The Finder
Character Name
Portrayed by <Actor>
Fullname The Finder
Birthday Unknown
Class Fae Being
Age Unknown
Height 5'10"
Build Slender
Eyes Red
Hair Black and Red Feathers
Occupation Purveyor of Useful Things

Claim to Fame

The Finder is a minor fae being who is mostly encountered buying and selling at the Nowhere Market.


The Finder has been recorded by experts on the fae and the occult for at least seven centuries. She seems to represent the tendency of some birds to make off with anything that catches their eye if left unattended. Indeed, she seems to live by the rule of finders keepers. Anything left abandoned or unwatched, or even with the appearance of it being unwanted she is liable to swoop up into her collection. Some of these things she keeps, others she sells. Sometimes she's even willing to employ her expertise to find things that have been lost, though this is often a fairly expensive proposition.

Character Details

The Finder has a straightforward, wry manner of expression that comes with her 'take-it-or-leave-it' business attitude. She knows her wares are valuable enough that eventually someone will be along to buy them. In business dealings though, her nature compels her to be strictly fair. She must give value for value and is incapable of taking part in an unfair trade. An unwise one, perhaps, but not an unfair one.


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