Crocuta Bahrami
Portrayed by Tilly Degre
Fullname Crocuta Bahrami
Birthday Unknown, re-assigned to June 20th (when Inara and Jeremiah found her
Class Human mutant/Shapeshifter/magic user
Age Uncertain. Approx. 6
Height 3'6"
Build Slim, small
Eyes Amber
Hair Student
Occupation Dirty blonde, with darker streaks.

Claim to Fame

This feral child has been adopted by a couple with no children of their own. Inara(Whisperer) works at the zoo and Jeremiah(Fenris) works as a Parks Ranger. She is extremely high energy and has very poor social skills, due to being raised by animals after her birth parents abandoned her when she first shape shifted into her hyena state.


Crocuta, or Cora as she tends to be called, was adopted by Inara and Jeremiah when she was discovered haunting an M-Town restaurant.

When she was born, her parents were appalled when as she was learning to crawl she shifted to her animal form because it was easier. They abandoned her, not wanting a mutant child and not being able to bring themselves to actually killing her. In her animal form, she bonded with stray dogs and lived that way for several years.

Character Details

Cora has been having difficulty adapting to life as a human and tends to act a little wild. She is messy, more then a little blunt, and very curious. She can also be territorial.


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