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April 1, 2014: Jericho works out that Nyx has taken on some of his demonic goodness

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Jericho has been digging. Serious digging. The fact that Nyx and he had encountered what was very likely a copy of the same technology in him. It's been very disturbing and the fact that Nyx absorbed it has him really, really worried. For starters he has no idea how it functions and what it might do to Nyx. Second, he's got no idea what HYDRA did to it. But he's got a pretty good idea where to start looking.

Which is why he's pinged Nyx. Once he's done that he heads to an isolated spot. This may turn violent. He hopes it doesn't but Nyx's passenger is pretty unpredictable.

Seriously? Her passenger is perfectly predictable to the right mindset and the right operating systems. It just isn't very pleasant to compute it's methods and motives.

Still Nyx will make her way to meet up with Jericho now. She has been feeling a bit odd and off since the other night after all. After touching down she snaps her wings out of existence and smiles "Hey J."

"Hey Nyx. How are you feeling?" The hacker has arranged to meet in a scrapyard. It's not clean no, but it is rather private. And no one really minds the noises. By way of apology for such a dingy meeting spot, he's brought takeout. Pastrami sandwiches from the local deli. Which are, it must be said, fairly delicious.

"I wanted to check up on how you were doing since, you know, you ate some fairly weird stuff."

The young woman squints a little "yeah and it has been wrecking some havok on me… I've been feeling a bit off kilter for days now for no discernable reason…. well other than the fact it is some sort of holographic energy based weapon system or something.. guh…" Nyx makes a face "sandwiches?"

"I thought you might be hungry." Beat. "As opposed to your partner. If you want one help yourself." The hacker nods in the direction of the food. "So… it's not exactly holographic energy. I'm not sure how much of it changed because I've had it so long but I've gotten some indications that my systems run off… me. For lack of a better term." Illyana had said 'life force' and 'soul'. But she'd made it quite clear that this thing wasn't powered by AA batteries. Also, the fact that he'd absorbed magic so easily was another tipoff that his tech is a bit on the weird scale, as opposed to simply weirdly advanced. "How long have you been… eating tech?"

Nyx reaches and takes the sandwich that was brought for her there "Um… well… " she unwraps it and takes a bite. "I don't know.. I mean… I absorbed the meteorite egg… and if I had to guess I would wager I have been eating materials and technology ever since… I just didn't realize it until Doc Wilson told me what was happening."

Jericho nods and leans back on a junked Volvo as he considers that. "So… I know someone who can probably help but if your passenger decides to start eating there things might go pear shaped rather quickly. So, before we get to that I wanted to try a couple of simple tests. If you don't mind that is. Tell me, have you ever reacted in any way to magic?"

Sam eyes you at that "Well um.. I don't know if I have ever even seen magic. So how would I know how I react to it. Also… who can help me. … Also Also… I don't want to lose my powers ok.. help is not removing me from me… no sir." not that she has to worry, there isn't much left of her if the other part was removed.

Jericho shakes his head. "Sue Storm and I don't think she'll try depowering you, honestly. She's one of the best when it comes to these kinds of things and it beats going to SHIELD." As for the magic. Jericho reaches into the shadows and grabs something the size of a cat which he tosses at Nyx. "Catch!" It turns out, moments later, to be an imp. He's magical. If she's going to react to it, she'll probably react to him. It might be subtle. Or not. Jericho lights up.

Samantha is startled by a flying K'nert. Who knows the Imp may be surprised at flying at Nyx too "The fuck!?" she exclaims loud and startled before catchign the Imp with a surprise look.

K'nert doesn't particularly look any more pleased to be flung and once caught just kind of hangs in Nyx's hands. Well, he does turn back to glare at Jericho who says something in demonic. The little guy is practically made of magic. If Nyx or her systems have any kind of reaction to contact with it, this should trigger it. Well, Jericho thinks. He's not entirely certain what triggered his own beyond 'Illyana'.

Sam just stares at the imp and then past him at Jericho "Why…are you throwing… I don't even know who this is.. or what.. at me?" she looks to K'nert puzzled.

Then of course the shit hits the fan. The young woman's enhanced muscles lock up and she starts to spasm even as traces of red light lance down from hands, to forearms, to chest. Of course K'nert isn't getting it very easy here either. No sir. It isn't fun to have your magic aggressively drained. Though perhaps aggressive is too far. The promethean she has absorbed is just milking a heavy charge there. ""

That was what K'nert had been waiting for. The little thing wiggles a bit and a small disk opens just beneath it. A large hand shoots out, grabs him by the tails and yanks, pulling him into nowhere with an indignant hiss before closing. Seems she does react to magic. Jericho's over next to her in an instant. He should be safe to touch. His own magic is locked away where only one person can get to it. "Nyx! You okay? Geeze I didn't expect you to react so violently. Hey! Sam!"

And cue falling over and twitching on the ground in the junkyard. Advanced alien technology and demonic magic. What the hell. Who the hell thought this would be a good idea. She has this amazing purple and red and yellow alternating flush under her skin as it thrums in her system in ways that were not really designed for it for the moment "guh" she manages …

Jericho kneels over Nyx and puts two fingers on her neck, feeling for a pulse. He's not yet aware that she's now physically inhuman enough that he may not feel one, but he tries anyway. It's a trait she shares with him sort of. He's not aware that he's not really human anymore either, but his changes have nothing to do with his body.

The hacker peers down at the network. If it's affecting Samantha like this what on earth is it doing to her passenger?

Nyx's changes have everything to do with her body. She .. well sort of a pulse there… it is a bit wild and erratic and way to strong to be human. Who knows what is pumping there. She reaches and grabs his hand though in a vice grip "f .. fkc Ja J"

Oh right the alien AI, it lashes out when he opens himself to a network probe like that. It assumes that the demon was an attack after all.

Jericho's traces power up, glowing blue, but he doesn't project anything quite yet. She's not hurting him… yet… well okay, the grip hurts but she's not breaking bone.

Maxwell goes to work defending the hacker while he marshalls his resources. ~I am not your enemy~ he transmits in plain binary code. It's the thing he thinks most likely to be universally understandable. The way his internal processes are spinning up and Maxwell as well, the implied addendum is 'but I can be'. Aloud he tries to calm Samantha. The still mortal part of her anyway. "Easy, easy. You're okay." He hopes. "I didn't know you'd react that badly.'

The AI takes a claw swipe at Maxwell and likely stings but it retreats back and fortifies.

Nyx meanwhile spasms but the colors fade. Still chock full of limbo and demon magic, which can't possibly be a good idea, but she settles "F… hell… g..god damned …. what the hell was allthat.. about…. .. J.." she blinks up at him now.

Maxwell wants to go after the AI especially after getting 'bloodied' like that but Jericho reigns him in, partly because it sends rather the wrong message and partly because the hacker is not at all sure who would win. He's only seen anything that even came close to comparing even once and that was… a freak chance. Whomever Nyx's rider is, it's not to be trifled with.

"That was about me confirming why HYDRA set you up to get those implants and eat them." Jericho says quietly. "How are you feeling?"

Nyx just looks up to you from the ground there and blinks slowly, there is a faint tinge of demonic glow "That… well.. shit… so what did they do J…. also.. I feel weird…"

"I'll bit you do. You just absorbed a lot of demonic magic. Your system might not know entirely what to do with it." His did. It put it next to his soul. Which has had some interesting side effects, some of which he's not fully aware of. "They wanted to make you susceptible to magic. I can't prove that yet but I'll bet anything on it that was the key. Your rider is very, very powerful. We know they've wanted to get a closer look at you. I'm willing to bet it beat off attacks you're not even aware off. So they wanted a way in that it wouldn't expect and wasn't prepared for." And they knew that he interacted with magic in odd ways. Not ways they can manipulate, it's true, but they seem to have had other ideas with Nyx. Or that's his theory. "Course, seems to have had side effects."

Sam scrunches her eyes shut as she lays there "Well.. that is just bloody fantastic… now I have indigestation and a terminal case of the magicks… god I really do not like Nazis…." she just sulks eyes closed "I wish my rider was pickier than… but I dont have boo to say about what it wants to eat as we already discovered…. it likes the really high technologies…." she scrunches her nose "So.. uh… how bad is demonic magic.. cause my mom and dad already probably if they knew I was Nyx would think Im satan.."

"Well, if you were anyone else, I'd say one exposure isn't going to kill you or make you something else but you may not want to have repeated ones." Also he's not sure if she has to absorb it by touch or what. He takes it out of any abnormally high concentration, ordinarily by touch but not always. Jericho shakes his head. "Unless you like Limbo. I do, well enough." He calls it home, after all. Though it actually being home has a lot to do with who he shares it with.

"In your particular case, though, I'm not sure. It depends on how your systems are reacting to it and they're so advanced I'd have a hard time guessing even if your rider was less hostile. As it stands, I've never been able to contact it in a manner that didn't involve some digital combat."

Nyx ugns "maybe it doesn't trust you since you tried to hack it… hell if I know…" she opens her eyes and unsteadily sits up "Well… here is hoping it figures out how to harness it or purge it or somethng.. adapt.. I dont know.. because the last thing I want is Hydra messing with me because of the technology.. how did they magic the technology anyhow?"

"They didn't." Jericho says archly. "I'm still working on getting the original notes, but my own looking into this kind of thing makes me think that my tech is pretty weird to begin with." The hacker blows out a sigh. "It does things it shouldn't do and that's without HYDRA messing with it. Might be why they wanted it, and me, in the first place."

Well that gets a frown "We need to get the original research notes then.. because I ate it.. and its in you..and god knows what it is really doing or how it works then J… christ…" Nyx shakes her head. "This.. is not a good night…. also there had to be a better way then throwing a demon at me.."

"Well…" Jericho scratches the back of his neck. "It beat trying to take you to Limbo. I guess I could have tried to find an artifact but I don't know of any that aren't insanely dangerous and locked in a warded vault in a hell realm." Maybe Zee could have done it but she seems to have been busy. Wanda might have been able to manage it, but Jericho hasn't met Wanda. "And honestly, I didn't think you'd pull the energy in that fast or react that badly to it."

Sam rubs her hands on her arms, still feeling a bit buzzy and prickly. "Well… the more you know.. or knowing is power or some such corny thing…" she sighs and struggles up to her feet "I dropped my sandwich…" she seems dismayed by that too

Fortunately, Jericho hasn't eaten his and once Sam is up and on her feet he reaches back to grab the other takeout bag and pass that one over. "Plenty more. Least I can do for an unsupervised experiment. I think you probably ought to go see Sue at the Baxter Building. I can go or… you're friends with some of Red aren't you? I'm sure they'd be happy to accompany you. She won't try to take anything from you, I'm farily certain of that."

Nyx frowns "First you take me to..well brng to me the shield science crew then you tell me to go knock on the fantastic fours door… I mean… christ J…"

"If it helps I got scanned myself." Jericho makes a face. "The one thing is that they're not really magic savvy. None of the science types really are. Fitz comes closest and he's still figuring it all out. Er, that's Agent Fitz. Dunno if you've met. Ordinarily I'd take you to a mage. Illyana, even, she's good at what she does and I trust her like no one else but most mages I know don't really do tech…" He smiles wryly. 'You see the problem here."

Nux takes a bite of the sandwich and makes another face "Oh great… there isnt like some kind of technomage or something is there… that would be too useful…" she mms "maybe the hitchhiker will just reject the wierd stuff…"

"Here's hoping. Based on your reaction though it hasn't figured out how. If it can at all." Jericho puts his hands in his back pockets and cracks his back a little. "Has it made you do anything other than eat tech that you're aware of?" The fact that it can just override her is one of Jericho's biggest concerns. Not for the danger it poses to others, necessarily, but for the danger it might pose to Sam, becoming a passenger in her own body or even being eliminated entirely.

Nyx keeps up the sandwich eating "Not that I know of." but then how would she know even. She shrugs and starts to walk "Come on.. I saw a coffee place nearby and I need a drink with this…"

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