Gotham NPCs

The Big List of Gotham NPCs

*This is for use in tagging and information purposes. Also to assist in keeping track of regularly used characters within the Gotham sphere.

  • Hamilton Hill (Mayor of Gotham)
  • Ellen Yindel (GCPD Commissioner)
  • Becky Narita (News Anchorwoman)
  • June Pendling (Lingerie Model)
  • Irving Kesh (Wealthy) Owner of the International Stamp Exhibition and a primary shareholder in American Bank
  • Amber Forever (Forever Jewelry owner)
  • Grimaldi "the Dean" Smith (Famous Race Car Driver)
  • Camille Carson (Oil heiress)
  • Fred Forbes (GC-TV Reporter and host of Whats New In Art)
  • Stuart Topolo (retired movie producer and real estate tycoon who lives in Irving Grove)
  • Edward Graves (famous movie star, known for being a wildman)
  • Richard Gray (former dean of Gotham University, writer, alcoholic and founder of Trouble Inc.)
  • Karliss Greer (Mayor of Irving Grove township in Somerset, corrupt)

Arkham Asylum & Blackgate Inmates

Arkham's Current List
*these are all adoptable NPCs and were chosen primarily due to their lack of popularity

  • Anchoress
  • Zsasz
  • Albert Blume
  • Doodlebug
  • Calender Man
  • Jane Doe
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Professor Pyg

Blackgate Pens Current List

  • KGBeast

Crime Families and Organizations

Gotham is a city riddled with crime of all sorts from the mundane to the supernatural. Below is a list of the most powerful groups but it is not limited to just these alon, there are always crooks looking for an opportunity on the dark streets of Gotham.

"The Big 5"
The Big 5 are five Gotham gangs (or families) that have control over the smuggling racket by means of Gotham's subways that connect to various districts. The city's major convergence point for it's subway system is Wayne Towers in the Old Gotham district. These railways are the most secure and unseen land-based transportation systems within Gotham itself. These gangs or families keep a strict pact of non-conflict with one another called the 5Pact or Pact of the Five. By rules of the 5Pact they may not fight other gangs of the Big 5 but within their individual district homes or turfs there is constant unrest and struggle over the rail system. It's a 'treasure' for the underworld and gives a sizable boon to those families or gangs involved (not that it makes them the most powerful but it is highly coveted).

Subway Hub Locations and Current Big 5 (this is rotational based off RP)
Chelsea: McKillen Crime Family
East End: Ibenascu Crime Family
Chinatown: Yakuza
Otisburg: La Eme "M"
Midtown: The Whisper Gang

The Irish

Irish Mobs are a long standing tradition in Gotham dating back to the Wound Ravens of the 1800s and onward. The strongest location in Gotham for Irish organized crime is the Cauldron of Red Hook. Many families are included in this number most notably the McKillens who control the Chelsea subways, the Sullivans, the Rileys and the Wound Ravens. The Wound Ravens are themselves a Gotham tradition and little more than an assassins guild compromised of the Irish families best hit men (a specific tattoo makes them recognizable). The Wound Ravens are used only to take out non-Irish gangs and never against one another as it would break their alliance and traditions. Something the families all understand.
Territory: Various, mainly Chelsea (Red Hook)
Threat Level: Low to High

Ibenascu Family
*Ibenascu Family are Romanian criminals who work out of East End and Midtown, they're known to deal in animal fights, human trafficking and prostitution.
Territory: East End, Midtown.
Threat Level: Low to Medium

The Bratva, Odessa, Russian Mob

Whisper Gang
*The Whisper Gang is said to be one of the most violet, bloodthirsty and deadly crowds in all of Gotham. They were originally heavily tied to the Odessa Mob but in recent years have become their own establishment, new members undergo extensive training overseas in weapons and killing techniques during this phase and for a year onward they are fitted with steel masks until they are declared fully fledged members of the Whisper Gang in which they move from being Sixths to Fifths. They deal heavily in human trafficking, contract killing and arms dealing through Eastern European connections.
Territory: Diamond District, Midtown, Old Gotham.
Threat Level: Medium to High

La Eme, M
*La Eme or M is a hispanic gang that is strongest in "the Hill" of Otisburg district and have almost complete control over Aparo Park.
Territory: Otisburg, Old Gotham
Threat Level: Low to Medium

Joker Gang
*The Joker Gang are criminals and lunatics inspired by the supervillain Joker. They are located throughout Gotham and tend to have their own smaller gangs inside the larger calling of "the Joker Gang" such as the Cut-Ups, the Joybuzzers, Laugh out Loud and so on. Some gangs are much more violent or serious than others such as Joker's Elite (a biker gang of military vets most discharged for sanity reasons) and the League of Smiles (known to be very blood thirsty). Most of these lunatics are in love with the idea of the Joker and have never actually met the man.
Territory: Various, Otisburg
Threat Level: Low to High

Burnley Town Massive
*Burnley Town Massive is a strictly African-American gang that is at constant odds with La Eme and located in the Otisburg district. They once held the subways and were a part of the Big 5.
Territory: Otisburg, Chelsea
Threat Level: Low

Sprang Bridge Soldiers
*Sprang Bridge Soldiers or Sprang Soldiers are thugs located strictly in the Robbinsville area, South Point of East End and like their claim dominion over Sprang Bridge.
Territory: East End
Threat Level: Low

Cosa Nostra/Italian Mob
This refers in general to the Italian based families that once upon a time began as the Cosa Nostra. Not all of them have held true to the old ways but this differs greatly family to family as do their practices, tactics and operational methods. None the less these powerful ancient to new families are still major players in the Gotham underworld and host some of the most dangerous and infamous individuals amongst their ranks. The most powerful amongst this number includes the Galante, Bertinelli, Santini, Falcone, Maroni, Inzerillo, Sabantino, Cassamento, Beretti and Panessa families.
Threat Level: Low to High
Territory: Various

The Batz
This loose collection of wannabe vigilantes are little more than thugs that operate out of Gotham under the banner of the Bat, their inspiration none other than the Bat-Family itself. Members of this gang are not recognized by the actual team and are seen as dangerous criminals and nuisances. The most destructive they have been is on the side of hacking government law enforcement channels and systems. They're believed to have their own dedicated subgroup of hackers and may be the ones behind the #battracker app.
Threat Level: Low to Medium (hacking threat)
Territory: None established

Maroni Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Galante Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Falcone Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Riley Crime Family (Irish)
Santini Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Sabantino Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Sullivan Crime Family (Irish)
Wound Ravens (Irish)
Inzerillo Crime Family (Cosa Nostra)
Dimitrov Crime Family (Bratva)
Yakuza, Bloods, Crips, Street Demonz, East Side Dragons, Lucky Hand Triad, Deacons, All-Americans, Free Men Gang, Latina Unified, Sons of David

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