no tell-tale tingle that warned him of danger or something malicious occuring. Yet the flashing of lights in the park did draw his attention. It wasn't much to most, but with the enhanced vision provided by his eyelets, it was enough.
Silently he drops from the building and moves in that direction. A simple /thwip/ might be heard but little else. First he leaps upon an overpass, then to the low-hanging branch of a tree that much closer, crouching there to observe for a time.
It's when she finds the piece of technology that he drops to the ground and gains his full height.
At first he considers letting her have some more time, more rope to hang oneself and all that, but then something about the last thing she says makes him decide to perhaps give her another chance… that is if what she's doing is illegal.
That alien-like voice lifts, words reverberating with an eerie tone even though the accent is… Queens?
"A little late at night to be playing with your RC helicopter."

"Right about -now- is the time that guy should watch me work. Bluebird.. it's time to fly." With her arm wrapped in a sling, whatever she was attempting to do was seemingly made easy with a pound of her fist atop of the drone to bring the lid upright, and a lean back upon knees as she accesses her ruined utility belt. Tweezers were retrieved, tucked underneath her mask, teeth clenched around the metal, rows upon rows of wires released and snipped off with a few micro-chips wrapped in packages which were set aside. Her wrist soon capped off with rubber to ground her from getting shocked or shocking the system.. and..

"Holy shit!"

She stands upright, tweezes spat from her mouth, her hand dropping down towards her thigh to retrieve her gun to pull willy-nilly on the figure in black. The teen did not shoot, as she is won't to do, this guy looks like serious business and she had already hit half past dead this week.

Don't push yourself. You're already done for.

"What I'm doing at this time of the night is none of your business. I suggest you leave." Cause what she's doing /is/ illegal. In fact, her late night profession would get her locked up in the looney bin along with the greats.

"Hold on there, lefty." The dark figure is hard to discern, standing where he is next to that tree. There's a hint of white around the eyes and chest, but there's no hiding the man's height, nor the outline of a firearm slung over his back. Also that balaclava speaks of someone up to no good.
Yet his manner is easier going than one would expect from a public park terrorist. "First off if I was a cop that would so totally not fly. And secondly I'm not, but I am curious. For a second I thought you were one of those bat people doing something secretive. Imagine my surprise."
Taking a few steps forward and stepping into the light, did she see a gun? Make that guns. The guy is loaded for bear and a picture of special forces infiltrator. He crouches down next to the fallen drone and ever so scientifically pokes it with a gloved fingertip, "This yours or someone else's?"

If he was a cop? Wait a minute.. bat people? She.. wasn't one yet. So she keeps mum on that. But just the way he speaks (not the sound) causes her to right or wrongfully assume friendly, yet the guns that he has? Yeah. Her little taser gun wouldn't work on this dude. He was armored to the teeth. "Hey. You never know." She offers up in reply, a slight smirk playing upon lips that go unseen, the gun soon fastening back to her hip as she takes a step backward when he moves forward.

When he crouches? There was a need to put a knee to his face.. but then again, he has two arms where as she has one, so she just goes along with it, for the lack of her better judgement.

"It's mine." She lies cooly, taking a step forward again to kneel upon the ground, her hand searching along the surface to retrieve the tweezers and wire, along with her pack of microchips to assemble them in order. "Someone had shot it down, noticed it was offline earlier in the night. So I'm just going to fix it, put it back in the air, and the police can have full coverage again."

Such a liar Harper! She's stealing it from the Bat. Just to be a dick.

Behind the mask his lips part into an 'ohh' of recognition that would be sarcastic if she could see it. Instead it's just a pause in the conversation before he says, "Interesting, well you'd better take it before somebody shows up to claim it was really their's." He pauses then and folds his arms over his chest. There's definitely something strange about him, the voice sounds almost like it has some kind of modulator to it, yet there's an organic element to it.
Then he lifts one hand and gestures vaguely in her direction, "So what's the deal with the mask? You doing the whole vigilante thing? Doesn't that have an age requirement?" He tilts his head the other way, as if trying to get another angle on her. There's definitely something else about her. Something hidden. But then there was also that phone call she was on. Poor kid. Probably a LARPer.

"I'm not taking it. I'm putting it back into the air." She says this matter of factly, her hand reaching inside of the drone to feel around for something that rattles once her fingers touch and move. The bullets were gathered, her face twisting in a slight hint of pain, the bullets that were gathered palmed, withdrawn, and tossed aside like so. She glances up, and even though it wasn't clear by the way her face scrunched, her face was twisted considerably as she gestures him back down to her level.

"Pretty sure it doesn't." According to some. "I could ask you the same thing, but you're all full up from head to tow. But, since it seems like you're a really nice guy and one of the good guys, me too, by the by, maybe you should get back down here and give me a little bit of help." Then there was a pause. "Please."

Another pause crosses her as she stares at him, "And then I'm going to touch you. Cause I want to know what material you're wearing. This leather jacket and T-shirt isn't flying much these days. Know what I mean?"

Casually crouching to look at what she's working on, he tilts his head again all quizzical and curious. Casually he lifts one hand to the side of his ear, silencing the distant and yet marginally annoyed voices from afar that might be haranguing him for wasting his time not gathering data. What are they going to do at this point? The symbiote is bonded, they're stuck with him. Haw haw.
"This is one of his isn't it?"
The question comes out of nowhere, those white eyelets lifting to meet her gaze. "This would be a pretty lousy way to meet the Bat guy. Oh hi, just looking at some of your tech. Don't mind me."
He looks back down at the drone as she continues to work on it,but then he does give her the aid she requests, holding what she asks him to hold and pushing where she asks him to push.
In answer to her question he responds, "It's just kevlar, and a ceramic poly-alloy. All hush hush stuff." Alright he's lying, but it's a nice simulation of kevlar, to be fair.

The tilt of his head and lift of his hand causes her to glance up. Perhaps he was speaking to his own Oracle, or.. Johnny 5 as she calls it. Maybe the guy was sent to watch what she was doing, and how she was doing. The sling was due to come off in the morning, she already had mobility, she was just keeping it locked tight for an extra day before she did anything rash. "His? You mean Batman?"

She thinks of how to answer the question, then gives a slight shrug of her shoulders. "I'm not trying to meet him, I've met him already. I'm pretty sure he's got a beat on me to see what I'm doing. And I'm sure that he knows that I'd come out here to fix this and try to piggy back off of his signal." She wrinkles her nose. "'Sides, me and him are cool. He ain't going to mind."

She hands him various things, wires, scissors, knives, tweezes and everything else she needed to fix the drone. Soon after, she was done, and now reaching out to grab his arm to test.

"Kevlar.. ceramic poly-alloy.." There was a little frown that causes the curtain of her mask to move, then a huff of an air to give out a sigh. "Yeah, no way I'm getting my hands on this crap. Unless I raid the SRD…" Hm.. there was a thought.

"Believe me, you don't want gear like this." A smirk is given behind the mask, barely discernible as perhaps a wrinkle to that balaclava. He looks sidelong at her and cocks an eyebrow, again perhaps hard to notice. "Oh well hey, so long as you're okay with the mythical Batman, then sure. It's all cool." Definitely some accent there, New York for sure.
He holds onto the various things as needed, but once she touches his arms he lets her have a momentary glance but then is standing smoothly, dusting his hands off as if their repairs had taken some effort from him. Which they hadn't, she did all the work. "Well so long as you're so tight with Batman, put in a good word for me." Of course he hasn't told her who he is.

"How could I not? I mean.. look at me." Harper stands now, using her booted heel to kick the drone shut. "I'm practically walking with a limp. My arms are busted up to hell. Pretty sure I cracked a rib and if I'm not careful, I'm going to fall on something hard and get ran through and through." This was the humor of the Narrows. "Might have my neck snapped in a couple of days. Arm probably twisted out of socket. Maybe get ran over by a train.." Surely none of that Kevlar was going to help that.

"Surely that kevlar is totally going to help."

"You want me to put in a good word for you but I don't know who you are. And you're probably going to get the typical spiel that he gives all of us a first time around. Though you, you're all armed with guns and kevlar with some weird alloy that I'd like to steal." She pauses, then kicks the drone twice, taking a step back as it powers and rolls, lifting into the air..

"He's going to say, Stay out of Gotham. And if I find you here again I'll kill you." She pauses. "Okay, he won't say kill. But I'm pretty sure he's going to start some ass whippin'. Know what I mean?" And there it was, that ol' Gotham accent.

Lifting a hand to the back of his neck thoughtfully, Flash gives a small nod as if agreeing with her. At least about the latter part regarding the Batman. "Yeah, he most likely will. I figure I'll get a contact at some point by one of his cronies a handler of some sort. Then an encounter by one of the others, and perhaps a meet and greet with the big guy himself."
The tall man in black steps around the drone and gives her a fair amount of room as the thing powers up and lifts off slowly. His eyes follow it. "Then we'll probably have to fight for a while until we gain the mutual grudging respect for each other, then go on a shared adventure, have a few beers afterwards and laugh about it all in hindsight."
Those gauntleted hands rest on his hips as his eyes follow the small vehicle's progress. He looks back at her finally and tells her, "You really do look a mess. You should probably stay out of the business. It tends to be for people who can fall ten stories and get back up."

Harper listens to the story with great amusement, a slight giggle and a laugh drawn out as she gives a shake of her head. "I don't know if the big guy drinks or not. He seems like the uptight sort. You know I mentioned Uptown Funk to him and he thinks it's some STD created by criminals?" Another snort as she looks up towards the drone, her hand reaching into her back pocket to retrieve her phone, tapping into the feeds of the particular drone to make sure that it works. "Good."

"He's got a weird sense of humor though. You might like him."

"And really, everyone has to get their start some kind of way. If this doesn't kill me, it's going to make me stronger. Stop sounding like him by the way. He said the same damn thing. You're going to offer me a contact in some sort of college too so I could make use of my awesome genius?" She was smiling, clearly joshing with the man. "Alright Tall Black and Creepy. I'm going to go this way. You're going to go that way." She nods with her chin, east. "And you're going to keep going right back to New York. Yeah? I'll tell him that some probably bald guy who's all dis…" She pauses, then stares at him.

"Totally got a name for you. You're Darth Vader.."

"Oh heck no," Flash responds at least to one of the things she said, "Man I'm still working on getting through college. If I had a super secret contact I'd use it myself." And there, at least, is a hint about the man behind the mask. He's not exactly quite the level of the Bat where it comes to secret identities. Having no family or loved ones kinda helps with that though.
"Darth Vader was a wuss. That's insulting." The voice doesn't help any, but at least he doesn't breathe heavily. "Just call me Charlie, if you have to call me something." There's a story behind that, a terribly uninteresting one, but still a story.
He waves a hand as he steps back, giving her room to depart, "And don't go to any trouble for me, chances are I won't be around here much. But seriously, leave the butt kicking to other folks."

Harper, for the moment, nearly ripped off her mask in disbelief. "Really?" She states, slightly becoming interested. If he went to college and did this at night? Maybe she could too. But she still had a brother to take care of, needed to put food on the table and watch his back. Any dreams for herself possibly went the day the father knocked her right upside her head..

"So, you want me to call you Charlie. Okay. Charlie-Bit-My-Finga.. you got it." She chuckles a little, then takes a few steps back. "I really wasn't going to go through the trouble. But I'm pretty sure if he asks, I'll mention it. And I'm also pretty sure I'm not going to listen to a word you say so.. if you catch me hung on the nightly news from the bridge leading out of Gotham.." She just lifts two fingers and gives a salute, turning her back to him and.. walking. No flying, no tricky motorcycle bit. She just walks.

"Yup for reals. Seeya, Lefty." For a time he remains back there, just a black silhouette if she glances over her shoulder. A few moments later and if she glances again he's gone.

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