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March 29, 2015: X-Men get some Team Versus Team practice in

Xaviers Institute

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"This is going to be a team versus team scenario."

Suited up, Cyclops paces amongst those who have gathered. The Danger Room remains in idle mode, the walls glistening in their silver perfection.

"Three on three, hostile terrain. Safety protocols will be engaged, but that doesn't mean things won't hurt. It only means that none of us can be dealt any serious blows. Lux, Shadowcat and Pietro, you will face off against Iceman, Mimic, and myself." There is a pause, where he looks toward Quicksilver specifically. "You come up with a code name yet?"

Team practice. It's not something Bobby gets a lot of. Well not 'practice'. During the course of his job he works fairly closely with other Red members but the fact is they may be called upon to work with members of other teams at the drop of a hat and since there aren't many ways to get experience working alongside them other than formal practice… here he is. In his Red uniform which is… well, it looks a lot like motorcycle leathers. Sans sleeves. Which is fine with Bobby. He's seen worse. At least his isn't… well, it isn't Berto's. Berto has the confidence and - more importantly - the abs to pull his look off. Bobby is fairly certian he's glad he doesn't.

"Ready when you are Cyclops." He almost said 'Scott' there. Almost.

He's so getting his ass kicked.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to call myself Turtle," drawls Pietro. He smirks and lifts his chin. "What do you think, man? Quicksilver." He's already been telling people that's his name. Why try a dramatic rebrand? "What's the goal, aside from kicking ass?"
He doesn't have a uniform, per se. Instead, he's dressed up a generic training uniform with his silver bomber jacket, a belt on which his duct tape hangs, and his trusty goggles.

Instead of his normal costume, Cal wears the X-Men blue-black uniform he wears on the more sensitive missions that his public persona shouldn't ever be associated with. He stands at ease, hands clasped loosely behind his back as he waits for things to start. "Quicksilver is a fine codename." It's the one he called Pietro the first time he and the Professor met the young mutant.

"Will we have access to weapons, sir, or powers only?" Audrey asks Cyclops. She's somehow avoided getting a properly designed and branded uniform yet - probably by going invisible whenever 'Berto shows up to bring up the topic - and is in the nondescript black tactical gear common to black ops soldiers and mercenaries everywhere.

Kitty stands solidly on Pietro and Lux's side, surveying both the danger room and the other teams. She's suited up in her black and yellow outfit, hair pulled up into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. All she's been doing lately since she joined the Blue Team are danger room missions and as she surveys the opposition, an eyebrow raises. "Huh. So, it looks like it's people mostly offense against defense?" She's pretty certain that's what Scott already had planned, but she can't help but point it out. Lockheed, perched on her shoulder, tilts his head as he also surveys the surroundings.

A hand rests lightly on the hilt of the katana at her hip. There are safety protocols in action, meaning she has no qualms about having her weapon. It's what she'd use in the field, after all. If Scott says it's a powers only battle, she'll put it to the side. "Yeah, is this a capture the flag sort of thing, or is it full on attrition?"

"Quicksilver." Well, that one was news to Cyclops, but it works. "Weapons are fine, Lux," he answers. "But in this scenario, they're going to be hidden. You'll need to find them."

To Kitty he looks next. "That's right. Because there are times where all of us need to stretch our abilities. Don't think for a moment that this puts your team at a disadvantage, or you've already lost. This will be full combat; the Danger Room will 'tag out' those who would have taken an incapacitating blow, and you'll be 'moved' to the time out zone to observe the outcome."

There is only a moment's pause, during which Cyclops steps over to his team. "Computer, activate program."

Promptly, the group is surrounded by a mountainous wasteland filled with lava geysers and unpredictable magma flows. The room grows unbearably hot, and the acrid odor or sulfur fills the nostrils.

"Heat. Yay." Bobby doesn't bother icing up in this particular case. The cloud of steam would just give him away. The heat's going to work against him, causing any ice constructs to degrade much faster. But it's also an opportunity as working with Magma taught him. Fire and ice can be a hell of a combo if you know how to use it.

All the same, the cool guy crouches low. No need to, you know, be standing out there like a target. He'll wait for the others to move first. Starting fights isn't his forte unless it's to put someone in a cage.

"Of course it puts us at a disadvantage. Doesn't mean we can't still kick ass, but clearly we're not on an even playing field." Quicksilver waves his hand along a straight line. And then the program activates. It's hot. When he runs, he's only going to get hotter. "Hey. No fair," he mutters, even as sweat starts to trickle down the back of his neck.
Still, let it not be said that he's not up for a challenge. He grins over at his teammates and catches their eyes. Then, zip, zip, zip. In the blink of an eye, all three of them are gone - transported to a safe distance away to let them formulate a plan. Audrey and Kitty might find themselves a little…disoriented, but fine other than that. He stops behind a low mountain, far enough from the lava that it's a bit cooler. The spot he chose also has a few good choke points just in case their pals figure out where they went. "Soooo. I'm open to suggestions, ladies." He claps his hands together.

"Or maybe you just need to figure out all the offensive uses of your powers." Cal puts in. As soon as the program activates, he puts up a telekinetic forcefield in front of the three of them and transforms into his metal form. But it turns out the former wasn't needed as Quicksilver wisely gets all of his team mates out of range of their opponents. He looks over at Cyclops and grins. "Smart move on his part. Told you he had potential." Same thing he said about Bobby, in fact. The advantages of an alternate reality perspective.

Quicksilver moves the team, and once they're in shelter, Audrey reaches a hand out to touch each of them, rendering them invisible. Which may be awkward for Kitty and Quicksilver. There's no seeing each other, either. Or even their own hands. "Iceman's at a disadvantage here. Quicksilver, if you keep him moving and firing, he may run out of water to work with, at which point he'll be vulnerable. Just…try not to get hit." She looks to Kitty - not that anyone's likely to be able to tell. "Do you think you can get Cyclop's visor? Whatever he does, I'm sure it has something to do with light, but I don't think it's anything I can manipulate. I can try to run interference on Mimic until they're down the others."

Kitty grins at her team leader, now on the opposite side of this battle, "Don't be too hard on yourself, Cyclops. I'm sure you have a chance." As the program starts and she's washed in the hot sulfury fumes of magma, she almost immediately phases, only stopped when Quicksilver snags her and carries her and Lux off to another distance. It's slightly less disorienting for the phasing mutant, having been rushed off from a scene by Quicksilver before. Her thoughts are already spinning. Used to her own form of invisibility, she takes it all in stride.

"Alright, so, we need to knock them out before they can get to us. It may be easier for you to stick with Quicksilver and keep him invisible while running interference to keep their attention elsewhere. I can sneak through and hopefully get a surprise on one of them, but grabbing Cyclops' visor and getting out of there in a hurry seems more Quicksilver's game than mine."

"Nothing like a good challenge," quips Scott. He's already regretting this scenario, but to be fair, it does help to even the playing field.

Quicksilver's rapid evacuation of his teammates was impressive, He grins, sharing Calvin's opinion. However, Scott has done a bit of homework; the visor tracked the mutant's motions, so he has an idea of where he'd departed. "That way," he points. "Doesn't mean they didn't divert course a few times."

For a moment or two he waits. "If they're smart, they're formulating plan right now. Let's see how they respond to this."

Cyclops steps forward a bit, then presses all fingers into his palms. This opens his visor to its full setting. An amazing beam of concussive, red fury goes out, and with a slow motion, Scott moves his head from left to right. The ferocious beam moves across the landscape in the direction where Quicksilver seemed to go, severing mountains of their tops and rendering the landscape a cacophony of destruction.

Bobby grins as the others vanish. "Now that's a hat trick and no mistake… well… let's see…" Shadowcat can phase, Audrey can become invisible to normal light spectra and Peitro's really fast. "Let's see how they do without eyes, shall we?" The ice nerd dumps chucks of glacier-cold ice into the 'lava gysers' and lets them puff up huge gouts of steam. Anywhere it's hot enough to do that, within sight, he does it. The ice nerd himself can see on the thermal spectrum which means… well, which means he doesn't really have an issue finding people. Ordinarily at this point he'd call a couple of fighting sticks into his hands, but Audrey's military trained, Shadowcat's a master swordsman and Peitro's too damn fast. So… maybe not so much on the hand to hand. He's good enough to know that he isn't good enough for that. "Where are you two headed?"

"Yeaaah, uh, see, Iceman's got ice. And that's kinda hard to run on. If he figures out where I'm at, I might lose my footing and go sliding into a magma flow. That sounds like no kinda fun. Also, wow, this is weird." Quicksilver sticks a hand out randomly in an attempt to encounter one of them.
It seems though, they're not going to have much time to chat about an action plan. The ground rumbles, debris starts to fly, and Scott's beam closes in on them. "Ohhh shii—" he starts flailing at the air with his invisible arms, hoping to come into contact with Kitty so she can either phase them, or he can scoop them both up again to escape the concussive front.

"All right, I'll take Iceman." Because apparently Audrey isn't aware he can see thermals. Or else she has a few new tricks in mind to try out herself. "Quicksilver, visor. Can you hold off-" Before she can finish agreeing with Kitty, Cyclops and Bobby change the terrain. Audrey isn't just trained, though, she's trained to function as part of a strike team, which means trusting in your teammates. As soon as rocks start to fall, she clenches her hand around Kitty's arm, trusting in the other mutant to phase them clear of the debris. At the same time, she fires off three blasts of light at different points in the arena, white hot.

Mimic makes a face and wrinkles his nose. "You had to pick sulphur, didn't you? Do you have any idea how badly sulphur stinks to enhanced scent?" Forget about it blocking him from being able to scent them. It smells /horrible/. As Cyclops starts blasting out a swath of landscape, he grins again and *BLINKS* to a spot about 100 meters away. And then a second broad swatch of ruby energy starts sweeping the landscape just in case Scott misses them. Fortunately for the other team, it's only half strength ruby energy so it'll only hurt half as much. Well, probably not.

It's instinctual. Through the hand on her arm, Kitty already has a connection to Audrey. Hoping that Quicksilver hasn't moved much in the short time they've been planning, she reaches forward to grab him. While the link through Audrey should be enough to carry her ability, she's not about to take chances. "Take a deep breath!" she calls out amongst the ruckus and the cacophony. As the rocks cascade down onto them, they pass right through them.

Using the chain and keeping them phased, she moves them away from the rockslides and onto more solid ground. Out of solid matter, she keeps the team phased as Mimic's energy starts to blast through them, though now they should be able to breath normally. Moving them behind a rock formation, she says wryly, "So, I guess the planning phase is over. Shall we?" She'll keep her group phased until they pull away, at whatever point they think is best for them. Then, she stalks off on her own.

"Guess that answers that," quips Scott, in answer to Bobby's question. From their vantage point, they can see the other swath of ruby energy, until Iceman's glacier trick steams out their visibility. Shutting off his visor, Scott reaches up to enable his own enhanced visuals; thermos, hyper-spectrum scanning, all of the goodies Hank has blessed him with. "Stay with me," he advises Bobby. "We'll move to the left."

Leading the way, Scott turns to the left and begins running, his head turning left and right. Rapid fire optic blasts shoot forth with every tap of finger to palm; his chief concern is Quicksilver, and he intends to fill the landscape with random, unpredictable beams in the hope that he might overwhelm the speedster, wherever he should come from.

However, one of Lux's blasts happens to flare up in his field of vision, momentarily blinding him. "Augh!" he cries, and skids to a halt with a hand against his head.

While Bobby doesn't confuse as easily as regular thermal sensors (because his ability is differently based) he's as vulnerable to bright light as the next guy without polarized sunglasses. Or other nifty visual tricks. Like Scott he too flinches and turns his head slightly. "Remind me to get something for the eyes." He mutters half to himself half to the man he's following. Still. There is one good thing to having a blast of light like that. It gives him a vague direction of the 'opposition.' And as soon as his vision clears he makes use of that, again with the lava. This time it's small ish vaguely cone shaped bites of ice getting dropped in at an angle. The vaporization turns them into projectiles. Which turns them into a hailstorm. It's not anything even remotely resembling precise and hell, they may have moved by the time it gets there. But it's a reply.

Quicksilver does what he's told, and sucks in a lungful of air before Kitty phases them. "Awesome," he murmurs as rocks pass right through them. He wags a hand at a rock, but then Kitty unphases them and he smacks his knuckles against it. "Ow! Jeez, warn a guy next time."
He peers around the corner to try and get a read on the situation, but Bobby's ice-haze has killed visibility. "You sure the play should be stealing his goggles?" But there's suddenly no time to argue. He looks loathe to leave his teammates. If this were a real situation, he'd be getting everyone to safety and not engaging. But that's not the point of this exercise. "Good luck," he says to the two, then he zips off.
Lux's blast created an opening, and the speedster is going to take it. He starts zipping towards Scott, but then there's the spray of hail. Oh. Tiny projectiles. He can work with that.
From his perspective, he spends several minutes sweeping his arms out, rearranging handfuls of hailstones and redirecting their momentum back towards the other team. In reality, it's only millseconds. Most of the hail doesn't even touch the ground before it comes sweeping back towards Bobby and Scott. He then barrels at Scott, aiming to tackle him low on his legs. He'll keep going hit or not. It's a bit like being side-swiped by a speeding bicycle courier.

Normally, splitting up unless there's a specific purpose to it is a bad idea. But this is a lesson and not a competition. Which is not to say Mimic doesn't intend his team to win. Giving a last blast of eyebeams, he drops Scott's powers so he can pick up someone else's powers. It also lets him feel when a mutant or mutate that he can mimic is nearby. Flying over to a magma flow, he starts telekinetically flinging gobs of lava out over the battlefield, only avoiding Scott and Bobby's location.

Though the fog is disorienting, Lux's usual preferred method is disorientation. She's at home here, and the fog makes it even easier to distract their opponents with illusions. Without having to expend serious energy on the details of the illusions, she's able to scatter the battlefield with suspicious looking swirls in the fog that could be members of her own team, or just tricks of the light. When Iceman fires off his hailstorm, she starts to creep in that direction, keeping herself invisible as she tries to sneak up on him.

The best way? While she moves, she keeps witch lights floating through the fog, charged with as much heat as she can manage.

Kitty does not have much in the way of distractions or anything similar. Instead, all she has is phasing and keeping quiet. As the others move off in their own directions, she stalks forward. Drawing her katana, she does her best to keep away from both hail and magma, despite the fact that it will move through her. What really draws her cautious attention is making sure she doesn't fall into a pit or the like. That would be embarrassing. Knowing that Lockheed would be a dead give away to her position, the purple dragon remains crouched on her shoulder, poised and ready.

As Quicksilver is after Cyclops and Lux is going toward Iceman, her target must be Mimic. Not having any sort of enhanced vision, the steam and fog make it impossible for her to try and find him. Instead, she figures he'll be along at some point or she'll run into him.

"It's not all it's cracked up to b—"

Scott's words are cut off when something catches him by the legs. The initial shock to his system threatens to have him black out, but he's trained for this, and thanks to his singular mutation, he's got one hell of a sturdy neck. With a pained grunt, he turns his head down toward his own legs and tries to touch finger to palm, which will activate his visor. Thing is, to Quicksilver's perspective, the motion might take hours.

How do you slow down a speedster? Well, largely, you don't. Honestly if their perceptions are up to their actual speeds, they'll literally see anything you do coming from miles away. Next best thing? Take away his traction. Bobby's a physics nerd after all. No friction means no motion. There's already plenty of water in the air, so the ice nerd just takes his internal body temperature waaaay, waaaaaay down which turns him into, in effect, a giant refrigerator. The effects aren't instant, but they are very, very rapid. Moisture out of the immediately heads south and coats the terrain with a slick rime. The heat immediately begins to melt it, but at that temperature it'll take a few minutes and frankly, water on ice is better than just ice for this purpose.

Oh. And he starts building Scott and Peitro their very own snowglobe. Featuring them. He doesn't fancy Quicksilver's chances in a 'knife fight' with Scott… though, honestly, he doesn't have much to base that on but hope.

And while this does take away the visual cover of the mist (which has in his mind served it's purpose already, he has entirely missed Audrey.

If this were a real combat situation, Quicksilver would grab Scott's arm and snap it back. He doesn't, however, want to inflict a serious injury. That's not the point of this. From his perspective, he's got plenty of time to avoid the incoming optical blast. He was directed to take Scott's visor, but doing so doesn't really strike him as the best strategy somehow. Instead, out comes the duct tape. He is so focused on trying to get the silver tape wound around Scott to pin that arm against his side that he misses Bobby's build-up.
Yes, he can see things coming a mile away, but only if he's paying attention. He can keep his footing in all but the slickest conditions, but when he's not expecting it, and he's going in tight circles? He only gets about three cycles around Scott when his foot slips. He skids and slows down, then goes skidding across the hot ground. Crap. Caught duct-tape handed.

Even though Cal's sense of smell is overwhelmed by sulphur, there's more than one way to detect the invisible. Flying straight up till he hovers about thirty feet above the ground, the metal of his body swiftly transforms back to flesh and blood. Once he's back to 'normal', he casts his mind out to pick up the thoughts of everyone in the area. « I see you. » he sends to those on the opposing team. And « Holler if you need a hand. » to Cyclops and Iceman. He doesn't take any offensive action against his opponents, waiting to see what they do against an airborne enemy.

Luckily for Bobby, Audrey isn't in a hurry. Slow and steady is the order of business as she searches for any of the weapons that might have been hidden in the debris. She can play keep away all day long, but eventually it's going to come down to a fight, and she'll feel better if she has a gun in hand when that happens.

Usually, she's concerned about thermal imaging giving her away. Thus the witch lights as distractions. Here, though, everything around them is hotter. It makes backing up her illusions with thermal support more difficult, but it makes hiding herself easier as she bleeds the heat out of the decoys and builds more around herself, masking the cooler spot that is her body temperature with a heat that matches the surroundings.

It's not so much that she believes Cal's APB alert. In fact, if he actually has a sense of her mind, he may begin to sense a rudimentary shield. It's not X-Men quality, of course. It's the sort that comes from training against a low-level telepath. But it's something. And she's not taking her chances either, throwing up a dense veil of darkness around Mimic's head.

It's a small space, so the fact that Kitty has not yet run into anyone is quite a miracle. Mimic's sudden telepathy causes her to quickly look around, unaware that he has sent it to each of them, hitting her in a moment when she is not phased and is able to hear him. Immediately, she becomes insubstantial again, masking her thoughts. If she can't find Mimic, she'll move toward the others, perhaps that will draw him out. Though she can't see them, she can certainly hear the commotion.

She unphases every now and again, both as a distraction and ensuring that she doesn't wear herself out before any of the actual fighting happens. With a nod to Lockheed, the purple dragon suddenly becomes visible and solid, flying upward to try and get a better view, silent but his purple noticeably contrasting against the rocks and magma.

Therein lies the reason why Cyclops had his visor trigger moved from the visor itself to the finger triggers in his gloves. Though he's been partly duct taped, he still has the ability to shoot.

Turning his head until he has Pietro in his sight, he presses the index and pinkie of one hand. and the middle finger of his other; a pattern. A code.

His lips curl into a grin.

The resulting spray of rapid fire optic energy is so fast, it would appear as a normal, wide angle blast to the naked eye. In reality, the visor is blasting a stutter of quick bursts in a conical shape, too fast for the naked eye to register. To a speedster, though… well, the onslaught is likely to be gulp-inducing.

That duct tape will have to wait.

If you really want to take someone out with ice, freeze their mouth. Or encase their head with ice. Either way, they'll go from fiesty to flopping in about thirty seconds. A minute or so, if they're good at holding their breath. Of course you then have to break them out if you don't want them to die do Bobby almost never does this in a fight. Too problematic. And in any case, this would be sort of contrary to the point of this whole exercise. So instead…

Bobby just causes about two Piotr's worth of snow to appear in the air above the speedster. "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Loss of footing + strobe light optic blasts + colossal snow = oh shit. Quicksilver slips, then gets hit pat-a-pat-pat with Scott's blasts, and then buried in that pile of snow. He's left groaning softly under the pile that rapidly melts in contact with the hot air. He's down for a few seconds, but that's an eternity for him. If his teammates don't help him out, he's a sitting duck.

Mimic didn't actually mean 'see' literally. Knowing where they are because of their thoughts is good enough. Kitty's presence flickers in and out but suddenly the dragon is there though he's not powerful enought o actually talk to it since it's not human. The sudden darkness makes him grin in appreciation. Fortunately, he doesn't need to see. A TK shield goes up around him to block the randomly spewing geysers of lava. And the dragon.

Making Quicksilver invisible isn't going to help. He's in the middle of a snowbank, they're going to find him. But Mimic has been blinded, and Cyclops has that visor that-

Lux pauses, creeping closer. Cyclops has a visor. The visor alters the light around his eyes. She can alter the light around his eyes, too. It's an experiment, and a shot in the dark, but she gives it a try, slapping a mask of ruby light on top of the visor the same way she pulled shadow around Mimic. Time to see if she can stop those blasts.

From the air, Lockheed gives a screech. He's not telepathically linked to Kitty, but he has found the person she was looking for. Unable to see up that high, the ninja-trained woman glances one way and then the other, noticing the avalanche that Cyclops used in an attempt to flush them out. She can't fly, but she can walk on air, moving quickly if she can get up high enough. Finally able to find something she can do, the woman takes off at a full run, phased so as to not have to worry about magma or rocks or anything else in the way.

Using the cascaded rocks as a vault, she climbs up a few of them before pushing off in a leap and then using her powers to basically walk on the air in the steam, following the the sound of Lockheed to guide her toward where she need to go.

The purple dragon for the moment merely calls out to Kitty and then dives at Mimic, spewing fire as Kitty runs through the heated air toward them.

"Gotcha." Scott is about to put the 'hurt' on Quicksilver; the Danger Room will bend the light to avoid hurting Pietro, but it would have also tagged him out as incapacitated.

However, when he opens the visor, the optic blast is half-deflected, half absorbed by Audrey's trick. In result, the energy flashes back around his face, shooting to both sides of him. He may be immune to its effects, but the concussive force still sends him sprawling.

When he hits the ground, his head moves to smack against the lava rock. Of course, his head goes right through it, but that's it… it would have been an incapacitating blow. At once, Cyclops disappears, only to re-materialize off at a corner of the ceiling.

"Cyclops has been removed from simulation," announces a female voice throughout the landscape.

Bobby glances back at where Scott was. It's a simulation but having someone hurl to the ground next to you for no apparent reason is really disconcerting. Of course, it doesn't take him long to work out that reason. There's really only one person here who could have managed that… and he can't see her. "Clever girl." Bobby mutters. Maybe with a slight british accent.

~Mimic, I've got trouble here. Going to go for a… wide area move. No eyes on Lux or Shadowcat.~ And if Peitro gets up he's done as well. He's got nothing in a close in fight with a speedster.

The wide area move? Flash freeze. He's done this once, accidentally, taking out a bunch of amok Jamie clones. Don't ask. He doesn't like remembering it. The range will be limited by the the extremely hot environment, but as Bobby drops his internal temperature sharply if very briefly a wave of cold goes out from him freezing… well, lots of things. At least temporarily. Who will it catch? Hell, Pietro's almost right next to him and Bobby's not confident it'll even get him. He's that fast. If nothing else, the sharp drop of ambient temperature should make Lux stand out.

Thanks to a chance run-in with a villain with ice powers (plus an unusually crappy winter), Pietro is starting to learn how ice and snow affects his abilities. The answer to that is…well, negatively. Which is why he knows he needs to get the heck out of dodge as quickly as he can. He scrambles back in a silver blur, but still catches the edge of the ice field. He does a very dramatic slip-and-recover, very nearly dropping into painful splits in the process. You remember that one scene from Bambi? Sort of like that.
He stops at the edge and grabs at his bruised side. He's also smeared in dirt and soot, and his nose is bleeding. None of which is a knock out blow, but he's certainly the worse for wear. Which is why he decides to throw caution to the wind. He drops back into a sprint position, then darts forward, knowing he will lose all footing once he hits the ice. He drops low, and the silver blur moves in an uncontrolled fashion towards Bobby. He's aiming for a tackle. If he hits, it's going to hurt like hell. But if Bobby manages to get out of the way, well, there's a lot of rocks on all sides and he can't stop short on the ice.

Where there's a Lockheed, there's got to be a Kitty. And since he can feel a mutant approaching, it's most likely Shadowcat. Actually, since he can feel four minds and they aren't as close, he knows it is. And then Cyclops is eliminated and his brows rise in surprise. Mimicking her powers, he lets the fire splashe against his telekinetic forcefield. "Sorry, gotta go." And with a *BLINK*, he's next to Iceman, quickly phasing them both once he's… sort of slapped the young man's shoulder. He still can't see but he knows where Bobby's mind is which means the body is somewhere around /there/.

Mimic's in the air with Kitty, and Bobby is throwing ice. Audrey knows she can't generate enough heat to do anything about ice, which means it's down to finding one of those damned weapons Cyclops said were in here somewhere. She's invisible, but there's no harm in throwing a little more confusion their way. In fact, there's another hazard that's been largely avoided: lava.

Once again, she has to trust that her teammates can defend themselves, because her next move is to throw a massive illusion over the field - one that shows absolutely no lava. Just rock. Step careful!

While phased, Kitty makes a swipe at Mimic before he disappears. In frustration, she looks one way an the other. Lockheed's dive moves through the Mimic and straight downward. The purple dragon is able to pull himself out of the dive before he hits the ground, but he roars in frustration, winging one way and then the other to find them.

Kitty, in the meantime, quickly drops through different tiers of the air until she's on the ground again. Moving this way and that, she attempts to move back into the fray of things.

Finding himself in the time out zone is disorienting, to be sure; he was about to crack his head against rock! However, following the moment's disorientation, Cyclops grunts and leans forward, only to realize he's still duct taped up. "Ahhh, dammit."

A few short blasts does away with the duct tape. He strips it off himself, then leans forward against the proverbial birdcage to watch the combat below.

Bobby was fairly sure that Peitro had him dead to rights. In fact, let's be honest, Peitro did have him dead to rights. And then Cal pulled his poverbial bacon out of the proverbial fire. Team work is OP. That's what they say on those nifty co-op shooters, right? Or something like that.

This time Bobby isn't going to mince anything. He's not got a clue yet about the illusion and he's glaringly aware that he still doesn't have eyes on Kitty or Audrey. So he does the one thing he can do.

"Mimic, Unphase me in three, two, one…" And then… Ice spikes. Lots of them. From the ground, from the air, flung by laval-fueled steam explosion. All for Quicksilver. He really, really hopes the whole, incapacitating blow thing works.

Well, also he hopes that he hits. He needs more fingers to cross.

Awww, all for him? You shouldn't have! Quicksilver does manage to make a good go at dodging. He slams into a few of the ice spikes and knocks them over rather than being hit by them. He manages to get his feet under him and zig and zag. But it's all for naught. Bobby's thrown the whole kitchen sink at him, and he has nowhere left to go. He loses his footing, then falls. As he goes down, he yells, "AVENGE MY DEAAATH!"
Then, before he can actually be impaled by an ice spike, the system pulls him out of play and drops him beside Scott. That's…very disorienting. He weaves on his feet, then looks over at Scott, grins, wiggles fingers.

Three, two, one, unphase. Ice spikes. Then phase. « I'm going to look through your eyes. » Mimic tells Iceman, putting both hands on the younger man's shoulders and standing directly behind him so the perspective is the same. « You can affect Kitty when we're phased so long as she is as well. I'll worry about that, you take her out. Don't look at her until you're ready. » He gives him her location telepathically and keeps a light touch on Shadowcat's mind. If he loses it, he knows she's unphased and will do so as well at the right moment.

Finally! As she dodges invisible lava and ice spikes, Audrey manages to catch sight of one of the hidden guns. About. Damned. Time. Of course, now the opposing team has moved on to mind games and phasing, which makes it a little less useful. But Audrey can be patient. Staying quiet and invisible, she creeps to something resembling high ground where she can catch sight of Iceman and Mimic. After which it's a waiting game. Wait for them to do something that indicates they've gone solid.

Kitty cannot read minds, so she is going by sound. The sudden cry of Quicksilver directs her attentions toward that direction. However, there's no need for her to charge in. Moving slowly, she stays phased for the most part. Close, she moves behind a rock, unphases for a moment for a test and then phases again.

Lockheed, also on the move, heads toward the phasing group. Skimming the ground, he roars, shooting fire at Bobby and Mimic, even as he may pass through them due to their phasing.

"Duct tape." Scott just stares at Pietro for a moment or two, before ripping another piece free and bursting out in momentarily laughter. "I mean, really!"

Scott shifts over so that Pietro can get a good view of things going on down below. "That was a good move, taking your team away. Time to make a plan."

"Doesn't that mean she can also affect us?" Bobby murmurs. He has to trust that Cal has a plan here. Cal is, after all the experienced dimensional hopper here. Also Cal's keeping him 'alive'. Bobby does not fancy his chances in a stright up fight with either Lux or Shadowcat. He's still vaguely surprised that he got saved from Peitro because… whew.

There's a flicker when Kitty unphases and then Bobby swings his gaze around and just slings a wall of ice in that direction. It's not subtle but he doubts any of the more elegant applications of his power (caging her in ice for example) will work here.

Quicksilver flashes a toothy grin at Scott, then reaches out to helpfully tug off a piece missed on the other's back. "Duct tape's the best, man. Light, strong, multi-use." He tugs the roll off his belt and spins it around on one finger. "You remember when I taped that assassin chick's hands to her guns?" That was awesome.
As far as the compliment on his tactic goes, the speedster shrugs. "The plan was to take your goggles away. But man, that seemed kind of unfair. Like knocking off someone's glasses. Besides, I didn't know if that would help. Or maybe you'd go all uncontrolled eye beam guy." He makes a line from his forehead out. Then he cranes his neck to see what's happening below. "C'mon Team Awesome." Fistpump.

Using Iceman's eyes to see is actually a bit confusing but also good practice. It's not something Mimic does often so uses the opportunity to get used to it. He ignores Lockheed as the dragon passes through them. It must be frustrating to be on the receiving end of that since he'd be used to Kitty and him being the insubstantial ones. As promised, he waits till Iceman's ready to attack and keep them in synch with Shadowcat.

Audrey takes up a careful sniper's stance in her spot, biding her time. Waiting isn't easy, especially when she sees the attack on Kitty, but she has to trust that her teammate can handle herself. Of course she can handle herself. Just wait until someone gets solid again. With everyone standing still, she drops the illusions hiding the lava in time with Bobby's attack - maybe they'll assume she's been hit and removed.

That was the move that Kitty was hoping for. Realizing that Mimic was able to steal her powers, she was hoping to goad a response to pinpoint their location as well as give a distraction with which to attack with. As the wall of ice leaves Bobby's fingertips, the phased ice wall becomes substantial. The phased Kitty runs at it, passing right through the ice without stopping.

Still running, hopefully not giving any breathing room to either Mimic or Bobby, her katana swings. As the two of them are phased with her, she actually does not have to unphase in her attempt to attack the both of them. The arc curves upward, first toward Bobby before hopefully moving toward Calvin.

Lockheed, his movements meant as a distraction swoops upwards, still breathing fire just in case the others unphase for any reason.

"I remember." A rueful answer; that had been an interesting night. He scowls a bit when another piece of duct tape is removed. "Well, in a scenario like this? Probably a bad idea." Scott doesn't often show the full scale of his power. It isn't pretty.

Its difficult to track what is going on down there. Beneath his visor, Scott is squinting. "This is a mind game," he remarks. "You see? They're trying to outsmart each other —" Then, when Kitty moves, he sucks on his teeth.

Bobby does see Kitty coming and summons a pair of fighting sticks. He actually manages to intercepts Kitty's blow… but her blade cleaves right through his ice stick and, moments before the bloww would slice him in two, a voice echoes over the the simulation. "Bobby Drake has been removed from the simulation." And then he's up with Cyclops and Pietro.

Unfortunately, while the system does ward against attacks, it's less good at reacting to accidents. Shattered ice flicks across Bobby's shoulder at a high speed. Which is why he's holding it when he reappears. "Damn it." He means more the injury than being out. Frankly, he expected to be out a while ago.

Mimic doesn't need to see Shadowcat since he's keeping a touch on her mind. Her rushing forward can't be good. "Iceman, careful!" he warns as he shifts to metal. The telepathy stops instantly but the sword just clangs on his skin. He lashes out with an arm, punching where the body /should/ be if the katana is being wielded normally. The computer's voice lets him know his team mate's fate.

How in the hell to take out Mimic? Audrey's been thinking about it since Cyclops assigned the teams. He can teleport. He can read minds. He can turn into metal. He can heal. And apparently now he can phase like Kitty. Basically, the best she can figure is shot to the head when he isn't metal. For now, though, the best she can do for her teammate is to blind him. Once again, she sticks shadow in front of his eyes, still looking for the opportunity to take a shot.

Kitty knows that Lux is out there somewhere. She's not about to go looking for her, as she knows her teammate is trying to find a proper shot in order to finish the simulation off. The simulation lets the phaser know exactly what happened to Bobby. However, the arc of her momentum is as such that she can't stop in time to deflect the blow from Mimic.

The two phased mutants clash and Kitty goes stumbling backward, gasping for air from the hit. The computer does not announce her fate, but an arm wraps around her for a moment while she attempts to regain her breath. It comes in short gasps, the brunette hunched over as she tries to get her body to behave normally.

Bobby shakes his head to clear the disorientation of having been rapidly relocated. He works with Illyana so that's actually less unfamiliar to him than one might think. He's still holding his shoulder, but the good news is that whatever blood flow there was has stopped. For now the ice nerd seems intent on watching the combat below him, partly because he wants to know who wins and partly to see how Kitty, Cal and Audrey use their powers in a tight spot. Or any kind of spot, really.

Mimic's eyes and nose might be out of commission at the moment but his enhanced hearing work perfectly well. Kitty's gasps pinpoint her pefectly. A telekinetically enhanced leap sends him toward her, the *SNIKT* of six claws popping out to trump her single katana. It's a compliment to Kitty that he wants to make sure of the 'kill'.

He's blind, and he's leaping at her teammate. Audrey marks that as reason enough to risk betraying her location with a shot. Assuming Mimic can track the trajectory from wherever the bullet inevitably pings off of metal. She aims for center mass, hoping that it might at least distract him, then scampers off the ridge to try to find another place to be when he figures things out.

Kitty knows that Calvin can phase. The sudden attempt to attack her with Wolverine's powers gets a narrowing of the eyes. Luckily for the young mutant, she has sparred and fought with Logan enough times that combatting him is practically second nature to her. Having the wind knocked out of her takes a little bit to recover, but even as he charges, she stands up straighter, the katana raising up to meet his claws. As he leaps toward her, she takes a risk and turns substantial. It's not something that can be easily recognized; she's not a ghost. People normally only know if she's phased when they physically pass through her. If he's still phased that will mean he passes right through her as she tries to regain her fighting stance. If not, she will have a hell of a time fending off his claws.

And Cal likewise knows that Kitty can phase. Once he passes through where he knows she was, he knows she must have unphased. That and Lux's bullets passing through himmake it clear to Kitty she's okay for the moment. Now behind Kitty, he unphases and spins, his claws swiping at her back, adjusting his aim based on the sound of her breathing.

Audrey is no way, no how getting in the middle of that fight. She's done everything she can to hamper Mimic, but she doesn't have anything that's going to hurt him while he's phased. "Shadow cat!" she calls suddenly, risking giving away her position. "It's your game, you're better at it than he is! In and out!" It's as oblique as she can make it without telling Mimic exactly what she's suggesting Kitty do to him. It's probably rude to suggest playing with phasing enough to try to rip someone's organs out among the X-Men anyhow.

Kitty grins at Audrey's suggestion. She can guess what she means. Having fought a version of herself in Limbo that had her exact powers, she is strangely qualified for this fight. As Calvin moves past her, she's already phasing, expecting him to try and move at her without the phasing powers.

At Audrey's call, she starts to orient herself, trying to move the fight closer toward Lux. She's not quite sure what to do in that situation, but she's sure she can think of something. It's time's like this she wishes she had telepathy to get her point across. Plus, the two of them together are far more likely to get this done than Kitty fighting alone. Realizing she can use this to her advantage, she yells, "Keep shooting! Keep him phased!"

Lockheed flutters down toward Lux, hovering by her shoulder, ready to help. He may be a dragon, but he understands English and knows Audrey is on his side.

"Teamwork is always a good idea." Mimic states approvingly, the teacher in his coming to the fore. Which is why he's not going to let it happen. Lux's voice gives him a fair idea of where she is and that's good enough for his purposes. Between one second and the next, he's gone with a *BLINK* and appears somewhere behind Audrey, floating off the ground to avoid any obstacles or lava flows. And then telekinetic force blasts forward in a sweeping arc, much like the eyebeams of earlier.

Audrey was just aiming for a spot that was actually away from the other pair, in the interest of not hitting Kitty with friendly fire, when Mimic teleports in behind her. She's not entirely sure how to interrupt telekinetic force, but she treats it like any sort of ranged weapon - take cover or get in close.

Firing as she goes, she runs toward Mimic, firing off a burst of superheated light on either side of his ears. She may not make it out entirely intact, but it might buy Kitty a moment of distraction if his inner ears get shaken enough to disorient.

It takes Kitty a moment to orient. She's seen him disappear in an instant before, so she knows it's in his arsenal. Hearing the shots fired, she moves phased back toward where Lux is. "Lockheed! Go!"

Lockheed, already right by Audrey lets out a burst of fire in the direction of Mimic. It may mean he has to phase, but it's also a distraction. The purple dragon lifts away from Lux and continually swirls around Mimic, spewing fire.

In her phased form, she leaps at Mimic while he's hopefully distracted by Lux an by Lockheed.

Oh, very good. Between being metal and his regeneration, the disorientation doesn't last long. And Lockheed's fire is just ignored as it splashes off him. Mimic phases again then takes a few moments to reorient himself. "Excellent tactics. No one's ever tried blinding me before. In a way that worked, anyway." He's going to have to come up with a better counter for the future. "And if I unphase, Kitty can partially phase in me and that's fairly painful even as metal."

Audrey opens her mouth, then closes it. Nope. Don't reply to the instructor in this case. As quietly as she can, she creeps back away from Mimic. Between the edge of the blast, and the sheer amounts of light she's been working, she's starting to get tired. There's going to be a very large meal when she's finished here, that much is certain. Keeping darkness around Cal, she lets herself slip visible again to relieve some of the pressure and let Kitty see her. Once she's visible, she points a thumb at her chest, then back at Mimic. She'll attack, try to force him to phase in to deal with her. Which should give Kitty a chance at a phase attack.

Once Kitty can see Lux, she moves forward, instinctually wanting to bring the woman into her phasing field. However, at the gestures, she just nods, head tilted. Either way, hopefully she will be able to get an attack underway. Either he will stay phased and Kitty can attack him or he will unphase to avoid Kitty and Lux will attack him. It's a gambit, but one she's willing to take.

Readying her katana, she waits for Audrey to lunge and does so at exactly the same time, her phased body lunging forward. He'll have to respond to one or both of them. Either way, hopefully one of them will get through.

Mimic can hear them both breathing, both moving. Is he phased or not? He turns toward Lux, as if to counter her attack but it's a feint. It's an easy decision, really. If he unphases, he's vulnerable to Kitty partially phasing in him. If he stays phased, she's limited to physical attacks and in his metal form, he has little to worry about. And so as they both lunge at him, instead of the one he's facing, he instead twists and slices behind him at Kitty.

Audrey moves capably, striking out at Mimic with a grasping hand that goes right through him. Cursing under her breath, she gives in to one last hail mary. She knows her power deals with photons. Or at least that's what the scientists at the base said. So maybe, theoretically, screwing with the ones in the space where Mimic is phased…could tickle? It's a long shot, but she tries to build the brightest light she can right in the middle of his phased chest.

The double attempt goes awry. It was her best attempt to try and attack Mimic on both planes. The slice from Mimic, hits true, the sound of the Danger Room sounds again. "Katherine Pryde has been removed from the simulation."

Kitty appears next to Scott, Bobby and Pietro, still moving backward. When she finally comes to rest, she blinks her eyes a few times in order to completely recalibrate. Hopefully, her dual attack was enough to give Lux the advantage she needed to take out Mimic. One on one. This is quite the exciting simulation!

To the other observers, she grins. "'Sup."

Lockheed, not a part of Kitty's removal swirls around, staying near Lux. He chirrups softly, waiting for orders.

Mimic straightens up from his crouch as he hears Kitty has been removed. His brow furrows and he scratches absently at his chest at the weird feeling. Not being able to see it though, he doesn't attribute it to Lux. "Well fought, Kitty." he says and then turns his attention to the last remaining opponent. He walks toward where he can hear her breathing and extends an arm so that a portion of his claws disappear inside of her. "Tap out?"

"Yeah, we can skip the part where I have to actually feel that, thanks," Audrey says with a weary, rueful smile, letting the last of her light constructs die around him even as the computer pulls her out of the room. "Lux has been removed from the simulation." As soon as she's in the control room with the others, she drops down into the nearest seat, exhausted. "That could have gone worse."

Bobby applauds from upstairs as the simulation ends. He's managed to bandage his arm. Odd. There's not any actual blood on it. "Well, nicely done you two. Uh. Computer, simulation off?" The danger room resets. "Perfect. It does work."

As everything returns to normal, Cal says "I must say, I'm impressed. I've been training X-Men for fifteen years and you all did extremely well." So what if only four of those have been in this reality. "We need to make some programs specific for you all to hone your individual abilities as well as some team building exercises in general."

"Yes, sir," Audrey nods to Calvin, absently checking herself for any injuries that might need to be tended to. There are a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise, she's intact. "Useful choice of teams, sir. If anything were likely to happen, we're some of the most likely to make it out. Which would leave any rescue efforts to us. Though I'd like to think we could get a brick or two out with us," she adds with a weary laugh.

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