Day of the Bludgeoner Part 1

October 24, 2014: A mysterious visitor challenges Superman

An Island out in the Atlantic

An island out in the Atlantic, far away from the bystanders in Metropolis

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  • The Bludgeonlord


Metropolis — the City of Tomorrow, as some pretentious people call it. Also the site of an attack by what may or may not be an alien, because people on Earth do not know about aliens so maybe he is just a normal respectable unsuspicious Earthling who went up into space and then came back down. In a giant ball of segmented metal.

Either way, the sphere smashes down in the middle of a small park in Bakerline, creating a smoking crater. Before the authorities even have time to be called in, the sphere is clink-clink-clinking open, the segment sliding into each other one at a time. What is revealed is a really big man with a really big beard, and an outfit that could possibly and inaccurately be described as 'space viking' in appearance. Sure, there's metal studs, and straps, and horns, and the guy has a great big black beard, but vikings aren't the only civilization to make use of those, right? Right!

Aside from his get-up, with high-tech elements, his physical appearance is actually rather human looking. Except for the part where he is ten-feet tall, but even some humans have gotten that big. So, peaceful visitor? Intergalactic explorer? Tourist? "I COME FOR THE ONE NAMED SUPERMAN!" bellows the giant. "SEND HIM FORTH, THAT HE MIGHT FACE BLUDGEONLORD IN COMBAT!"


Thankfully, Kryptonian hearing being what it is, Karen Starr was already in the process of quick-changing into her own costume after hearing the huge impact. By the time 'Bludgeonlord' starts yelling, she has already stepped out of the office through an open window and started flying to investigate. Even without super hearing, the column of smoke is kind of a give away for Power Girl. And probably for the subject of the challenge too.

It's always something in this town.

The long black shadow of the silhouette stands tall upon the ground. Descending towards the Bludgeoner while using the setting sun as his ally, Superman has heard the beckoning and seems ready to answer the call.

But he moves slowly. He sort of drifts downward towards the Bludgeoner, giving an imposing look-chest outward, hands at the ready, long red cape billowing in the wind. Is it a matter of intimidation? Or is he stalling to gain as much information on this being as possible?

Superman looks down upon the alien, red eyes glowing, "I'm the one they call Superman. Who are you, and what do you want?"

Bludgeonlord looks up when he spots the flying figure and props his boulder-sized fists on his hips. He frowns. "I had thought you to be greater of statue, from the stories." he rumbles. His voice is extremely deep, and carries even when speaking quietly. When he yells, it can set off car alarms in the vicinity from the vibrations. "I am Bludgeonlord! I am a master of bludgeoning weapons, and travel the stars in search of mighty warriors to challenge my skills and arsenal against! The terms are these: You may wield whatever weapons or abilities you possess to their fullest extent, provided that they are those of a warrior. The trickery of magicians is forbidden. The battle may be conducted here or at a place of the defender's choosing, and shall continue until defeat. If death occurs through ill-fortune, it shall be regrettable and honors shall be paid to the deceased, but the demise of either warrior is not the objective. Defeat shall be when one of us is no longer able to battle or has spoken words of surrender."

Just then, a blonde figure clad in white, red, and blue descends from the sky as well, and floats nearby her cousin. She heard what was said on the way in, but she decides to ask anyway. "Any idea where he's from beyond 'the stars'? Something about him says, 'Apokolyptian' to me, but I've never heard the name 'Bludgeonlord' before." The brutish appearance and large size do kind of remind her of… Someone… Crap, her memory is getting foggy on that point again. So much stuff in her head is lost or gone. "Hey, buster," the blonde calls out to Bludgeonlord, who is eyeing the heroine suspiciously. "Do you address me, female?" "Yep. Wouldn't happen to know someone named Darkseid, would you?"

Bludgeonlord scoffs. "Superman! I have nothing to say to your concubine. Order her silent immediately."

Two blue boots touch down on the ground hard, in a fraction of a second, and then their owner quickly stomps her way forward until she is within a couple feet of the towering behemoth. She looks up at him, unintimidated, and says fiercely, "The name is POWER GIRL, and Superman is my COUSIN, Jerklord." Bludgeonlord folds his tree-trunk-sized arms across his broad chest and HMPHSs as he looks first down at Power Girl, and then back up at Superman, who is apparently the only one he is willing to speak to.

What a swell guy.

Superman folds his arms across his chest and cannot help but give a snide chuckle as the Bludgeonlord mocks his size. "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint. My mother always said it was important to drink milk-I guess I didn't drink enough." In fact he always drank quite a lot, and he's a pretty massive man by Earth standards, but pales in comparison to this otherworldly warrior.

Superman is about to speak, but Power Girl's entrance interrupts him. "She's not my concubine, she's my-," he says offhandedly, but it's not clear whether his cousin or the challenger can hear him over the bickering between them.

After it's cooled down, Superman looks to his cousin. "It seems, great Bludgeonlord, that you've offended my cousin. I'll accept your challenge on two conditions: One, we travel to an island off the coast, uninhabited and safe for the people of my planet. Second, you allow my cousin to also be involved in the spar. You've insulted her, and surely with your size and grandeur she should be no threat to you, great Bludgeonlord.

Power Girl is prone to leading with her fists, and even after all these years, she still lets her temper get the better of her sometimes. But mostly, she just speaks what's on her mind, and is straightforward about things. Most things wouldn't have her acting this way with an unknown foe. Maybe a bit irreverent, some sarcastic comments, being blunt in her speech… But that comment didn't sit right with her. Still, Bludgeonlord has been corrected, and he seems not to wish to disrespect an honorable warrior who has accepted a challenge. So he looks between Superman and Power Girl, before finally nodding his head slowly. "As you wish." Then he taps one of the silver bracelets about his right wrist, and a light glows. A warhammer, seemingly microscopic, flies up out of the light, but grows rapidly as it ascends, until it is sized appropriately for a giant like Bludgeonlord when it finally stops moving.

He seizes it in his hand, and the hammer glows with bright blue light that extends to wrap around Bludgeonlord's entire body. With this energy field he seems to gain the power of flight as well, for he rises into the air and makes ready to follow where Superman leads.

Power Girl likewise flies up to join her cousin. Two on one does not seem very honorable to her. She thought the big goon would object. Either he is overconfident, or… Maybe it's just that nagging, missing memory. It's making her see this guy as someone he might not be. Someone with about as much honor as a poisoned knife in the back. Still… "If ego winds up being more important to him than honor, I recommend being on the look-out for a possible change of mind if things don't go his way." she cautions quietly. "Infact… Are you sure you don't want to face him yourself? You're the type who prefers a fair fight when you have to fight at all." So does PG. She just has learned not to take strange war-like alien visitors at their word. Never be afraid to trust, but be prepared for a betrayal of that trust.

Bludgeonlord does not seem to be able to hear the two of them, so he squints suspiciously as though that might help.

"Karen," Superman says quietly towards her as the island in question comes into view to the east, out over the water. "If this guy is as dangerous as I think he is, we're going to need all the help we can get. Anyone who comes to a planet demanding a fight-well, honorable or no, we need both of us to be on our toes. Something about this isn't right." And that's obviously an understatement.

Superman is the first to land on the sandy beach about 25 miles off the coast. He's picked sandy for a reason, but for what reason Superman isn't telling immediately.

He keeps his distance from the Bludgeonlord, not eager to allow the alien to get the first shot in immediately. His plan is to play defense and dodge to the best of his ability until he can get a read on this monster.

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