Porting Into Shadowcrest

March 31, 2015: Pepper visits Shadowcrest

Shadowcrest - Gotham



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Jes and Zee have been talking. Zee's a bit of a recluse really and she guards her sanctuary of Shadowcrest rather closely but perhaps it's time that the young magi extends her frontiers and shares the wonders with others. Apart from the Druid, who Zee's rather sweet on, there's one name at the top of the two young womens' list… Pepper Potts, or Lady Pepper as Jes refers to her.

Having sent out an invite, Zee has sent Pepper a small token. All the redhead needs to do is speak the words in the invite, at the appropriate time, and she'll be transported straight into Shadowcrest's front hall.

Why such a rigamarole? Even though Shadowcrest is located in Gotham it also sits between dimensions and is masked to the mortal eyes. Much easier to give Pepper a 'key'.

Zee is currently waiting in the front hall wearing black leather pants, a hot pink crop top, high heel knee high boots with buckles, the diamond encrusted collar at her throat and the emerald pendulum hanging at her left hip.

Jes's moods and temper have been erratic lately. It's understandable with what she's been through but not always ideal. Today though, she seems alright, dressed causually but cleanly with her hair tied back in a loose tail. She's wearing a midnight blue tank top and jean shorts. She wanders down to the front hall and plops into a sitting position at Zee's feet.

Pepper Potts pops into the front hall still looking at the little token, and she startles and looks around. "Wow. I feel like I've just used a portkey and landed in Grimmauld Place." She abruptly stops speaking and looks around for a moment before adding, "Please tell me the paintings don't move."

Zee smiles broadly "Oh, I'm sure they could Miss Potts if I made them. But no, they don't as a rule." Gesturing broadly at the entry hall "Welcome to Shadowcrest. Thank you for coming. May I take you coat?" Looking down at Jes, Zee's eyes crinkle in amusement, expecting her companion to add to the greeting.

Jes had looked over at the paintings with a speculative grin. Moving paintings? They could have some fun with that…at Zee's voice she turns back and smiles at Pepper. "Hello, Lady Pepper. Oh here, let me." Jes stands and holds out her hand for Pepper's coat. "I can do that for you."

"Thank you, Zatanna, for the invitation." Pepper slips out of her coat and lets Jesana take it. "Thank you, Jesana." She totally didn't have to have them take her coat, but she can tell that girl in the jean shorts might have possibly been offended or hurt by a refusal. And really, it's such a little thing, why fuss over it? "So, the invitation thing was kind of cryptic. Are you forming a bridge club, or maybe a knitting circle?"

Zee laughs a little "No, Miss Potts." Zee glances to Jes "I thought it might be nice to have people I trust visit us here." she shrugs a little "Shadowcrest is my home and I don't share it with many people." Gesturing to a room off the hall, Zee nods in that direction "Richard has arranged some refreshments for us."

Looking into the room, it's obvious that whoever Richard is, there's a selection of tea, cakes and savoury snacks available.

"Shall I give you a tour before we have something to eat and drink?"

Jes straightens and looks happy and perhaps even a little bit proud. "You're very welcome." She murmurs softly. She's happy to take care of the little things and proud to be entrusted with them instead of Zee's staff. She's not a Lady like Pepper or Zee. She's just Jes and Jes is quite glad to be of use. She darts to the coat room and carefully hangs up Pepper's coat before rejoining the other two.

Pepper Potts smiles after Jesana then nods to Zee. "I'd love that." She waits for Jesana to rejoin them before stepping toward Zee for that tour. "You realize that I'm going to keep expecting shades of either Harry Potter or something here."

"Well, I'll try not to disappoint you, Miss Potts." Smiling at Jes, Zee leads the way through the manor. "I'll start with the mundane areas, this is the kitchen. As you can see, we have a number of staff working here." All the staff seem to be happy and content and wave to Zee and Jes as the enter.

The kitchen isn't anything special, really, just a little bigger than the normal home. A man approaches Zee and murmurs to her for a moments. The raven haired woman, nods to the man before turning to look at Pepper "Richard would like to know which type of tea you prefer, Miss Potts. Please let him know and he'll arrange it."

Pepper Potts blinks in surprise. "Ah… um, anything related to Earl Gray?" That's usually a safe choice. Black tea is too general a preference, and there are several in that category that she doens't care for. "What's the preferred house blend?" She glances toward Zee and Jes to see if they're going to offer up any names.

Jes kind of just blinks a little. She usually has her tea privately and makes it herself because the staff didn't approve of her special indian blend. She does sometimes join Zee though. "Mint is good and the Earl Grey…even though it smells like cologne." Jes whispers the last bit.

"I'm partial to a liquorice blend, Miss Potts. But we do have a nice Earl Grey blend, I'll get Richard to lay that out for you." Zee smiles, knowing that Richard will look after her guest and leads everyone up the hallway towards the library. The photos that line the walls (they appear to be of Zees anscestors) don't move, Zee's sure Pepper will be a little disappointed by this.

"I'm not sure what to tell you about Shadowcrest, Miss Potts. It sits in the physical world but also between dimensions… it's been in the Zatara family for ages and now… it's mine. A certain druid has told her recently that her magic matches the house like a piece to the puzzle, making a whole picture. Looking to Jes, Zee smiles again "What have you found out about Shadowcrest since living here?" She's interested to know how others perceive it.

Jes tilts her head and thinks about it. "Sometimes I think I see things that I shouldn't or that are meant to be hidden, if I walk towards them, then they disappear or I'm facing a different direction. I haven't tried to explore really though, I'm not that nosey unless I'm looking for you. I like to read in the library and it often seems to know what books I'd like. Unless its you or the staff setting them out." She'd never asked, the books were just there, Jes read until she was done or tired and next time there were more. "Sometimes it seems like its aware, almost. The house I mean. It's a little weird, but not in a bad way."

Pepper Potts is both disappointed and relieved to see the photos are just that. Photos. "Sounds a bit like that really unpleasant place that Constantine has dragged me to a couple of times. THis is much, much nicer." For one, the place isn't trying to kill her even though she took precautions and is wearing her cold-iron-soled shoes. "And I think I have an idea what you mean by a self-aware house. THough I know that JARVIS is an AI, sometimes it seems like he's anticipating what I'm going to want.

Zee tilts her head and looks at Jes as she speaks, nodding slowly "That doesn't surprise me. K… The Fox said he could sense the magic, so it probably does just that for you Jes. As to rooms? I have no idea, the number changes each time I try to count." Looking to Pepper, Zee gives an amused smile "Yes, the House of Mystery is similar to Shadowcrest. I let you in though, so it won't try to kill you."

Next stop is the library. When the women step into it, it appears far bigger than the house can contain. Floor to ceiling, the walls are lined with books and ladders are placed to allow easy access of the higher ones. In the middle of the room is a number of arm chairs and a couch and on the arm of the couch is a masquerade mask.

Zee sighs with great satisfaction as she enters the room "This is my library. There are all sorts of books here, about magic of course." Pointing to a section in the far corner, the Mistress of Magic becomes serious "Those are the more dangerous texts, you're welcome to look around but I would rather you didn't approach those."

Jes loves the library even though many of the books are in languages she isn't able to read. There's so much history here and knowledge. She closes her eyes and takes a slow deep breath of the must and papryus, magic and ink. Some of the chairs in here are great to curl up in while coyote too. "It's one of the best places I've ever seen. Jes sighs. "My favorite room in the whole house after Zee's room and the kitchen.

Pepper Potts looks around the positively enormous library with wide eyes. "Wow," she says softly. She stands near te entryway just taking everything in for at least a minute before stepping forward toward the chairs. Almost unconsciously, she reaches one hand out to touch the masquerade mask.

Peppers response, Jes' too, has the Mistress of Magic beaming. "I'm glad you like it. I'm really quite proud of it myself." Seeing Pepper reach to touch the mask, Zee tenses a moment but then relaxes. "Feel free to browse, Miss Potts. See what the library presents to you. It has a habit of knowing you need most."

Moving towards the couch, Zee looks around "Would you like to have afternoon tea in here?" That's easily organised.

Jes turns to see what had Zee tensing and blinks. She covers a grin and turns back to a stack of books pretending to find them facsinating despite the fact they are all titled in the greek alphabet. "It's a great place for sure."

Pepper Potts actually manages to NOT touch the mask and turns to look at Zee. "Could we? This room is just so … soothing." She sets her bag on one of the chairs before approaching the nearest set of shelves. She glances at the book spines seemingly idly for a moment than gasps faintly and gently pulls a book down. "I haven't read this in decades." It's a copy of 'My Side of the Mountain'.

Zee moves over to an intercom and she speaks quietly into it. "I'm really glad you like it, Miss Potts, Richard will be tea in very soon." She doesn't miss Jes' grin and turns a slightly flat glaze on the young woman.

Organisation done, Zee curls up on the couch near the arm with the masquerade mask. "Please take a seat." Peppers book gets an interested look "You seem happy with that, Miss Potts, what's it about? And Jes, what's my library been serving up to you lately?"

For Zee, the books have been about demonic powers. How they're acquired and how you combat them.

Jes immediately takes on an expression of total innocence. "Oh you know, a bit of this and that. Adventure novels, how to avoid kidnapping and what to do when someone tries it,…self defense stuff. the dangers of eating meat raw, and a book all about foxes." She peers at another stack of books.

Pepper Potts offers the book in her hands to Zee to look at. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Side_of_the_Mountain ) She moves to take a seat in one of the chairs comfortably close to where Zee has seated herself and briefly debates kicking off her shoes. She ultimately opts to not do so.

Jes comment about fox books, has Zee shaking her head in amusement as she looks at Peppers book. "That looks really interesting, Miss Potts, does it have special meaning for you?" She's always interested in what her library presents. "Take off your shoes, if you like. We won't mind."

Richard arrives with the tea tray. For a teen, Zee really has it quite organised. "Thank you Richard, Earl Grey for Miss Potts, a plain black for me and I believe Jes has her own special blend." The man moves around the room quietly, preparing and delivering the tea. A selection of sweet buns and savoury nibbles are put out on a plate on the table in the middle.

"Please help yourself, I'm really quite pleased you could come, Miss Potts. With all the issues we've had with my teleport, it's the least I could do for you."

Pepper Potts smiles and nods to Zee, then graciously accepts the Earl Grey from Richard with a quiet thanks. "I'm really glad you invited me. And yes, this is one of the first books I remember selecting for myself and reading because I wanted to read it." She's not counting Dr. Seuss.

Jes wanders over and after pulling a pouch of herbs from a pocket in her jean and dropping them into the bottom of a teacup, she fills it with steaming water and then carefully sits at Zee's feet. It seems to be her preferred place to sit. The steam drifting from her cup smells like sage and mint.

"Anytime, Miss Potts. And that token I gave you, hold on to it. If you need somewhere safe, you can use it to come here." Zee sips her tea and drops a hand on the mask on the arm of the chair. "The house is well warded and it would be extremely unlikely anything could get here." That's not an offer, Zee makes lightly. Shadowcrest is her sanctuary, and she guards it jealously. "How's your tea, Jes?"

"It's good. I don't know why they get so twitchy over it. It's not like these herbs are actually illegal." Jes shrugs. Apparently mint and sage aren't the only herbs in that blend. "It's nice to see you again, Lady Pepper. And here at home instead of, limbo or somewhere."

Pepper Potts takes a sip of the tea and then sighs. "THis is exactly what I needed. A chance to relax and unwind with excellent tea and a good book." She settles into her chair, ready to spend a few quiet hours here.

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